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salam ala Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala be able to city Hamad Al Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was I was given

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the next lesson number six, and these are just numbering them for the sake of numbering, it's not

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in order of importance.

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Every one of them is equally important inshallah.

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The next one is discipline.

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As they say, We must all suffer from one of two pains, we must all suffer from one of two panes, the pain of discipline, or the pain of regret.

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And remember, the pain of discipline is temporary. And then it converts into pleasure. The pain of regret is permanent.

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You can never do anything about the pain of discipline and the pain of regret.

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There's a book by one called G of calming Jeff calm and GE o FF, calm linseed oil VI, called Talent is highly overrated.

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And that is so true. I have seen this in my life, so many times, highly talented people, but without discipline. So

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every single one of

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them every single one of the times, they are beaten by people who didn't have have that, but who had twice the discipline.

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Discipline is to get up every morning and make your bed discipline is to polish your shoes, and keep them neatly arranged.

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My father, may Allah bless him and grant him janela.

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Every Sunday, he used to sit with all of us, all the children, and he would sit and we will bring all our shoes, and we would polish them.

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And Hamdulillah we had servants,

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they were done that job, they would have done that job. But no, my father said this is something you have learned. So we used to polish shoes. So brown polish, black polish. And for the sports shoes. In those days, you didn't have these fancy sneakers and stuff. But canvas shoes on which we used to put chalk. So liquid chalk. So they became quite

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modern Polish cherryblossom polish. So for the brand polish, there was a brush to apply the polish and there was a brush to shine. And there was a cloth after that for the final sign all for Brown. And similarly, for for the black. Of these would be lined up properly. And then we would sit and we would polish our shoes every weekend.

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This is what to do. And Hamdulillah.

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This is something which we learn from a very early age, then we have

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think about this and say

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what is your car look like?

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There are many people who

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are very kind, they are very hospitable. And they want to give you a lift to the stop. And then they get very embarrassed because their car looks like the inside of a garbage can.

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And they have to make excuses. Oh, but you see, I have children. So if you have children, Train the children. You know, Why do children have to throw things all over the car? Train the children? Why Why? Why are you there? Right? That is the job of the parent to train the children, train them to treat the car with respect.

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Something that cost 1000s of dollars, it's not easy. And you were able to buy it humble Allah gave you a good car. And inside inside that it looks like like I said it really like the inside of a garbage can. So it's very, very important that you are seen by the discipline. Another example

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I know many people who are both religious as well as

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you know in the corporate world and so on, who are great speakers who are great thinkers, who are wonderful mentors to people.

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So they will give this fantastic speech, full of emotion the whole crowd is there mesmerised like The Magic Show, and everyone is weeping and sitting in a puddle of tears. And after the speech is over when they go if you stand by the door and say, Well, what are you taking away from the speech? Practically everyone will say oh, man, you know, this is the best speech ever hurts. Wow, what a lecture and hold on. I'm not asking you for an assessment of the speech graded from A to Z. I'm saying What did you get out of this speech?

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What do you take away? Almost nobody will have anything clear clear to take away.

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And that is because nobody was taking notes. Similarly, the same guy was speaking,

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speech over, people have not written anything are written very little, which is the normal case in most places. Now, those people if they want to say, alright, you know what? I went to the speech? And sure, I didn't take any notes. I didn't retain it. But let me see is we're going to find the speech. I won't listen to it again. Is there a texture this speech? Can I ask, Can I read the text, it's easier for me to read the text than to listen to that because when I read the text, I do it or no one pays, I can take notes, I can underline things, there is no text, there is no recording, right? Because there is no discipline in terms of production of data.

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Instead of that, if there was a system hamdulillah from day one, when we started

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the Mahmoud Aviv, masjid and Islamic center hmic in Hyderabad 2009. From day one, for the Java corpus, we would have the title, we would have a poster, which will be posted online on the website, it will be sent out to the Google Groups and they would be a printout on the Mozilla notebook.

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Once the huddle was done, there will be a recording, and I write all my focus. So there will be a text or the hotbar, which will go out to all the people on our mailing list. And then hamdulillah today is 2023. The same practice continues and I came here in 2019. I introduced the same practice here in IWM.

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Title of the hotbar goes out on Monday

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with a on a poster time and so on so forth. Then Friday, the hotbar the audio, actually here I do a double take which is on Friday morning, a video of the hot dog was out

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which I would have previously recorded. And then Friday after the Jamar, the hotbar itself in the masjid. Sometimes there is a slight difference because as we do our live audiences the video I'm speaking to the camera, but basically content is the same. And so the the audio goes up along with the text, and I'm dilla between 22,009 and now great ready three. We have I think eight books, audiobooks. Each book has 5200 words in it. These books are used Alhamdulillah for training imams in the mount development program. IDP in South Africa, shell Bilal Ismail does that. May Allah bless him brilliant program. I recommend everybody to support that program

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than they used in several other countries to dress to train, imams and dads. They are a resource which many

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young men use in the MSS in the universities here in America where they have to go hobas readymade stuff is not there, here it is they use it all because of the discipline of recording of documenting work.

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Discipline is the number one thing that will see you too and make you a winner. For the Muslims who are listening to this, I would suggest the following routine for you wake up calls, prefer the time starts one hour before the time for budget starts wake up with 100 Read wonders of Quran and then go to the masjid to pray set up a project and outside the budget. If you want you know see for a bit if you like

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if you can stay there and pray. Doha

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once the sun comes up, all party now if you do that, you would have got in two hours at least have a brother of worship of Allah subhanaw taala before the day starts, believe me your day will go as smoothly as you can imagine.

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You are spend the began the day by making job asking asking for the help of Allah subhanaw taala by doing the thing which pleases Allah subhanaw taala most which is worship. Remember, imagine what kind of a day you will have make this into a routine. No matter what the big benefit of this routine is. Many times people say put inertia because I sleep late. I can't wake up early as an alternative to turn it the other way around. Say that

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because I sleep late. I cannot wake up early therefore I will not sleep late I will sleep early and I wake up early.

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Now you might say well you know in the summer like like now in the summer salad ratio comes in at 1030

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and further comes in at 330. So 333 45 So you're waking up at 245. And you're sleeping you cannot see before 1030 With after was the only aplasia. By the time you go to sleep it is say 1130, we will go to the budget come back. So say 1130 to roughly 230. So you've got three hours of sleep, or three and a half hours of sleep, no problem. Just give a couple of hours after Salatin fathers didn't have time to wake up by seven o'clock in the morning, you can wake up and you got your, you know, five or six hours what you like and I am I don't believe you need more than for all but anyway, when I was excited to get it, it is possible to get this. The issue is what is more important for you.

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So I won't I won't go into the issue of you know, supposing there are soccer matches will step away again, so on so I'll let you

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figure all that out first. As far as I'm concerned. Discipline is absolutely critical if you're serious about success. If you want to get successful in life, get disciplined. As simple as that

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was all three malati was in that article. All right.