Jewels from the Seerah – Part 12 – Trustworthiness of Rasoolullah(s) by

Mirza Yawar Baig


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Now elements of trustworthiness to things just send that the last slide there, which is that Amana trustworthiness is to is a manner that somebody who it takes care of trust is not only material. Amara is also information. And sometimes the information is far more important and critical than money. So somebody tells you something in confidence, we have got a culture where if someone tells you something government has the foot, if you want something to spread, go and tell it to somebody and say, don't tell anyone, then you are absolutely certain that this one, everyone rooted.

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This is a very nasty kind of habit we've got so we need to get out of that. So protecting whatever was entrusted to you. Amana will be questioned, whether it's money, whether it's information, whether it's any secret and so on and so forth. And please understand, it takes a whole life to build that it takes one incident to destroy it.

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So, be very careful with what people and trust to you.

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And as I said, today, we have a really seriously we have to ask ourselves, that they live also Salem is a case study for us to

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think of is to study

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because it is a case study which Allah gave us as a cure for our fatal remedies. A fatal

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maladies, which is what are fatal maladies are fatal maladies is oppression. It is cruelty, it is lack of compassion.

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It is injustice. Today, think about that if this world had justice.

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Practically every problem that we have today would disappear. There would be no problem Iraq there will be no problem in Syria. They will no problem I want to start they will no problem anywhere. You would have a word of CSD. We have to get our lives in control. And it begins with me.

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It begins with me. It's not about others. It's not about prescribing, you know, prescriptions for others. It's about looking at my own life and saying what is it in my life that I can straighten out to make it in line with the life of Muhammad Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa Leo's, I will ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with you and never to be displeased. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to choose the right things and to give us the idea and the guidance to choose that which is right which pleases Him and save us from that which is not pleasing, or Salalah Hannah will vary wildly, he was happy he might be radical Yahara