Hasan Ali – Analysing The Lives Of The Prophets – Episode 07

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The Quran provides context and references to various topics such as believers, money, and social loads. The importance of understanding the deeper messages of the story and not just reading random stories is emphasized. The serah message from Allah reminds individuals to pray and stay connected to Islam to avoid shaytan and loss of their life. The message emphasizes staying focused on the afterlife and not worrying too much about the future.
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b2b don't

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wanna worry about too

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many similar phenomenon the Laravel alameen wa salatu salam ala signon Amina Muhammad Ali

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by discussing other mala who salatu salam. And before I think before we get to story of habit of kaabil

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there's one thing that I've

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almost forgot to complete and that is the context in which these stories appear in the Quran. And there's a, there's a big lesson in each of the places where other money salon, or the context will appear about him or about the parts of the story that we're doing. So for example, I think in the in the beginning of the Quran, you will find other malleshwaram and his story begins from number 30 all the way till number 39. So surah baqarah and number 32, and number 39. Now, what is really important to understand about the Quran is that you might sort of come across some random ads. So if you look for example, if you literally look at sort of Baccarat, you will see that the first five ads are to

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do with the believers, the next two hours have to do with the disbelievers next seven. So next 13 is our to do with the monastics and the hypocrites. So that makes it 20 as well together. Then from number 21, to about

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a number

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2324 Allah saying that, you know, you've got to believe in God worship him as one Lord, and you've got to believe in this Koran. And then in number 25, Allah promises Jana for those people who will believe in the Quran. And then suddenly Allah changes it number 26 to the small examples, Allah give an example of a of a small nap or something or a small mosquito. And then Allah says, well, even that will lead certain people astray. And certain people come to a guidance through that. And then a lot talks about breaking promises in 2007. And then 2829 is how do you deny this, this message has come to you. And when you were dead and alive, made you come to a live life, and then after that, he

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may is gonna cause you to die again, and then you're gonna come back to life again, and he's created everything. And suddenly after that, I number 30 is like, well, the whole beginning of Allah, Allah said, I'm going to make admonish lamb, the halifa, and I'm going to make him the one who is in charge, or he human, the human,

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his human progeny, they're going to be the people in charge in the dunya. So this continues about arguments and then it leads and all the things that we discussed about Allah saying to the angels to bow down to otherwise ramen, and then it bleeds refusing and continues all the way back until they eat from the tree. And then they are exiled from from Jana. And then they receive the words from Allah azza wa jal, and right at the end, Allah chose for the guidance that may come to one of them. If guidance come to the dunya is supposed to follow the guidance, this is all in number 28. So 38 and 39. He says, If guidance comes to one of you, whoever follows my guidance, follow hope and Allah

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and there is no fear on him. Well, I've never grieved one Latina, cafaro and those who deny and those those who disbelieve were comfortable and they deny the if they deny our science will like us have not the people of the fire, whom we have Holly don't they other people too, who are going to be in the fight forever and straight after that law says yeah, Benny is wrong in all children obviously is right meaning all children of Jacob now Allah addressing the the Jewish people who are in the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam for them to believe in this message. And you think well, where are we? So you had this you had something about believers than disbelievers then hypocrites

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then about a lot saying about himself to believe in him his core an and about us and how can we deny all of this then Adam and I Salaam his whole story and then now the children

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and if you kind of in Baccarat you find that Alice switches switches again, you know, he's talking his there's several is a talk about the abundance rain, and then suddenly it will come to the Kaaba Ibrahim alayhis salam, it comes to beliefs later on, and then it comes to

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it comes to

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fasting, fasting Hajj,

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and then it comes to social loads, social loads,

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about divorce, about marriage about bringing up children why we have children, then suddenly about Jihad and then a lot talk about spending in the path of Allah and then allow talk about now this is going right towards the end of Bukhara by about 260 thurs you find a lot of talking about a lot of us spending and then a lot about the financial side of Islam And towards the end of Baccarat and then right at the end Allah sums it all again, with a few beliefs that we have in Allah xojo. Now, what I story, what I you know, what a whole sort of narrative in this in this surah. But the amazing thing is that, and if you look at it, you think that it's all it's all over the place. I remember,

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when I when I did my MA

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in psychology, I remember my my supervisor,

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we sat one day and we start discussing about the Quran. And I said, Have you know, I said, Have you actually read the consent? Well, I have a Koran, and I've got it at home. But she said, I've read it a few times here and there. So I said, Well, what did you find? And she said, what any common person would say she said,

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it's a bit she said, Don't mind me saying this, but it's a bit sort of all over the place. You know, there are random things that are mentioned all over the place. And when I heard that, I said to her that No, no, they're not random things that are all over the place. Everything has a place in very, why Allah has mentioned all these things. And she talks about Surah Baqarah, she said, and I opened it, I read the beginning of it, and it's talking about quite a few different things, you know, one after the other without any link in between. And obviously, she's now looking at it from a perspective of academia. Now in academia, it is like haram to do this is haram to write something

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out. And then to have nothing that is joined with what you're saying in the beginning, what you're saying in the middle, what you're saying, in the end, and in between all these other little things you're bringing up, it is like a crime to write a piece and present it. So she's read it and you know, I don't think it's, you know, it's a bit of and then I sat with her for half an hour. And I explained to her house, Rebecca is joint up. And she was like, wow, you know, seriously, this is what I said, Look, what Allah has done is Allah designed this in such a way that you the reader useful students think, why did the creator of creation? Why did you do this for I mean, it's not a

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Joe Bloggs that came along and wrote this, it's not Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that suddenly had a thought one day he captured it. And then he had another thought another day, and he captured it. Any human could do that. If you had a diary, for example, you keeping a diary of events, and you have random ideas, then that's what you would do. In fact, when the Quran came down, it didn't come from Bukhara. It came from Accra. And even in Accra, it was five verses, and there's a whole reason you're supposed to think very powerful. It's making you think, Well, why those five ads in the whole, the whole story behind that I'm not gonna get into that, and then sort of Muzammil part of

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it, and the sort of deceit part of it. And then later on, I think the fourth or fifth one was sort of had to had the new pseudo class, there's a whole order of the suitors and why they came down again is another story itself. And the last either two that comes down again is in Surah, Baqarah.

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What tokuyama to jharna feed Allah is near to the end of sort of Bukhara, it is one of the last verses that came down another famous thing they say is the last verse is in Surah, ma either I number three is something that Alyona documentary Latina, Latino, this is the day when I've perfected your deen, but that I a cane as the last ayah in a major event. The major event was the Hajj, and also lots and lots of them was on Mount alpha. And this was his last hedge. And on that day, this is or just after that day this I came down of sort of Merida and number three, I went to la cadena Kenya today is the day I perfected your religion, but the actual last itself was in Surah

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Al Baqarah. And the i a number is my number is 281 what tokuyama and fear the day to the geography, the law, the day when all of you will be returned in it you will all return back to Allah sama to have a coolness and every single soul shall be given its full juice in return of whatever it has done whatever it has earned in this world or whom blah, blah blah and no one will be oppressed on that day. Now what I was explaining to her is that look, this is all joined up so hairdressers will join up. What do you got understand is that surah baqarah and this is what I'm gonna do with the stories of administering the Quran we need to give you the reason why this story is bang on in the

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middle of this place of the Quran. And you will see another whole story magic

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Surah Baqarah that has the only place in the Quran that Allah is going to send out the mycelium as a halifa as a vice chairman on the earth, this is very unique with with Adam and Adam story. And the other unique thing about advantage of story is Allah Adam and Asma. akula, Allah has taught Adam every single, you know, every single name of whatever great things Allah, you know, told him, this is something that we covered in the in the past, this is very unique to Surah Baqarah many of the other things that that appear here about Adam alayhis salam, you know, the the angels to be told about Andrew and son that appears in Surah Surah aarav, and also appears in Surah. Saad, which I'm

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going to get to in a little while, but these are very unique in Surah, Al Baqarah, these two factors, and the fact that

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it all sums up near the end. And in between 38 and 39, is, well, if my guidance comes to you, and you follow it, then this is what's going to happen to you, you get done. And if you don't follow it, then this is what's going to happen to you and you're going to go to * far. That's that kind of style. With both is as there is unique to the story of Adam and Islam in Surah Baqarah. Now, what you understand is that this vise Tarun who's taught every type of you know, wherever he needs to know to lead to have leadership, and Alas, told him, this is the guidance. When it comes to you, you follow it? And if you don't follow it, then you've got you've got Hellfire in front of in front of

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you. Why is that in the beginning, in the midst of all this surah baqarah? why that is because you've got to understand the theme of sort of bahala the theme of sort of Biafra is every surah might have a name, how did they end up with these names that Bukhara if you have to say, the story of the cow, that's another thing, I think non Muslims find a bit strange that you've got a story of the cow, then you've got a story of the ant, or the sutra of the ant Nirmal, and you've got surah, Allah hunka, Buddha sutra of the spider, and then you've got surah of anhand. Cattle, right. And when you when you hear this, from non Muslims perspective is very strange, even me when I first

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picked up the first English translation of the Quran when I was really young, but 11 years old, I picked up my first English translation of Quran and I looked at it. And that struck me

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story of the, you know, the surah of the cow. Well, how this happened is because the Sahaba, when the surah was revealed, when a part of it, one of the first parts of it came down, they straightaway had to give it a kind of a name, they had to ascribe some part of the revelation to the to that sutra, so they didn't know you know, it's just something just came down. So with sometimes the privacy laws, we told him, he gave a name, and sometimes the Sahaba sort of between themselves, they gave it a name. That's why some suitors you end up with two three names. That's how you end up with two three names. Because maybe once a Have you thought, Okay, this is more appropriate for this

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surah and some other sides, you know, gave another name and between them one name or two names to convert become very famous. So that's how what they had to do. So when the first thing about Bukhara, some story about a cow came down, they said, Well, this is this is going to be the surah about the cow Surah Al Baqarah, right. But if you look at the surah itself, every surah has a theme.

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The theme is the main thing that you have to capture here, the theme of Surah Baqarah is about Sharia, it is about legislation. It is about how we should live our lives. That's the whole thing of Surah Baqarah is one of the longest suitors in the Holy Quran. And there's a reason why, because how are we supposed to live our lives is with two things. One is beliefs. And one is action, beliefs, and action. And you will find sort of Bukhara is almost divided, you will find beliefs in the first half of Surah Baqarah. And you will find action in the second half of sort of Baccarat. So in terms of beliefs, and Sharia is comprised of these two things, you can't separate them, right. Anyone who

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says is just actions, goes becomes, you know, a deviated sect of this group, anyone who says that his only beliefs becomes another deviated sect of this group. So you will find believes they stretch from the beginning of Surah Baqarah, all the way up to about iron number 176. And number 176, and from EIN number 177, to iron number all the way almost to the end. So we're talking about I am number 283, you will find it's all about action,

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all of our actions. And then and number 284285 and 286. It's a summary of the whole of Surah Baqarah with action and belief, action, belief, action and belief all the way to the end, right. So now in the beliefs in the beliefs. Allah azza wa jal divided he talks first in the first five hours he talks about real believers in the second

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To add to talks about disbelievers who will not believe in this message and what the conditions are in the next 13 is Allah talks about the ones who are in between who are hypocrites. They say the believers, but they're really not real believers. Right? Allah talks about the hypocrites. Then if you're looking at number 21 have sort of Akira. Allah says, Well, you've got to follow this message by three beliefs. The first thing is you believe in me as a load. The next thing is you believe in this is the Quran and Revelation. So you will find that in and number 23, and so on about the revelation itself, then Allah says, All parts of this revelation, you're going to find strange, but

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that's the main means of a test for you, I'm going to use the smallest example to try and see what you can do as human beings, you're supposed to sit there, you're supposed to think about this God and and that's in number 26, that don't think that any small part of the Quran has not been in a has suddenly randomly appeared. It's for a design is the design of this whole core ad, the non law says, Look, you've got a common you've got a promise with me, I've sent you to the world for a reason. And you can't deny this any of this, how can you do not you did and I brought you back to life. And then you will be proposed to die again, and you're going to come back to life again. And unless it's

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okay, you know, well, how was you dead? When was you dead? When did you come back alive? Well, let's go to the beginning.

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Then Allah comes to adolescence story. And he says about him being halifa, a person who is in charge, and last time to say to us that you have a human being, you are in charge of your life.

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You are in charge right now Adam and Adam is gone in about time to reading this argument SLM is dead and gone. However, dead and gone. We've got 7 billion human beings on the earth, a lifetime to tell us well, this is how it all started. You were dead at this time, fine. This was Ottoman Islam, your father, who was born who was not born, but came out miraculously like this. And she, however, came out from Israel fine. This is the story beginning story. And what's the unique thing about this is that I, as God taught him about the names of things. So you now have got knowledge, you've got the you've got the mind to think. So you're in a choice right now, you know that these certain things

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exist out there? Yes. And you're going to use your mind to try and make your own understanding of life and the purpose of life. So what's the purpose of life now that this revelation is in front of you, you should know that your enemy is shaytan, who's going to try and take you away from this message in terms of his belief, in that's why a lot of the things around this is surrounded by *. One of the things that Surah Baqarah why Surah Baqarah it gives sort of Atlanta salon is to show you not to have any doubt, not to have any doubt because what the shaytan will do is he'll cause doubts inside you. What I think what Sosa does, is causes doubts. So the Quran begins Baccarat begins with

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a valid character.

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There's no doubt in this book. Next thing Allah says in a number.

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And number 23, is why in quantum theory, be me man as Allah, if you have any doubt in what I've revealed to you to reveal to my seven, Mohammed Salah Hassan, then you try and bring me another surah another chapter that is similar to this, and try and call your different, you know, people who will witness to this, if you are really truthful, and you will never be able to do it. If you can't do it, and you'll never be able to do this to bring a suit of similar to this, then you better fear the fire. So realizing that there is no doubt again, now the story of Adam and I salon fools in between these in between the belief section to show what to show that we shouldn't doubt we came

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from there. We shouldn't doubt we're here to rule the world. We shouldn't doubt that Allah has given us knowledge to make our own own judgments. And then right at the end of the passage of admin Islam, Allah said, Look, I told you father, I told him when I tell him when he came down onto the ground, when he came down there, I said colavito mean Hi, Jamie, this is number 38. I said all of you come down all of you come down together. You your wife, Howard, and he bleeds all three of you come down for him now Yeah, Tina caminhada. If any time any guidance comes from myself from Antalya, whoever will follow that my guidance fella hopefully there will be no fear and there will be nothing to

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regret. If you've thought about what is the Quran, Allah saying that this guidance now human being who's reading this right now? You come from there fine. Right now the guidance is in front of you. It's up to you what you believe what you don't believe.

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And if you follow it, Allah says okay, no, no fear. But if you don't follow it, there's going to be the fire. Now that Allah said this, he now gives an example in the next one when Allah says all children of Israel, all children of Jacob, and ally addresses the Jews of the province of Muslims time. Why is Allah doing that? Is because they were the example. Through their beliefs. They went deeper

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They had all the gifts of God. And they went astray because of their beliefs. They went astray because of the enmity, just like Adam and s&m he had an enemy at least he believes managed to take them off the path of that guidance of the Quran. First, the Jewish people they believe in the Torah fine. But when the engine came down, when he saw the sun came engine came down, he dva at least deviated them through what, through jealousy, through jealousy, and how because he told him that, you know, you guys are better than Who's this who is the prophet and all the doubts he created in East LA Salaam, in in, in, in the Jews regarding the salesianum these were doubts and from the

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doubts he managed to deviate them from the master visa lesson. And then when the Quran came down, it has two enemies again, many enemies were amongst them two main ones, the Jewish, some of the Jewish people in the process of them, not all of them, some converted someone neutral, but someone against profits or losses. And you had against some Christians, many Christians were you know, neutral away from it, many turned against later and many were for whatever was revealed. So I'm not saying from that came all of these all of the things that a lot of our beliefs in there, then his his gets into sort of Baccarat he gets into the curve. I'm gonna sum it up really quickly into the Kaaba and about

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the why by Brian Manson. And why because Allah is saying that the real real attachment to this Deen is the one who is there with revelation, don't differentiate between one prophet from another prophet is in terms of beliefs, that's what some Jewish individuals is, did. And because of that, they went astray, then later on a lot. Some there's a lot of intertwining things that are happening here. I'm not going to get into it. After talking extensively about our beliefs, then a lot talks about action. And when it comes to action from either number 177 a lot talks about virtue first, then he talks about retribution, he talks about

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inheritance, he talks about car making wheels, he talks about fasting, he talks about Hajj, he talks about moon sighting the Hajj, he talks about going in the path of Allah and in terms of these were in terms of what that a by that is all about that is a worshipping things talks about this bit of reference about Salah that comes in somewhere in between there in the surah. But again, these are all to do with a bear that these are all to do with making your worship for God. Then Allah talks about martial arts, which is all about our Deen, this is the sherea sherea comprises of what first is Eman, your beliefs, then it's about your, your worship to Allah, then it's about your martial

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art, your societal ways of dealing with one another. So that comes from number

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202 100 220 kind of thing or sorry, just before that, sorry. 217. So Allah talks about, you know, drinking more alcohol in the society by gambling, the effects of it, about marriage marriages and how marriages can affect the wrong marriage can have the wrong effect and so on. Is that to do with societal things? Then Allah azza wa jal talks about the next one, which is what your whole household household That is, there is another section of it, which is your own mama your transcript? Well, in that what it would be is your own personal sort of domestic life, your domestic life, and that is part of the study and you got there's a big section here that has to do with that, how you deal with

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one another husband, wife, children, and so on, that that continues all the way to about I number 242. And then allows Odell talks about the the you know, in going in the path of a lot but before that he talks about a lot a lot about spending and talks about again, these are political matters about going in the path of a law is a political that's another wing of the Sharia politics, and then allows you to the Mohammed lat which is your monetary dealings with one another. And that's another whole section of the deen. So you've got a man who believes or aka the man or I didn't say, then you've got a bad that we should work. Then you've got after that your maturity societal, you know

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life, then you've got your domestic life. Okay? And then you've got your political life. And then you've got your morality, which is you're dealing social interaction dealing with one another, okay? And right at the end, right at the end, Allah azza wa jal then sums it up in the last three verses with both You know, there's a lot of spirituality that allows region talks about last river so that's another thing. You can almost say these seven things are the entire Sharia. So where otherwise Salaam story fits there is to say that this whole Sharia has come to you for you to accept it. And the main thing with arguments

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Certain story there is that you should not have doubt in the message that I've given. Okay, that's in Surah Baqarah. If you look in Surah, the next place where other Muslim story appears, it goes into a totally different new direction. Why? What is that? Well, surah RF is another long Surah Surah Allah is another long surah. And this is Surah number seven.

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And it's, it's, it's almost like over a juice. It's just over a juice one on one and a quarter juice of the Quran. And there are many things that are mentioned in there many stories that I mentioned, that is packed up with stories, is packed with many stories. Now some of the examples of the stories that are in there is, Well one of the things is capturing about the time when we're going to be in the afterlife, capturing the time when we're going to be afterlife. And there's a whole thing about you being stuck in the middle are off means that people will be stuck in the middle. So the neither in Ghana nor in Ghana, but they're in a station that that is in between and the stories that capture

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is for example, sort of Nuala Salah, then the story of

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family, you'll find the story of Noah as a story of No, no and an ad. Okay, so no holla is Salam strum from number 59. And someone would you find for us sort of hood was found from 65. And some of you find from 73. And then madeon, you'll find for Schreiber SL, and you'll find from 85. And then Allah talks about another whole

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the there's another whole tribe of people from 94, then moves on Iran starts Musan Iran. And that goes on for some time. And then you find after a long while, he gives them about the story of story of the people near the near the river, Riverside, these are the people who might like change from humans to monkeys, the entire story in itself in a number 163. So there's a number of stories inside here. Now, why are all these stories here? And why is the story of Adam and Islam improving? right in the beginning? right in the beginning? Well, here again, there's another, there's another pathway. All these stories have one thing linked in them. All the stories of one thing and Allah

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mentioned that, and unless you look for this, you're not going to find this. If you just literally read the story you think okay, otherwise Don't worry. Okay. Oh, children, Madam, don't do this ultra random, don't do that. And suddenly are off mentioned, and then nor then are then who then trade then this city and then that river story. And it's like it's all over there is randomly all over the place. But it's not. There's a deep message here. The deep message here is that if you look in all the stories, you will find one thing that threads all of them. And this is the main point of it. And again, it's one of the tricks of the shaytan tricks of evil is for us to be aware of. And it fits in

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with the story of Adam and Islamism. What is that? Well, that story that that thread, that thread is when you become complacent.

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When you become complacent, and you think that things are all going alright. And whatever happened to the people before you cannot or will not happen to you, then you are prime suspect of being shaytans alibi, or being shaytans target. You are the prime person who shaytan will target complacency, rough law, some complaints, complaints, all sorts of complacency of being laid back. The laid back attitude is something that shaytan breeds, like if you were gonna say, mosquitoes, were the mosquitoes What do mosquitoes breed on? Well, they need a bit of water, they need the right sort of heat and somebody needs some water and in to breed in a hot weather where there's some water

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that's where mosquitoes will breed, right? Where will certain things you know, certain infest, infest things that become infested? Where do they breed? Will they have certain bacteria breeds and certain things where the shaytaan breed will shaytaan breeds on number one is when you when you human beings, you become laid back and you think that things are gonna go alright. And you don't have this worry inside you about your enemy from that perspective than his gut. He's gonna get you.

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And then Adam and Adam story comes here, and how does it fit in here? Well, Adam and I send this this passage of Adam and Adam is the longest in the Quran.

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All other places, one of the one of the longest I think Baqarah has even sort of the passage in Surah Baqarah doesn't actually stretch as long as this. This is the longest in Surah Allah. So here what's unique about this, this story of Adam Islam here. Well, what's unique here is the number of ways

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Remember, I told you one of the things that well, I'm going to come from the front and I'm going to come from this side and I'm going to come from the from behind, I'm gonna come from this side, right side left and so on. Well, that's very unique in our number 17 of Sora you find and number 17 was also unique is the buildup of shaytans was fossa, which I covered last week or the week before that, I covered about how how shaytan comes and he gives shells in the reason why he should eat from the tree and what will happen to him if he's from the tree and the whole builder of the whole was wasa and thing will lie in the end well, that is very unique in this industry, you will not find it,

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except on in Surah Taha you will find some reference there where it's very very unique in the sense that you've got you've got it here

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and then after that, the whole thing of him asking for forgiveness is there and then Allah Allah was telling them that you know you're can you live here you will die there and then from this I think this is also repeating sort of Haha, but nevertheless it's there. Now. The whole point of them losing their clothes is very unique here again, you know, the clothes vanish, the clothes vanish that part is is clearly explained in this passage of sutra and there's a reason why because straight after that incident in number 26 Allah says yeah, Benny Adam, this is the big lesson in this surah yeah Benny Adam Oh Children of Adam unzen la comme la, casa, I have sent for down for you clothing,

00:31:27 --> 00:32:14

USD. So Adam, this is these clothings will cover you, they will cover you. And alas as well as taqwa and you should also cover yourself with taqwa with the clothing of my consciousness. So one is your outer clothing, and one is your inner clothing. Your outer clothing is that you will have these clothes on your bodies, but your inner clothing is that you wrap yourself with my fear. You will wrap yourself with my fear. And as the Allah says valic hide that is better for you. Valley Kevin iottie La Ilaha Kuru These are from my signs and is better that you take admonish in management from this or you take you take a heat from this. Then Allah says next one yeah, Benny Adam, own children

00:32:14 --> 00:32:55

of this animal his own children of Adam, la yft Nana comerciais Todd, let not shake on or the devil or Iblees manage to put you in a trial just as he took both of your parents out of Jannah. Again, this is clear messages to us. After the story under the big lesson in these. He says yen zero and Huma labasa. Huma, he managed to strip both of your parents, Adam and Hauer from their clothing. Li Uriah Houma, so artissima so that he showed one another their private parts.

00:32:56 --> 00:33:45

That's what he managed to do. This was his goal in New York and he's watching you who are himself who and his party mean hi to LA Tarragona home from a way that you're not able to see them in a janeshia Tina, and we've only made the devil's close allies levena la you know, for those who don't have true belief, and then he says after the analysis after number 28 Well, he therefore had to Felicia and when human beings commit an obscene act bacala La Habana they say well all our forefathers people before us did the same thing. Will la Madonna and God must have told us to do this as well. All in Allahu la Mata be fascia don't tell them or Muhammad tell them Allah does Allah

00:33:45 --> 00:34:21

never tells you to commit obscene acts at aku Luna Allah Allah him Allah tala moon are you trying to say to about something about Allah? Which, which which you don't know. Then after that in another couple of verses 31 Yeah buddy Adam outrun Adam, who Xena tycoon check your best clothing when you come to the masjid. When you come to my sacred places. Put on your best clothing when you come there are kulu washable voila to eat and drink and don't go beyond the limits in the who live livable masala doesn't like those who go you know, passing limits.

00:34:23 --> 00:34:59

Right? Allah says Well, I'm not telling you not to not to have your own amens and you're outside and the whole reason why Allah saying this, Allah saying I haven't made it hard for you to you know, adorn yourselves, but then he says I've prohibited all outside lewdness and inside you know Ludens are prohibited that then again in and number 35 yeah Benny Adam, ultra Madame. Imai Tiana. If If messengers come who tell you about the story about my science, family Taka whoever will have a life of taqwa of God consciousness will ask

00:35:00 --> 00:35:04

And they will rectify themselves. fella homophone, there'll be no fear

00:35:05 --> 00:35:45

they will have nothing to grieve and those who deny this message and those who become arrogant for them is the fire and so and so for them not after the outcomes and so now full yeah Benny Adams for all children of Adam altura madam, you know where the right clothing ultra letna shaytan take the clothing off, you just took it off, administer, ultra and wear your best clothes into the master ultra madam, if guidance come from message messengers come you better rectify so according to messengers live lives. Why is Allah saying that? A lie saying that and in between that, did you hear that in between that Allah says when they have in it number 228 Allah says, when one of the when

00:35:45 --> 00:35:52

when they commit * acts, they say our forefathers before did it. Now Allah saying that look in this in this eye it is

00:35:53 --> 00:36:09

that if you become complacent, and you think that your generation is the generation and that you've got no affiliation to the generation before and nothing trouble of the generation before will affect you. Then you better first take the story of Adam and Isola.

00:36:10 --> 00:36:22

Just as Abdullah Salah being a prophet and being Jana, he became relaxed is one of the things about this story is that he became relaxed with his wife

00:36:23 --> 00:37:11

and when Allah said to them Don't go near the tree they went near the tree and one of the message in messages in this surah if you want to see his look compare this look how Look how tight this ayah is one of the key things I think you should you should look at is a number 100 in this first our lamea the lady in a funeral what those people who inherited the earth after its last users those who inherited the earth after the people before them what hasn't this really hit them alone a shadow a sub now whom doesn't obey Him that we could strike them because of the sins that they're committing has any hit them that the things of the past how the people of the past were dealt with that they

00:37:11 --> 00:37:49

will be dealt with the same way? So what Ally's saying here in this whole flow with all these stories because no Hollis Rodman no Allah Salaam, you look at the story here. It's like no lesson was telling these people, all people why are you worshipping these these idols? When Huth comes he says what he says, Have you not thought none Listen to this. This is about the people of the past. This is who then says what Kudu is Jalla Kampala and embody Tommy commoner he said please please remember the people are nor how they were flooded. Do you remember Have you become so complacent? Do you think that the same thing come before you? What is wrong with you? This is now um, who that is.

00:37:49 --> 00:38:29

And I'm saying that to add, then the next con comes fumbled when some old Sally Harrison was in charge. One key thing of this this whole surah is he says, with Kuru he says I am number 74 with Kuru remember, inshallah, Allah, Allah made you device students people in charge of this earth, after the people of add, Beauvoir can fill out you know, he gave you all these different gifts, that the hidden Amazonia, you can clearly cut out from the mountains and so on so forth. First guru, Allah, Allah, remember these gifts that Allah has given meaning that you think that nothing's going to happen to you. Nothing's going to happen to you. If you were to, you know, if you think you think

00:38:29 --> 00:38:37

that you're in charge of this, you're not remembering the people before you just before you was the one who later on schreib comes he says what he says worth Kuru.

00:38:38 --> 00:38:59

He says, well, Elena. Hey guys, you are your people. I was small in number two, you remember? A lot just destroy the people before you then he puts you in charge us few and then ally made you plenty? Do you think that nothing's going to be for you have the people before you? And then Allah, how do you look at it? Number 97. Allah says Allah, I mean,

00:39:01 --> 00:39:42

what the people of these cities have they become so? So sort of audacious? Have they become so audacious? That they think that my punishment can't come to them while they're sleeping at night? That can't happen? Have they become so audacious? That they think that might while the children are playing or they're, they're having games early in the morning, my punishment can come in number 98? If I'm a new macro law, are they in complete safety of my of my plans to strike them? So why is Allah saying all of this is because when human beings become complacent, that's when shaytan has his most thing. Now what happened in the Islamic history?

00:39:44 --> 00:39:59

You look at from Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to today, and this is a fact. absolute fact. The whole affair Rashidi Satan, Abu Bakar sadhana Omar said norseman Sydney holiday with the best of leaders after that complacency came in crept in a little bit

00:40:00 --> 00:40:19

Then after that, oh my goodness glasses came about a 99 to about 101 Hijri, he came to the rains again. And things were back to normal again, like the colorful rashes and stuff. But after that every, almost every single halifa that came, you look into the history you will find slowly, they thought

00:40:20 --> 00:40:59

they got into drinking, they got into women, the same thing Allah saying, don't take your clothes off, don't take equal, don't let shaytan come to you and make you see one another's privacy. I mean, don't become lewd. And don't try and make yourself rules for yourself that you can do this, because it's going to strike you. So if you look in all these different calibers that came right, in the policies that had bellydancers in their policies, they had, you know, women that were not aligned on nighttime, they had hammer, they were drinking, they had these women in front of them dancing, they were sleeping with some of them, but there's not all the leaders that, you know, you will find quite

00:40:59 --> 00:41:15

a few of these leaders, they were doing this or they got into pastime and lewdness or things of you know, just going out there and hunting and, you know, enjoying themselves. This is completely on wealth, Cain, they became complacent. They thought, nah, Allah has been so merciful is given all of this, you know, like,

00:41:16 --> 00:41:54

eating from the tree and not realizing where you are. This was the thing that the biggest message in Surah RF is what Don't let this get to you. And the whole of the stories, they they give that message, even the story about the people at the river, and they started to you know, make make a lot of people to the people of the river and catching the fish on a Saturday. The stories in there. Why? Because they said Well, look, nothing's happening to us. They didn't mistake they what they did is Look, they were told not to fish on Saturday, so they put the net on Friday. And they caught the fish. They took the fish out and Sunday. When were the fish caught. The fish were caught on

00:41:54 --> 00:42:36

Saturday. Allah said don't fish on Saturday, to some Jewish people who said don't fish on Saturday. So they made a rule from them. They went out of the Saturday put the net out on Friday, Friday night, right? So I am fishing on Saturday, man, and fishermen Saturday. And Sunday morning. They can Oh, there's a net there. Whoo. Let's take another Oh, that's a nice fish there. Oh wonder maybe Friday night they came Sunday morning they came but I know fisherman on a Saturday. So they did that quite a long time. And nothing happened to them when they become complacent than Allah that came to them, and then they will change into monkeys. And the whole thing is that shaytaan we'll get to at

00:42:36 --> 00:43:03

the time when you think everything going all right when you start sending you sin again and you sin again and you think especially lewdness, lewd, things calm and you're not you know, with a swearing with a you know, taking clothes off with a you know, looking for the wrong thing with the eyes or whether having to enter you know, the relationship that you're not supposed to have when when the man thinks that he's alright, bang, shaytans guarding and then Allah or something will come and it'll be really hard for them to get out of that. And that if you look at every halifa

00:43:04 --> 00:43:23

or every leader, they will look really not calibers, but they were kings, when these things crept in, they had enemies that came and they took them down enemies that came and took them down. And each time you small, small class of Allah send a small army and other small army to wake them up and eventually allied and send the big one.

00:43:24 --> 00:44:04

A massive one who was that? Ganges Han, right? When he came, it was like the whole of this whole, you know, Empire got hit. And then a lot made the Muslim rise again. And when Ludens came they fell again fail again fail again until the last Ottoman Empire. You look in the Ottoman Empire, you look at the you look at what happens in the quarters of the heart of the Empire, you will find again shaytan got them because they became complacent. They said it's alright is where I first to be in this sinful sort of life. And then Allah Allah then took that away from London now what are we in? Well, the whole oma is suffering because of our own own thing on own failure because of us becoming

00:44:04 --> 00:44:07

complacent with ourselves. Now, another part of the story

00:44:08 --> 00:44:09

you go into

00:44:11 --> 00:44:18

see that there's a massive message comes out when you put the story into the surah itself, right? There's a different story that comes out. So

00:44:19 --> 00:44:23

the story that emerges in Surah

00:44:25 --> 00:44:37

Taha the 20th Surah Surah Taha again but this time, unlike the two first time sort of Bukhara ademola salaam story is in the beginning

00:44:38 --> 00:44:39


00:44:42 --> 00:44:59

era, Adama Islam story is in the beginning, sort of haha adolescent stories in the end surah Saad Adam, Allah Islam story is in the end, and there's a reason for that as well. Why did Allah choose the end, two ends and two beginnings right?

00:45:00 --> 00:45:46

So here, what you find is you find a story that's dominated with a lot of musala salaam and from Musa, and from, and you find inside here a lot, almost the whole surah is dominated with the story starts from the beginning, starts and beginning about the creation of the earth, and suddenly it goes into musala around and around. And there's a lot of aspects that are covered here. Now musala solemn story is one of the most extensive ones that are covered. But why musala solemn story here. And then after that, you find is a very short part where Allah azza wa jal talks about piano straight after musala Islam story, he talks about pm talks about the last and final day, and it

00:45:46 --> 00:46:23

talks about the situation people will come up on the Day of Judgment, right? So he talks about people being resurrected in EIN number 102. And then Allah says in 10105, they talk about the mountains what will be the condition of the mountains will tell them this is what's gonna happen to the mountains, and you're going to be standing in silence on the Day of Judgment, and everyone's going to be an absolute or have a law number 111 and the Quran, Allah says, will I reveal this Quran and this Quran is not supposed to be taken as something that's hasty. Don't be hasty with the plan and number 114 and then suddenly add Melissa lambs story appears, as a nice little story appears

00:46:23 --> 00:46:25

straight after Allah says listen to this.

00:46:26 --> 00:47:17

But Allah LaHood medical help the true king, Allah is most high. When I toggle berukuran Don't be hasty with the Quran. Before its revelation is finished. We'll call Rob visit Nia and man say Allah increase me in knowledge say Rob be Sydney and mercy. Robbie Sydney and Melissa order from Allah. Then Allah says, I made a promise to Adam beforehand, he forgot. And I did not find inside him any determination to go against me or to disobey me? Now what's unique about this part is this I just made just said this I just said to you is that I found no determination in other malayalam to go against me and then you will find that

00:47:18 --> 00:48:08

Adam Allahu salatu salam, his his told about him to stay in in Ghana with his wife and that he will never be he will never be in a state of being unfortunate. He will always have fortune in Jannah Allah says in Allah Allah Tada. You will oh you will never be hungry and Jana never be naked in general I want one eight and never be thirsty. I number 119 never see the sun too hot for you or the you know the thing that above you too hot. And then the shade tans was for succumbs and they eat and then after that they come away from they come away from Jana. Allah says both of you come down. And a law that says if guidance comes and if my guidance comes in, there's gonna be no one going astray

00:48:08 --> 00:48:55

if you follow my guidance, and no one's going to be unfortunate if you follow my guidance. Then Allah says men, our Radha and Vickery, whosoever will turn away from my remembrance, remembrance for in Allahumma Asia he will have a life that will be a constraint life when I should have who Yamanaka Matsuyama. I will raise him on the Day of Judgment. I will raise him on the day of judgment as what I will raise him as a blind person. harleigh hobby he will say Robbie oh my lord Lima hotshot Tony Arma Why did you make me blind? Why did you resurrect me blind? What can come to come to basura I used to see in the earth Allah will say Kava Lika attack Kaya tuna. My science came on to you find a

00:48:55 --> 00:49:18

sci fi you left them You forgot about them. What can daddy can Luma tune sir, and today you shall be you shall be forgotten. forgotten. I remember these words, Vicar remembrance forgetting forgotten right. Well, Cavalli can Benjamin Ashraf and anyone who goes beyond my limits and he does not believe in my in the signs of his load, and we're going to punish and so on so forth. And then Allah says what, and this

00:49:20 --> 00:49:31

120 121 while at then I don't glance

00:49:33 --> 00:49:34

and look at

00:49:35 --> 00:49:59

with stretched eyes, eyes that become big. Isla matana to the temporary gifts that I've given you of this world, Zara talhah it dunya these are the glittering ornaments of this life of this temporary life, Lena Tina whom fee so that I could test you with these things. What is corrupt because what your Lord provides you is

00:50:00 --> 00:50:40

Much better and much everlasting meaning the next life What more halakha be Salah. Order your family to pray, pray and to offer Salah was staalbeer Allah and keep yourself on to this Lana's Allah this car is God. I'm not telling you to provide me with anything. I am providing you not knowledgeable. Well Arqiva taqwa. And the last final thing will be for those who have caught consciousness. Now why is there all this about the dunya? But not yearning, the dunya not looking, glancing at dunya not having snow long, sort of, you know, stretch eyes towards me Why? And why is what's this about Victor and you look at the beginning of the surah What do Allah say? The beginning of musala

00:50:40 --> 00:50:48

submission though this whole surah is filled with fear and Musa, what did Allah say the one of the first things he says to me is you to Musa.

00:50:49 --> 00:51:39

Allah says, The first command and number 14 Surah Taha in nanny Allah, I am surely Allah La Ilaha Illa Anna, there is no other worthy of worship except for me. Farah bootmii, become my seven were Akemi salah and establish prayers leave victory to remember me, right now remember this remember me? in remembrance, Allah dances in assata, Antietam in assata. at Eton, the next life is about to come. Remember, at the end of the surah Allah talks about karma again here he talks about karma, and of the spirit of our vehicle here at the beginning is about liquor as well. Now look at the orders he gets, he puts a stick down, he catches his stick, when it turns to certain and law says take these

00:51:39 --> 00:52:30

go to Freetown and when he tells him to go to around one of the last thing he says before he leaves the last compensation musar listen to this, the last conversation is while at tanny fi victory, right? This is Allah has given him all the different things, the directions, and number 42 and number 42 what is Allah? Allah says don't fall short. Both of you, you and Aaron, you and Harun don't fall short of my Vicar. This surah is saying to us with the other Muslim stories was that the remembrance of Allah azza wa jal and the remembrance of the next slide is our relief from shaytan. And shaytans was for some remembrance of Allah and remembrance of the next life. These are two key

00:52:30 --> 00:53:15

things, these things if they use the as injections to revive yourself, this is the best thing to revive now who's musasa going to see he is going to see a real Iblees of his time. This is round round, he's like bent over backwards. I'm believing you. You watch I'm gonna kill you. You trust me as many times as you want. I'm gonna I'm gonna take you I'm gonna take you down. What my magicians I'm going to take you down what those magician believe in you. I'm gonna handle all of them. This is a big Iblees in his time. And Allah saying again and again almost don't fall short on my record because musala salam would have been lost in his mission against Iran if he hadn't kept up with

00:53:15 --> 00:53:51

Vicar. And if Harun Eisen can keep the wicked Moosa salon and his brother, both of them would have lost it if they never established their Salah, which is again, a remembrance of Allah. And at the end of the end of the surah, Allah says, order your family to prayer. Prayer is one way of keeping a connection with Allah and what kind of prayer the prayer that keeps the remembrance remembrance of Allah that prayer that has no remembrance forget it my friend, that's not going to give you anything that's that you just tick the box. You know a lot of people that pray and they don't have remembrance of Allah inside they you've ticked the box. That's all you've done. He's like, yeah,

00:53:51 --> 00:54:21

hey, I was there, man. You don't want to you know, you go to class and you got a class and imagine the class starts in the right mood. The baker Yes, yes means you got Hameed? yes means yes means Jonathan. Yes means the next minute. Mahmoud has said his name and sneaks out the class. he sneaks out he's got his name on the register. He was there man. He was there. He said, Oh, my mood is there. He said yes. Means Yes, please. All of a sudden as Mr. Mood goes into trance

00:54:25 --> 00:54:35

and he daydreams he drives by his ps3 in lesson he daydreams about, you know, whatever is going on life and now again, he picks up a bit what the teacher said, and he's in a trance.

00:54:37 --> 00:54:41

Now was Mahmoud read, the man would really benefit from that lesson. Yes. And although he was dead, yes or no,

00:54:42 --> 00:54:53

he did. Nothing when in because he was daydreaming. Did the man who or the woman who prayed this Allah, Allahu Akbar, Allah here, I'm here. Alone

00:54:56 --> 00:54:56


00:55:03 --> 00:55:44

And they were wondering about the dunya and they were trance and suddenly they might wake up now and again in the Salah. That person, they ticked it. Don't forget, look, your Salah is offered to Allah don't don't get me wrong, but Allah said, if you want to save yourself from the shaytan you gotta have the dhikr of Allah azza wa jal and you gotta be engaged to things Vicar of Allah, specifically in salah and second thing is because of the Acura, keep connected to the Acura and if you this is your way of getting away from the shaytan. Otherwise, if you fall short of the ticket, what have you got? You've got a lack you're in, you're in this Daydream mode, absent mindedness. That's what Adam

00:55:44 --> 00:55:52

Allison was in Adam and Sam and how they had hafla hafla is that where they were absent minded.

00:55:53 --> 00:56:14

And because they were absent minded, and they fell short of Allah Vicar. And the last remembrance. That time he gave, there was fossa, that time he managed to get hold of them. So whenever you want to save yourself, continuously keep yourself record, you will not have the shaytan that will attack you now that sort of Taha, what's the story of Sora? Assad?

00:56:15 --> 00:56:27

Assad again, you have loads of stories. And why did Allah put again, why did Allah put the story at the end? And what's the significance there? Well, what kind of stories have you got here? Well, you got the story of the Buddha,

00:56:28 --> 00:56:50

the Buddha lesson, you've got a story of Solomon alesana, you've got the story of iu balasana, you've got the story of a very brief mention of Ibrahim is happening. And they mentioned is mentioned in a very specific way in the surah. Then Allah talks about the next slide and suddenly, Adam and Adam stories appears. But this time when Adam and Adam story appears,

00:56:51 --> 00:57:37

there's very little focus on Adam and Salaam, himself. His name is not even mentioned here. It said, Well, I'm going to create a I'm just going to create a a human, I'm going to create a human and then Allah azza wa jal says, or at least enough focus goes on to Iblees and what he said as unique things here is in this in this part is Allah says, I created you know, when Allah said Oh, please, I created Adam with my own two hands. You're not going to battle a stack, Berta? Have you become someone who's arrogant, and contaminant Harlan Have you become someone who thinks is so high? And the other unique thing thing here is Allah says, Well, this appears in other other suitors but it

00:57:37 --> 00:57:51

faces well Illa I bet the Camino McCullough scene. Oh shaytan says, Oh Allah, I will be able to take your servants astray except those who are sincere for your sake, sincere for your sake. Now.

00:57:53 --> 00:58:01

Why are these stories mentioned? Why because if you look down the lesson was mentioned unique about him in this story is doubtless from sitting in the chamber.

00:58:02 --> 00:58:54

His dalu law talks about his murghab you will find this in the beginning of the surah. Allah says in by number 2021, you will find right the assembly sitting in the mirror up in his chamber. What is he doing in his chamber in his chamber, what Tao Li Salaam is doing is he is he is sitting there alone, alone, just with Allah azza wa jal with his mind and Allah xojo. And what he's doing is he's building his sincerity for Allah. No one would see him, no one would see him in this chamber. He's locked himself up. One day in they say in obliquity, there's one guy that says he divided his days into fall. And one whole day he will lock himself in this chamber. And he would gain his

00:58:54 --> 00:59:39

concentration, concentration, and his whole focus on a large region. And the midst of all of that what happened is a lesson two angels that came into his chamber, and they distracted him for a moment from his from his concentration. They distracted him. And he made a judgment. He made it he made a judgment, which you shouldn't have, which is what he only heard one side of the story, and he made a judgment and straightaway he retracted from that. And he sought forgiveness molars wisdom, but remember, he's in a chamber with cinnamon is and what happens is Solomon Allahu salatu salam, he is given many gifts. And one of the gifts is given his he's given many horses, many horses and so

00:59:39 --> 00:59:59

the man Allison used to go out and he used to remember Allah long, plenty of what he's taught this history thing of when the sun is setting. He used to love spending his time going out there in the wilderness, and used to love spending, you know, taking his whole mind into the concentration of just Lazarus. Think about love.

01:00:00 --> 01:00:40

And one of these moments were happening, he got distracted again, his distraction was that he the horses were in front of him. And he started to stroke the horse. And because of that, he realized, oh my god, what have I done? I'm supposed to be in the rooms of Allah and I got distracted. And then a lot of them says about are you by Sarah? I was are you balancing? Well are you balancing and he was in a constant Vicar of Allah in the constant sort of concentration of Allah. Why? Because he was left with his with his illness that did not allow him to do to be with in any contact with with any any human beings. But again, there's a slight distraction there. There's a slight mistake that he

01:00:40 --> 01:01:25

makes there, which is what his wife, his wife, who which who strives to serve him, but one day he becomes angry with her and says, I'm going to strike you with 100 chords. And then again, he will come back to Allah he repents, and he goes back to a line on his for his mistake. So the slight distraction, then Allah says, What could I bandana design number 45 remember my servants Ibrahim, his heart yaku all of these are strengths and of insight in a holla snare home be Harley satin de cada I made them purely, purely free, purely free to be in the remembrance of the afterlife and remembrance of Allah azza wa jal. Why is Allah mentioned all of this because

01:01:26 --> 01:02:06

he made himself free for the worship of Allah sillimanite salon, free for the worship of Allah Are you by salon, whether he will lead or not will lead he was free with His endless to just think of Allah, right? That freedom of worship Allah, this is one of the key things shaytan says I These are the people I will not be able to take a straight metallocene Mk Latina those who are sincere, but there's another side to mcglasson those who become free to try and concentrate a heavy concentration on thinking about Allah azza wa jal right now this is one of the ways another way of staying away from shaytan. And if we are become those people who get distracted again, the distraction isn't one

01:02:06 --> 01:02:45

of the focuses here shaytan will be able to get you because one of the things that happened to him is what distraction distraction from everything else I was rounding right so you got hafla you got absent mindedness, you got distraction, you got a you know, a relaxed kind of attitude, alright, relaxed attitude. All these reasons were the reasons why atomizer got caught. And Allah is telling us that what, what do you need to do, you need to keep your concentration with Allah. And one of the things you can do and this is many of the great shields is to do this and they teach us this, which is one that you sit down and you try and sit down and have a heavy heavy concentration about the

01:02:46 --> 01:03:27

about thinking of just allows you just think of a law think about think no no Allah but obviously, you know, his creation, what he's given you, what he's done for you and so on and so forth. And coming to Allah close to that. I come to Allah azza wa jal close to him through through those actions that you do. One last last part that is left of the vicar of admin Isilon is in tura hedge of the 15th juice is the last part of administration there's any other mention I will I will mention to you but again historia peasy and the reason why I'm going to cover that inshallah next week, and also other parts with other medicine I've got a few other things before we come to the story of

01:03:27 --> 01:03:35

habit and carbon. Before before we come to there's a few other things I need to mention. And inshallah, then with having carbon we can start wrapping the whole thing up

Prophet Adam – Part 6

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