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Alhamdulillah datamine salatu salam ala Colombia evil morpholino Allah alayhi wa sahbihi advised

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one of the

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greatest debate in

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the generation immediately after the Sahaba

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one of the greatest was a heavy rain was hazard Albury ravintola

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in the great Island, red arbit

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and one of the greatest Allah and

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Allah insha Allah

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has hazard adversity, it is a story about him that they say that one day, the writer of the story says that we prayed Juma with has an adversity in our lives Allah.

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And after Juma we gathered around him and we

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made Salaam to him.

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And he started to cry started to weep.

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And he said that he wept so much that we were very concerned with Why are you crying so much? What is wrong?

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And has that and was it until Allah made a statement when I read that statement? I was thinking to myself, so Allah, He is saying this about his generation, about the terrain.

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What would as an adversary say if you gave your

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huddled masses Abdullah was crying and they asked him why? He said, If the companions of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he said if the Sahaba entered this budget, the only thing they will recognize is your

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right? As he he says that if the Sahaba entered this Masjid, the only thing they would recognize is your table.

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Nothing else.

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as I've said many times, the standard with Allah subhanaw taala is to have

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the standard for all Amel is the Amal of the Sahaba

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if we want to know how to do anything, what is the best way we have to go back to the generational sort of wrestler and see how they did it? That would be the correct way it was our Should I make Salah look at the salado Sahaba juicy How should I have asked to look at the vastness of the Sahaba and so on.

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I remind myself and you

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that where do we stand on this framework because Allah subhanaw taala did not change the standard for anybody

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does Allah are the standard till the Day of Judgment? Allah did not say that after 100 years the standard will drop and after 1000 years it will drop some more and after 5000 years ago, same standard till the Day of Judgment in line with it.

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if we want to be among those who are mentioned, when we say for example with one ally Allah image mine will advise home design in Isla we did

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that allows raw data maybe play be pleased with the Sahaba and with those who do that it Kiva with their son in the Day of Judgment.

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If we want to be with them, and inshallah We ask Allah subhanaw taala out of his mercy and out of his Rama to include us among those people, but inshallah we have to make an effort.

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So we have to look at our lives and say, how does wildlife compare with the dinosaurs?

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today because again, our reminders are short we want to keep it short. I will just talk about one thing about the Zavala swatara said Raja Lu LA to Li him Dr. Otto will be on and the karela.

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Allah These are the people Rizal and in the Quran when Allah smart Allah azza wa jal, it does not it is not simply the plural of Roger, just not such as men anyway, regionalism is a word or a dress of great honor as well as giving up to those people. These are these were men that are only you know, trashed from the street, nor is a man people who are noble people who were worthy of emulation. So rather than to hear him

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he said these were people who that these are and there were there their trades and their dealings and their businesses and so on. Never diverted them from the seeker of Allah Subhana who

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never now what is the meaning of diverted diverted one obvious meaning is that for example, it's time for Salah comes and you've got some work some business some meeting and this and that you leave those or you attend to the meeting. And then when the meeting finishes is the time for Allah is still there you mix Allah Tada This is our way in the electronic energy. But this was not the way to have time for Salah was emperor Salam when the time was okay when they will start with no matter what is happening.

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Why is it that there is something called a lateral house in this den of ours? In the middle of the battlefields?

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There are swords and spears and bullets flying with Alexandre is a time for you to play.

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Yes, think about that what what is more, and this is a lateral health game for whom it came for people who are engaged in Jihad visa Videla

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within the ABA which is higher than just visa.

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This is the big copyright law.

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In the middle of that Avada they are engaged in Nevada. They were not fighting dad to grab somebody's land or to grab somebody or something they were fighting jack was it was to open the land for the doubling of the deen of Islam, they were

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in the middle of the jihad in the middle of the era of jihad Allah Allah says when the time for Salah comes you have to pray and Allah subhanaw taala because of the special conditions of danger, Allah subhanaw taala taught a particular method of playing brain which is called collateral of where the remains and he prays one pocket and the other people join and then they complete that regard and under the soft joins the man continues that one that to record and this is the method for Serato that is the that is the issue of obedience. So, where is the where is the the gun jayesh and where is the leeway and the permission to delay your Salah for a board meeting or for this meeting or that

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meeting or this business or that deal? Where is it? If there is no question of delaying of Salah even in the case when you are writing just visa Videla How do you find a means of delaying Salah for our business and our work

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has even so, this is one of the basic meanings of

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that will him deja vu nondegree that

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the other meaning of this is the obedience of Allah subhana wa danas orders and ashram and the Sunnah of Bahama Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in our body and in our desire

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to two minutes, does not does not divert from the zikalala means what one is in terms of time and place and second one is in terms of the soul,

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the soul of life, whether it is business, whether it is trade or whatever, they also have to be the ossola Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and those people who Allah subhanaw taala praised in the puram even with that is from the from the column of Allah, that is not some story is Allah does it, Allah praise His people, and you praise them with a particular thing.

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So I remind myself and I remind you, let us keep this in mind when we go out and we work and we study and we do our Alhamdulillah in Islam, every single thing is allowed by Mashallah hamdulillah not only allowed, if you do it according to the methodology, it becomes a bad law, they will actually reward you for that. But sharp is that it must be according to the soul of his lab. So let us learn some of the deen that is required at least for that purpose and also ensure that the four eyes of this vein are never died never delayed and and put by the side in order to fulfill some dounia responsibility never.

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And as I said the best example of that is this, which I have given. So on calamari, I'm big on sugar oil, I learned the stuff we're going to be