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We were at the point of the issue of fortitude or Sabha and as I mentioned to you server is not simply to sit around doing nothing, because that's the usual understanding of server where people say the word supper with a sense of helplessness. Like you know, the wizard casts up, somebody's got an outer jacket, but that's a completely false impression about our

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summer is completely and totally doing all that you can possibly do in a situation, making all the effort using all resources, all strategies, and then having faith and trust only and only on Allah.

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That is also the meaning of Taqwa. Why did Allah Svarta This is Why did Allah subhanaw taala say this Sabri was salah.

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Effort first, then Salah in the in the meaning of namaste as well as the meaning of the linguistic meaning of sunrise.

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Why do I say summer is summer means all effort where is my real for that?

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My drill for that is the fact that Allah subhanaw taala used this word Siberian people have summer

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for Mujahideen

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in three or four places in the Quran, Zakharova and other places, Allah subhanaw taala used this word Siberian to mean Mujahideen. Now,

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if you look at who is

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the soldier fighting, in a just war, for the sake of Islam, protecting Muslims and protecting communities, which may not even Muslim, but protecting them against oppression,

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who is more of a symbol of action and complete and total commitment than a soldier fighting in battle?

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Right. So it's total action and its commitment to the extent that the man is even putting his life on the line.

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Those are the people that Allah subhanaw taala referred to as Sabaidee. Allah did not call the people the mousseline. For example, people who are praying as arbery, Allah did not call anyone else. Sabine, Allah subhanaw taala called Bucha he didn't summary and therefore my understanding is summer means to completely and totally commit to the course of action that that results in goodness.

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But at the same time after that, to start in Salah why, because this is the in my understanding, this is the third call of the call.

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This is what saves you from arrogance. This is what saves you from feeling that success was a result of my strategy. success was a result of my effort, success was a result of my victory came to me because of what I did. That is a very big danger. So it saves you from ship from making yourself shriek in the victory that comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala geladeira. So what saves you from that this dua

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having made all the efforts the person is not relying on the effort alone the person stands over Allah subhanaw taala and says your anatomy, success and failure is in your hands. I did what I could do, please give me success. If I get success, it will not be because of my effort because my effort is has no meaning.

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Why do I still make the effort because this is your hook. Because you made this world a world of cause and effect. So Allah did not tell us. For example, the famous quote of Omar will kappa Delano. He said they said what is our college said Allah subhanho wa Taala

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he said the bird leaves the nest every morning with an empty belly and returns with a full belly.

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So Allah subhanaw taala feeds the bird, but not in the nest.

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The bird leaves the nest, to go and find food and it finds food. But if the same bird sits in the nest, does Allah subhanaw taala have the power to still feel the feed forward? Yes of course.

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But Will Allah feed him Will Will Allah fetus but

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Illa mashallah, you unless it is a hammer of Allah, Allah says the will of Allah otherwise, Allah subhanaw taala does not feed the worst bird in the nest because this is not the sunnah to lie. The difference between Hodor Artola and Sunnah.

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The hydra Tala the holder of Allah subhanaw taala has no limits.

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The Sunnah of Allah also does not have limits, but the sooner the Allah comes with rules.

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Can Allah subhanaw taala create a human being without parents? Neither mother nor father? Yes.

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Anomalisa no mother or father can create a full grown human being from day one. The day he is born is full

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Is it possible? Yes, Adam Melissa had never I was never a toddler he was never an infant. He was never two years old. You know, he was never a teenager and when he was born, full grown man

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however a Salem his wife, who is the William cord, mother of our a man,

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because she came out of out of Alyssa,

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see mother is the one you come out of there who is the within quotes the mother of our adolescence.

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So Allah is proving that all the rules that Allah made, Allah is not subject to those rules.

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But having said that, I will say what I want.

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Very good. So what must I do? Get married? No, I don't want a wife.

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No problem then what you do?

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But I want my own son and my progeny.

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Keep wanting it's not gonna happen. Because that is not so not to Allah.

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If Allah wants he can give, of course we don't we don't do we do not deny that? We don't say Allah subhanaw taala created either Melissa once and He's incapable of doing it again. Now we'll know.

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But is this going to happen?

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Allah subhanaw taala created this world with certain rules, we call them the rules of physics.

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The same rules What does not rule the fish is the rules of Allah subhanaw taala. So you call them the rules of physics we accept when you call them the rules of Allah you don't accept

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what is gravity, law of physics, who meant Allah's Mahanta

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and so on and so on.

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Summer is to understand this and therefore make your best effort and stand before Allah Now, you're talking about the Sierra Vista salah, where do you see someone you see somewhere in his entire life,

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but one of the finest examples of summer

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which illustrates this whole concept which I explained to you is the Batmobile. What did he do? He made the maximum effort that he could possibly make,

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in terms of whatever resources he had,

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he used them he took the advice of people, one of the Sahaba when they when he said when they came to the field of bother and sort of said let us camp here, this Abbey gave to Sal Salah is this a hook of of Allah are you communicating a order of Allah subhanaw taala or is this your assessment? Let me say this is not a hug of Allah. Then in the Sirisha I have a suggestion if you accept services, say say what is it he said let us cap at a different place where there was there was a well there have there was a system they made later but there's also well some water he's a little have the water in our control.

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So we can behind the water so the water is in our control. When the enemy comes then we will not have water

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accepted this hubby's advice

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he did not say are you?

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Are you waiting? Why am I getting away No.

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Good advice handler will take the rest. So he did all of that.

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deployed the troops appointed Candace,

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head of the head of the mahadji route and so on and so on. And then what did you do? And then he stood before Allah subhanaw taala they had made a shelter for him, he stood there and he made Salah and he made dua, and he kept on asking Allah subhanho wa Taala geladeira who and you know the famous dua brother is a Yeah, yeah, Allah. If these people die, they will not be anyone left on the face of the earth to worship.

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And he kept on asking Allah until our workers said Yara Salah Allah bus, I couldn't see the solar cell in that state. Is a bus you're Rob has promised to Victoria.

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Europe Wilson is

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that enough?

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Of course Allah subhanaw taala sent and last month Allah mentioned that in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala said the Malaga.

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wa salam gave and the bad rubella as you know, the rest, as they say is history. So what is our therefore is to make the maximum effort and stand before our last run into another aspect of summer. Is that summer is to respond not to react.

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There's a difference. When you are reacting. You are like a puppet. You your actions are in the hands of the puppeteer.

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I'm sure all of you have seen some puppet show at some point in time. If you haven't seen it, go to YouTube. So you're the puppeteer. We had a screen who's got a strings in his finger

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us under the puppet and he does this and

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so the puppet is moving, who is actually moving the puppet.

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So when you are reacting, you have made yourself into a puppet, you react depending on what the other person does, therefore, who has the control button who has the remote the other person.

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So, reaction is usually or almost always produce only negative

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to respond is not to react respond is to consciously take a decision to act in a certain way, not because of what the other person did, but because of what you think is the best way to act in that situation.

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In the library, we have the issue of we know the story of the woman who used to throw rubbish in his path and sometimes maybe we'll I'll have on him also something would fall. Every time he passed by our house he would she would do this.

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What was his reaction? Nothing. He would just observe and he would continue on his path. What was his response and differentiating between these two terms reacting and responding? What was the response? The day the woman did not throw this? He turned around and came back and he asked where is this lady? They said, She's not well, she's sick.

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He said Can I see her? They said yes, please come. He came to her and he said, I came to find out I believe you're not well melasma the luckier you also are two started weeping she said I throw garbage on you and you are making the offer me.

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There was an absurd you do what you do. I do what I do.

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Adrain karkhana was going somewhere.

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And an old woman she threw a stone

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so the soldiers grabbed her and they brought her to him. So he said to his treasure he said give her a bag of 100 gold coins. So unbag of Russia was given to her

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she went away

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so they asked him he said what is this he throw a stone at you whenever you're giving a gold coins? He said what happens if you throw a stone at a tree which is full of fruit?

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If she does what she does, I do what I do, I can only do this

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that's why we got the yellow This is an abbot of yours.

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Who responds to something negative like this? You are robbing me.

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You already own handmade Pokhara all of us are

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not reacting but responding. These are before these incidents.

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Some of them are at the beginning of in Makkah.

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elements going

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it's either old woman standing by the side of the road, she's got some luggage.

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So what luggage where she's going to go. I need someone to help me with this luggage I waiting for somebody if I can find some, you know, laborer to carry this because I have to get to the place where the caravans go.

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So as soon as I said, I'll help you he picked up the luggage.

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And now he's getting the luggage of hers and she's walking by side she says he asked her I said, Where are you going? She said I'm leaving.

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You said leaving mucca mucca. He said because this is big of a backlash.

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There is this man called Mohammed. And he's preaching that we should not worship our gods and we should worship only Allah. And he says I have grown up like you have been worshipping these gods all my life, my family worship these gods and so on. And this man comes and is creating all this fitna and this problem with the families and so on and so on.

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That was the result of a continuous release of GTA she says all this

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he doesn't say anything.

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Another one says you know you're such a nice person you help him with baggage and so on and she gives him you know, maybe you'll be well absorbed. Finally there is the place she tries to pay which I don't know so I don't need anyone to help you.

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So she's at least send me your name. Muhammad.

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Muhammad does anyone he does

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he says that

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I don't have to worry well, if you are warmer than accept

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I accept Islam you will what you're saying has to be correct.

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That's why I always say Islam spread because

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People fell in love with Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, Islam spread because

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Islam did not spread because of theological argument when this woman is talking all of this stuff

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against Allah subhanaw taala all of this stuff in favor of her God did not argue with her. He didn't debate with it. He didn't tell her you are critical. What nonsense. Are you talking about the distribution of worshipping idols and so he didn't say any of that. He said nothing.

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Only he's

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the one accept Islam without one single theological argument without one single debate without wanting anything. Just the o'clock Obama, sir.

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Seriously, Abdullah bin Salam are the Law No, the Medina, the very rabbi of the banana, the the Jews.

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He talks about His coming to Islam when he went to meet Robin Koba.

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And he said, When I looked at his face, I knew this is not the face of our life.

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So the man who looks like this cannot tell lie.

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He's not talking about physical beauty. He's talking about the radiance of truth,

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which was also physic physically very handsome and very beautiful, but he's not talking about that he's talking about the radius of Buddhism. This is the face of somebody who cannot realize

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that is the meaning of Sabah This is what someone gets when now in their life is awesome so many such incidents were because of his our people who are enemies of Islam. I already mentioned you Harlequin volley number of the last each one of them there is a story I don't want to go into the into too many details because we need to finish but point being that fortitude and server is a expression of confidence. It's an expression of courage because somebody who's afraid cannot have no patience. You have to immediately react.

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Somebody comes to you you call him back. Somebody says you are a donkey and you prove it.

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Somebody says You are an idiot and you prove it.

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Why forth?

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If you're not a donkey, why do we have like a dog

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so seriously, that is something that we need to work on. Then we come to

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rely will come up