Yasir Qadhi – Pearls From The Quran 06 – Ramadan 2017

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The title Mahdi's Line, guarantees that anyone committed a sin will be accepted to death. The condition of the sin is not a habit, but rather a habit. Finding forgiveness requires accepting the Islamist condition and harming oneself. Finding hope requires forgiveness and harming oneself. It is important to acknowledge the sin of Islam and not commit to it until a person reaches the end of their life.
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smilla hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Ali he was off b1 valamar. We recited sort of the Nisa today and first number 17 and 18 will be the topic of our hotter today. Allah subhana wa tada says in those verses in the matoba to either la Helen Latina Yama, Luna su Abuja holla. Verily Toba is an obligation upon a lot to accept in the matoba to Allah La Toba shall be accepted by Allah. For those people who commit a sin Liliana una sua beija halat in while they were ignorant, familia to Buddha mencari. And then they repent quickly or immediately for likely to below who are they him these people are law shall accept their repentance, what kind of law Lehman hakima and allies all

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knowledgeable all wise. Well, they said the Toba but the toboe will not be accepted to those people. Little Athena, Mr. Luna says a yet they keep on doing sins had either help or I had the human mode until finally when death comes to them, or the in the tuber tool. And they say now we're going to repent, what a lead in a motorhome could fall. And neither are those who die and they are not accepting Islam. As for those people, they shall be promised an eternal punishment. Now, this verse guarantees that the one who repents to Allah with two conditions are letting that Madonna sewerby Johanna, from a tournament party with two conditions that number one, they commit the sin upon

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ignorance. And number two, they repent quickly, then Allah says it is my obligation to forgive them. So Subhanallah What are these two conditions and what then is the result of the one who commits though better performance, though, but the first condition that is in the verse, those who commit sins while ignorant, now the external literal reading, if you were to read the verse without any Tafseer, without any knowledge of Hadith, without any knowledge of what the Sahaba said, you would think, Okay, this means if somebody committed the sin, and he was ignorant, that it is a sin, he didn't know it was a sin. So he did some type of financial transaction, then he found out Oh, this

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is actually how long or is the doctor and he did some type of surgery, he goes, Oh, this is how long he did it in ignorance. But this is not the meaning of the verse. Those who commit to sin, while they are Jaya Hill,

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in a bus said, every sinner while he commits a sin is a giant. In other words, I said there are two conditions. The first is not a condition. Actually, the first is a description of the one who commits a sin. It is not a condition. Everyone who disobeyed a law has demonstrated a type of jala a type of ignorance, because if you truly knew a law, and you knew the consequences of your sin, then you would not have committed that sin. So in fact, this is a censure. This is a criticism of the one committing the sin, even as Allah promises that your repentance will be accepted. So panela What a beautiful verse. Allah is promising and realize, Allah has no obligation upon him. No one can

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obligate anything on a lot, but Allah has obligated things on himself. No one has any rights that somebody can claim upon Allah. But Allah has the gift to confer those rights to other people. Allah can gift a right and he can say, okay, it is my right that I'm going to do this. And one of the rights that Allah azzawajal has gifted is the one who repents with the proper conditions shall have his repentance accepted, no questions asked after that. So the first condition is not really a condition. Everyone who disobeyed the law is disobeying upon the state of ignorance. If they truly were knowledgeable of a law and the consequences of the sin, then they would not be committing that

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sin. What is the second condition from Maya to buena? minakari. Then they repent quickly. What does it mean to repent quickly? The Prophet system clarifies what is quickly he said, a law shall accept the Toba of any sinner amongst you, as long as the pangs of death do not start so quickly over here. Obviously, the faster we repent from a sin, the better it is, but repentance will be accepted until a person recognizes that he is in the very final pangs of death and Subhanallah how merciful those are

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Do the very final pangs of death is not somebody going to the doctor and the doctor saying, oh you have some type of tumor you have three months left to live No. The final pangs of death means you begin to see the medical mode. It means you are conscious that that is your final second on the earth and there is a timeframe and all of us shall face it. May Allah give us the bat and firmness. There is a timeframe where you are fully cognizant that you're in this world, and the window of the next opens up. That timeframe is the timeframe when Toba is shuts before that timeframe. No matter how sick you are, no matter how whatever. Once you are told by a doctor, you have a few months left

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to live. That doesn't mean your Toba is end No. Rather, our Prophet system said madam you heard it until the karaka Rhonda is the gurgling of death. Meaning the very last breaths that as I said, you will see the medical mode. And this is proven in the next verse right after this, that the Toba shall not be accepted from the one who continues to do good deeds, sorry, evil deeds until he sees death. Then he says I'm repenting. No, this person no, his Toba will not be accepted. And the best example for this in the Koran is, of course, none other than fit out himself, fit out live the worst life fit around live the most evil and despicable life. And he had more blood on his hands than many

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of the mass murderers of human history. And to make matters worse, the blood that he had was that of innocent babies, as we know, innocent babies, he would kill them by the 10s of 1000s. And when death came to him, Allah says in the Quran, when he saw death, and he sees the angel of death, and he sees the water coming down, then he screams out. And he says, meant to be ready. And it's been destroyed one minute muslimeen I believe in the God of the children of Israel, and I am now amongst the Muslims. And Allah says,

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and now you're going to accept Islam, we'll call it I'll say Tim in public and you refused all the time before this? No, it's not going to be accepted. So Allah azza wa jal guarantees Toba to be accepted with two simple issues. Number one, number one that you recognize that you were in a state of Johanna, not that you did it in a state of jihad. If you commit a sin, and you don't even know it's a sin, then in reality, it is not a sin, our religion is merciful. I've been allowed to have hidden in a scene. If we did something, we didn't even know it was a sin, then we're not even we're not even held accountable for it. But if we commit a sin, then we have to recognize that we were

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john Hill, like like our father, Adam, or a banana and fusina. We have to recognize our sin. So we recognize Robin avala and fusina. And number two, we turn to Allah and the conditions of Toba. Toba, of course needs to turn back to Allah. The conditions of Toba are so simple, they're common sense. Number one, you feel regret and remorse you feel guilty for the sin. If you do not feel guilty, then you have not repented. Our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, feeling guilty is the essence of repentance. Another move over number two, you verbally ask Allah to forgive you Allahumma fiddley or be as inept to them been fulfilled Lee or benevolent navasana Susana, there are hundreds of phrases,

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you simply verbalize of forgiveness. So number two, you ask Allah to forgive you. Number three, you make a genuine attempt to give up that sin. You don't continue to go back to that sin. And this is indirectly referenced in these verses because in verse 17, Allah says, Thou shall be accepted from the one who does a sin to singular then he repents. Then in the next verse, it shall not be accepted for the one who does sins his whole life say yeah, the plural. So there is an indication that the one who repents turns over a new leaf, the one who repents does not persist in committing the sin. And in the yesterday's IO, we recited what am usufruire alhama follow homea falloon and they don't

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persist in committing the sin and they know that they shouldn't do that. So the third condition, you make a genuine intention to give that sin up. Now I said intention because nobody can guarantee the future you might make an intention and then a year later you will commit the same sin very well. Okay, okay, that happens. You move on to a new repentance, you make the same Nia again, just like our scholars say, the toddler who is learning how to walk no matter how many times he trips, he doesn't give up. The same thing happens to the sinner, Allah subhana wa tada does not look at the quantity of sins, he looks at the quality of your repentance. So number three, you turn back to

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Allah and try your best to turn over a new life. And the last condition of Toba. If you have harmed somebody else, if you have taken somebody's money, if you have hurt somebody honor, you have to make it up to that person as well. So if a sin is breached,

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When you went to law, then only the first three conditions, if this is between you and another person, then you have to do that fourth thing as well to make it up between this person. Brothers and sisters, Ramadan is the month of Toba. And these are the days of Toba. And these are the nights of repentance. So let us take this blessing from Allah, Allah has gifted us it is an obligation upon me to accept your repentance in matoba to Allah Allah, Allah said is upon me, I guarantee I will take it and Allah says in the Quran, all my servants will have committed plenty of sins do not give up hope of the mercy of Allah, Allah shall forgive all sins. This is the month of repentance. How

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many are the stories in the Quran and Sunnah of those who have committed sins will law he brothers and sisters Look at that beautiful Hadith of the one who murdered 99 people and yet Allah accepted his repentance look at the story of use of word the brothers gathered together to try to kill use of and they sold him into slavery whatever my sins are your sins inshallah none of you tried to kill your brother did you shall an interview soldier brother into slavery Did you and yet still the brothers of use of one day repented Allah subhana wa tada accepted their repentance. This is the month of repentance brothers and sisters sisters, let us turn to Allah let us repent to Allah. Let

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us seek forgiveness for his for our sins. Let us make an intention to Allah to not renew those sins. Let us feel guilt and regret and remorse and let us repent before the Angel of Death comes and who amongst us knows when that time will be May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us though but then also I will continue tomorrow, inshallah.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves into an explanation of the verses 17-18 of of Surah Al-Nisa, where Allah talks about accepting the Tawbah of some and not accepting of others. We also are acquainted with the conditions for repentance or Tawbah.  

  • When we commit sins or disobey Allah while in a state of ignorance.
  • We repent quickly for the sins committed. Allah shall accept the Tawbah of everyone till the pangs of death are faced.

Conditions of repentance:

  • We feel guilty and remorseful for the sins committed which is the essence of Tawbah.
  • We verbalise our forgiveness to Allah.
  • We should make a genuine attempt to stay away from the sins committed.
  • If you have harmed someone else, you have to make it up to that person as well.


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