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Good evening.

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Saline Muhammad Rasool Allah, Allah Allah Allah He finally he was salam to

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my brother, my brother and sisters. Second question that I was asked was, how do you teach or talk to and explain to a five year old child

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concepts of morality and

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concepts of Deen so on and so forth. For example, this Mother's telling me that her son father was five years old. He says, Why did Allah create Shannon?

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Because shaitaan is evil? And so why didn't Allah just create the angels? Why decree Shiva?

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And so on? So why did Allah create you? Why do you give me?

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And the question the mother asked me was, how do I explain it to a five year old child?

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I have the answers. Listen to this carefully, because I think this is the trap. This is what

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gets people into difficulties which are self read.

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I have the answers to give to an adult. But this is a five year old child. So what can I say?

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You know, to have two sides to this. First of all, I remember one of Einstein's Albert Einstein's I think it stands Quartz

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was that he said that the the test of real understanding of anything, the test of real understanding of anything is that you should be able to explain that to a five year old child.

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I think that's very true. You really understand something, the test of that is, can you explain it to a five year old, and if you can explain to five year olds that you can understand that. But if you can't explain to five year old, then maybe there is a doubt. So this is something which is

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which is worth thinking about. Now, we come to the show how to do that.

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One of the biggest fallacies and believe me, I've been a teacher now for 40 years.

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One of the biggest fallacies that we have is that we

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fool ourselves into believing that children and I'm not even talking about five year olds, I'm talking about so called Youth. I'm talking about people who are in high school and who are in college. I constantly have people, people don't know me, don't do that. But we knew our places. I've constantly had people saying Shaq you know, our Sonic lectures and so on. We have to change the way we say. And we have to do it in a different way. So that they are appealing to the youth and so on. So now my question is

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the thing about it,

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this see how Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam, he was the best Muslim, the best teacher on the face of the planet.

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He said, Allah subhanaw taala. He said, Boys to my lemon, Allah subhanaw taala sent me

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as a teacher, he sent me god, this is what he said before he sent me. He sent me other digital

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boys to one ever. So here is the Surah Nisa himself. So he's saying that the best teacher in the world he's saying, see how he taught. Now, he didn't teach different people in different ways. He taught them all in the same way they sat and they listen and, and they,

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they took in that knowledge, take up the live never so long, he lived with Salah and Abdullah of numbers was, you know, maybe 10 years old or less. And he became one of the not one of the became the first and the greatest Mufasa explainer of the Quran.

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This is a big force in our heads that we think that we need to talk down to children, we need to dumb down knowledge. This is the the this is the big

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trap. And this is the big disservice to education that we do. Even in our schools, where textbooks or any dumbing down of the source books from Western knowledge comes, you know, the first first thing that happens when you dumb it down, is it becomes dead and it becomes boring and and people are you're just forced to muck it up to pass exams. And that is why children hate schools. Many most children they hate school, they hate learning. Just ask yourself if you if you want to disagree with me, ask yourself what do children do with textbooks once they graduate? Have you ever seen in your whole life? And you must have gone to school as well? Did you ever pick up a textbook after you

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graduated? In my days, there was a guy who's to buy

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The old books.

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Quite literally, I'm not exaggerating, quite literally students, we, after we graduated, we passed exams between the school and home, we would go to this

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old books, bookshop and sell our old textbooks, get some money, and then you go,

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we wouldn't even take the trouble of taking those textbooks home because it was a burden. Why would I want to carry those things? I'm not going to read them ever again in my life.

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This is what happens when you dumb down knowledge. How do you talk to a five year old, you talk to a five year old child like to talk to a 50 year old man or woman? Right? Same way, no difference? Talk to them with seriousness. explain things to them. Maybe you have to say two or three times maybe you have to give examples. Maybe you have to take them and show them something and demonstrate it. Please do that.

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So if the Gen asked you, why did a loss of recreation first was first we'll answering that we say hamdulillah the beautiful question. Absolutely fantastic question.

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And keep thinking, right? Ask yourself why. But before we go, the

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first thing to understand in the principles of Islam is with respect to Allah subhanaw taala. We do not ask the question why?

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Or how?

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For something which Allah has not explained,

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for example, Allah if you ask me, Why did Allah create you is asking the Mother, why did it like for you to? Why did Allah create me? The child is asking himself, he said, I can answer that question because Allah subhanaw taala told us a lot about that. I said, Well Mark Allah to Jinnah, well, Insa Illa Allah.

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So Allah subhanaw taala created the gem and the insam for nothing other than worshipping Him geladeira. So Allah did not create Shaitan to be evil. Allah did not create Schatten as a symbol of evilness. Allah did not create Shaitan in order to deceive people and to take people into Jannah. This is what Schatten chose for himself. Now this is the way to explain to them and say, if you say Why did Allah, Allah created Jin, one of those gyms, it shatter? Allah created human beings, one of those human beings, is and think of the most evil human being that you can imagine, and see one of those human beings is so and so. Or was so and so here, this evil person. So you might say, Well,

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why did Allah create this evil person? Allah did not create that evil person to be evil. Allah subhanaw taala created human beings, Allah subhanaw taala didn't give them guidance. Allah subhanaw taala gave sent the Navi Allah Sumatra sent his Kitab, Allah Subhana Allah has made every means available for the person to be a good person. And that person instead of being a good person turns into an evil person. So how can you say Why did Allah create evil person, Allah did not create the evil person as evil person, Allah Subhana directasia person, the person chose to be good or evil, according to what they wanted. And so also with shaitan, Allah subhanaw taala creation shaitaan is a

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gem, he chose to be evil.

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So say Allah subhanaw taala created the jinn. One of them was Satan was a bliss. And he decided to do what he would what he decided to do.

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Right? So it's not a question of did electrons think about this? So similarly, answer questions for people. Don't worry about the age, you will be surprised how much little children know and how much they understand and how much information they can process. Five years is a is an old little boy. Right? They start much earlier than that. You will be surprised how much little kids who are one year or two year old how much they already know. They may not be able to conceptualize that and to convert that into, into into some kind of, you know, advanced understanding. But don't fool yourself do not say or what you see is a small child and how can I speak speak to your speaking to a human

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being and Allah subhanaw taala give them the capacity to understand is also a stretch for you to learn how to explain and how to how to give examples and how to help people understand. Please do that.

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Right? Do that. Do not talk down to children do not talk to children as if they're stupid. They're not stupid. They're very, very smart. On a side note, this is one of the problems that we have. I don't know about other countries, but yeah, definitely in Hyderabad, where we speak to children literally in a distorted way.

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What tomato was then it was luck.

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To calculate mathematically MichaelI Molly named Malika Lee jelly Molly

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You you take off the RS you you put you know the L into that and so on this is all absolute absolute rubbish please talk to them properly talk with them using good language talk to them in chest language, let them understand that them hear the sound of well spoken language whichever language it is and they will pick up the vocabulary they will learn to speak like that and they will understand general understand a lot more than you think. Don't talk down to them speak to them like intelligent people and they will become intelligent people in Sharla masala will carry Murali he was a member of the government