Jewels from the Seerah – Part 10 – Kindness of Rasoolullah(s) by

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Come therefore to kindness nine kindness I want to tell you some other stories not stories of great international incidents but small things because a small things illustrate these qualities much more than in a big incident. A person is acting consciously and he may have thought of a whole plan but small things or everyday things

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three children they had his

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slave is bought in the market

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are you gonna present him to the

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little boy maybe at that time he's about nine years old. So those are some takes him in the first thing he does is he freeze him.

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And now he says, he's living with them. He's awesome. He's free, not asleep.

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He had been captured from somewhere he was an African black African boy. So his father and uncle they were looking for him so after some months, they through whatever grapevine they heard that this boy is here in Makkah, they came searching and they heard that his with his the slave or of Muhammad Sana Sana so they came to the house and they said, Yes, we have come to for our son, and whatever ransom you want, whatever his price will be, we'll be ready to pay. We want to buy him back. There's no price because he's not as if I freed him already. He's not a slave anymore. So there's a Can we take him because you're most welcome to take him. But ask him

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if he wants to go read them. Fair enough. Searchers have called the why is that he has said you know this person, he said,

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You know this person that he or she is my uncle.

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Sam said they have come to take you back.

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They said I don't want to.

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I don't want to go.

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So the father and uncle they saw the boys happy this boy is well taken care of and so on. He doesn't want to go home there are no problems. So he said Yes, please, let him do that. took him by the hand took him to the to the Kaaba and he stood there and said, This boy is my son. From today he will be called Zaid Bin Mohammed.

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It only later when in Medina, Allah revealed the Ayatollah Plaza which prohibited adoption in this form, which is to give you a name to the adopted child, you can still take a

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boy or girl into your home and look after them like your children, which is what you're supposed to do anyway. But you can't give them your name, they will when they grow up, they will not be Muharram for you, and you they will not inherit from you normally. So, if you if you want them to inherit you will have to give them property and so on, gifted to them, because when if you die, then they will not be able to inherit from you because they are not actually your children. So this is the Islamic law as far as adoption is concerned. But absolutely no problem with adopting in the sense of bringing them home keeping them as your as your children raising them, just like your children. So

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this will happen now

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with his own life. He grew up he

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married into my mother, they had a son called Osama bin Zayed later on he was married to Zane up when Josh

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and later on when Josh was was divorced and married and all of that is a different story. But then Heiser says that one day when he was still a little kid, eight, nine years old, 10 years old. He said as soon as

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we talked about kindness, so that was a said

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called me and told me gave me some money and said go to the market and get me something. Here I went on the way some of my friends were playing, I got involved in the in the game, I forgot about my job, which I was sent to do. And quite a long time passed on asylum having sent the boy he got worried because here's this young boy, he went away. He hasn't come for a long time. So he went out searching for him.

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What does he find? He finds him playing with these kids. So he's today he called him then I got afraid because he was supposed to go and get this stuff. And now the board's the residents themselves here. So you said I came there. The reason I'm asked him what happened is that I'm very sorry. No, no problem. Give me the money. I'll go and get the stuff. They will. Man my pocket this pocket that pocket. money's gone. He was playing his game somewhere. Some money fell out. Raccoon find it so easy as Allamani last, he said the world's most vile and told me go finish your game and come home. And then he went to get whatever he had to get.

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Another boy who was in the service and was salam when he first went to Medina. And as we Madiga the alarm.

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And as a Malik at that time was about 10 years old. He stayed in the service officer Selim throughout his life until he passed away and one of the many

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Further along with Monica Delano is that from the time from the day rasool Allah passed away and as we Malika Alonso used to see Rasul Allah He sought asylum in a dream every single night.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us the way to Nabil, the site owners are seldom once I make this guy like me once before I died shall

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have the molecules to see everyday.

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This Malik says I served the province on a sauna for 10 years in Medina. And he said not one instance was there when he even frowned at me.

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He said I was I was a boy, he told me to do things I would forget I would do them I would do them wrong all kinds of like, like any good, you know.

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He said, Not only did you not reprimand me, he didn't beat me. He didn't curse me. He did. He said he did not even frown at me in 10 years. Not even once.

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A third boy,

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Jewish boy who's to hang out with a resource or used to be around

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as well as a wrestler was didn't see him a couple of days past he asked the people isn't where is that boy, this persona is very sick, and looks like he will die. Now take between

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the two came

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into the house. This boy is obviously dying. last moments of his life. He's lying on the bed. His father is standing on one side of the bed. So as I said, I went and sat down and he took the hand of the boy in his hand. And he said to the why code either Hi Lola Autoflow c'est la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah and be successful.

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This boy his last moments is dying. He looks at his father,

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Father, the Jewish man, boy, the Jewish boy. He looks at his father. The father says obey.

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I will obey Mohamed Salah

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Jewish man he's obey Mohammed Salah said, The boy says La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah and he passes away with his hand in the hand of the

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mullahs when the Navi hold somebody's hand he will not release it until he gets him

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What is His kindness?

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When even the Jewish father of the boy tells him believe and and obey?

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Where is kindness? Those are some of us to

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help his family at all. You would joke with them laugh with us on

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Monday says that I challenged him I said yes, we'll make rotis with me, you know she's making bread. He said no bread lets you mix more, but Well, actually, who makes it faster?

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So she said I met Michelle.

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And he said I made one and I made two and three and I made four.

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And he's still sitting with one.

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It doesn't cook.

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So she said I laughed. I said Yeah, you can't even make bread. See, I made 70 There was

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what the hand of Muhammad touches. The fire did not catch.

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He said what can I do little book.

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He said what the hand of Muhammad has touched, the fire cannot touch.

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So it's not that I don't know how to make bread.

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The wonder

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where it is kindness.

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What happened was

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what happened was

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Today we are characterized by hit.

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Our whole dialogue is hatred. The whole dialogue is different Cntr all dialogue is moving people away.

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There is a reason people loved him so much that Allah subhanaw taala had to reveal Quran to say leave him alone. He has a personal life. When he invites you for a meal, go eat the meal and live.

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Don't go if he invites you for dinner, don't what type of breakfast. Go at the time when you are invited.

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Eat the food and go.

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Don't sit there talking.

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And Allah said he is shy to tell you what Allah is not shy to tell you read the act of the localiza.

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Why does that have to say all this? Because they loved him so much. Why did they love him so much? Because of this kindness

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because of the bigness of heart because of the generosity

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Salalah olives

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says, We have to really, really, really look at ourselves

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and say what have you become? Imagine what this world will be like?

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Imagine what the reaction of the non Muslim would be like if we become like Bahama salsa.

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who get object to somebody who Skyped me

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who can object to somebody who's giving. We were sent to give, we were not sent to take.

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We were sent to take from Allah and give to the people.

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But we are scratching around in the dirt like chickens like everybody else.

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Then we get worked up because people don't like us. Nobody likes somebody who takes.

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We like people who give

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Welcome to the ninth of the tip, which is truthfulness.