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Bismillah Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam right I should have been Ambia even more sullied.

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Muhammad Rasulullah Salallahu it here right at us over send them to Sleeman cathedral because

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I want to speak to today on the chapter of

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the book we are following on Islamic manners by chef of the Fatah Buddha.

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On the subject of visiting a sick person.

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As we know there is great for the law there's a great blessing in visiting the sick.

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The mercy the chef says the mercy that Allah created in human beings prompts us to sympathize with those who fall ill.

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Makati narrated Hadees by Ebola or Viola Han, who that resource are seldom sized that you and mercy is a minute continuation of the Mercy of Allah.

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It was also seldom said Allah subhanaw taala divided mercy into 100 portions. He kept 99 portions with him and released one portion on earth. It is from this portion that all creatures have mercy on each other, such that a mare would lift her foot lest it hit her child. It is the duty of every Muslim to visit his or her fellow Muslim in time time of illness. This will enhance and nourish the bond of Islam and the brotherhood among them. As a committed Muslim, one should not undervalue the great reward from Allah. Ma Muslim route Lolly reported that wrestlers wrestle and said, a Muslim visiting a sick brother will continue to be in the horror of Jannah. Until he comes back home, he

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was asked what is the horror of Jannah he said this means the harvest of Jana.

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Likewise, Muhammad Ali burn.

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In their book of Hadith, they reported the resource reserves that a visitor walking to visit a patient will be walking into the Mercy of Allah. When the visitor sits with the patient, both will be engulfed in Allah subhanaw taala as mercy until the visitors return.

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And so Allah this is

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also an opportunity for us to reflect on ourselves and say that it's only the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that somebody else's sick otherwise, maybe I will be the one who's sick.

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I was visiting. Chef also had with me, we visited one brother who was in the hospice. And he was

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almost in a coma because they had given him morphine, and all completely reduced to like skin and bone. Nothing else, like a skeleton with skin on it. And he was barely conscious. We read some Quran there and, you know, try to speak to him. And so just about conscious. And I was thinking to myself, this is this is the end, you know, I mean, whatever he may have done in his life, and I don't know much about him. But even if he was a billionaire trader, right now is nothing. He cannot even drink water. He is obviously his throat must've been dry. He was his mouth was open his breathing to his mouth. Obviously throat was parched. So I asked him Can I use somebody wants a water he kind of is

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he just indicated so I bought a few drops of water. Because the place he was the way he was like I was afraid to put more because he might choke. So on the side a little bit I put and you could see the relief, just a few drops of water. And I'm thinking to myself that just a few drops of water. If he had to pay for it. He would have paid how much? You know the thing about these are places or Ebro of getting some lesson from what we see in our experience.

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To continue Muslims in Andalusia were very articulate in the chart charitable ENDA endeavors and endowments in taking care of the sick. The set of charitable funds to pay to people of each neighborhood who were admired for the party to visit the homes of the sick to try to raise their morale by paying by praying for them and giving them hope of recovery.

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pray for the sick it is very appropriate to say prayers for the sick asking Allah subhanaw taala to bless them with recovery and help them through their sickness.

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Bukhari and Muslim reported that Aisha said these are the Lana she said if someone fell sick wrestlers and Salem would pass his right hand over them while saying the following prayer and this is the meaning of ages of Allah, Lord of mankind take away the suffering. Bring the recovery, no cure, but your cure leaves no illness. In another Hadith report by Buhari even Abbas or the Lama said that or Surah Surah. Selim when

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Visiting a sick person will say, be patient may Allah subhanaw taala cleanse you, the

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eldest son also he said he prescribed a DUA and he said place your hand on the part which is hurting. And for example if it is something like you know, general sicknesses there's no specific place which is hurting, then is a place your hand anywhere on the body, or hold the person's hand or put the hand on the chest or head anyway.

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And then recite

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serratus certain sarabah resources are three times as they develop me, which we do in the Shahada. So do these three times and then you make the DUA us Allah Allah hora de rumpler Silla de i Yes, we are who, so this is for the man or yesterday yoga for the woman and if you are making his dua for yourself if you do this for yourself, also use a USB key. So for myself, so So ASALA holidayme Or I ask Allah subhanaw taala who is the greatest who's the who has asthma?

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Rob bowler Shiraz, here is the rub of the grid throne. i Yes, via coho and yes, your guys rig gives you far too this person seven times. So three times growth, seven times this and then another three times during the rainy Inshallah, as well as Sam said, that unless the thing that this person is suffering from is decreed is the color of Allah that this is his terminal illness, Allah will cure only in the case where he has been has been decreed that he will die with this then he will not be good but other than that, any illness. Inshallah Allah subhanaw taala will cure it's a very powerful though Alhamdulillah we should try to do this when we go to visit people do not discount the

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importance of the prayers of the pious, Allah subhanaw taala has endowed some of his slaves with blessings that could bring recovery and raise morale. However, maddening treatment, in favor of prayers is contrary to Rasulullah sallallahu teachings, he said slaves of Allah seek cure, for he who tree who created sickness created the cure.

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So that our goal is not to say I will not seek any treatment, but at some point, depending on the kind of disease and so on and so forth. You can say hamdulillah whatever treatment have taken, now it is in the hands of Allah this is also possible but simply not doing anything is not from the Sunnah. In another Hadith, Lazarus has run prescribed, reciting the Quran and giving charity as part of the cure. He said, treat your ill with Quran and prayers and charity. Allah Subhana Allah in the Quran, he said, which means we have sent down of this Quran, that which is a cure and mercy for the believers. Prayers from pious clear heart are very effective in 1388 Hijiri, which is 1968 While

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visiting Medina and this is Sheikh Abdul Fatah speaking, he said by visiting Maria, my eldest daughter, who was 13 years old at the time was diagnosed with appendicitis. The doctors left no doubt that she would be operated on right away. That meant our Hajj would be disrupted. I went to a pious, humble and not well known chef, and asked him to pray for her and for us, to our relief and to the amazement of the doctors, she became well and fit to travel within two days. And of course, this is from the Rottweilers. Valterra. Now you might say, Well, how do I know this person is pious? How do I know? We don't know we have this our customers and about our brothers and sisters, in sha

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Allah, if we have this isn't about somebody in sha Allah will make it happen. This is from Allah subhanaw taala with at the end of the day, the one accepting There is Allah. So no matter who makes it, obviously you don't go to somebody who is for example, if you know somebody who is you know, drinking alcohol or not praying or something, but anyone have delighted to be must always have the best belief about our brothers. Well, hamdulillah Insha Allah, this person is somebody who's close to Allah asked him to make the offer you no problem. Asking someone who is dead to make that this is haram. This is shook. You got to go to a grave and say whoever is the very big deal, but somebody

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who's alive hamdulillah make dua for each other. As well

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as say they're our Hata Dylan he said make dua for your brother meaning himself. So if the Nabil is 100 dead, of course, but people who are only alive not the length of the visit, following certain etiquette will make your visit to sick people refreshing and reflective.

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Your duty is to ease their pain and make them more aware of the reward.

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arch they will gain in return for their suffering and endurance make your visit brief as sick people may not withstand long visits or actually dislike them, the length of the visit should not be longer than the time between the two hotbeds of Joomla Can you imagine just just a sitting? How long is it less? Like maybe not sure one minute right. So, this is saying indicative is new, you don't have to spend only one minute but also some people come on this should the whole day.

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I know cases where somebody said I was there and I spent like four hours said why

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the person is sick, why why are you selling is plentiful, leave alone go there, five minutes, maximum say 10 minutes, then leave.

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So this is very, very important A B is our visit must not become a Zama law out of you know good manners. They will they won't tell you go away.

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They should tell you.

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So people go there and they don't don't make a nuisance of yourself.

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What is a person who said they want you there? Yes.

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They want you but they want like briefly? Right? Yeah, no, not there for to set? Also, it's very good question. Also, if you know, for some people, for example, they don't want people. So if you know that don't go

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in you might know because they will throw other people and so on say this person doesn't like they don't want to be disturbed. Don't wait and then not going is a good thing. Not general, but this is also not have to go. No, it says

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right. Generally people like but like you said, some people may be you know, they don't want somebody to come when I'm sick. And I'm you know, lying down in the bed. And so, so if you know that about this person, then don't go. Maybe just go and meet the family and say please tell him that I had come this possible, you don't have to go with the person themselves. Another thing is that that if the person is in at home or something, it may not be convenient for the family. Those people strangers are coming day in and day out inside outside. They are ladies in the house and so on. And anytime somebody comes out, they have to put on a hijab and all kinds so don't make sure that the

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person is already sick. The family already has a problem we don't want to add to the problem. So whatever we do do it in a way where which is benefit for beneficial for them. So in conclusion.

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In this respect, it was said that the visit should be long enough to convey your Salam and wishes and to ask the sick person how they are doing and to pray for the recovery and leave immediately after bidding them farewell. At the end of his book of marriage difficult coffee bomb.

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Abdullah bar said whether you visit a healthy or an ill person you should sit where you are told four hosts know better how to ensure the privacy of their home visiting an ill person is a confirm Sunnah the best visit is the shortest visitor should not sit too long with ill person unless they are close friend and deal person enjoys their company that's a special specific thing. If if the person themselves and they don't go please stay there you stay. But as a rule, try to go there and be there as short as for as short a period as possible. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to learn these beautiful manners and to practice them in our lives and teach them to our children and

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make all of this a sort of source of hair and baraka for us in this life and the hereafter was Allah Allah Allah will carry Murali he was I remember how to guard for life.