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salam ala re Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shanna Philippi with mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah he's Abdullah Haile he right Ali was able to send them to sleep on Gothia and cathedra from Abbado.

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My brothers and sisters we come to the mat matters of drinking.

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Drinking manners are no less important to start in the name of Allah subhanaw taala is I must say Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem likewise use your right hand drink without and deal with the amount of Allah he will remain related that Hafsa our mother

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with been Amarna Hata de la and who

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are the Alon has said solos reseller used his right hand for eating and drinking. Use his left for other things such as personal hygiene.

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Do not pour your drink down your throat in one gulp drink it is three sips even their boss reported or the alarm aroma, that Rossella Selim said Do not drink like a camera, drink twice or thrice say the name of Allah subhanaw taala before drinking and say Alhamdulillah after finishing, this is so such a such a, you know, signature of Islam, that the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala is in every single thing we do. Something as simple as eating and drinking. We begin in the Name of Allah, we end with thanking Allah.

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This is the signature of literally the signature of Islam who is a Muslim, the one who begins everything in the Name of Allah, and the one who thanks Allah subhanaw taala at the end of everything this is so important for us to do. Then as far as I said, I'm said though, do not blow or breathe into your glass this will irritate others. If numbers are there Lanois reported that a source for bed exhaling in a glass or puffing into it.

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Do not drink directly from the jug or the container,

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bottle or something, put your mouth besides being unhygenic you would irritate others who want to drink after you Ebola related that are sort of sort of syndrome for bed drinking directly from the mouth of the flask or the sheepskin or in our case from the mouth of bottles.

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Now this, we come to avoid overeating. Modesty is the crown of sensible people. Keep this crown on your head if invited to a feast, or if you are presented with food or drink. Do not be greedy, consuming food as if you have not eaten for a long time, or as if you have not seen such excellent food before. Do not sample every day on the table. People including generous hosts disapprove of greedy eaters, therefore be reasonable and moderate in enjoying the generosity of your hosts.

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Then we come to gold and silver cutlery.

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For bed this is a do not eat using golden or silver plates or cutlery.

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This goes against the spirit of Islamic modesty. pomposity is not an Islamic trait Bukhari Dulari narrated that who they follow the line with FRB Nirvana one of the greatest Sahaba obviously Salam said Surah Salah Sanam said Do not drink in gold or silver cups nor eat in such plates. If you are a guest, simply ask your host to replace the plate with another one an ordinary one.

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Then we come to wedding manners, wedding parties, wedding parties are part of the profits tradition and wedding party here doesn't mean the kind of ostentatious nonsense we do. This is the walima

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that is done after the wedding, which is paid for by the

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by the by the by the by the husband by the group. So, it is very important to understand that.

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For this it is

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most if invited, you should accept the invitation unless you are aware that it might include prohibited acts. So if it's an ostentatious wedding, if it's a wedding in the Indian Pakistani context that Bangladeshi context if it's a wedding where you know the bride or the groom is taking money from the bride, as a as a, as a dowry,

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or any other kind of if there's going to be some, you know,

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music and dancing and alcohol Allah knows best all kinds of horror fat and all kinds of haram happens in the name of happiness. All of this is that if you know that it's happening, speak out against it, but don't go there.

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Don't go there and create a problem before that say I'm sorry I cannot come Don't say I'm sorry. I cannot come because I'm not feeling well. They I'm sorry I cannot come because you are not following us on. Be clear about that. That that way inshallah. They will change their ways.

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If possible,

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at least they would have been want

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become again to the book attending.

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A wedding is part of the Sunnah as Islam considers marriage, an act of worship and obedience to Allah. Islam endorses performing marriage ceremonies in the MA in the masjid. So performing the marriage ceremony in the masjid is Sunnah and we should do that. Muslim jurists base this on a collection of a hadith. The first is report but it may even have made it they said allows the marriage executed executed in the mosques and celebrated with drums. In another Hadith reported by Ramadan and Al Hakim

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announced the marriage in the third Hadith reported by armored tvm as a and even a major and how to leverage main source and salam said the difference between a halal lawful act and a haram forbidden relationship is its announcement,

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which celebrations and drums now drums again, is not the

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stuff that happens. No Hyderabadi listen to the subsampling of the Marfa that happened in Hyderabad, which is a huge nuisance, it is great sound pollution. And it is a problem big problem for all your neighbors and everybody else. Especially because we are weddings, quite contrary to the Sunnah. They are very late at night. And I know people who come the groom comes back hope he's coming to an apartment building, in which there are so many other people living there might be elderly people might be people who are sick, there might be a lot of non Muslims living there. And the groom comes at two o'clock in the night, three o'clock in the night with these Marpha with the

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band playing extremely loudly on loudspeakers so far. I mean, it was I had at least once and I tell you I

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I was very very close to

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doing something which may Allah protect me so I don't even talk about but you know, I'm you you feel like killing the person. It is so so terrible to please don't do these kinds of things. It's haram to cause inconvenience to others.

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And in your in the name of your wedding, you don't want to do something which is haram. Now, there is no dispute on Muslim scholars

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that in a wedding celebration restaurants are seldom allowed women also to use drums and sing but this refers to women in women only enclosures or women only rooms or something like this is not a license for women to do it on the street or in a mixed gathering.

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Don't think wedding is among the

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among the duties of brotherhood of Muslims. It fulfills the requirement of announcing and witnessing the marriage and gives us the opportunity to join our brothers sisters, as they complete their part of Islam.

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Which is literally sort of the half of Islam. attending the wedding also honors the husband wife by having the relatives and friends share in the joy and happiness it blesses them and guests pray to Allah subhanaw taala for the righteousness success and affluence and infant prosperity, the matter of attending weddings, the end of the chapter if invited attend the celebration with the intention of participating in a blessed occasion and a delightful celebration. As the result as the rosary slab taught us dress appropriately for this joyous occasion. The Proverbs or serums companion was to dress nicely when visiting each other. If you initiate or share in a talk, make sure it fits the

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happy occasion and does not include depressing and displays distasteful subjects that spoil the occasion. Muslims must always be wise and considered. It is recommended that you congratulate the bride and bridegroom by repeating what navasana Salam said is it may Allah bless you and bless your spouse and may Allah unite you with prosperity. Do not use

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the common phrase, a phrase with comfort and children because this was the phrase used by the people of Jehovah. So as I said I'm prohibited such as saying Allah subhanaw taala with his blessing, replace it by the prayer of his professional Salam. Buhari

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reports. The Allahu Rahmatullah that Aisha said you heard Alana said when the sorrows are sort of married me, my mother led me into the house where the women of anzar were celebrating. They congratulated me and wish me prosperity, blessing and best offer to Islam permits women to celebrate weddings by singing joyous songs accompanied by a drumbeat such poems and songs should not promote

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this, the wording should be clear, it should not promote lust, low desire or portray physical beauty. Instead, they should sing delightful, decent songs to express their happiness with the marriage. Actually, Alana said a bride was led to answer your husband. So as a result of Zed or Aisha, did you not have

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merriment the answer love fun. He was referring to singing and beating of drums. Again as I mentioned before, this is to be done in a women only gathering in natural Scotland artillery report in his book fertile Berry, that I shall the Lord Ha he called Mr. Solomon said why did you not send with her, a singing girl to sing with a drumbeat? And I said, seeing what he said song sung at weddings must be decent and contain similar wholesome, unseemly meanings. Songs of lust and passion and immortality should be avoided. He asked us Valterra to help us to learn manners and to teach manners to our children and to benefit from this was an honor and a Bill Curry Murali he was named

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after me