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Salena Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala sherfield mbi Vermeil Celene Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah here

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on this live and

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we are following the book of Islamic manners by Sheikh Abdul Fatah

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and today we will talk about

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we were talking about the manners of how to visit a sick person. And we finished with that

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now we come to the manners of traveling.

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And the judge says driving has become an essential part of life of many people. Islam teaches us some particular manners spiritual and practical that Muslims are advised to follow to ensure that with the help of Allah subhanaw taala, they have a safe and pleasant journey.

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And these are the following one, study and review the rules of prayers and fasting for the traveler, including the rules of,

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of Messiah of combining prayers and direction of criminalized assaults on whatever applies to you.

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Now with international travel, you also have issues of time change and so you know, on the plane what you do all this dear Messiah, which should be learned is important to learn to

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discover on your own on the flight what to do.

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Number two, it's advisable if possible, not to travel alone, the sorrows and etc. I'm strongly advised against it and he said in the Hadith,

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narrated by numero de Lama

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in Buhari, he said had people known what I know about traveling alone, no traveler would journey at night in another Hadees without and within a say, he said a lone traveler is prone to the devil two travelers are prone to two devils and three are indeed travelers so ideally speak go in a in a group. Now it may not always be possible of course, you can go but if other other than that if you're traveling alone make dua is ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us read out or go see keep stay in the current channel. Many times people feel that oh, you know, these are all old advice. In those days they used to travel on the land on camels and this and that today we go Emirates first class

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doesn't matter. Travel is travel. And travel is awesome. And if you travel, you will realize it's not just a matter of which plane in airports and security and this and that. So it is always good if there is a possibility to have somebody as a companion three. Before starting your journey.

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Clip your fingernails have occurred trim your beard, even when traveling a Muslim must appear in the best of shape in this hadith narrated by Sahara and Hunza. Alia and reported by Muslim so seldom advise a group of young companions Jessa to be in the best of shape like a beauty mark on the people. You know, there was a time when it used to be done usually for plane travel where people used to hang around the shirani baby at the airport

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was given it was you go to the airport you had to wear a shirt on and so on. So it was a we just didn't just go anywhere

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in this country to wear clothes, it's something you want that

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but we don't take we didn't come here to learn we came here to teach so please understand this was still we did not come to learn whenever we came to teach. So our ways people should

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adopt and they should they should learn that was going much as being from Hartford once and Bradley airport. So I was just like this with Rama. So one lady came to me she said excuse me I was Sultan.

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So I said not yet.

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So, the thing is, we feel may Allah protect us as Muslims, we feel apologetic we feel oh if I if I am recognized as a Muslim, if I dress like a Muslim, you know something will happen people, people like that if you if you are recognized as a person with an identity people like that. In any case, you are not doing it for people liking or dislike You're doing this because this is a sunnah. So hamdulillah always travel in your distinctive clothes.

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Right? Don't Don't you don't have to change your shape and your shackle and your clothes. Because you're traveling Hamdulillah we are Muslim we are confident of that. We are proud of that. This is our way this is our culture, and we don't hide it from anybody.

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And then and see the detail

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the detail advice of

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this clip your nails get a haircut and the meaning. look good. I don't know

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Don't look like something which blew in the wind or something.

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Then number four is that before leaving your house on your journey, pray two rakaat limiter, Malbec dam, Al Sinani in theory, who mostly narrated the Hadees of the Darwin from Darwin survey said so as I said, I've said when traveling there is nothing better to leave behind at home than to raka parade there at the onset. So before really retro Casa Vega as Carlos Miranda for his prediction and guidance, and then we go, he said this could also be salatu is the SRC make buturo Rather than you read the dwarves? Um, the Atlas guide number five if you stop during your travel, it might be advisable to pray two rakaat before continuing the rest of the journey. So the whole issue with

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Islam is that it keeps you connected to us whenever there are 24 Sir, always, this is the beauty of America there are reserved when the sorrows are sort of stopped at a place during a journey. He would not leave that place before bidding it farewell to raka just like taking weather of the place. So when you before you leave your home pray to God when you reach the place before you leave the place pray raga right so especially when you're traveling, before you leave here, beautiful God then go inshallah.

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Then some scholars recommended reciting in the rural causes will cover also the class. This was a service or a service sunnah on all kinds of novel witchy parade. This was the first strikeout. So to give you a second regard so the left last Sunday This is not a partisan thing, but it's a good martial. Good, so Navarro, and easy.

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These are the statements of dissociation of disbelief. And a declaration of the oneness also heard in other scholars, scholars recommended reciting sort of the nuts because of their gender and their protection, and so on. And they include circumspection and circumspection and seeking refuge on this matter. Number seven, after concluding the tour I got at home, you may decide to either proceed before leaving the house it has been erected and whoever reads it records it before exiting the house, no harm will be fought will be falling deliberate. Or whatever the landlord rated this was a resident said well reads in the morning, idle cozy and the first three I had also told me no, he

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will not be harmed by anything. We she dislikes until the evening and whoever reads in the evening, he will not be harmed by anything. He dislikes the other one is either cozy and the first three of swords moving on.

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number eight it is recommended that after resetting these IR to pray, and ask Allah subhanaw taala make dua ask a level of protection for yourself and your family. And the best prayers in this regard is which means Oh Allah, you will help Isaac I introduce myself to you Oh ALLAH is obstacles for me is the difficulties of my travel grant with a good more than I asked for and send the bad away from me, Myra, Cleanse my heart and make my issue easy on me. All I seek Your protection and entrust you with myself and my faith, my family and my relatives and all that to give me and whether for the here or the hereafter and that's gonna protect us all from every harm. You are generous Praise be to

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Allah the Lord of the universe and me reward. So our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was happy.

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There is says when standing up after the due regard and before the salah before this dua you may say what anisopliae LON was rigid, that was also salam would commence his journey. He would complete his salah, then he would say, getting from the Salah, he would say Oh Allah, I pursue you I seek shelter in New Orleans shield me from what worries me and from what I'm not aware of all increase my piety, my taqwa, forgive my bad deeds and guide me to the good wherever I go.

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Then number 10. When leaving the house, video, family and dear ones farewell and interest them to Allah as Abu Huraira Delano related news or whoever wants to travel, he should tell those he's leaving behind. I entrust you to Allah whose trust are never lost. When I heard La Liga stated in the Muslim and in an essay and even a BA reported that Abdullah numero de la nonrelated that also was a resident said when Allah is entrusted with something he looks after it. Number 11 family of friends who are seeing of the traveler should say what Anessa Villa narrated when a man came Mr. Seller and asked him Israel so Allah I'm preparing to travel. So please give me make dua for me.

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Surah Surah Salam said May Allah provide you with taqwa in Pharaoh's daddy Taqwa Taccone I will

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Last winter I said, the man said please give me more and he said, I said, I'm sorry May Allah forgive your sins The man said please give me more. And he said, May Allah give you good wherever you are, you know, I will doubt in the Sunnah reported that I will have Nomura Delana has said to Casa, let me tell you that resource reserves farewell to me. He said I and I and trust Allah with your faith, your trust and your deeds, the trust your means family and assets, and everything which is valuable. Number 12. If you saw a traveller off, you should ask him to pray for you. Without until we reported a hadith narrated by Omar Catalano. He said I asked us also salam to permit me to

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perform, ora said an hour asked permission for O'Meara to do Mr. Salam.

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He said as well as a resident permitted me and he said to me, Oh, brother, don't forget us in your prayers. He says, we're being told by sources enemy said my brother Don't forget us in your prayers.

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A word is in our says this word is to me worth more than the whole earth.

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The prayers of the pious traveler will be accepted by Allah subhanaw taala, as narrated by Ebola Delano

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said prayers that will be answered beyond doubt are that of the one who has been wronged one who has been oppressed, and the traveler.

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And then finally is a ride in a car or plane or ship or an animal USAID say the profit. The sprayers that drive there was always a seller narrated by Abdullah Omar Vilanova he rode his camera he would repeat repeat a beer thrice and then he would say Praise be to the one who put this under our disposal. We shall not associate with Him and to our rub is our turn. So when there is another Americana low mccreaney are in Atlanta we were in

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Colombo, oh Allah in our travel we asked you for piety and did you like Ola make the journey easy short in existence? Or are you are the compounding of our travel and the guardian of our family and wealth and children Allah we asked you to shield us from the hardship of travel and the unkempt appearance and a bad ending befalling our wealth and children so this is the doors we know from travel and if you don't know must memorize them Inshallah, upon is returned, I wish I could repeat these prayers saying we returned repentant, worshiping Allah subhanaw taala and to our wrap we are thankful.

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So Inshallah,

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these are

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advice these are advices from also salam, and from my shareholder fatawa athletic and Allah subhanaw taala has given us the benefit of reading from his book inshallah. And we ask Allah to keep us always in his protection whether we are at home or we are traveling, or Salalah Harada will carry Murali USA remember how to go home