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Yassir Fazaga
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the importance of distilled wisdom in Islam, including the concept of the " intersection of faith" and the relationship between intellect and human characteristics. It emphasizes the need for everyone to be committed to the right, even if they're wrong, and for people to fulfill obligations with their names and actions. The importance of love and loyalty in relationships is also emphasized, along with the mention of a Muslim scholar named Yahoo and the importance of being present in relationships.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. To all of our viewers out there. May the peace and the mercy of Allah be upon all of you as salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And welcome back to distilled wisdom, we are still speaking about distilled wisdom. And today inshallah, we're going to take a different shift, it must be understood my brothers and sisters, that Islam, as expressed in the Quran, has high regard for rationality, and intellect. And interestingly speaking, the Quran speaks of believers, as men and women who are endowed with intellectual abilities. We all have some sort of appreciation for people's intellectual abilities, it seems that we limit

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intellectual ability, and people who do well in school or good in math or good in physics and chemistry, and these applied scientists, that is part of it, you know, the way we interact with the creation of God around us. So the Quran also speaks about Odin and Bab, people who are endowed with intellect, in 16 different places in the Quran.

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Sometimes, sadly, there is a tendency in the religious community, that somehow being faithful or being a believer means that it's almost like I have to believe it, but it really does not have sense, it does not have to make sense to me. And what we do is that we make this dichotomy or almost This is split between that which is supposed to be taken as faith. And that is supposed to make sense as if there is no relationship between them. And that is absolutely not acceptable. But rather what happens is as the Quran is teaching us that blind faith is neither accepted nor expected. Allah Subhana Allah has endowed us with this Faculty of intellect, so that we are able to know him better,

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so that we are able to look into and to ponder in his creation, and also to look and ponder into His revelation as well. So the Quran chooses to describe the believers as only an Bab in 16 different places in the Quran. Allah speaks about only alpa.

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And the way that the Quran speaks about Albert is a really interesting way. For example, and we will not go through all of them but we will pick maybe have episodes in Sharma, for example, says polis, they will hobby so are you one of our Java caucus certain hobbies

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that are not equal, they are not equal. The hobbies is anything that is unlawful, anything that is impure, anything that is evil, is given this general term of hobbies, all lies that will hobby for you say that they are not equal, the good and the pure, and the nice, are not equal to the things that are induced unlawful. And Rebecca castrato hobbies, even if it be that you are mesmerized, or you admire the quantity of hobbies, this means more than one thing is that hobbies in itself comes in big quantities, or those who adhere to it are in big quantities. And somehow we are impressed with big number of people. We are impressed with big number of people simply because oh so many

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people saw this movie, or I must see it or so many people have bought the CD, I must buy one or so many people have visited that place I must go to it. Or so many people took this ride or so many people went. So what happens is that somehow we are encouraged by the abundance of quantity. Sometimes the abundance of quantity is good, if it's in something that is good. But sometimes that is not the case. And Allah doesn't speak about this. He said there may be a case where the abundance is really for that which is a beef that which is evil, that which is not right that will just impute it is in abundance. So Allah said know that they are not equal for de la jolla.

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All people have intellect be mind of Allah.

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Because many times, you know, quantity should not be the only measurement in knowing whether something is good or bad. And that is why it's beautifully said, right is right.

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Even if no one is doing it, and wrong is wrong,

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even if everybody is doing it,

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it's not a big deal to be right where everybody else is right? It's a big deal to be right when everybody else is wrong. Right is right, even if no one is doing it, how many people are committed to the right?

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Does not matter is irrelevant? Yes, it helps. You know, the journey does not become lonely. But in principle, the fact that there is not a big number of people committed to the right, it does not diminish the right, it remains to be right. It's right that is neglected. But it still remains to be right and wrong is wrong. Even everybody else is doing it wrong does not gain legitimacy, because so many people are doing it wrong does not become normal, because so many people are committed to it, it remains to be wrong, where many people are committed to that is really the most that can be said about it. So what happens?

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It's not a big deal to be right when everybody else is right. It's easy, you see, but the reality is, can you still be right? When everybody else is wrong. That's where the challenge is. And that requires only

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that requires intellect. So remember this in principle, the Quran does not teach a dichotomy between rationality and belief. But rather, there should be harmony. And that's why we say in Islam is the intersection of faith and reason. And this particular point, you know, there is a nice story about this about, you know, the idea of numbers here, they said that one scholar visited a locality, and he was about to give a lecture there. And when he got to the place where he's supposed to give the lecture, it turns out that the people who came for the event was very small number of people. So the organizers of the event were a bit disappointed. And they were telling themselves, oh, look at this,

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we have done so much work. And we've done so much advertising, only just a handful of people are showing up here. That's very disappointing. And they say that was a wise man. And the wise man knew what was going through their head. So he said to them, people, do not be disappointed by your numbers. We are not looking for numbers amongst our faithful. We are looking for faith amongst our numbers. Why is this? Because numbers are just numbers. And that's not really what's important. So Allah Subhana Allah is saying, Do not be fooled by the abundance of that which is wrong. especially nowadays, there is a lot of wrong that is admired by many people, it does not make it right. There

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is so much wrong, that is very popular, it does not make it right. So what happens is that it takes somebody who actually reflects to look into this and say, Well, I recognize that there is so much of it, but it is just so much wrong. Because there is abundance and there is a great quantity of it, that does not make it right. And Allah said, Those whose intellect are able to make that distinction. Because see, sometimes, especially when it is sold, when we're bombarded with it, day or night, we forget to see it in matters of right and wrong. We just look into abundance, and we just follow that abundance. So Allah Subhana Allah said, not only Alba, not the possessors of

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intellect, they are able to make that distinction. Also part of it Allah Subhana Allah speaks about Al Bab, because remember this, you know, religiosity or faith is not about stagnation and pondering about the unseen and trying to fake that is not part of it. We do believe in the unseen humbler that's part of it. However, though, remember, religiosity does not mean intellectual stagnation or intellectual vacation. Sometimes we feel that you know, the more religious I am the little use I have for my intellect not acceptable. What does that mean? To the contrary, Allah invites people to debate or to reflect, therefore, to ponder, to think these are all invitations throughout the Quran.

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The more religious you become, the more deep

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You become, the more thoughtful you are to be. Why is this because now this vast creation of Allah subhanaw taala is at your disposal and the more you know of the creation of Allah, the more you know of the Creator, Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the Quran said, Those who are endowed with intellect, they do not waste their energy, in what? In trying to figure out answers for things that the mind is not equipped to do. The Quran tells us about something from the unseen then what happens we believe it because intellectually initially, we have accepted the portal. So as a result, what we say is that part of being religious, especially if you adhere to this religion of Islam, the deen of

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam what happens is that the more religious you become, the more you are going to find for your intellect. Hold on to that thought in sha Allah, and we will be back and please stay tuned.

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To this hidden, misleading petitions create confusion,

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where truth is hidden, lack of knowledge and cause upheaval and commotion with truth hidden, manipulate scripture, and Christian facts emerge.

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hidden truth creates false propaganda,

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chaos, disorder and turmoil in our lives and the world.

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But is there anyone with courage and wisdom?

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What is the truth and kind of strict?

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God, it's your right to

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I welcome all of you all of you.

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as salaam aleikum, wa rahmatullah.

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate the Most Merciful. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato made a peace in the mercy of Allah be upon all of you. And thank you for joining here back again with us in distilled wisdom. If you are just joining us, we are talking about the relationship between intellect and religiosity. So what we will do inshallah, now is we are going to take one verse of the Quran that gives about nine different qualities of the people who are endowed with intellect. This verse happens to come from Surah Turan, and it says, I've ever

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seen a camera become a Pokemon who armor and say to them, oh, Muhammad, sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Do those who know the truth from your Lord? Are they equal to those who are blind and blind here is no metaphorically speaking. It's not necessarily that they are blind where they cannot see, but it is their inability of not wanting to see the truth. So Allah Subhana, Allah calls them blind. And then Allah says, In surah, Al Bab, only men and women who are endowed whose intellect will remember and they will reflect upon this. And then the Quran goes on, to take us on a journey. About nine of the characteristics of the people who are in doubt was this intellect in Nanaia Kuru Al Bab la Vina

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u una de la William O'Donnell, Misa. They are those who fulfill their covenant with Allah and they do not break it down or they do not break down the contracts. What is that covenant was a law. The Covenant was a law we have taken is that we have agreed

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And we made a pledge that no one is worthy of worship but of law, and they constantly remember this. You foon be the law, that could be part of it, that they're constantly reminded, and they remind others of their obligation in their relationship towards their Creator. Avast. subhanho wa Taala. Well, livigno soluna, amatola OBE are useful, they are those who connect, that would Allah Subhana Allah has commanded to remain bind, or to remain connected. There are different relationships that we have to go through in this life, there is our relationship with our Creator, Allah subhanaw taala, there is our relationship with our own selves. And then there is our relationship with the

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creation of Allah subhanaw taala. But within the creation of Allah Subhana Allah, some have more rights before others, some have higher priorities than others. So in this case, Allah Subhana Allah says, There is this idea of siliconera him to always remain connected to your kinship and your kiss chip, or your relatives. What happens is that people are related to us sometimes either by birth, sometimes by blood, sometimes by marital obligation. And the closer they are to us, the more obligations they have, and we have towards them, such as in a begins with our parents, maybe our children, our spouses, our brothers, our sisters, our neighbors, our relatives, and what have you.

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So these people, they fulfill their relationship to their Creator. And at the same time, or part of this is also their acknowledgement of their obligations towards others whom Allah Subhana Allah said, to remain connected to well, Levine and soluna, murmur Allahu OBE are useful. They are those who they bind together, that which Allah subhanho wa Taala has commanded that remains together, especially with our relatives. Sometimes people say, you know, I have relatives that I am very good to them yet. They're very rude to me. I always tried to keep in touch with them, they cut me off they severed my relationship, you know, what do I do at that point? How am I supposed to fulfill

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this obligation of mine? This same question was actually posed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when a man came and he said yeah, Rasul Allah in nearly a quarter of all messenger of Allah, I have relatives of Shinto Elohim I am good to them. It was them was righteousness. What can you see una LA, but they wronged me all the time as a loom. I tried to keep in touch with them. I tried to connect with them while personally but they cut me off they severed a relationship with me. What happens is, if the man is saying, Oh prophet of Allah, Allah fulfilled all my obligations towards these people, am I done? Am I free of all obligations? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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invited the man as he always does, to take the higher road. What is that higher road? The prophet SAW, Selim said, laser loss Hello, Bill McAfee. Wallach, in the law sulamani of Salomon kotoko. He said, The person who keeps this connection does not do so out of reciprocating, you know, they called me I called them they visited me I visit them, they inquired about me, I inquired about them, you're just reciprocating these types of good relations. And if you remember a while back, what did we say? We said that being good to those who are good to you does not make you good. Being good to those who are rude to you may make you good. being kind to those who are kind to you does not make

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you kind but rather being kind to those who are not very compassionate towards you, that makes you compassionate, that makes you kind. Why is this because generally speaking, we are good to those who are good to us. But what's the big deal in this there is really no challenge in it. So the process silom said, Remember, because somebody is being good to you, and it's easier to connect with them. That really you're not really being tested, you're not being challenged. But the real test the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said is, how do you react towards those who choose to cut you off? Did you still maintain Are you still able to maintain a relationship with them? So the process

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alone invited that man, and we are all invited to this and that is to take the higher to take the higher road. While I am gonna meet up in the night at a kurulu Al Bab el la Vina Euphorbia delay, Walla

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Walla Vina saloon Emma Amara la Javi a useful way Shona Rocco

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They are also in all of their Lord. See our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala is based upon like we said, Ava is what ever is utmost love or look at its perfection was this unconditional obedience? Because unconditional obedience is only befitting to Allah and Allah, everybody else. Our obedience to them is conditional respect to some people like our parents, for example is unconditional. But obedience is to anybody else is conditional.

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So what happens? Here, this verse tells us about another type of relationships that were shown.

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They are in all of the Lord, Allah subhanho wa Taala. What does that mean? We said that we love Allah. And remember, that any act of worship, that is devoid of emotions becomes very empty, it becomes very mechanical. So what is the big deal about knee prostrating and bowing down and washing and so, what if there is no emotion in it, if the heart is not involved in it, then it becomes very empty, mechanical, it becomes physical it becomes void, it will eventually turn into a burden. So part of it is that we must love our Creator Allah subhanho wa Taala. In the Hadees, the process alum spoke so much about this, that you know, the idea of the processor will say that we know how to come

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hashtag Guna la hora de la merci wahama that none of you is truly a believer you have not attained you know the status of a perfect believer, unless and until what happens that Allah and His Messenger become most loved by you, and you prefer them over anybody and anything else. But see, there is a requirement for love. Love must be preceded by knowledge. We cannot say that we love a lot if we do not know him.

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We cannot say that we love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam if we do not know him, love becomes much easier. The more you know, the easier it is to love, because you have enough information, to love, be to love our Creator Allah Subhana Allah or to love the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So constantly, Allah will tell us about himself. Allah will invite us to know him. So that you know and sometimes Allah states the obvious It is Allah who created the heavens, Allah who created the earth, Allah who was made and facilitate this for you. But why is Allah stating the obvious, because our relationship with Allah is jeopardized. Once we forget who Allah is to us, the

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minute we forget this, our relationship with Allah becomes very shaky.

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So Allah subhanaw taala reminds us, Allah Subhana, Allah invites us, Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah lists for us, the kind of things that he has done. So you look into it and say, Allah has been very comfortable. Allah is being very patient with me. Allah has not seized me immediately, for all the erroneous and poor decisions and choices that I have made. Allah, despite of me, being very negligent of my obligation towards him, Allah has is still providing for me. Despite that, I remember Allah seldom, I don't, sometimes May Allah forgive all of us. It comes you know, days goes by, we don't remember Allah subhanho wa Taala. Despite this, Allah does not stop providing for us.

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So the more we know of him, the more our emotional relationship with him is going to be stronger. There was a great Muslim scholar by the name of Yahoo.

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And Yahoo Morales, you know, there is this formula that says that you know, what, accruable Nancy Illa Allah for Nancy Villa, he said that those who are closest to Allah are those who are most knowledgeable about Allah, and those who love Allah Subhana Allah Most are those who know of him. Chapin hautala, most so you have more as he said that, you know, in our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. He said, and this is a beautiful, beautiful statement. He said, metta Raja Illa Jadoo, oma, Tasha was a Kuru. He said in the relationship with Allah. anytime they feel like they can come back to him, and he will always be there. And anytime they wish. They can remember him and

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he that he is so available.

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He is so approachable was this he Allah, we come to the conclusion of this part of our episode. Again very grateful that you were able to tune in with us this week, and inshallah We will also meet with you next week. And until then we say so long and a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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