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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of surahs in Islamic culture, as it is used to symbolize memories and deeds. They caution against using it as a symbol and emphasize the need to understand the significance of surahs in our religious traditions. The speakers also discuss hedge-related hedges and the importance of avoiding multiple hedge phrases. Cleanliness is emphasized, and callers are encouraged to ask questions and call back if they have questions. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book and a news story about a woman who wants to become a doctor.
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Santa Monica Monica motoboy who will occur to those of you who are watching online with me on my social media streams we're about to crossover with the Islam channel in the UK for our Islam

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah salam O Allah who either you either early he was suffering he was settling into Sleeman kathira Allah and also he was sending Music We're barely gonna say easy now Habibi. Now whenever you know Mohammed was early. He was actually he was sent into Sleeman kathira on camera for me. It's a pleasure and an honor to continue with our weekly Wednesday meeting at 12pm. UK time 7pm here in Perth, Western Australia, where I'm in my home entered in shuttler. Your questions as you call into Islam channel, may Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to use it for its Baraka and blessing for our

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oma and community, that which surrounds us a lot. And I mean, I pray that Allah Subhana Allah to add up, who has kept us maybe at a distance physically from each other in our different time zones in different places that are hard to remain connected, and continuous in love and fidelity. I wish to first begin by acknowledging our dear brothers and sisters in South Africa. May Allah Subhana Allah grant a piece of heart and mind make easy their transition and bring peace and security back to the wonderful nation of South Africa. It is a nation that I've visited many times and been benefiting from the Greek word Mr. May Allah subhanho wa Taala return me Well, a man to this blessing land and

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its people and continue to make them a force of good Allahumma Amin. It's important in these blessing 10 days and hamdulillah I spent over the last two days a considerable time with you two hours each of the last two days speaking to myself, my heart from heart to heart to you, but some of our obligations and how to approach our relationship with Allah. And those of you who have questions in chat, please do call in online do send them in by email. There was one that way has just been received. I'm just being informed in sha Allah, as it relates to portraits, character tours, cartoons, images that are drawn by hand or manufactured by machines. Are we able to have these kind

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of pictures in our home or photographs of our family and loved ones, those who are alive or those who have passed away? It's an interesting question, one that comes up quite often. Of course, I want to address the Hadith of the video, Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that found in Mosul here, where he says of those who have the most severe punishment before Allah, on the day of judgment, are those who created saw or those who created a surah. Now the word surah, in the colloquial Arabic language that we speak today, at times has been misrepresented from what it meant at the time of the prophets I seldom and one of the foundations of our Islamic law is that when there is a term in the

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Quran, in the Hadith of the prophets, I tell them that we seek to extrapolate to take from an a ruling or a hokum that we seek to understand that word, not by the contemporary meaning that has been attached to it today, but by the meaning that was attached to it at the time of the Prophet at the time of the Sahaba. How they understood that word is how we understand the context of the heavy and heavy moments I send them. So the concept of a Surah At the time of the prophets I send them was not the picture that hangs up on a wall or the reflection of light that is captured on an instrument digitally or in, in in car a carbon prints. what it was, was an intentional icon ification of a

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person, place or thing or imaginary thing for the purpose of others to deify it, worship it, acknowledge it and celebrate it. Think of the very heavyweight of the prophets. I send them also in the Soviet where he discusses the first place that shipped, so associating partners with a law making others equal to a law or even lesser than a law, but joining them in a place that only Allah belongs in our love, fear and hope. He said some a lie send them after noon, after Adam it is set up then we're 10 generations. And amongst those 10 generations, there were noble people, there were righteous men righteous women who lived and when they began to pass away those who stayed behind

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after them, they said we wish to commemorate that we wish to remember them.

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Now that they've been buried and have returned to a lot, let's keep their memories alive, how about we take some of their clothing, or we take some of their artifacts and put it in a place that will remind us of where they used to sit or where they used to be. And after one generation passes away, it was just artifacts of these noble people, the next generation came, and they looked at these things, and the next and the next, and the next by the 10th generation, the names of these righteous men, good people became names of false deities and false god, and the clothing and the symbols and where the person sat became something that was an object of worship, rather than an object of

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memory. Remember, rent meant memories and things of of yesteryear, of the days of the past. And therefore, it becomes very important for us to understand that the concept of a surah is where somebody has put something in place in commemoration of something to iconified them, you will find in some of our other religious traditions when they speak about icons, and it could be a metal that somebody wears on their chest, it could be a crucifix that people wear, it's something that is meant to remind them of something else. For us as Muslims, icon ification, that symbolizes aspects of worship is not something that we practice. And sometimes this enters into our own math in a way that

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it should not add up surprise, for example, that there are certain households in fact, it's something that in in my ancestry, I'm an Egyptian by ancestry, there was the concept of

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heroism. And as you know, the blue eye or the blue beads, and you'll see it, you walk into a shop and there'll be like, a Lapidus stone or a blue stone, and it's in the shape of a nine with a yellow.in it and it was said, you know, this protects you from another, this is false has nothing to do with our tradition, not as Egyptian Muslims or Turkish Muslims. In fact, it's something that comes from paganistic leanings that does not have a ritualization and a place in Islam. So that's the first concept of the surah. So what do we say about you know, your daughter wanting to draw a picture or, you know, a cartoon that your child wants to watch or adult, what we know in the

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heaviness of it shall be a long one, I didn't have that one day, the profit return, as you had grown up and he saw, you know, there was a box and in here, so booth, there was these old toys, and she had a stuffed and the shape of a stuffed horse, and the horse had wings, the prophets I send him saying, What is this, he said, Oh, this is my croissant. This is my horse that I used to play with when I was younger, and it has wings like the horse of too late man it has set up and the Prophet laughed at this, he smiled at this peace and blessings be upon I whenever you want handouts, I send them one of the last one. I mean, there are the Matt took from this, that for children, toys that

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resemble real living things or things that are imaginary, are seen as permissible as long as they are not in the purpose of the surah icon ification that will lead to worship. And therefore in your home, having a sculpture of something that has no resemblance of worship cannot be made equal to something that is sculpted, that is seen as an aspect or something that is worship. So think of some of the other religious traditions, how they may have iconified what once upon a time used to be a righteous person calling them to go he's calling to submit to Allah. But over hundreds of years, it has changed that instead of worshipping Allah, they worship, then May Allah protect us from this

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era. So in terms of pictures, in terms of pictures, in terms of images, if the intent behind them and what is seen by those who see them is not icon ification is not a ritualization. It's not an aspect of worship, then it is not considered sinful. And this is the photo of some of the senior Anima in the most serious times. However, I would also caution that any vulgar imagery, anything that contains something that is of a lewdness or a sexuality or a or an an immorality or something that we as Muslims find offensive or other cultures find offensive is not something that we are to maintain, even if it's just a symbol. So it wouldn't be sinful for us to raise a flag, for example,

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that has a not a Nazi

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symbol, just as it would be simple for us to raise a flag that has, you know, a religious tradition, that is from somebody else's faith that can be misunderstood of us committing blasphemy and so on. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us. We have a couple of callers on the line. We'll take our first caller, I said I'm Anakin. Caller How can I help

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I have a few questions. Yes my brother How can I help? Let's take them one at a time in Java.

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To know about

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the names we'll give them

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a call remember the names? Can you explain them please? What is the what is the difference between them? How do they perform?

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What is the song that somebody wants to perform

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that song who recharges the child to do that?

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Okay, let's begin with that question and we can come back to you with other questions and shut up just like I love him for reminding us of hygiene of our obligation to Allah May Allah assist you and carry you there provide for you A means that you do not expect And may Allah Subhana Allah allow us to join together in Baitullah his or her arm that we stand on the plane of I don't think before I will return to Him Allah. May Allah enter our drive there and where we are now, in that request May Allah make I went to encircle Allah I mean Allah. Hi, jack john McGraw Rania, aka Moroccan Allah make in risk hijjah and a * that is my rule of thumb that I mean, there are different names for

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the different types of hedge all of them are from the suit of the prophets, I send them but they have different purposes. So the most common had the most likely hedge for you to perform is called hedge meant to her and the word temperature means enjoyment. So you're going to go perform hajj, but on your arrival, you're going to not stay in your state of Iran. You're going to arrive into the sanctity sanctified land of Mecca, and you're going to perform Umrah. You're going to do your toe off the to a rock guy behind them a combo B Brahim, you're going to run the seven times between a SATA when mattawan you're going to make dua to Allah in all of those occasions. And then you will

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cut your hair after having been in the harem and done everything that is required for hygiene aroma, then you will remove your hair on why you've done your seven and you are now out of it from and you become a local amongst the people of Mecca waiting for the days of Hajj to begin. This is the usual way most people will do Hajj, you'll arrive way early before the actual day of had you don't arrive on the day of out but you arrive a little bit earlier, you do your toe off beforehand. So you enjoy your time in Mecca a little bit. So that's the name had you to make and just in a simplified way. The second type of hygiene which is the heavy the profit perform solo I sell now that doesn't make

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it more sooner than the other hedge which is had filter on meaning joining together. So the profit joined the omura when the hedge meaning it's the same color, the same size, the same aspect, all in the same haraam. So there is more than one type of hedge that has different purposes. For example, the last hijo performed all of the hedges of Pamela that I performed for many years with hedgy to mentor my group we would arrive early and we would have and haven't didn't have the luxury of staying a little bit of time. But with a shorter has been a quicker hedge where it's only seven or eight they had a 10 day hedge an executive hedge where you're going to make a fast pace to go back

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home early. It is something made easier to make that on. So we arrived in Medina one one day before. You're supposed to be in Mina, we get to Medina we spent one day in that Masjid in the company of the version of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem. And then we took a flight in the morning. On the eighth day, the day before I arrived in Mecca, went into our tawaf did some of the rights of it and remained in our Iran we did not remove the Iran we didn't complete the hunt. And then we didn't complete it. And then we took the buses two out of that we spent the time And out of that spent the 19 was 35 came in to Mina and Mecca and then we did our removal of the rest of the aspects of the

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New Silk of Hajj that are necessary for us so we combine the two so don't let there be more than one name that it causes you to think one is more of assume that than the other all of them in acid all of the rights of hedge are can only be taken from the VMO I'm sorry sell them due to his pleasant heavy imeem unethical. Take your monastic have had your rites and rituals of Hajj from me. The Sahaba were very, very careful to teach us each and every step of the way. How the Prophet performed it, what he did, what he didn't do, what he said and where he said it how he said it. Even the place he came

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cymbala Whoa, I didn't mean why daddy or something to send them. And this is from the word of Allah in the Quran, international mesin and the CRO in their level, they have an Allah Brock binder and he will maintain it and keep it protected. We have another caller on the line or a further question on the line. I said I'm on Ephraim, how can I help?

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Yes, the same brother. How can I help my brother?

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The question

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the question was, I'm just getting to the meat shop and shop.

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He said to me, he will notify me.

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If he doesn't notify me about

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when should I remove? Remove? Remove equity?

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wait for him to notify me or?

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Yes. Thank you for that question. My brother. So let me backtrack a little bit. There was a hadith of oma Selamat err on the Allahu anhu Allah Allah. oma selama, the wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, she said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the one who is intending to make or ban should restrict from taking anything of their skin, or hair or nails and so on. This is only narrated by Omar Salah melodia laquan. And how are the men early man, men took this position in the sense that it's an absolute, and that the one who does does cut their nails does cut from their thing that they have done a scene and they need to ask a law for forgiveness. It doesn't

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affect the validity of the forbearance acceptance, but they have crossed the boundary of not obeying the messenger Mohammed's isin. Other positions held it as being assuming that of the prophets I send them. This is the famous position of Burning Man double headed for the Allahu Akbar to lie on a wider aim that it must remain as my aim that he held it as being a strongly encouraged habit. And this is what the majority of imams kind of view that it is a strongly encouraged habit to remind you of your desire to go to Mecca, and have the sacredness of this day. Because if you are thinking, Oh, I have to cut my nails, cut my trim my hair before the 10 day start, it means you're looking for

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getting prepared for these 10 days. It gives you a higher sense of awareness of responsibility towards Allah and you and I know my dear, my dear brother and listeners that for a person to make a sin in the 10 days of the hedger that we live in today is not like other days, these are from the days that are sacred to us as Muslims. So this is meant to remind you of that to keep you aware of your past and your decision. In worshipping Allah. Some kinda want to add that if one needs to just say you tore a nail, you need to take it off it, then there is no tobacco. It's something that you carry on, you take what is neat, needed off of it, and then maintain it thereafter. The Imams,

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therefore, they came to the point which answers now your question, when can we take from our hair, when can we cut from our nails, some of us have held the position that it is from the moment that you will have done your own photo ban or if you're slaughtering or it is reasonably understood that it has been done amongst us as Muslims we have the first three days to do the automatic can be done the first day, second day or third date, and they have held that there is no obligation not to cut your hair. So some have said before this or that you can do it after those so now you can do it. There's multiplicity of opinions in it. Do what is necessary your general cleanliness, upkeep and

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what will make you celebrate this occasion in the worship of Allah so kinda want to add that I would say to you if that butcher has promised you that he will give you a call or we'll send you a text message. I would then encourage that perhaps you can wait for that in sha Allah to seal the complete favor of the sooner of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam although there is an opinion that if you are not doing the slaughter yourself, you may remove yourself from that state earlier. So I will leave that up to you having explained all of the different positions from all of the different perspectives, in fact we find in some of them that they actually see it as being cruel and

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undesirable to keep from cutting your nails because they say that this is an act specific to those who are in a state of it from and we are not meseta with ROM so there is sad there is openness in this issue in Sharma. Hopefully that is a sufficient answer for you, my brother. We have another caller on the line to send him on a cold caller

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said I'm wanting to call her

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How can I help sister better

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I had two questions that I haven't been able to

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get like number

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one, so they're supernova profits I sell them is too fast the day of alpha in particular, this is a pseudonym or a confirm signal and it is maneuver and desirable to fast the other days as many of them as you can. But if you miss one, you do not need to do Kabbalah You do not need to make it up at a later date in sha Allah. So the days you are able to do May Allah accept and May Allah reward you for the intention of doing them even if you have not finished them be in the light.

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And your second question

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Allah and

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Allah so the pronounciation may come in different combinations of words, so that you know how in the law, this is lovely July Allah Allah but Mila is also referring to Allah for Allah. So it depends on the vocalization of the grammar of the sentence before it or accurate inshallah, but as long as the intent is the praise of Allah subhana wa tada we should seek to worship Allah using his name in the right way and in the right context. So try to establish it in a way that would be understood by those who are with you and in your company, but if they lie to Allah

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so sorry rahima hula, yes, so rahima hula, it's, it's in the grammar. It's establishing the mercy of Allah for an individual. So you're putting Allah's mercy towards you're asking Allah has mercy towards that person. So a Rahmatullahi ima or rahima hula both of them mean the same thing. But grammatically, the structure is different to chama.

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You're welcome my dear sister, may Allah accept from all of us a lot of you and for other callers, please do feel free to call in we'll do our best to get to your calls as soon as we can. inshallah. We're going to take a short break in the next minute or so and then you will rejoin me soon after. inshallah I just wanted to leave you with this beautiful Hadith of the EBU Mohamed Salah. Love it yourself. He says as is the norm of the people of atlas shrugged. Now when they would write a book, especially in books of heavy, the last heavy that they would include in it is this hadith of great hope. Where it is said that the prophets I send them Tata sallallahu. I never come back. And he was

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happy he was suddenly telling my turn to words that are likely to pump the tongue heavy if attorney Alan Lee said they're easy to say they're phonetically easy any language of the world can adopt the simplicity of saying these words have you fatality handedly sad, heavy baton in the Walkman they are very much loved by the ever Merciful the Lord have mercy Allah subhana wa tada selfie let her if it needs add that they are very heavy, enormous even reward on your scale in the Day of Judgment. So can Allah when we have the Subhan Allah and Allah Subhana Allah will be handy to have a lie and I'll leave some harmala will be handy to have a line I'll be joining me again in chat after our break.

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What's the next one? I'm going to lie over my cat

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just like it will. It's a six minute break as normal sister All right.

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So it's a six minute break inshallah.

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Alright, I'll be back in six minutes. And I said I wanted more.

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Oh, okay. Sorry, one of them must have been running around.

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Allahu baddeck. phenol people said I want

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