Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders How To Ask Dua

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of asking for anything from others to avoid wasting time and resources. The speaker emphasizes the need to consider the power of asking for anything and not just ask for it. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of keeping in mind the glory and ecstasy of others while asking for anything.
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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. But Allah Subhana Allah said in the soleus in a second last ayah in amuru, who is

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a fool Allah who could Vokoun?

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I remind myself the new Virgo sisters,

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to remember this when we need

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to remember

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who we are asking.

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We are asking

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whatever we want from someone who Shang whose glory was Majesty is that if he wishes for anything to happen, if he wishes to do something, if he wishes to make something if he wishes to destroy something, who wishes to replace something with something else?

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All he has to do. Yola, Logan.

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says to it be and it is

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To create the entire universe was not a coding activity from which he had to take a break on Sunday.

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He didn't dressed on Sunday, because I lost her house does not need list, and lots of Hana data. There's not a good tired lesson how to tell it does not need sleep. Unless amanatullah

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is never drowsy.

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Never in a state where he does not know what is going on in his creation.

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We need to think about this image remember this because what brings power into the door is to realize who you're asking from, and then to ask the door.

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In keeping with the verse with the one that we are asking, asking the door for, if you're asking God from someone who has no limitations, who has no boundaries, who has no weaknesses of any kind, is not bound by anything. He is the maker of the rules, he is not bound by the rules, he is not much more to the rules, he doesn't have to follow the rules because he makes the rules.

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So therefore, we ask Allah subhanaw taala we need to ask with this strength and power of his in our minds and not make requests,

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keeping them in our minds. All that other Mark Lowe has told us he must not ask the law of Allah subhanaw taala for

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a deviation from suffering from curing of sickness, keeping in mind what the doctor said. You should not ask Allah Subhana Allah virgilian keeping in mind what the fertility experts have said, you should not ask Allah subhana wa Jalla for wealth, keeping in mind what the bankers are saying. We should not ask Allah Subhana Allah for

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success in this dunya

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keeping in mind what the people of this dunya are saying, we have to ask Allah subhanaw taala for what we want, keeping in mind who Allah subhanaw taala is keeping in mind the fact that I'm not subpanel data is not bound by

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boundary conditions of any kind, unless that is not bound by economic trends. Unless America is not bound by medical science, Allah subhanaw taala created

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both the medical science, the knowledge itself, as well as those who have that knowledge, it gave them that knowledge. And this regard is not bound by their knowledge. They know and they say as much as they know. But Allah Subhana Allah knows more because he created them and their knowledge. Similarly, Allah subhanaw taala is not bound by economic and financial predictions. Allah subhanaw taala runs the words and other analysts around them makes good to happen based on what people do, and what people do with that goods, and how people follow the rules that he has sent. So if people are following the rules, then the goods that Allah subhanaw taala has created will come to pass. And

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if people are not following the rules, then things break down. And and he will happens, and only those who understand the rules of Allah subhanaw taala. Notice, and that's where that is why we do that we understand this and we say that when economic downturns happen, we should look at your financial system, is it a financial system that is following the rules and so on, and so forth. So the point is, that when we asked what we asked, we must ask Do our keeping in mind the glory and majesty and greatness of others. This is absolutely critical. Because if we asked why in a weak manner, in a manner that does

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Not suit the glory and majesty of Allah. Allah, Allah subhanaw taala said Anna and doesn't mean appdb I am for my slave as he expects from me and as he expects of me and therefore, we are we find that our boys are not accepted. inshallah, perhaps it is because of the way we ask these words and that's the reason why I remind myself and you to ask to us, keeping in mind the glory of advisors to Allah subhanaw taala Nia coolala who confess that we had the the decision instantly if you want to make something happen to say be and it is. ask Allah subhana wa Taala to accept all outdoors to grant us dollars in keeping with his glory and majesty or some of our vulnerability while he was

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abused me

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