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In Al Hamdulillah, salat wa salam O Allah, Allah,

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Allah Allah He was happy go Manuela

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these What are we decided in the first socket? Sorry I said, Allah Subhana Allah said, yeah see, well Quran Al Hakim Hakeem in lm l mursaleen. Allah sirata Mr. P

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Allah subhanaw taala

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took an oath by the Quran

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and addressing Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah, Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala took an oath by his own column.

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And he said in Naga, la mina, Albert Sally,

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truly you are from the

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messengers of Allah

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eyeless Yachty Mr. P. And you are on the sirajul roster.

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I remind myself when you

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in this aura that we recite without which there is no Salah, sort of the vida.

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We specifically ask Allah subhanaw taala for Sarah Josephine is in a salado study

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whose way is that? That is the way of Muhammad Rasul Allah sallallahu wasallam said

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with Allah, that is it.

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in Accra, lavender or saline, Allah says Serato most often

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not even myself I knew that therefore,

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the only part of steadfastness sirata was that

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the only correct path the only correct methodology The only straight path that leads to Ijen

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is the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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Islam does not believe in the theory that all roads lead to Rome.

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All roads lead to Rome, but all roads do not lead to Japan.

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Only one road leads to Japan and that is the road of Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah Allah Allah was I was

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in a column in L mursaleen. Allah Serato mustafi.

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Now there are two ways in which certain misguides people to leave the path of Allah is Allah, Allah, Allah and try to seek some other way of reaching Jana.

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One way, then the jeden misguides people

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is by taking them

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away by convincing them that the path of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam is not good enough is not applicable to our times

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is old fashioned or old times or 1400 years old or 1500 years old.

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And they say that says you know you're living in a modern world we have to think like modern people. We have to be progressive.

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And I explained yesterday

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I love our sales 11 mirandola reports. It was beautifully where he said that progress for the Muslim means to go backwards

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to go back to the first generation

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because this is the best generation. Pyro koroni army of Allah alayhi salatu salam is Alfredo Peroni. Currently, the best of generations my generation. So for the Muslim to progress means to go back.

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So therefore, the shaitaan one way in which he misguides people to stray away from Serato was the game, which as we said, is the path of Mahabharata Rasulullah sallallahu, Alayhi. wasallam, is by

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convincing the person

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that this path is not good enough, not fit for modern times. And so therefore, people leave the sun lovers, Allah says Allah, and they adopt the ways of others.

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And they do various things in different ways.

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There's no word of Melaka power of the law No.

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was asked to come to take the keys of Jerusalem.

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When the Muslims laid siege to Jerusalem,

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to open Jerusalem.

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The Jewish rabbis were in charge. At that time, they were in charge of Jerusalem.

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They said that we need not have a fight, but we will give the key only to the mayor of the muslimeen

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so as

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You're unmuted to come.

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So the center message I've always I've met Jarrod Dylan who was in charge of he was in command of the army.

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One of the covering of the Sahaba salah

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and I've always sent a message to Medina

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says an hour our satara gelato made Mashallah with the Sahaba. Were there

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some of them advised him

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not to go. Some of them said you can go.

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And then our other Adelanto decided to go.

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Now as we know the whole story, he didn't take, he didn't go with an army accompanying him. He did not even go with you know, even maybe 10 bodyguards, nothing. He was alone with just one servant.

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He and the server Just the two of them.

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And with one animal,

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one cabin

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and their plan at the agreement was that

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one would ride and one would lead and then the other one would ride and the other one would lead and that was the that was how they

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eventually reach Jerusalem and as the Mauritania the story of rights very close to the city.

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The road was there had been some rain there was some mud

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and as they were coming close to the city this hour and said to Mr Nakata visit now you right and i will lead because we are entering the city and it doesn't look nice for you to be leading a camelina and me writing on the camera.

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No, this is your turn. As we agreed we have to take turn by turn. This is your turn and I will lead there is no we will not change anything.

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So the seven was under gamble and then our data was laid in the gamble and they went through a puddle of mud.

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So there was mud on our shoes and there was burned on his clothes.

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And just outside of Jerusalem talking about Serato Mr. Cave and sticking to the way of Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Just outside Jerusalem, Abu Abu Zubaydah and others, they came to meet him. I've always had an agenda, Delano saw him in the state. And he said to me very respectfully, he said, I will open it is better if you change your clothes.

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And he brought some clothes and he says better if you wear these expensive clothes because we are entering the city where we will take the keys from the rulers of the city

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or whatever da da da da da no hit a man is just

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with his with his hand. He you know thumped him on his chest. And he said to him that if I did not know how much Rasool Allah Salallahu alaihe salam loved you is that I would have

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shown you what is the meaning of what you're saying.

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He said, I will get nothing.

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And he entered Jerusalem in that state.

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And the rabbi's of the Jews, they started weeping when desire

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and people said Why are you crying is that because this is the description in our books

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of what the Amir or the Muslim will be like?

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That is exactly the description that we have. We have read

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and this is your Amir and we hand over the keys with great happiness. That night there was a banquet and says Rama was raised was sitting. Now he is a banker.

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He is a conqueror, there was a banquet and there was eating and all the the rabbi's of the Jews and the leader, everybody was sitting. And as they were eating some food well on the sofa.

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And there's a number of delar who picked it up and ate it.

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And our waiter was sitting next to me said you have a robbery don't do that. It's against the manners and customs of the place. We don't eat food which is on the table. What I'm not gonna say to him, he said you. He said understand one thing is Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us this position because we followed the sadhana, sorceress, Allah.

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And he said today, you want me to leave that and follow the ways of those who we defeated.

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I remind myself a new that's, unfortunately so much time has passed.

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So much time has passed.

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And we have got so used

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to living as slaves, that slavery has entered our minds.

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Slavery doesn't happen because people put chains on your feet and hands. Slavery happens when people put when we put chains on our minds.

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Slavery is a state of mind. It's not a state of the body.

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And that slavery has entered our minds and we are the ones who believe that somebody else's ways

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Better than the way of Mohammed Salah.

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So this is one way in which the shaitaan misguides people and take them away from other Muslims by convincing them that the waves of others are better than the waves on Amazon the light isn't the other way that Jetta means guys and takes people away

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from the game is by convincing them

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that somehow they must do more. And somehow that they must invent ways of following Girardeau, Missouri, which neither himself nor does avid

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such that that drives to this guide in two ways, one is through disobedience and one is through increase in what we think is piety.

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intention of the one who's doing that is what

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is this is not bad, his intentions are good.

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He thinks he is showing the love for us, all of us, Allah.

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Let me remind you and myself,

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no one loved Rasool Allah, Allah Allah, Allah is a lot more than the Sahaba. If anyone thinks that ILA doesn't have more than Obama, when he is seriously misguided seriously. If someone thinks Ilan

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Omar and Omar Ali

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drain the networks in Islam say that his brain has been taken over by

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anyone who thinks that he loves relies on the law and use a lot more than the sabarimala de la mcbane is seriously seriously misguided and he is headed for the advice let us be very clear about this.

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The Zara Zara de la home became rajala known because they love Muhammad Rasulullah sobre la la was that was alum, more than any generation on the face of the planet can ever learn him.

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What did they do?

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What is it what was the game? There is only one way as I said and that is the way of vamos Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and the Sahaba there is no other way.

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What Allah subhanaw taala revealed

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in the la mala he got the whole solution and maybe yeah you alladhina amanu sandali usually with us Lima

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Allah luxury and that was one of those that that very aligned Malika zendala lavon is on the on the Rasul of Allah. So all you will believe you also Zen salatu salam ala rasulillah salam, O Allah is the author of honors Rhino data.

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What is ABA do with the invent their own way?

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Did somebody write some poetry? Did somebody sing one song? Did somebody sing one machine?

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What did they do?

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They asked.

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Yasser Allah sallallahu sallam, how must we do this?

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last order us son Lu Ali was Hyundai Motors Lima How is it to be that

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please understand, this Deen is not your invention or my invention my father didn't bring this date.

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Neither did your grandfather bring the deed Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam brought this do you want to stay in Islam follow his way and not follow by way follow the way of Mohammed Salah salah and if anyone tries to convince you otherwise, run from that person.

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What is ABA do?

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Did the signature desync not did they run here and there do this do that. Did they invent things? No. They asked. Yasuda Selim, how much treason Salatin ceremonial Allah has given us we have to follow Kamala, how do we do this?

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What do we learn from this number one thing before I tell you what he said a lot is the number one thing we learn is that in this day, there is no invention and innovation. In this day, there is only the following of the Sunnah of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu, Salah, whatever Rasulullah sallallahu did is acceptable to Allah, what he did not do is not acceptable to Allah subhanho wa Taala no matter how beautiful it may seem to you,

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Your and my approval of a method does not make it correct.

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Please understand this very clearly.

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So they asked him, so now what should we do? And what did he tell them? He said, he taught them what we know today as soon as

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he said, see a lot of malayala Xena Mohammed why Allah Allah Mohammed gemas la de la Rahim Allah Allah Allah Hema in Amida Majid allama baddeck i

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Mohammed, Allah Allah Mohammed camara de la Rahim Allah Allah rahima in musicology

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nevertheless This is the point I'm making is this

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please understand and do not allow anyone to convince you that there is a way which is better than the way of masala

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there is no way which is better than the way of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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we stick to that way and that religion

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we stray away from that way, then there is no guarantee where that will take us.

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So, let us stick to that way.

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The love of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam is a record of this deal. If anyone does not love Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah He was that was Allah, then that person the man and is remaining in Islam is serious in question. If somebody actually says or does something to say that I do not love Mohamed Salah tell him more than I love everything else in the world, including myself. If someone actually says that he's a coven, he's out of Islam. But even if he does not say that, but if somebody drinks or whatever he feels that he does not love him as number one, including over and above himself, then that person the man is serious in question, but his love of Mamas and asylums,

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how is it to be expressed?

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How is it to be shown?

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What is to be done?

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The love of Rasulullah xlm the way of expressing it is to follow his way is to follow his sadhana.

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If someone thinks that the expression of love for a solar thermal solar is something other than the following of the Sun nama masala center, and all I that is the matter is between him and his Allah

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is no guarantee for that person. I don't want to sit here and make any fatwa on anybody but my point is is Allah did not give guarantee for anyone like that.

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In Colombia mursaleen Allah Serato mustafi no one else, nobody else.

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So let us be very clear, the way of expressing the love for us, all of us Allah is to follow the Sunnah do what he did, do what is needed and we are saved which Allah

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if we change from that, and we stay here and there, then only Allah Subhana Allah is that will be to the matters between that person and Allah. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to save us from straying away from the bottom Amazonas data center. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to always keep us on the straight and narrow, which is the bottom line is Allah tala. And that is the only path which leads to Jana sama Nana will Karim Allah Allah He was heavy is made that are hard to go