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Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning of "s wages" and the importance of following instructions and staying on the path of obedience. They also discuss the removal of fear and the need for people to regret actions. The speakers emphasize the importance of following instructions and staying on the path of obedience.
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While he was having his very last round data said in the levina Paulo buena last semester comme la whoa finale in Milan,

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it was one of these are the people who said Allah is our call or upon Allah, who must Docomo and then they stayed on that with his department

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which steadfastness and what happens to those people? How finale well our home is unknown, they will have no fear and they will have no sadness, they will have no sadness and no fear. Who doesn't love hope? Well,

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question is, what is the meaning of steadfastness on saying about Allah

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Alhamdulillah we all say that Allah subhanaw taala

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we do not worship anyone other than Mr. Mandela. What is the meaning of steadfastness well as far as I did not say

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Allah who is a follower I'm gonna allow some Mr. Calm and then they were steadfast on this statement of this

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is the pilot on the acceptors also handled that as our means. Number one,

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not to make sure can worship in any way number two, to ask help only from Allah subhanaw taala

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because we said a ham the reliability of ohana, Rahim Allah came with it, he and I would, we are going to stay.

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We worship only you. And we ask Allah only from you. So is the power on saying Allah when Allah is to fulfill the statement of he cannot do we are going to stay. So that's the first part. And the second part is to obey Allah Subhana Allah in every aspect of our life and that is the meaning of Ada set up and we'll study

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other words the pain is the syrup is the path of obedience dollars.

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There is no Serato monster team in which there is no obedience or disobedience or loss.

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So part of the vanilla how to master karma. What is the karma? The karma reaction we're gonna stay hidden. So items,

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we worship only Allah we ask help only from Allah and we stay on the path of righteousness on the path of obedience of our last man alterra without any diversion without any deviation.

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And if we do that, then what happens?

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He are going out there rather lengthy random delay that is the part of people who are not monitored.

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So therefore inshallah we will include among the people who have been given an arm of illness monitor, and what is the novelist rather than the whole vanilla him?

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Because that is the these are the two elements in this life, which Allah subhanaw taala will remove from us inshallah, we ask him to do that. And these are the two qualities that people have when they have no fear of the future, and they have no regrets of the past. But these are the two sources of problems. It's the future future or the future what will happen to me tomorrow are it's the

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regret of the past. I wish I had not done this or that. Now if these two are removed, how are these removed? By the Battle of obedience, these two are removed by tawakkol. And by obedience, the fear of the future is the mode by takala. If you have Taqwa of Allah,

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Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will take care of my future. And how do we have Oracle based on obedience, you cannot have Oracle if you are disobedient, because you are disobeyed and then your fear will increase. Either you are completely minus a man which means that you are disobedient and you have no fear which means that you are going to seriously ask whether you're Muslim at all. But if you are if you are even Muslim to some degree, then if you are disobedient or as a you know disobedient and therefore the fear actually increases it doesn't it doesn't decrease, but if you're waited on us, or the fear is not there, and of course the fear of Buddha is not there because we

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have to offer Allah and Allah Allah subhanaw taala de De La Hoya Timothy de la raza, why should I care about the world as long as we didn't also handle and the issue of the past that will not be there if our life is uncertain of him because he would not have done anything in the past which we need to regret.

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I'm not saying that we don't make Toba. We went over solos Allah, Allah Himself made a different matter, but actual regret on doing something wrong. That's a different matter. You've done something haram you do how you you killed somebody, or somebody swallowed somebody's property or whatever it was. Now, obviously, if you did not do all these things, then you will not have regret of that handler. You can say that I have no regard to my life. And of course, we have full faith and God

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at the mercy and forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala we continue with our We are not saying no regret does not mean we don't make our October, but at the same time there is no actual regret of having committed any major sins because we have not committed any majors. Because you are on the philosophical study, so soon as the karma is to he and I are going to stay in a study, which is we don't worship anyone other than Allah. We do not ask help from anyone other than Allah, and we stay on the path of righteousness. With steadfastness, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to include us among those who have said our Robin Allah, and to make us among those who have done is to comment on that

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Tomas de Cabo, so that he will include us among those for whom he said, Have another him whether or not was Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Karim, Allah Allah. He was amused me

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