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salam ala Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sheena Philippi will mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam personally when because here on casita Hamato

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my brothers and sisters

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we come to another very important thing which is

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swearing by Allah.

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Now, just the ajeeb thing is the strange thing is that this is almost like a you know what we call like Yakovlevich liqueur,

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repetitive thing that people do all the time especially Arabic people, Arabic speaking people are well i This one i That one I will see you well I will have a cup of coffee and all these kinds of now this is very, very, very much disliked.

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And the chef says to confirm or emphasize a statement many resort to swearing by the name of Allah or one of his at one of his attributes, this is a bad habit and should and should not be done. The name of Allah subhanaw taala should not be used so casually and to swear by it is a very serious matter. A lot of anatella says in certain Nahal the meaning of which is that do not take your oath to practice deception between yourselves with the result that someone's foot may slip after it was firmly planted. Always remember the Hadith Surah Surah, Salah reporting behind Muslim, he said Whoever believes

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in Allah, and the last day should say something good or remain silent. So it's very important.

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Don't keep saying Wallah, he will

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then answer a question. If a colleague was asked about something that you know, do not rush to answer instead, you should not say anything until you are asked. This is a better manner and a nobler attitude. It generates interest in what you say while enhancing your respect. And also it doesn't make the colleague look bad. You know, this is a very common thing that people do jump up and be the answer. But don't do that. Now, this does not mean that if you are in a class, for example, the teacher asked a question which is open to everyone, then of course, you can put your hand up and you can say you don't have an answer. But if you are

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just two of you or something like this and the question is asked, give the other person a chance, Let them say what they have to say. And then you can add to that in a way which does not put the other person down. That's that's also very important.

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The Honorable diary Mujahid bingeable record and Lokman

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al Hakim le cerami Set wizard if another person was asked a question never hastened to give the answer as if you are going to get booty are to win a precious price. By doing so, you will be little you will be little the questioner will offend the question and will join obnoxious people with your stupidity and ill mannered ill manners. And so, such a such an important advice. Let me repeat that he said if another person was asked a question never hastened to give the answer as if you are going to gain booty or to win a precious prize. By doing so you will be little the questioner will offend the question and we'll join obnoxious people with your stupidity and Ill manners share even what a

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humble scholar he said I was with Omarosa he Muhammad Abdul Wahid Al Baghdadi, the Imam and linguist, also known as Hola, I'm Philip. He was asked about a about issue. As I rushed, and answered it. He turned to me and asked, do you recognize an obtrusive character, alluding that I was a nosy person making me feel very embarrassed. So it's very important not to put yourself in that position. Talking on the phone, keep the following basic manners in mind when making phone calls and edify yourself by saying your full name unless you're calling someone very close to you. Do not engage in conversation or answer questions until you know who's calling, choose the right time for

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your call, whether whether calling relatives friends, employees or officials make your compensation brief and to the point. So it will not interfere with their business or other calls, they themselves have to make or receive. Again, a very important thing today with

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cell phones and this book was written before that

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which is that it is very, very, very impolite to look at your phone to check your messages and so on in the middle of a conversation with somebody. So please, it is very rude. Don't do that. Nothing will happen. We all suffer from this FOMO Fear Of Missing Out and it's time to you know, grow up and get out of that. I mean all of us are

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victims of this and I

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a Scotsman intended to protect us from that.

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Then we go to the chapter number six on social manners. And the judge says respect and favor elders recognize the status of elders and give them due respect. When walking with them walk slightly behind and to the right, let them enter and exit First, open doors for them and hold it until they enter. If you meet them, Greet them properly and respectfully. If you discuss something with them, let them speak first and listen attentively and graciously. If your opinion diverse, you should remain polite, calm and kindhearted. And you should lawyer wise never forget to remain respectful. We live in America, where it is quite calm, even in massage for youngsters to sit, listening to a

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HELOC or listening to a lecture with their legs stretched straight. I have heard of them, pointing at the Hibbeler pointing at the hottie pointing at those who might even be reading from the Quran, say they're pointing at the Quran lKt

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it's a very, very bad and miserable habit. Right? Like we we are not supposed to. And don't say this is American culture doesn't matter what culture, it's a very bad habit. And to point your finger, one point to point your feet at somebody to their face. And this is to the teacher this is there's nothing more disrespectful and rude than that. So please don't do that. Another thing which I have seen here is youngsters. They shake your hand and then with the other hand, the thump you on the back the clap you on the back. I mean, this is so reprehensible and miserable and horrible. Unbelievable. I don't know how to do it do do people raise their children or they will just

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dump them and let the children be raised by I don't know what it did teach your children basic manners to Thumper an elder on the back. To put your arm on somebody is on an elder person, shoulder. This is horrible. This is a very, very bad practice. I don't know where it comes from. Please don't do that.

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When you respect when you greet elders,

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greet them. Shake their hand with both your hands. And let go. Don't grab on to the hand. It's not your property. Shake the hand. Let go. Right say saliva salovaara goo. Shake your head and go. Don't some of them on the back. Don't pat them on the back. Don't put your shoulder your or your arm around your shoulder. They're not equal to you. They are not your your colleagues. Right now. They're not your pals. They're you're not hanging out with them. Show respect because this is a reflection of your parenting of the parenting that you received is a reflection of your parents. It's a it's a reflection of your character. So don't disgrace yourself and your parents and your

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character in the way that you deal with people especially elders.

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Their success let me review with you some of the prophetic sayings and traditions that uphold these polite manners. Imam Bukhari and Muslim reported that Abdullah Visa has made a trip with Marisa been Mossad bin Zayed to Hiber when they were about to return my he's a fan of the law had been murdered. He went to a source a salon with his older brother, who is and the victim's brother, Abdul Rahman even Sal Mesa who witnessed the incident started to talk but as soon as the restroom said the elder the elder at that voice spoke and after him spoke myself. Another story further emphasizes this behavior. When he was young Abdullah Omar Delano

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was at a gathering of resources Elam and his senior companions like Obergefell. Delano and his own father say that on top of the alarm. There was one other Salem asked his companions, he said, Tell me which tree does not shed its leaves and is like the Muslim.

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Which tree does not shed its leaves and like a Muslim, the compound has to have a started suggesting names of desert trees after I

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thought that it was the foundry through the dead boundary.

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When see but since he was the youngest and seeing Abu Bakr, MOBA, VL anima. Silent, he shied away, he said nothing. So as a certain told is combiners it is the palm tree. Later, Abdullah Alvarado told his father that he knew the right answer, but had remained silent. So there are no

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set reason for you to have said it right then would have been worth a lot to me. He's saying that because you know, it shows how he raised his son and

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and how you could have reflected well, this is good, nothing wrong with that and that is a that is something that you know, applies to the

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that particular incident.

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So it's not it's not it's not a general statement to be taken for everything. Now Imam Abba deal with he reported that via the Mensa myth of Allah who stated that as soon as I sent him said, Whoever does not respect our elders is not from us. He's not one of us. Whoever does not respect our elders is not one of us. Another version reported whoever does not respect our elders, and does not show compassion, Schuchat kindness to our youth and does not honor our scholars. He is not one of us. May others rather keep us on the right path. These are very serious warnings being given by a police officer. In conclusion, they should not be taken to belittle the youth or to put them down

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remember, Harvey reported that buzzworthy lung

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narrated that says an armor of the law who allowed him to attend his council with seniors who attended the Battle of bother some of them felt uneasy and they asked why permitting him to attend when he is as young as our children say their armor or the alarm replied he is knowledgeable as you will know. Another version elaborates that says no matter Delano asked the city the seniors to explain so the Fatiha and only Abdullayev in their bustle the Lanois explained it correctly in order the division he asked him to.

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He has them to our he has done the meaning of the soul to Lhasa Wallerstein that his alcoholism and know of sorts that NASA is Agia and also rival fat, and I'm still having their buzz with Alana. He's the one who said that this surah foretold the departure of solar cells to meet his rock geladeira says an hour that said this is the reason I keep him in this company. Finally, even a bus with Elon Musk said I thought he asked the question just to demonstrate my knowledge to them. So

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this shows how seven out of the run we used to be considerate and supportive of the youth. But it also shows that the youth in must show the respect that is due to their elders was SallAllahu Rana Vickery Valerie, he was a member of ethical life.