Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Importance Of Sunnah Part I

Mirza Yawar Baig
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unrelatable alameen wa salatu salam ala ala Mia evil Marcelino Allah Allah He was hard to get right or bad. inshallah starting today we'll do a series of further reminders to do with the vehcile medicative sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his position and the importance of his teaching in sha Allah. Allah subhanaw taala mentioned his Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and mentioned for things that he had sent his in a visa lalala for him to do his idea through Allah him if he was a key him were you i limo hormonal kita well, hikma four things they said for them the if you had to do I lay him if he said for them the column that has been revealed on you Why was that key him clean them inside and

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outside the schedule knifes

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and also the all the material of the hair and so forth. Where you are limo home will kita teach them the book, it has already been decided, but that is not sufficient, according to Allah subhanaw taala. So teach them the book, The meaning of what has been decided, and the meaning is

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being told to teach the meaning to people who understand the people whose language is Arabic.

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And then last one, while hikmah What is it by hikma is the application of those teachings?

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Allah subhanaw taala related to this, Allah subhanaw taala said also in una zona vichara in the whole half Islam, Allah said Verily we have sent down our Ricker by which is meant the foreign and we have we will protect it.

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Unfortunately, among the children of the soma, there is this belief that by this I in Nana had Nanana de la vichara when de la hula, have you known is meant only the Quran in the form of the Musashi,

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which is only the ayatollah of Iran

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obviously does not make any logical sense to anyone who has any logic. Because if Allah subhanaw taala is sending the heart and the meat the ayat of the Quran, and with respect to the act of the Quran, if Allah subhanaw taala has given his Navy the responsibility to say recite them to them first, let them know what has been said to you, then clean them

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and then teach them why clean them first and then teach them because the helm of Allah subhanaw taala does not stay in a dirty place. So you have to clean the heart You have to clean the body, then teach them this if we just decided to them which they already understood, but that is not sufficient, teach it to them, and then teach them how to apply them in life.

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Now when Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned this,

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and somebody else chooses to take out of these four things he just chooses to take the first one you have to do Allah him if he and only Allah has protected this, if we are to understand this logic, which is not logic which is complete stupidity. But if we are to believe that then we have to believe that Allah subhanho wa Taala for reasons best known result, did not preserve the morale of taharah or togetherness, he did not preserve the explanation of the ayat of the Quran. And he did not preserve how to apply this Quran in life.

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And all that he preserved was the word of the Quran.

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Anyone with a I don't do I don't think even half of Rand is required anyone with even one working cell neuron in the brain will understand that if someone gives this logic it is completely stupid.

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makes absolutely no sense because if you are if you are left with just the word of the product, you do not know what it means you do not know how to apply it

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then what you will do that

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what I was supposed to do with it

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and how unreliable I mean this is not the meaning of it. A lot of our data does not do things in pieces Allah subhanaw taala does things completely and therefore in Allahu Allah have his own reverts to the words of the Quran. It refers to their meanings and explanations as given by Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and it refers also to the methodology of application of those of those is

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proof Allah subhanaw taala did okay musala

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Allah did not prove did not tell us in the Quran. What is the meaning of Salah number one? Allah does not did not tell us in the Salah in the Quran, how the Salah is to be performed. What is the methodology? Are we supposed to stand on our on our head? Are we supposed to stand on one leg in a river with water and up to our

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Are we supposed to walk over fire in them in them meaning in the name of Salah

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how do we use Allah not masala so I might say Salah according to me means walking over fire was caused because I have to prove to my rep that I love him so much

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or am I just allowed to me means that I must wake up at one o'clock in the night and I must read with freezing cold water and I must go and stand in a river up to water up to my waist and I should watch Ebola

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so if okay masala was sufficient

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for a person to decide how to pray

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then a massage would be sufficient. But what it allows them to do unless and is lovely and what it is what it is that we say about the same sort of what is their son Lu Kamara is to Mooney you suddenly pray as you have seen me pray

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Okay, masala is the Quran what is the what is the sale of a masala solu Kamara, I Tony you suddenly

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if somebody removes a newcomer I usually answer I will not look at this. Then one ah he cannot complete the focus of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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He cannot complete the focus of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And this is what Allah intended. Allah subhanaw taala intended that it should be impossible for you to follow his program without

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listening to and without obeying His Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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These people whose brain has been taken over by shaitan they remove this and therefore what do they do? They stop praying. That alone is enough proof to know that the doors of hedaya have been shut and that the doors of jahannam have been opened because nobody's on the line is Ellen said about descends Allah.

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What did you say?

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I had a lady by Nana buying a home.

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Woman daraga ha vaca Guevara. He said the I had the disease, the covenant the line differentiating between them which means the non Muslims were by Nana and as is a Salah woman daraga the one who lives in Taka Guevara, he is a governor.

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What does it mean? It means that somebody who deny sanlucar is one username.

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Because he is denying that is Amazon and if he denies the hedges on Amazon, then he cannot go home seller

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because he does not know how to do it.

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My brothers, we will do one day each one. So this is enough for Prudential. I want you to think about desire mind myself when you reflect on this. Do not live this life preparing for Ghana.

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live this life preparing for Janda

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do not live this life preparing for Ghana.

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And if you believe or somebody tells you to believe that this Quran of Allah subhanho data, in terms only of its words, is sufficient for you. And that you do not need the explanation and the Tafseer of the Quran as described and explained by Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah Allah Allah was Abu Salah, and you will believe and they tell you to believe that the tsunami salatu salam which is the methodology of implementation of the Quran, if this is not required for you, then Believe me, they are leading you to jahannam which they will enter and you will enter with them.

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This discard them, reject them and announce to the world the danger that these people are putting you and

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please understand this very clearly.

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And that is

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let us protect ourselves and everybody else from them. One the whole world about people like this was Allah Allah Allah and abiel Karim while Allah He was highly trained, there are medica yamawaki me

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