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salam ala Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shara philam, via even mousseline Mohamed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam the stream and cathedral cathedral from Morocco.

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I remember the sisters Allah subhanaw taala sent us the the deen which is a complete way of life, which is designed to give us success in this life and the Accra.

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It is not this at the expense of that. In Islam, we don't say this life destroyed so you get gender No. live this life in the best possible way. And you also get Jana and will

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now what happens to many of us is that 100 Love you practice Islam we pray and we go to the masjid for Joomla and we fasted Ramadan and so on. But we do it more like a routine. My grandfather did my father did this is the custom This is the practice community is doing. There is no connection with Allah subhanaw taala you're not doing it in order to get some benefit from it straight away. And of course with Allah benefit insha Allah is guaranteed.

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Right? Let me give you an example.

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Say the Fatima Viola Anna asked her husband I live in Abu Dhabi with the Allahu

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to ask Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam for a servant.

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He had some captives from one of the housework. So she said, Please ask him as my father for a seven because I am I get very tired in the by the evening lot of work. And if there is somebody to help me, that would be good. So So then Ali said, No, I don't want to ask him you ask him.

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So she went, and she stood in the door, and then she could not. She was very a lot of hijab, a lot of

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modesty and a lot of sight. So she didn't want to, there was a Santa was sitting there, there was a whole bunch of men there. So she didn't want to go inside. She just stood in the door that she turned back and came home.

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So when things finished, he went to their house.

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By then they had retired, they had both,

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you know, they were in the bedroom. So Rosa came and he sat on the bed.

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And he said to South Africa, why did you come?

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What did you need from me? She said, Here's what I wanted to ask you for a servant because I get very tired in the in the night, by the time I finish my work, so some help. So as I said, I cannot give you a sermon because I have other other things to do with those people. But I will teach you something which will take away your tiredness now think about this. He's not saying I will teach you something which will give you agenda No, she's asking for a worldly material thing right? I'm tired now what should I do? My body's spinning What shall I do is a to Tylenol. So material need material solution. So she's very tired Washington. He said I will teach you something which will take away

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your tiredness. What did he say? He said reside Sahara Allah 33 times Alhamdulillah 33 times Allah Akbar 33 times and said I lie Lola father Russia Nicola will oval will have a nom de Allah coalition.

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So what did he ask what did she ask him for something which is material physical in this world? What did you give her solution for that? Now obviously, every time you just want Allah Allah subhanaw taala will plant a tree for you in Jannah there is a there is a treasure for the Dhikr of Allah this is understood guaranteed. does not need explanation. But he is not teaching her this for Agile. He's teaching her this as a solution for something in this life right.

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So then earlier then after that they I never ever miss saying that reading this in the night before I go to bed reset completely takes away all my fatigue I said I'm fresh and I sleep nicely.

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Of course we also do this after every for Salah this is part of the Asgard Maka.

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Now, why am I telling you this? Because this is our religion. Our religion is that for this world is material things. We have solutions in the religion in the deen in the theology in the in the Asgard in the kalam of Allah subhanaw taala.

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But what do we see our people doing today?

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There is an exam

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so you

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verbally your son or daughter. It is in Ramadan, your Ballack son and daughter on whom fasting is Ferg

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will not fast

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and parents are okay with that. Why? He's leaving deliberately leaving a fourth Psalm which is haram. Why is he why why what I know he's got an exam

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when do you need Allah more when there is when you have an issue when you have a problem when you have a difficulty or when you don't have anything, which one?

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We didn't allow all the time. But I'm saying when do you need both? Like, if I have a rope if I have a boy if I have some floating device, when do you need it when you're drowning, or when you're standing on the ground?

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So I have a problem now I've got an exam now I've got a problem at my work. I've got some maybe a health issue or something. This is when I need Allah subhanaw taala the most. At that time you want to leave on and go somewhere. I can't fast because I have an exam, the whole of water level, even if it will not Ramadan and if there was an exam then you should maybe keep an awful fast and say yella I'm going to make dua for you do are you in a state of fasting you accept my dua? Hey,

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instead of that we leave the foster Nevada.

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Juma where is this boy? No, he's got an exam. So Juma is Carla's?

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Hey, he's got time but you weren't comfortable. What exam?

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What exam? Allah Serrano doesn't the Iowa no Island Bill river taqwa, wala the Iowa no Island is another one.

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There are two words in Arabic one with an iron one with

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the high one means complacency. Take it easy, no problem. And try one means help cooperate. Allah did not get to heaven unless it down. The Ioannou help each other cooperate with each other.

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In what I'll build it with Taqwa. impiety and in the consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala. And then very clearly see the avenue I'll be river Taqwa automatically means well, that's

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module one right? I mean, automatic. Do this means don't do the other one opposite. But still Allah subhanaw taala is emphasizing he said what

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I learned is we will and do not help each other in sin and in rebelliousness in doing something which Allah does not like.

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Unfortunately for us, we have taken this deen and made a joke out of it, please don't do this. Right.

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In Islam, it is permissible for a man and a woman to work in a work environment, maintaining the boundaries of work. So for example, like the other day I said, if a doc if a surgeon is operating in the operating theatre, the theatre nurse is there, she's handing you a implement, she's handing you a scalpel or whatever the surgeon can work with no problem.

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The analysis is a is a female you are a male, no problem.

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Right? You are working in a school there are male teachers, female teachers, you are sitting together meetings, school meetings, designing curriculum, whatnot, no problem.

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But after that, they say let's go let's go hang out in the in the cafe.

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No, this is not from Islam.

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This is not from Islam.

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You're working together. male teacher, female teacher hamdulillah your good relationship. You cooperate you work together very nicely.

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And a DJ and you say no, I want to give you a hug. No.

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Not okay.

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She Salam alikoum

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I'm saying this because all this happens in this country. Believe me this and we are made now. 100 Okay. Oh

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100 is okay.

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How can I be okay, when you are not even permitted to shake hands?

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I was in Britain. I was in a I was in London. I went to see there was a Jewish school there called the Jew called the J costs Academy.

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So I went to see the school I asked them to so they invited me to come. So my wife and I went we were met by two teachers. All of them are Jews, Jewish people.

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The man shook hands with me. And he put his hand on his chest like this and bow to my wife.

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These are British people.

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The woman shook hands with my wife and she did not shake out with me.

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So I, obviously I noticed that so I said to her, I said it's very interesting. Why did you do that? She said for the same reason you would do that

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she said reason you would do that.

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My point is, other people are so conscious and they have no problem practicing their religion, what is our problem?

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What is our problem?

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My brother says, Please understand, if you practice your religion with dignity, the whole world will respect you. You do not have to compromise your identity. You do not have to compromise your dignity you do not have to compromise your principles.

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People will respect you people will ask you questions and when they ask a question that door for Thao opens now you explain to them this is the reason and so on and so forth. So directly going and talking to them you may not do it there may not be an opportunity but when you are practicing your religion then there is an opportunity if you are if you need to pray when you're praying they're they're watching you praying and this is one like you're doing like this yes

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you're doing like this and vital information this is the way that easily salaam used to pray. This is the way his mother Maria Malay Salam used to pray.

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How do you know that because till today, the Eastern Orthodox Church, which are the people in Jerusalem and zones over till today, they pray like this. They have reconstitute

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the Catholic Catholic Church the Western Church removed all this. But the Eastern Orthodox Church they do it to today the Syrian Christians pray like this even today.

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The movements are the same movements as our salah.

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That will Allah Samantha says work out Mara rocky into minimalism

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opens the doors for dower because you are practicing your religion. So please understand this do not go and alter and change your religion to because you have this funny you know I don't know what you know you you think people will not like you or what what what like or not like

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practice your religion with dignity. Number one. Number two, use the religion especially when you have difficulties or you need you have challenges in your life. You need the help of Allah subhanaw taala

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don't leave fasting not leave praying, do more make the Hajj further on yourself I always say if you are not praying if you want something really and you are not making dua and tahajjud then you don't want it seriously. Because you really want it How come you're not asking who's gonna give you Allah is going to give you when the time to ask is that

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make that is further news and make it Pray at least to rock out of that no matter no matter what happens to regard of that you then read one use of Quran

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then press autophagy

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make this into a routine that whole thing will take about maybe an arbitrary hour hour and a half. Imagine that you use be in your day with one hour or one and a half hours of the worship of Allah subhanaw taala how beautiful that they will be full of Baraka because the day is beginning like this with the vicar of Allah is where we deliver the Quran with Da

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please make this further use of and maintain the boundaries of Islam

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this one hug is okay and you know shaking hands and whatnot hanging out in this cafe that cafe I'm going to study with my with my friend and this friend is a female friend. Why should you study with your female friend

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better Soylent he's only going to study

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what is the mean you only I mean?

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Where does it mean you gone to study which means what?

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There is a book that is your brand study or what what you want somebody else to do what somebody is going to put that stuff into your head

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that really mean what kind of stuff is

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and what happened all the all the boys in your class are branded.

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Please maintain the boundaries of this deal. This is not a joke, right? This is merely Hey Tara for a reason Allah Subhana Allah knows the sharing this thing. Why are you being stopped because of the danger? You don't understand the danger. I don't understand the danger. We believe there are also rallies around sunrise. There is a danger in these things that is the reason why we are stopped not because somebody wants to give you trouble No.

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And the parents especially they must do this because I know in this in this place the root cause of the parents may Allah majority they were raising

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Have children is wrong. It's not only the parents are the ones they are it is okay. That's okay. Please, this religion is complete

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you are not going to make this decision for the convenience of anybody else. So please do your parenting properly that's your duty Allah subhanaw taala gave you the Maqam and de vaca as a parent for that reason, not because of because biologically you are their parents, because because of their Obeah and education of them. So please do that. Right? We ask Allah subhanaw taala general who forgive us, Allah, who will be inshallah amines or sadaqa jariya. For us we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give to help us to guide them properly. We ask Allah subhanaw taala because this is your this is your investment. That is the reason why those children Asada kajaria for you because you made the

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investment in them. So make the investment we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to gain the right knowledge and to convey the right knowledge and implement the right knowledge and make your homes and our homes a place of prayer and baraka and Apphia for us and for all those people who live in those homes or Santa Ana will carry Murali your savage Emirati Corolla.