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solo, Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala should have been unbeatable mostly. Muhammad Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihe right it was over salam to Sleeman cathedral because

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we continue with the

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lessons on Islamic manners from the book, which is called Islamic matters by a shareholder fatawa.

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Here is talking about the manner proper manner of walking with elders.

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The proper manner of walking with elders was laid out by Imam Abu Allah al humbly a jurist and a judge and the chief share of the humbly School of of his time. His students, the jurists I live in move Oracle Carthy he said one day judge Abuja Allah said to me while walking with Him, if you walked with someone you honor, where would you walk? I said, I do not know. He said walk to his right. Place him at the position of the imam in the prayer, leave his left side clear in case he needs to spit or get rid of dirt. So walk next to the elder person but a little bit to the back. Not ahead of him not right next year. An interesting story in this regard involves three Muslim scholars

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will third century of the Hijra judge Hamad bin Omar bin Sorry, just Mohammed Bin Bin doubt and zaharie and The Linguist NAFTA way they were working together when they came to a very narrow passageway each wanted the other to go ahead even a serie he said a narrow street invites ill banners even though they responded. Though it points out status. NAFTA always said when friendship prevails, formalities disappear. The story does not tell who at the head of the others but it is likely that it was Mohammed bin Suri as he was at the time a judge and a prominent imao who ranked above his two companions, he commented. An arrow street invites all manners apologizing out of

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politeness for going ahead. He would not have said that if one of his companions and moved ahead or that as that would have been impolite. However, there is a possibility that another way went ahead as his words could also be an apology for doing that as he is the least in rank from them. Most importantly, it is wonderful. It's wonderful to see how such can considered behavior and tactful apologies were part of people's manners.

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Then he says the elders are to lead prayers. The Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam taught the youth the matter of companionship and the custom of giving proceedings to elders. Bukhari and Muslim reported that as well that the companion the honored companion, Merrick Malik bin abou edits are the land who said, I was with a group of youths that that visited the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam for 20 Nights.

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So these were young people who came and stayed with them for 20 nights. The messenger was of Allah Azza wa sallam was very kind and compassionate. He sensed that we might have missed our families, and were homesick and he asked us about whom we had left behind. When we informed him he said, Go back to your families, live with them, teach them Islam and tell them of the good deeds at the time of Salah, let one of you call the other and then have your eldest, lead the salah, in this particular case of Surah Surah Salam specified that the eldest should lead the surah since they were equal in their knowledge and learning being older in a k in such a case merits leadership in

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prayers. However, if a person is more knowledgeable than he should lead the Salah, as knowledge is an honor above age, supported by many had thesis on this subject. So,

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if everybody is more or less equal to knowledge and the older one leads, but if somebody is somebody, you know, for example, somebody is a scholar, he is harvest for and something then they must be given procedures, even though older people, maybe they're in the gathering, if the prayers are offered at a house, the host is entitled to lead the Salah. So we call this the host is called the rubble wait is called the corner of the house and therefore that owner of the house has the right to lead sulla but the owner of the house can give his right to somebody else. For example, if among the guests is somebody who is knowledgeable is a harvest Quran is Allah then the owner can say

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please, Julie, just even though it is the right of the owner, he gives you the right to somebody who has more more

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rank in because of his knowledge

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If the guest declines, the host should not hesitate to lead the prayer Imam I heard a number around the law reported in his Muslim that Abdullah Masood Delano visited Abu Musa al archery or the Alonso when it when it was time to pray, Abu Musa asked me my soul, please lead the prayer as you are more as you are older and have more knowledge, even the muscle or the landlord said no you lead the prayer. This is your house and pray praying area, and you should lead the prayer and Abu Musa Asha yoga law who then let the prayer

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then elders served first. When serving food or drink, give proceedings to the elders or to dignitaries ahead of anyone else after that you may proceed with those on their right if you want to follow the practice of this organizer setup. The evidence supporting this banner in addition to the two Hadees mentioned before, is found in many Hadees, some of which are cited below. Imam Muslim or Atilla li reported the following Hadith in Sahih, in the chapter on Manos, and rules of eating and drinking has ever been Yemen or the alarm was set whenever we were invited to a meal with rustlers and Salem we would not reach for the food with our hands before he had reached for it so it's not a

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question for you sitting just grab what is good now give it to the others be considered was you have annoyed Angela in the other side he devoted a chapter to respecting scholars, elders dignitaries, giving them proceedings in the best seats and acknowledging their preeminence. And now we rally reported and he quoted the Quran and a large collection of Hadith in the following paragraphs

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who the counselor says in the following paragraphs, I will quote some of these unless rather I said in the Quran are the equal those who have knowledge and those who have no knowledge. It is those who possess understanding that we receive advantage. So I lost my place Allah's Elias theory.

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Jana when our legend li element is a lesson they are not equal. The those who have knowledge and those who do not have knowledge members reported that oak bobbin Ammeraal buttery Island sorry, Alana stated that as well. As Russell said, those who are best at reciting the Quran should lead prayers if they are equal than those who are most well versed in the Sunnah should do if they are equal than a person who migrated first or Monica Medina should lead and if they are migrated at the same time, then the elder one should lead to these reports to the Mahajan at that time. Basically the one who knows the most Quran who has the most sunnah and who

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is the oldest Imam Muslim Angela reported that even muscles are the London said that resources are absurd let your wise and mature pray immediately behind me then who are then who trail behind them and then who trail behind them. So that is also one of those sort of saga that you must have the person most knowledgeable, was standing behind him.

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Remember, find out Talalay reported the Javid rob the law of the land what he said after the battle rod Russell was in Salem, Barry two martyrs in one grave, he asked which one memorized more of the Quran when informed, he placed him first facing the Qibla the other person who placed him next to him. Muslim imam Muslim reported that Abdullah namorada Lanois stated that Rosaura Surah Salam said I dreamt I was brushing my teeth with the cvac with a mitzvah. When two men approached me I handed the Sivak to the younger, but was instructed to hand it to the old accordingly I handed it to the older so this is also the deal, because the dream of the of the nubby is where he

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went without reported as a sound heavy is that Abu Musa luxury of the land stated that no solos and a Salam said part of paying homage to Allah, meaning part of honoring Allah is to respect an elder whose hair has turned gray and a regular recite or of the Quran or a just ruler, so three people an older person is somebody who is well versed in the Quran and who reads it and a ruler who is just the desired behavior towards elders is so important that the Robertson have made it part of respecting and rating Allah subhanaw taala. To ignore this would be gross misbehavior. As at its forefront comes respect and reverence for the just ruler. A poet listed eight points and suggested

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that those who implement them should be slapped on the neck. disrespecting a grand ruler entering a house without being invited.

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giving orders in somebody else's house.

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Taking an undeserved seat of honor, talking to those who are not interested in what one has to say,

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two people while they are speaking to each other and asking charity from a miser

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seeking favor from me.

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We ask Allah, Allah for his guidance and inshallah

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Allah Allah, Allah Allah will carry while he was able to get on with it.