Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Allah Knows And We Dont

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the danger of Islam's use of Subhanaw taala, which can cause harm. They highlight instances where Allah's actions led to harm and the need for people to be cautious. The speaker also mentions the use of Subhanaw taala to protect people from the difficulties of the dams and the need for people to be careful.
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100 below me. So that's also a violation of Columbia city in the US average about

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Los Angeles it was and Dr. O'Shea who are local, or as to hibachi, for overshadowed local, or long term, lotta Allah,

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Allah Allah said that there may be a thing which you dislike, but there is benefit for you in it, there is higher for you in it. And there may be a thing that you like, but there may be something harmful in it for you. A lot of data knows, and you do not know,

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desire came at the time when the ad will network. And people were permitted, Muslims are permitted to fight against those who are oppressing them. But the

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message remains true for us and for all time, that in this life, things happen to us, which apparently, on the face of it are things that are harmful for us, or we think they are harmful for us, or we dislike them. And but later on with hindsight, when we think we reflect back on our lives, then we realize that those things which we consider to be harmful, or we call we did not like to do those things, those things were really the ones which benefited us. And similarly, there would be things in our lives, if we reflect back in our own personal histories, we will find that there were things which we really wanted very much. And something which really we love to do, or we like to do,

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or we would have wanted to do. But those things, either they actually caused us harm. Or if what we wanted a lot of hands that had given us, then that would have been harmful for us. If you think about it today.

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In the lives of the MBR Allahu Salam. Again, we see situations where on the face of it, the situation was a situation of great danger and again situation of great harm. Take for example, use of Elisa Lam story, such a beautiful story of the Quran. And I'm only taking one piece of it where useful insulin was thrown into the well. A situation of grades, dangerous situation where his life was literally at stake. Similarly, when as well as Ram was thrown into the prison, on a false charge, something he had not done, again fears of it, something which is harmful, something which is dangerous. But both of these situations were situations where Allah subhanaw taala from that

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extracted as well as Allah and gave him positions of great honor and great goodness in this life. Similarly rival is Allah being thrown into the fire. Now what is worse than that, to be burned to life, to be thrown into the fire? But Allah subhanaw taala then sent directly on Hong Kong on the fire. Yeah, and our only burden was Allah and Allah is Allah does it all via become become cold, and be a source of safety for revelation. So from a situation of danger, Allah subhanaw taala extracted him and gave him a situation of goodness. Similarly, if you take the story of his wife and son has already Sarah and his son is Valerie Salaam, when they were left in the value of Africa, at that

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time, situation of great danger, you take your wife and your wife and your, you know, infant child, and leave them in a place where there is no food, no water, no habitation, no people not what is what can be more dangerous and what can be more

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difficult than that. But from that Allah subhanaw taala, raised ambia illustrata near this violence alarm the the line is for us all as a service Allah and Allah subhanaw taala use this miserly Salaam and his father primary Salah to reconstruct the Kaaba and so on and so forth. What we learn from this is that our hamdulillah if whether the situation seems to be good or bad, number one, that we have faith that Allah Subhana Allah knows best number two, we do what they did. In all of these cases, what in Gambia do, they met Joe back palace monitor? They were not worried about the situation they didn't that unless remember is that I did not say Oh Allah, what should I do with

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this file? No. The issue was radiobacter Allah, Allah Allah Allah if you are pleased with us from the desert, whatever comes to us in this dunya is good. If you are not pleased with us, then whatever good comes to us in dunya is not good. So the issue is for you in Allah The issue is for is for us to turn to Allah subhanaw taala. The purpose of all these things which happened is to bring us closer to Allah subhanaw taala. Therefore we the thing to do is anytime we are faced with any difficulty, to make Rasool Allah Allah to turn towards Allah subhanaw taala to ask for

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As well as help and insha Allah, Allah Subhana Allah has promised His help the one who asked for Allah sewaddle prophecy is dynabeads ws Allah, Allah does it ask for help to suffer, and Jews lack knowledge makes Allah and milkdrop smarter. We ask Allah Allah to protect us from the difficulties of this dunya voila Sarah. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to open for us the doors of hire, to do near la cara, Salah La la la,

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la la, la la, la, la, blah

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