Mirza Yawar Baig – Dhikr with Kaifiyat

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The process of connecting an appliance to power involves peeling off the plastic and connecting it to a source of power. The physical effects of the process are emphasized, including the importance of remembering the head's impact on one's body. A solution to body pain is given to a character named Alana, and the conversation emphasizes the importance of not giving up on one's beliefs and offering hope for Allah and a solution to body pain.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam

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mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam just because

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I'm not Valterra said after Herman does aka

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the person who has succeeded who has purified themselves

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think about this I'm not asking you to do it but I'm sure I mean I have done it many times but

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did you ever try to connect an appliance to the source of power between two wires? What do you what do you do when you want to connect?

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yes but how do you what's the process what do you do

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how do you how to connect

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you got to know how to connect

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to them the wire is completely covered with plastic how it was

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right. So first of all, you peel off the plastic right then maybe the wire has got some green copper oxide on it right. So what must you do? Clean No, every example was unclear it then you twisted together then the current will flow.

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Same process for the heart.

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This heart is the receiver

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is the receiver of the word of Allah.

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But like

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the wires, the source of power for the power to flow, this has to be ugly.

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Now what happens to the heart you know that is he said that when a person does something wrong

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and does not make us aware of those

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dark spots from the heart then others in another spot until the heart becomes completely wrapped up and that's right there is a there is a complete covering on are totally insulated your plastic and God knows what.

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So then nothing happened there is no Dynalite Allah does not come because the heart is covered with insulation insulation of the Luna installation of Maaseiah installation of since installation of disobedience also handled

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with keen our hearts one way to check whether the heart is clean or not is to reflect on the things that we for example what we recite the asker of the morning and then we are not just Inshallah, if you don't know we should memorize them. Very simple.

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Like for example we say everyone Allahumma inni who shidduch

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go ally make you the witness.

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Bow shadow hemella the arcic and the wit I make witnesses as the Havoline the Malaika we're holding up there's

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one Mullah Ecotec all Yamaneika you don't know how many along with this.

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Watch me.

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And all of creation, think about this. Don't just say all of it. Who is our equation? Of course we are crazy then what is every blade of grass?

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When you go outside a breeze blows every

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gust of breeze.

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When you go outside there is a moon, every ray of moonlight when there is a sun every ray of the sunlight, right? every grain of sand, every insect every bird every animal, every sound

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the radio waves which are connecting all of this yummy

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every created thing all that we know and all that we don't know we are making them witness

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Unaka on the low La ilaha illa underwired back lash recon UK

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think about is this the glory of Allah? Anakin Tala.

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La ilaha IL NS there is nobody was worthy of worship etc. Nobody can be worshipped except to

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word that

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you are alone unique established or you have the young

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luxury Kolak there is no part that you in anything not in your that not in your server not in your file. Not in your as are not in your automobile. Not

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or 2008 anything no shareholders, no partners no equal nothing like you, Lisa was Vijay

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were unarmed or Hamedan I will do our show

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and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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is your hubs he is your slave whereas hooligan he is your messenger.

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Right? We don't morning Africa, we are supposed to say this four times. There is no sir I'm sorry, this is the kuffar for the joints and the bones.

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So, there is a physical effect if we do this with the man and your pain and we do this properly then it should take away all the pain.

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Just think God is you know, we all know the head is off, does refer to me what is referred to me 33 times so far Allah 33 times Alhamdulillah 30 More times Allah What is the story of this?

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What is the as Bob of this does? We know the story? Fatima Zahra della Ana persona as I said I've had some

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prisoners of war, which he was ransoming.

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So far, they were to Zara Alana said to her husband, Olivia. I know she said you know I get very tired I have lot of work to do and so on so on. So why don't you go and ask my father for a service.

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She said that I listen, I'm not

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I'm not going to I will not ask if you ask us your father. It was

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so far the one of Alana went to the door and nobody saw her. But she also could not you know, have the courage to ask him we are so loved Please give me one server. So she came back she says

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everything finished in the night after salata, Alicia Rapisarda salami to the house.

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He went to the house, they were lying down in bed.

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They got a visa No, later on.

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He sat down on the bed.

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He said, Why did you come?

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She's also like him because of this. Accuracy. didn't say that. He said, she said yes, she came because she wanted to ask you for a servant. Because he gets tired body pains.

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Listen to the story. This is not for nothing. So rubbish. And I said,

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I could not give you the seven DVDs. You asked me because this is for different reasons.

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But how about I teach you something which is better than the seven which will take away everything. Now remember, he's not saying Redistribute? You go to Jana? No. She is the lady. She's the the leader of the women of Jana. Where is the note about this is not for them. She's got a problem. She's got a physical actual problem. I get tired there as well. I'm tired, my boobs are aching and so on. I've tried. I need a server to help me there is a server I'll give you something better which will take away all the standards. What would you please please tell us? He said this says 133 times you Alhumdulillah 33 times yeah, whatever.

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So now here is a solution. Right? Here you go to the your PCP go to a doctor. Doctor. My body is open and he says take Meloxicam. Meloxicam one in the morning one in the night we are very happy to take Meloxicam visit Ben wherever

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you please take no problem. My point is what Russell was an asylum gave was a DA

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he gave them a solution for a worldly problem in the seeker of Allah. Yes.

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Now we tell the Hadees we tell the story we everybody goes home this is one last one nothing happens my pain is the same way that

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Allah code why you know why? Because we are just repeating the words there is no caveat in the words.

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There is no asset in the words as well as one as one in

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Wallahi Allah is Witness

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the word I was gonna sell Salaam is not false.

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Sadaqa rasool Allah Sabbath

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if he said it will happen, it will happen there is no doubt about this. If it is not happening to us.

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And we have to think what is it I am doing wrong?

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He gave this as a worldly solution.

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So I run myself and you let us clean the hearts. Let us make zikr with the caveat of the seeker think about what is it I'm saying?

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We don't need to get it out. Most of you are out of here anyway. But even if you're not these things, everybody knows we all we all know our

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We're not aware of what is Subhanallah we know what is a luxury.

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Think about that reflect on that

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has colossal artha Yara

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I'm taking this Ben Geller that giveaway you are now we showed a solution

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make the solution work for me

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do the Dhikr of Allah subhanaw taala with the caveat of the secret shall

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not want to delay will light up our hearts. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to illuminate our hearts to fill our hearts with His know to fill our hearts with hope for Allah and it'll soon summarize and to fill our lives with the Bhargavi Slavitt Shalla are some of the Hanabi if anyone out he was

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