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The speakers discuss the "butterfly effect" theory, which explains how actions and events happen in a specific place and not in a completely unrelated place. They emphasize the importance of understanding the effects of chaos on one's behavior and prioritizing work. The speakers also emphasize the importance of investing in acquiring a T-shirt and building a house for a long time, as well as the importance of accuracy in budgeting and ensuring the best investment is made. They emphasize the need to stay in a certain area and not give up on opportunities, and emphasize the importance of investing in acquiring a T-shirt and building a house for a long time.

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In the London Illa salatu salam O Allah,

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Allah Allah, he was heavy on Villa obod.

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chaos theory,

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there is something called the butterfly effect.

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And it's downward was

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invented by a guy called Edward Lawrence

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to explain the causal effect

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of catastrophes,

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catastrophic happenings, Edward Lawrence argued that the causes of those are sometimes in apparently insignificant things which happen in a completely unconnected place.

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So he says, the way he explained it was that he said that a hurricane that is caused in the Philippines

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a hurricane that comes in the Philippines is caused by a butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazonian rainforest,

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which is deep in South America.

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And that's why it's called the butterfly effect. It means that something major can be the result of something which is apparently very minor and which happens in a completely non related place. And when we say this happens in what is called a nonlinear system, which is what the world is.

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Allah subhanaw taala mentions this and it says, Zahara el pasado, Pilbara barberry, Bhima cassava edginess, and so to whom Allah said that the facade which you see on the seas and on the land is the result of the actions which come from the hands of people, result of what people do.

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I remind myself and you today as we sit here and reflect

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more than 1000 people have been killed in Assam. More than 1000 Muslims have been killed in Lhasa

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by Bordeaux terrorists

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who are doing ethnic cleansing of their land.

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The army which has been called out to protect the people who are being killed,

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and they have set up refugee camps the army is telling them to run away

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and go

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in Myanmar, in Burma,

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more than 2000 Muslims of the Rangers have been killed

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by the Burmese army

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led and aided and abetted by Buddhist monks and the Burmese Buddhists.

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We all know what is happening in Syria, we all know what is happening in Philistine

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in up I don't know what the current situation is, but in particular and so on. Also, there were these incidents of

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the killing of Muslims

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and trying to understand that from different perspectives, this is a thought that came to my mind, which is the thing that we are reminded to this Dean that the effects that come the conditions that face us the conditions that happened to us

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are not the result of our scientific knowledge, they are not the result of the amount of wealth we have

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they are not the result of power or authority that we may have or may not have, they are the result of only one thing, which is our actions

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which is our actions and that the results that we see in a particular place and not necessarily the reserves the reserves because of the actions of those people.

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Something we see in a particular place we cannot say it this is happening in Assam because the people the Muslims in Assam are so bad. So Allah subhanaw taala sent a punishment No, we cannot say that Allah subhanaw taala sends the water that the rain that falls on Hyderabad is not water that was evaporated from

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the rain that falls on Hyderabad is water, which may have come from the Atlantic

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or somewhere else. So what happens in a place doesn't necessarily depend on what

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that the people in that place did.

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Which means that for all we know anila knows best.

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It is because of the actions of people like us.

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And actions remember, and I'm saying actions, action of two kinds. One is to do something is action and not to do something is also action.

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To do something is action and not to do something is also action. So both

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Something which we were supposed to do.

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And we did, or something we were supposed to do, but we did not do. Similarly, something that we were not supposed to do, but we did.

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And similarly, something we were not supposed to do not so four kinds of things, actions, which we do, and we don't. So maybe Allah knows best, that it's because of the actions of people like us, that you see facade happening in different places of the world.

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But let us want ourselves and we want that

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it is assumed Allah subhanaw taala, that Allah subhanaw taala as work will be done,

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irrespective of whether we want to do it or not.

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And in order to do his work, Allah subhanaw taala gives the opportunity to a people.

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And if they fulfill that opportunity, Allah subhanaw taala helps them if they fulfill that duty, Allah will help them

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if they do not fulfill that duty, and Allah subhanho wa Taala

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corrects them, or gives them the opportunity to correct themselves

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once, twice, thrice.

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Then after that Allah subhanaw taala removes him from the seat

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and put somebody else.

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And both of these things, the

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corrections, as well as the removal are both extremely painful

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for the studio,

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because the same is the next I have sort of the room after the one which I decided last month and I said, why is this bizarre losing a home by the law, the Amarillo law,

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that we give them a small taste of their deeds,

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it's not the full not the full recompense of the smell test of the dead

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small taste of some of the dates

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so that they will turn towards Allah subhanaw taala.

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So that they will turn towards Allah subhanaw taala.

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Now, my reminder to myself and you is that therefore, it is extremely important for us to examine our own armor,

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because these will

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have an effect and they will have an effect also on the individual. It's not that they will always send the effect and only rossano

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it has an effect directly on us.

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And we can understand the strange things we can understand chaos theory we can understand precipitation theory and so on and so forth. But we can understand the theory that

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produces results.

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Good and Bad amaal produce results. And that's a tragedy because this is why Allah subhanaw taala sent us to do Amal in this world ama that are pleasing to Him.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala helps those people who do those ama

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and Ramadan is a very good time for us to reflect and spend some time in thinking and reflecting and stop running around like chickens with their head cut off

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pointless movement there is this whole

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culture today

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the appearance

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of being busy.

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And everybody's very busy. Right? This is there's no barakah in time, there is a 24 hours what what Baraka Do you want to his time is not shortened. The world is not the number amount number a number of minutes in a day has not come down even even by one minute. The Robber had the same amount of time and he had the same amount of time and you and I have the same amount of time. So what is this business of saying? You know, I don't have time How can you not have time? You have 24 hours everybody has 24 hours nobody has anything more?

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The issue is of doing pointless activity, senseless activity, just look at yourself and say what are the things that I am doing? And what is the effect of those things?

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How many times do we think about this?

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results do not come from hard work please understand very clearly heavyweight teams he was work hard was work hard. Only a

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bullock works hard is pulling a plow which you know somebody else is beating him if he doesn't do it. It's very stupid to work hard. You should never work hard. You should work smart and working smart is to prioritize

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Fools work hard, because they don't they're no sense. They don't know what they're doing. So they're working hard.

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You have any brain at all, you don't work hard. You use your intelligence. Why did Allah subhanaw taala give you intelligence to work hard? Then Allah, Allah would have idiopathic not to work hard, no brain, not a strength. Allah did not do that Allah subhanaw taala gave us a brain to use

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and use the brain, then you prioritize and you say which action gives me the biggest rewards?

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We understand cost benefit ratios, right? We do cost benefit analysis with our finances, we should do cost benefit analysis was our time.

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What do I do with my time? If you ask a financial investor, you know, where should I invest? What's What money? Where should I invest in what will he tell you put it in a place, which will give you a 2% return know, what's the good or 2% do not know there's no point in even talking about a return which is below inflation because then that's actually a negative return. So unless the return is at least minimum, more than inflation, you're actually making nothing you're losing money right? How come we don't apply all these theories for our time,

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money is not a non renewable asset.

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Time is a non renewable asset, what has gone is gone. money you can always make you lose money, you make money, but time

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time gone is gone.

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Same time for example, we even today, last night, when I was saying literally we got like three hours between the end of

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it. But Viola later on the Day of Judgment, that five minutes more or 10 minutes more of it a minute more we spent in the vicar of Allah subhanaw taala what will be the weight of that on our scale we will know then

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we will know that inshallah. Right, today it is it is difficult. And also I mean, in today's only a seven day, by the time you come to the 21st day all of this will accumulate and you will feel like you're dying or something you know, because that will lead to sleep deprivation and so on and so on. But we stay in there Why do we stay in there? Nobody's forcing us we can we can get up and go and sleep. As long as you have finished your forgot of Fargo visa. There's nothing more that you absolutely have to do right? You will want sleep no no, we don't pray Dharavi is not a sin. But any Muslim who has any knowledge at all will ever do that, no matter how much of how painful it is no

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matter what it is, he will stick in there he will stay there because then he will sit or do something but he will ensure that he does his

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why because he understands he understands that on the day of judgment that five minutes today which may have seemed to have been full but that five minutes the weight of that on my scale may make the difference between this place and that place May Allah take us all into the agenda with his Rama because that's how we get we get the we don't get there with our hammer we get there with the Ramadan Allah subhanaw taala the Sabbath as well like that is the case. The first ask him even you and he said yes, even me. So then this is the Why should we work because if it

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doesn't, you know he will put us if you want to put us he said

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give Allah subhanaw taala reason for the Rama

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and he said you will enter the agenda with Rasul of Allah subhanaw taala. But the data just in general, will depend on your actions.

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Now, somebody might say that I don't care what does I get as long as like agenda, but that kind of a statement means that you are joking and Acura is very, very weak, that you have no faith you have no real data is not real to you. Because you will never make that statement with regard to something in dunia.

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You will never say as long as I bought a T shirt over my head, it's fine. I all I needed is a place to sleep. So as long as I bought a T shirt, you will never settle for at inject

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will build a house to last 100 years. And you know and I know you're not gonna live for 100 years.

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my ancestral house is 150 years old. So I was telling a friend of mine from Switzerland as telling him that you know, we have this house which is 100 years old. So he laughed. This is why laughing He said because our average houses are at least 1000 years old.

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He said our new houses are 800 years old.

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Now imagine Do you think the Swiss think that they will live for it and it is no but this is human nature human nature is to build long beyond capacity. Even he knows he's not gonna live for 800 divided Why are you building US based on ideas? Because for them dunia is real. Yes. folios dounia is real.

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And for us accurate is supposed to be real.

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So what is our investment in the Acura? That depends on our render accuracy, stories and so on so forth. You go to the budget on Amazon, you're on buying here and there, then that is the investment we will make. But if the Acura is actually real, real, real

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Then we will ensure that we put the best into it and we make the most effort so that we really gain something worthwhile.

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So that was in our ama have effects and Ahmad have effects in surprising places. And now Amman also have effects which are not thing in relation to the oil itself. Once one thing you might do, the result of it is amazing and huge.

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And that's why began with this chaos theory, the flapping of the wings of a butterfly in the Amazon can produce a hurricane in the Philippines.

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Right? That does not that's not literally true, it doesn't mean the butterfly flaps its flaps its wings, it can happen No, that's that's to illustrate the fact that a small DEET can have a very major effect, the very major vector in a negative sense or a politician's either way. But that deed must be done.

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That so called Small deed must be done, the significance of a deed does not depend on its magnitude.

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They have maybe a small date, but the magnitude magnitude of our significance of it is huge. And that is why the two rakata tahajjud for example,

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the significance of it is major.

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Similarly, other things that we might do, and it is for each one of us to examine our own lives, prioritize our actions, as I was saying, don't work hard, work smart, prioritize our actions and say, which is the action which is going to give me the maximum return. And that is the action that I must do. The rest of the stuff is fluff. It's noise in the system.

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Whether you do it or you don't do it makes no difference in some cases doing it is actually negative.

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So junk all that focus on what gives us the maximum return. And in terms of return, I mean with the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala because if we get that right, if Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with us, then inshallah Allah subhanaw taala will send upon us conditions, which are good for us in this dunya and inshallah conditions, which are good for us Biafra. I remind myself when you to focus on the essentials in life, and not get sidetracked and distracted by all sorts of stuff which happens in our environment. The whole point of Islam is to focus on the essentials. And the essential single one point essential is to please Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so let us weigh every

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single one of our actions every single thing that we speak only in this context, is it does this please allow or not? And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to be with us and to make it easy for us to please Him, or Salalah harville Karim Allah Allah He was savage when we refer to God