Munir Ahmed – COVID-19 – Facing Tribulations, Finding Opportunities

Munir Ahmed
AI: Summary © The pandemic is a punishment, but the ultimate goal is to return to normalcy. The virus is a test and trial for everyone, and the consequences of it can be rewarded with a woman who can stand for her family. The importance of trusting in Allah is emphasized, and staying put in Islam is crucial. The pandemic has caused anxiety and loss of loved ones, causing fear and hesitation for individuals. forgiveness from Allah's hand for the people is emphasized, and everyone needs to stay put in their homes.
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mursaleen while early he was such a busy man and my brother your

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brothers and sisters wanted to follow on from a sermon that I did on Friday just to add a few points.

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I mentioned ahaadeeth after most of the chronic areas about this webinar or our own or pandemic as I as I said, and specifically Have you thought I should have the low unha which actually, for me, as I follow on from what I said last time is despite the trial and test coming is the idea of hope and returning to Allah subhanho wa Taala rather than some ideas and some Imams and Alomar giving the idea of punishment descending on people, and they have some hobbies

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to do with that, but the problem isn't the ahaadeeth necessarily the problem is the application of the Hardys It is very difficult position to put yourself in, in applying some of those are the specific people or specific nations and specific situations and certainly in my opinion, they do not apply those ahaadeeth

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to our present situation, as I said last time, a plague or a pandemic can be a punishment some some

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very arrogant and nasty people. But the reality is the purpose of it is this is not the final punishment punishment only comes after the messages that have been received by the people and the punishment the real price is in the here after all there is paradise and forgiveness and mercy of course. So the reality of this pandemic of COVID-19 is a test and trial and alike behemoth of a national honor has said for jhala Hola. Hola, Martin, Lil momineen. So Allah made it as a mercy for the believers. So really, for the believers is an opportunity if it's a rough math, then it's not how can I be seen negatives and none of us really as believers should see ourselves as for sock as

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evil doers and wrongdoers, and we deserve to self flagellate ourselves and demean ourselves know the idea of being a rock man. How is it aurasma the Hadith goes on to explain how this can be a rough map for the believers. First, the statement of the prophecy some says for least summing up the profit all for young poofy Baladi and there is no one from the slaves meaning from the people from human beings. That can be human beings who are other faiths have no faith because it's an opportunity as a problem for returning Law Lawyers, perhaps they will then realize and that realization can happen not just to the fact that they're that our very foundations have been shaken

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from a material and, and power and economical sense of enjoyment sense. But also it's an opportunity for us to realize about our Creator, but it's an opportunity for believers by their behavior to make others realize about the beauty of the teachings of Islam and the guidance that that God Almighty Allah has sent to the whole of humanity for their betterment. So this rough man, there isn't a slave or servant of a lot that is in this situation of this pandemic, who for young could see Baladi who that can mean that they stay put in their land but it can also mean they stay put in their home does it mean is as is a directive from the authorities at the moment. So staying put is part and parcel

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of receiving that mercy in other words, following the guidance and instruction and not making a mockery of it. And gathering in large groups and, and having a laugh and joke thinking is all TT a sobbing and mocked us even being sobre here means it's not a passive state necessarily being patient, steadfast, expecting the reward from Allah it is really the dependency of Allah dependent on Allah subhanaw taala which is being brought out Yama, Nola yoshitomo, Illa, Matata La, la, knowing this person, the believer that nothing can

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harm them if it's going to harm them in only what Allah has decreed.

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Then for that person can Allah who Mr. Shaheed, then for that person, who then in the face of this infection, who catches it, who remains with an attitude of patient, trusting in a lesson, even while they're suffering, and then end up dying through that suffering for that infection, then the reward for such a person is like the reward of a martyr. In other words, on the day of judgment, that they are not taken to account without account, they are entered into paradise, so Suhana What a great reward. Some people have said that this reward of Shahada of Shahid is for all those believers in this situation have that attitude. Reality is Shaheed is linked with somebody who dies in the way of

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Allah and therefore that status is given for somebody who reaches that final situation of actually dying with the infection, having that attitude of trusting in Allah and being patient. Nevertheless, the rest of us, even if we don't get the infection, to stay put to follow the guidelines to be patient and steadfast and that is meaning the rough mother we can gain mercy from Allah is in doing good works. were we able to be neighborly? Whether we are, as I said before, part of that is being in the front line as doctors and nurses and many Muslims are involved in that. And also being neighborly helping, giving out giving sadaqa and charity and part of that someone is making

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dewatering to Allah subhanaw taala to make our prayers make sure that they are done properly, that we do do ours more than before. remember Allah dhikr of Allah La hawla wala quwata illa Billah which is kinsmen el colusa jen as a prophet SAW someone said it is a treasure from the treasures of Jenna until there is no power of might except that of Allah showing our utter dependence on Allah subhanho wa Taala and that has to be felt it's not for us to show public display of this. This could be done in our homes of any time of the day in the depths of night especially when no when majority of people are not awake. So though as and remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala is part and parcel of

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that you know

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the beauty of the rewards in trials and tribulations that awards are easier and and multiply the prophet SAW Islam said in a hadith in

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in Muslim

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I'm hardly a Muslim actually. Apollo Salah lava Islam now you see well Muslim I mean NASA being while I was up in Walla Walla whose name was voila, other Hata shokaku shaka laka for labia Makoto, there is no Muslim believer who is afflicted with any hardship, with any illness with any anxiety and any sorrow. So look at this. It's not just the illness, it is any kind of hardship and this is part of the hardship of having to stay inside of loved ones being ill of loved ones dying in hospital and we're not able to see them we may not be able to see that burial or do a funeral prayer. That is also hardship that is also anxiety that is also a sorrow and affliction well as our

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or any kind of hurt. Even a prick from a thorn is included in that except that Allah wipes away from it some of the sins from such a believer Subhana Allah always follows a positive result to the extent of even a prick from from a sown gives us in another Hadith in Muslim prophesies, thumb said either this kind of thing, even a thorn pricking us raised Allah raises the station of a believer by it all wipes away some sin by it. So So hon Allah we have so much good news from that, that going through the difficult trial, no doubt these are difficult times for all of humanity and our humanity beyond our humanity, brothers and sisters, you know, and people, human beings who are not believers,

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many of them are showing that humanity which I believe is from the fitrah of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah created human beings within their fitrah with these good traits and characteristics, but of course it is shaytan that corrupts and misguides people so we have people of course on the other end, who are fighting the supermarket's for goods who are still coming out and reveling in the night. And we pray that Allah guides them we have pray, Allah enlighten them, and we pray that Allah enlightens us. And again, say again.

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This is not necessarily a time when we say to that we are

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Homes do nothing, just watch Telly day and night and play more games on on the social media as they will because of course there's so much available to do and homes in regards to time wasting. But really, this dire situation is for us to grow closer to Allah subhanaw taala Lumia, Juna, the Quran says perhaps they will return includes Muslims includes whole of humanity, and we are catalysts in regards to that. So brothers and sisters, don't lose hope. Don't lose faith. In fact, may Allah sada increases in faith, don't become too anxious, and too panicky about the situation. The letter May Allah sorta bring out the best in our character, because this is when it really matters. And he can

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be anybody can be nice and smiley, in situations of affluence and, and, and happiness and playful times. But when it really counts brothers and sisters, is in these times, how we behave with our loved ones, where the how we are careful, yeah, not being selfish, and how we're careful not transmitting this not just to a loved one, but to the society at large. That is part and parcel of what the Hadith of the Prophet SAW some is mentioned when he says, those who remain in their places and that is part and parcel of our responsibility. May Allah smart Allah makers of those who their station is raised before last one hour to Allah, and the makers of those who remember him. Remember

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that the art of Prophet Yunus la salon which was answered, saying, La ilaha illa Anta Suba Hanukkah in the terminal Wally mean? Allah let us repeat that brothers and sisters all of us are in need of that. That is lala land there is no god worthy of worship except you your Allah

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Subhana Glory be to You. Surely I have done wrong in the conterminous via I am from those who have done wrong and all of us brothers and sisters are in need of Muslim forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala a llama amin, a guru Kalia Allah was in the who Allah for Rahim Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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