The Good and the Bad of the Tongue

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of profanity in Muslim culture, including the prevalence of it and the potential consequences of it. They also touch on the use of negative language and language in popular media, as well as the importance of learning and being aware of the value of the tongue to boost one's life. The speakers emphasize the need to practice reminding oneself of the great value of the tongue for optimal behavior and rewards.
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In Alhamdulillah nada who wanna stay in who want to stop futile when I owe the villa him in should already unfortunate woman See? Marina Mejia De La Villa mo de La MaMa Yulin fella howdy Allah. What a shadow Allah Allah illallah wa the hula sharika lah wa shadow, Mohammed Abu hora sudo or praises due to Allah we praise Him and seek his assistance. We seek refuge with Allah from the evil within ourselves and from the evil of our deeds. Whomsoever Allah guides none can guide him yet whomever he allows us to go astray none can guide him

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Yeah, you Hallelujah Amen. otaku, la casa de La Tomatina Illa want to miss limone or you who believe fear Allah as he should be feared and do not die except in the state of Islam. Yeah, you Hallelujah Amen otaku La Hoya pulu Colin said EDA, useless nakoma como el camino become one morioka Allah hora, sola hufa fosun alima are you who believe?

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Fear Allah and speak the truth. He will direct you to the righteous good deeds and will forgive your sins and whomsoever obeys Allah and His messenger. He has indeed achieved a great achievement about inner circle hodinkee tabula rasa Alhaji Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Bashara Mori Masato wakulla in VEDA, we're collaborating Allah, Allah wakulla and finau.

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Brother brothers and sisters in Islam today, our hotbar is about the tongue, the bad that comes out of it, and the good that comes out of it. And we'll begin with

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a story about Lockman and Hakeem Lockman is, the wise man is a righteous and a wise man that's mentioned in the Quran, by Allah subhanaw taala. And he was not of the prophets of Allah. But he was so wise that Allah azzawajal mentioned some of his wisdoms in the Quran.

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It is said that when he was a young boy, and he was a slave, he used to be asleep. So his master told him go and slaughter a sheep, and bring me back the two best parts of the sheep. So he went and slaughtered it. And he came back with the heart and the tongue being the best part of the sheep. The next day, his master told him go and slaughter a sheep and bring me the two worst parts of the sheep. So he slaughtered the sheep and he brought him the heart and the tongue. So his message is clear. These two parts, they could be the best, or they can be the worst. The tongue is a very small instrument that doesn't get tired from speaking whatsoever. You can speak for hours upon hours, and

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you will never feel tired in your tongue, maybe your jaw maybe something else, but your tongue itself never ever tires. And it is this small instrument that affects the entire body. And Susana tirmidhi Hadith narrated by Bilal, and Harris and from Abu Seidel, Hungary, the companion who said he heard the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Colorado law has allowed us alum either us Bahama Adam, for enough about Kula to Cafiero listen to carefully and to help them. The problem said when the son of Adam wakes up, all the rest of the body parts are warning the tongue for your pulu so the body parts will say to the tongue, it tequila Athena, for in Amman nubikk. They warn the tongue they say

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fear Allah concerning us. It's like as if they're saying we're all in this together for the kumta is to come now. We're in our Jetstar or jedna they're saying, if you are upright, then we will be upright. Yeah, and if you're okay, we will be okay. We're in our Jetta and if you swerve, if you curve if you divert verge, then we will also be affected with that. So and we know that whatever the tongue does, affects the entire body. If someone insults someone else with their tongue, that person won't hit him on his tongue he will hit the rest of the body. If someone commits Kufa, it's not that his tongue will be thrown into the Hellfire his entire body will be thrown into the hellfire. And

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that's when the other Hadith narrated in Sohail Bukhari

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Allahu anhu narrates that nav sallallahu Sallam said in the lab de later called Nemo bill Kenny mighty men with one in law, that as a servant or a slave of Allah will speak a word that pleases a lot. Now you'll feel a burden and he pays no attention to it. You see something that pleases a lot and you give it No you no attention whatsoever you pay it no mind.

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Then the president describes

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that Allah subhanaw taala your father who loves will be her daughter, Jonathan. Oh,

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Laws of goodwill raised him so many ranks because of this word that he spoke that Allah was pleased with and the person was not even aware of it. We're in the lab de later Karna mobile coulomb Kalamata Minh sobre la. And a servant will say a word that angers Allah subhanaw taala la UT La Habana, and he gives it no attention whatsoever.

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Then the person described. Yeah, we'd be happy Jana, and it will cause him to fall into jahannam, the Hellfire where they are the villa.

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But in this football, we specifically we want to focus on profanity, the use of profanity, what they call cuss words, foul language.

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This is something that is very prevalent in the Muslim community. And it is extremely prevalent amongst our youth, those in their teens and older, extremely prevalent the use of profanity. They're so used to it that if one of them curses or uses a bad word in front of others, the rest don't even tell him it tequila. They don't even say what are you saying excuse yourself, apologize, it is completely normal to them. bad words glorified, are glorified in movies, glorified in the music that they listen to. One estimation says that the average American will spend will, in their lifetime will say about 2 million bad words. Yeah, they will curse and cuss 2 million times in their

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lifetime. So we will give Muslims a 50% discount for no apparent reason. Because Because just as much as anyone, maybe maybe a little less, but let's give them a 50% discount. So that means the average Muslim here then will curse 1 million times in their lifetime. So how many pages does it take to fill 1 million words but how many pages will a million words fill and it has about 2222 words to fill that will take up 1 million words. 1 million words that will be 2222 pages, which is about this thick.

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That means this will be the thickness of your book on the Day of Judgment, just the curse words, not counting lying and backbiting and NEMA false testimony. Just this section of your book will be this thick. That's just the profanity that you use in your lifetime.

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We are all authors, we are all writing our autobiography we dictate to the angels what to write. If you want the angels to write something good, do something good. They write it immediately. Say Subhanallah they write it down immediately in your book, you curse and they will write it down immediately. And they will keep writing for your entire life. A large agent says can describing these two angels in theater local malatya Annie Annie limini Ronnie shamala curried myofilament Colin Illa de hiraki Bon appetit. A La Jolla describes the angel one on the right and one on the left, that they're writing and penning down everything they pin down everything that you say that

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you utter a single word, you do not utter a single word except that it is penned down. So the angels continue to write throughout your life. And then you receive your book on a most difficult day, the day of resurrection, where people will wait 50,000 years, waiting for the judgment to begin. It hasn't even started 50,000 years, they're waiting. And when it finally begins, the first thing that happens will be books that will start to fall into people's hands.

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And people will read their books and those who are happy with their results, they will look and see all kinds of good deeds, good deeds that they have forgotten about penned down and mentioned in that book, and others will see bad deeds that they will regret in this dunya people think bad words are funny. They think they're cool, it's glorified. But on that day, it will be nothing but regret and nothing but a sin. And so a person will go through their book, everyone will go through their book, either they're pleased and see good deeds, or the regret that they even received their deed

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that their book and they will regret what they see in it. And they will say yeah, la Tawny lamb EU turkey tabia as Allah says in the Quran, I wish I never received my book. So this much page after page after page of just curse words and cuss words, not counting all the other things.

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So even after this, some people say well, how serious can it be? I just sometimes use these words just to make emphasis or just self expression. How serious could it be?

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In the Hadith, we know that our Isha robiola haha when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam married Sophia been to him.

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He will be alone one time out of jealousy wanted to say something bad about Sophia show. So she he said Yasuda, la husavik I mean Sophia and her cat

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Cather she said, jasola enough of a bad thing about Sophia that she is such and such. And she signaled with her hand that Sophia was short. That's all she said. She didn't even say much. So you signal with her hand that Sophia will be alone. Anna was short, but she's mentioning it as a negative thing. So the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam tells her ma yeah Isha and Maha means Be quiet. Maha Aisha Pulte, Kalimantan, lo musjid Bhima. In Bari Lamas a JATO said, you have said something you have said a word that if it were to be mixed, and if you want it to cleanse it out to dilute it, if it were mixed with all the waters of the oceans and the seas, that it will corrupt

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those waters, it will contaminate those waters. And what did I show below? And I say that Sofia was short, and she signal signal with her hand. What about the words that people are using now the profanity has become so common, so common, even people who are supposed to be in respectable positions now are using profanity, and this didn't happen? 5060 years ago, even here in America, this wasn't the norm. But now on television, people are cursing on their videos, at events in front of children, because they're so used to it. But the believer should not be used to something like that. The believers should never find that normal. The believer knows that the angels are writing

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down their deeds, so far be it then to start to speak like people who don't believe in Allah azza wa jal, and in the in the last day.

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And on top of that, if you consider who are the ones that are writing these bad words, yeah. And you have made the angels the most honored creatures of Allah. Allah describes them as killam, and Cathy been these honored creatures of Allah, and you are making them write down profane, and filthy words constantly. And if we were really conscious of this, would we ever use such kind of language? Yeah, and the four angels that are with you the entire time, and we know that there are four angels with you. The one on the right, running down good deeds, the one on the left writing down bad deeds, that one be in front and one behind you. These are the ones that are with you. 24, seven, they never

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leave your site. If you could see these angels with your own eyes. If you could see them writing down good and bad deeds, would you continue to do any bad deed? Would you ever cease or feel lazy to do any of the good deeds? Would anyone ever use profanity if they could see the four angels that are with them wherever they go? Forget the angels. What if we just had chef Khalid bassoon, and our sister brought him and maybe chef sola sola and, and Chef Mom, don't just follow you to get the four of them just surround you for 24 hours. How would you behave? How would you act? And the angels are the honored creatures of Allah, and people are making them write down this profanity? And they don't

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even bat an eye that they're using profane words. Sometimes you meet someone in the masjid and then they throw out a bad word they don't even apologize. Like it's just okay, like it's acceptable, like it's normal, as if there is no Day of Judgment.

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The Hadith that we mentioned earlier in the tournament he narrated by better than Hadith where it says that the body parts every morning, they warned the tongue don't get us in trouble. One of the narratives of that Hadith his name was al chama Rahim Allah. He says, Come in cut amin mahna mahna. And he had Isabella Lippmann Harris, come in color. I mean, man he had.

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He said how many words how much speech was I? What was I forbidden from or like prohibited from because of the hadith of Bill Allah Blueheart is saying, because of that Hadith, so many things that I wanted to say. I wouldn't say them just because of that Howdy. If we took this to heart, how would our language be? How would our behavior be?

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The righteous before us, they were very careful about the words that came out of their mouth. We're not talking about profanity, even normal words, they were so careful with normal speech. One time I showed the loved one, and I showed the law learned her lesson from the Prophet sallallahu send them this is the effect of when you learn a lesson. So I showed the loan on her one time she was at her home. This is later on after the death of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam.

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So they told her that we have prepared lunch we've prepared food would you like to eat? She says, I'm not hungry. But what I can her told my editor.

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So bring the food and we'll just nibble at attorney. You know how we say someone is full and full, but I'll just nibble. Shreya nag Nicola. Whatever they call it now.

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Then she caught herself. Did she use a bad word? Did she say anything wrong? Then she caught herself and she's stuck through law.

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And who've been at Mattila will they rely on you determine, she says, I'm just going to nibble at the net move along. And who hears like, it's almost like just you know, have some fun with it and nibble at it. She's saying I'm gonna this nibble or have fun with the name of Allah, while others are not able to find any food. And so she gathered money, and use the Tobias slave and set him free as an explanation. For what, just for this just for saying, men who

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were fooled around with it a little bit mess around with the food. This is how careful they were with what came out of their tongues. So the tongue then is a dangerous instrument, and it can ruin the deeds performed by the rest of the body. It can ruin even the Salawat and there's a cat and all the other good deeds you do. And so inserted into the movie. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam was asked about a woman who prays, she prays a lot of the no offense. She prays that night, and she gives a lot of charity, but she harms her neighbors with her tongue. Priscilla was asked about this woman, she does all these good deeds, but with her tongue, she harms her neighbors. The prophets of

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Salaam responded with just two words. Here.

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She is in the hellfire. That's the danger of the tongue. We ask Allah to make us of those who guard their tongues and watch what comes and watch their words and their profanity. akula kolyada was tough for a lot of the money welcome and Jimmy I know first off euro Feroz and Mr. verdean ask Allah subhanaw taala first forgiveness indeed those who ask for his forgiveness shall prosper.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah amin was so happy here Jemaine about. So in the beginning of the hobo, we mentioned how lachemann and Hakeem he brought the heart and the tongue as the best part of the sheep. And the next day he brought the heart and the tongue as the worst part of the sheep. So the tongue bad can come out of it in good can come out of it. The good that we want to focus on today would be the the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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simple things that we can do with our to say with our tongue that will bring so much reward with Allah azza wa jal, for instance saying Suppan Allahu Allah Subhana Allah will be harmed. It's so simple and so short and so easy to say. What if we spent our time saying that every time you walk you say Subhana Allah handy when you exercise Subhan Allah damned if you're on hold you say Subhan Allah will be handy. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam mentioned many Hadith according the benefit of sayings of Homo byham de 100 times in one Hadith, the prophet Salim said that

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whoever sits upon will become the 100 times

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no one will come forth on the Day of Judgment let me know in your mind, Mati bf Bali, Mim Avi, in Hayden, kala mithila mchargue Eau de de la the profits are seldom said Whoever says to panelo byham d 100. times, there will be no one on the Day of Judgment who has done better than this person, except for the one who did the same or more. Yeah, and if you say somehow lo be handy 100 times, there'll be nobody on the Day of Resurrection better than you except for the one who said it more than you did. How simple is that? And if you notice, you always look at the Hadith that mentioned magnificent reward. The always mentioned an A simple act, not a difficult act. Just say it 100 times

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you'll be the best person on the Day of Judgment, except for the person who said that more than you. I said this in class one time and an old man came to me. He said my father Rahim Allah used to say it 10,000 times every single day.

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We will be resurrected with this man on the same plane.

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And he'll be better than us. Unless we say it more than hate he will.

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Or he did. Likewise, whoever sits upon him obey Him to he 100 times with zero clue why no candidate Miss Elizabeth Gilbert, whoever says 100 times his sins will be forgiven even if it were like the froth of the ocean.

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Just saying it 100 times. And in another Hadith apostle him said the most beloved of speech to Allah in humble cara cara in Allah subhanaw taala will be humbly saying Subhana Allah will be humbled to say somehow become the 100 times it at normal speed. Many people there to be is that

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supersonic speed. That's not the point of this be after salaat. They just rushing through it. And what they're saying is just mumbled material. But to say some Hello behind the abnormal speed, it takes two minutes and 15 seconds, or two minutes and 30 seconds to say 100 times, if you consider the amount of time spent. And if you were saying to Paulo, for example, if you're on the phone with someone, and they tell you just hold on one second, or if you're on the phone with a company, and they put you on hold, they estimate that by the time you die, you would have spent 20 weeks of your life on hold 20 weeks. What if every time someone tells you hold or stay on hold, you start saying

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hello behind me at normal speed. By the time you die, you would have spent 20 weeks sinks upon a little bit humbling and that will amount to 8,064,000 times

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100 has so much benefit What if you say it 8 million times. But this is what's happening with our time. It's just passing and there's nothing to do to make it stop. The only way to make benefit and to take back your life is through remembrance of Allah azza wa jal is through the care of Allah azza wa jal and that's why the tongue from the other car, when a Nabi sallallahu wasallam ascended to the heavens, he met Ibrahim alayhis salam, and Ibrahim Alayhi Salam was the only prophet who told him a great metric Amina Salah, give your oma Salam from me. And he was the only one who sent us a gift with the Prophet sallallahu Arneson them, and he tells him and tell them told your oma that Elgin

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has very fertile soil, you can grow things easily in agenda and to plant something in agenda. You say Subhan Allah and hamdulillah No, Allah had Allah, Allah hug but let's go in any order. Subhan Allah, Allah Allahu Akbar. And Allah, every time you say one of them, a tree is planted for you in agenda. And we know the description of the trees of agenda that you can travel for so long a distance, just under the shade of one tree. So easy to plant trees and agenda. Many people just having dinner with people driving your car, walking somewhere waiting for someone on hold Subhan Allah, Allah Allahu Akbar, Allah, and a tree will be planted for you. And that's from the good of

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the tongue. And we said, the tongue doesn't tire. If you say supanova handy all day, your tongue will never get tired, your brain might wander off, your jaws could hurt, but your tongue never gets tired. So it's that same powerful instrument that can be used for good or it can be used for bad or someone making us to follow. Just a simple grocery trip, someone can make us the fall 1000 times just buying groceries, walking around the supermarket, getting things putting them in your cart, while you're making the curve Allah subhanaw taala. It adds up, it adds up by the 1000s per day without you even realizing it. But the idea is first to get ourselves trained to making Vicar of

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Allah azza wa jal. And many times people are making the vicar of Allah subhanaw taala while they're thinking of other things, or doing other acts, or even watching television making Vicar of Allah, and then the shaytan comes to trick them. And he tells them this is not quality, the quality because when you are focusing on what you're saying, and that's just a trick from the shaper, yes, it is quality, but the lower quality they could is also acceptable, because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, la Lu Lisa Anika Rockman be the be the karela that your tongue remain moist, meaning when you're moving your tongue, it's moist, let it remain moist with the remembrance of Allah. And it's

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the same thing. If you're in salah and you're not focused, you leave the Salah, you continue praying. So if you're making Vicar constantly and even if your brain is not there, your heart is not there. 100% that's fine. You're still making Vicar you're still getting your tongue used to mentioning Allah subhanaw taala how many people while they're driving almost have an accident. And instead of mentioning Allah azza wa jal or saying Bismillah Subhana Allah are allowed, but they say a bad word. Because their tongues are used to that. One of our friends, he was walking to the masjid. This is in Virginia, and the machine is across this highway, this Dudley highway. He said I

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was going for a prayer and at the last minute, this car almost hit me. He said, I just jumped in front of the car in the last minute. But as soon as I jumped, I said a bad word. He said, I thought to myself, if that car would have hit me and killed me, that would have been my last word in this, this earth. He would be resurrected on Day of Judgment, saying profanity saying bad words. But the idea is that what rolls off your tongue. So even if you're not focused on your Vicar, it's still training for you to be constantly in the remembrance in the mention of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And I mentioned something that my grandfather Rahim Allah told, told me, he said that he had a roommate, an old man from Pakistan.

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His other roommate called me said, Do you want to see someone making liquor in their sleep? He said, we went. And we found this old man. He just stayed with them temporarily. And he was sound asleep. And he just kept saying a law, a law, or making the laws real in his sleep in deep sleep. How do you get to that level, you get to that level when you're awake and you're used to mentioning Allah subhanaw taala. With wesc illogical to make use of those who are in constant mention of him.

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With that we ask allows us to make use of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it and to make us of those who recognize false with as clear faults, who then abstained from it for lahoma doesn't have to happen was wired in a bottle a bottle and was open he never follow masala dunya Amina, well, I'm a blogger Elmina well Allah Norma sirona. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant victory to Islam and to the Muslims, and to grant freedom to all the Muslims who are being held and dealt with and just around the world. And we ask Allah Israel to grant victory and ease to the Muslims in Syria, and to the Muslims in Afghanistan, and to the Muslims in Philistine

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and in Burma, and in Bangladesh and in Yemen. And in Kashmir and in the Sudan and in all parts of the world the honorable al Ameen for lahoma Abdullah Hello Matamoros Didn't you as goofy robotic? Well, you know sciatic Murphy hibben maruf were you unhappy? Yes. mar de sala lahoma robotic Ratan Illallah. Meanwhile, early he was like a big man. Well, como se como la