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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam rhinoshield mousseline or her mother rasool Allah is Alana Heidi who he was I was in the Steven cathedral cathedral

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the essence of our deen of Islam

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the essence of Islam is expressed in only one I have the Quran

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anybody which add

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yes he eigenaar boudoir yeah kind of stay

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all only you will worship

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and only you will seek help from. This is the essence of Islam. Everything. The entire Quran Al Karim

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is condensed in this one. E Okinawa we are gonna stay. Please understand it is not sufficient to believe in Allah not enough.

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If somebody says I believe in Allah,

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but he does not worship Allah.

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He's not a Muslim.

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You can believe. May Allah forgive there was a lot so I'm not saying that I'm not sending somebody here and there. All I'm saying is that the essence of Islam is we have to worship Allah subhana wa jal

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the EVA Avila it's not enough to say there is one God. There is only Allah I believe in Allah. All that is fine. So what I believe in Allah so what? So I worship Allah

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I shall do Allah Ilaha illa Allah I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah. Therefore what must I do? Worship Allah.

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Word for worship Allah.

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see, for example,

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Allah subhanaw taala called Musa Ali Salaam.

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Musa is haram is going from.

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He's going to Egypt, with his family. He's traveling through the desert in the night, they're walking and they get lost.

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And then he sees in the distance he sees a light looks like a fire maybe some shepherds or something.

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So he says to his wife, let me go and check and see. Maybe I can get some direction or get some fire from there.

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I love what they said this very beautifully.

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He said Hola, he then Musa Bucha

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Ozaki, the Inca Musa Bucha.

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The Aglianico Jaya Pembury Millia.

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Aglianico Jaya Pembury Millia. He says, Ask Musa alayhis salam about the generosity of Allah.

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You want to know the generosity of Allah as Musa alayhis salam, he went to get fire and he got in the woods. He went to get fire and he got prophethood

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so now when Musa alayhis salam comes there What is Allah subhanaw taala saying to him all the either very Zota

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he was refined, there's no people that just have the you know the bushes, bushes burning.

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So what is Musa? What is Allah saying to him? First thing

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what did I say? What is the essence of Islam which is there as well? Which is yada yada. Now what we are going to say?

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So what is Allah saying? Those are the first thing in Nany and Hola Hola. Hola. Hola Ana, for Abu Fargo DNA who actually was a chemist salata decree.

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Allah says Verily I am Allah There is no one worthy of worship except me. So worship me establish Salah for my

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ear Kanab

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Allah we worship only you

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which is door Head Fi will hit

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the door head of the worship of Allah

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and then what's the next after that? What is the Allah say to him? Baba till Tilka me nigga Musa. What was what is there in your right hand? Now Allah knows what is his right to Allah can see what is it right Why is asking why is Alaska him?

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This is a way of

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emphasizing we do this all the time. Right what's on your head? He knows what's on his head.

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I want to emphasize the point that he's wearing a very nice hat. I want to emphasize the fact that so what is in your hand Musa is Robin certainly aware. Oh, I have

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Stick yeah Allah this is my

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this is my stick and then Musa alayhis salam describes the benefits he derives from it. I use it to support myself I use it to be down leave for my goats and sheep and so on and so on all the further I love the asana

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so Alice Radha says do Okay, so you do think that this thing can benefit you very good. So now throw it on the ground.

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Now what happens? It becomes a stick. Mm hmm yet on top

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it becomes a snake and that also a snake which is a poisonous snake. It's a big snake. It's a fast moving snake. Now usual.

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I mean, I'm

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because I know what's next. The usual rule in the animal world is that large snakes are slow. Poisonous snakes are fast, large snakes are non poisonous and slow.

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But this one is poisonous and is vast.

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So animals that Islam is afraid suddenly what happened this day? Allah says no, no, pick it up.

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Pick it up, and it will return to its original form.

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So what is the message being given here?

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The message being given here is Lion fra while I adoro Ilala nothing can benefit and nothing can harm except ALLAH. So he can stay or Allah only you we seek help from. We don't ask help from anybody's

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This is the essence of Islam. This is the message that was given to every newbie This is the message that every night we taught us do not worship anyone other than do not make shirk. Worship Allah subhanho wa Taala don't just talk about worship, worship Allah subhanaw taala. Number two, don't ask help from anyone other than Allah. Because know that only Allah can help you and only Allah can allow some harm to reach you. If that is his color, we ask Allah subhanaw taala for His mercy and for his protection.

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Nobody else

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Allah is always on our side absolute.

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Allah is always on the side of those who obey Allah subhanaw taala that is why the MB Allah Musa RAM they never they will not afraid of anybody. Now what happens Musa is Allah has given this message here, and we are going to stay Munzee obeys it. Next step go to Iran,

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the biggest empire of the time, the most powerful ruler of the time.

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Egypt was a hugely developed

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enormously wealthy, enormously powerful civilization when the Romans was still up in the trees.

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The most ancient civilization

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unless anyone was Alexander,

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and was that is Rob's dad in the court of Iran, he got nothing with him

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in terms of wealth and power and authority, nothing earlier the stickiness and that's it.

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And he's standing in the court of the the biggest, most powerful monarch of the time.

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And we're always asking vulnerable me who's Isabella Levine, in a very

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disrespectful tone.

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Who double Rob is our developer the one webinar Homa encode to McLean.

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He is the rub of the heavens and the earth and everything else in between. Will you not awake?

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Where does he get this courage to speak?

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He gets his courage to speak from this year cane. That leg is well said Allah is always our side. But Allah is always a side of whom as well on whose side people obey Him or disobey Him which one?

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Yes, why because you will be elsewhere right?

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The Gambia never disobeyed Allah.

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So therefore they had this confidence that Allah Subhana Allah Allah is always on our side.

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The Gambia never disobeyed Allah if we disobey Allah Allah subhanaw taala has kept the door of the open for us.

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So we ask, we ask a lot of forgiveness.

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So very simple, do what Allah likes do not do what Allah does not like anything which is doubtful verify before you do it finished.

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So I remind myself when you let us understand this deal is mashallah beautiful. It is very simple. Let us stick to it. Let us make sure that we do not do any

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Anything which Allah subhanaw taala does not like we worship only Allah. We ask help only from Allah. We know that no one can help or harm except Allah. No one can give or take away except Allah. And so we make use of it Allah we turn towards Allah subhanaw taala for all our needs, and we ask Allah to fulfill them. Was Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Karim? Allah Allah. He was a board member I want to go home