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Is it permissible to do ‘Talfiq’ of Madhabs?

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Akram Nadwi

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You know this word here can be used by Indian people these days. What they mean is you must follow one or

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two if you're stumped for something from Hanafi madhhab and something from Shafi madhhab the city talovic not allowed to first thing is that this word never existed in Islam they're not objecting Islam and toffee toffee fake mister mixing, mixing only is that wrong when you mix it to something good with something impure for example, if people mix it to pure water like you know if you mix it water from the rain rain or you mix it with the water or the sea Can you do what

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both of you can do if you move to pure thing it will remain pill if Armada hipsters true people say all the models are true sound if you mix them Oh come on, how come how wrong it is to to mixing good with the bad because the bad but if you missed two good things to decide yes sir should not right I read an article if you know are big, I think somebody should translate really the article tofi let olofi mix in between my hobbies making harmony is not actually mixing two things wrong It is something good to put together and everybody has mixed up oh honey for a whole lotta some time for some time Medina opinion everybody has been mixing. So, there are no hard to mix between two good

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things, the hard is to mix it good with the false true with the force that around. So it did but not really the name should be though Feel free to put two things which are sound together then no harm in that. You know if you know if you ask me an opinion or you know my opinion, is it difficult for you to follow? Somebody is another Mufti. He gives advice and his opinion easy to follow, follow him because they know anybody who can make your life easier, you should follow up on the profits a lot and whenever he is given a choice between two things, he will choose the easiest one, just choosing the easy opinion is not a bad thing. But you should insist I must follow this along to when you ask

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him. You don't want follow design you want to follow an argument to do no harm that mixing between two or three mother or mother. Nothing wrong in that either. Negative intentions purely want to obey Allah His Messenger for a room that is your opinion.