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So let them a little haven hungry little bit Alameen

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wa salatu salam right I should have freedom waiver will sit in Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah, Allah you and it was ever said on this lemon because here

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our ancestors hamdulillah

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The last part of this series done that we see some

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reminders about Islam, Allah subhanaw taala gave us the ability to learn and to

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make the best of what He has given us, insha Allah.

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The thing that I want to talk to you about is we talked about we were talking about our maruf and he'll monka enjoining good and forbidding evil. And as I said to you, and I remind myself, I knew that Allah subhanaw taala

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the reward is for the work.

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It's not

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the reward is not just for

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knowing something, it's we have to actually do something. So, in that context,

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as I mentioned to you, the first thing

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to understand is that a lot of Abdullah gave us

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this job. And as I mentioned you

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it is not

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nothing can be achieved by force, we are talking about something which is

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which is as

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you know, something as intrinsic as changing of minds and hearts. And that cannot be done by force. This is not simple, simply not doable, not possible. So,

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we have to

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that every therefore tell you what we can do and should do.

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The key thing to understand here is that people disobey because the glory and majesty of Allah is not in their hearts. To give you an example, which I heard from one of our elders and scholars in the inner speech, very simple example.

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He said that supposing there is a little child to three years old, four years old, was playing out in the street,

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the chief of police of the country of the of the city, he turns up there, he's in uniform, he has a sidearm, he's,

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you know,

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and he tells his child, go inside, don't play in the street, most likely the child will laugh, he will think that the man is you know,

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he's a nice man, he's talking to me, and he will laugh. But if his mother calls in from inside, and she shows him her hand, and she said, come right here, he will run.

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Because he knows his mother. And his, he understands his mother, he understands that

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if he disregards his mother, this is not good for him and it will cause him trouble. Whereas he doesn't understand who the policeman is, even though the policeman is obviously is, you know, much more powerful and so forth and the mother,

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the policeman is armed, the mother is not around and so on, so forth. But the point is long and short of it is that

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this person, the the child, is impressed

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by the mother because he understands you know, who the mother is. Now, this is a very nice example for us to understand the whole issue of why people disobey Allah subhanaw taala because the Asmath of Allah, the greatness of Allah the glory and magnificence almost right there is not in our heart may Allah forgive us for this. Now therefore, if we want to do our will borrow an ailment

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and joining good and forbidding evil, we have to do two things.

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First of all, we have to understand that you cannot light a lamp with a dead lamp. If you have a roomful of lamps

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you know 1000 lamps and I'm talking about thing that you need to light you know with a cat horse illustrated second, let me just make life simple. Suppose you have 1000 candles. I've asked you what do you need to light those candles white, say a matchbox. But it's not a white box. What you actually need is a lighted thing. Whether it's a match box, whether it's anything else, right, whether it's lighted candle, you need something which is lighter.

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it because it's only the latest thing which can lead others. You can't you cannot give what you don't have simpler than this is rule of life. You can only give what you have. So therefore check and see what do I have in my heart? If there is no question of Allah, if there is no

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or and Majesty of Allah subhanaw taala in my heart, then I'm not going to be giving that I'm not going to be transferring that to anybody in my life, for the simple reason that I don't have it. So if I don't have it, I can't give it. So the first thing to do as far as our model is concerned, and joining good and forbidding evil is concerned, the first thing to be done is to make sure that we have in our hearts are filled with the glory and majesty of Allah.

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Very important, because if you do not have that, then highs didn't you know it, you cannot have anything there. It

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you cannot get any goodness out of it for the simple reason that it is not there.

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So that's the that's a very important thing. So we must make sure that we fill our hearts with the glory and majesty of allotment.

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Second thing is that

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once we have that, then start from that. Start from that as the basis not from anything else start from that the goodness of and

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the glory and majesty of Allah. Start from that as the basis to go forward.

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Ask yourself how can I transfer? The goodness the the glory and majesty of Allah into somebody else's heart? And really me that question is something that should be answered by

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for which was asked a lot smarter?

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To help you to answer and help me to answer this question. Because without that question

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as I told you, if there is no if it is not in my heart, it cannot be in the heart of anyone else. So therefore, I asked Allah subhanaw taala to give it to us. Ask Allah Subhana Allah give me the ability, how can I communicate your greatness to somebody else? Believe me, it's Allah subhanaw taala por su gives you the words, but the words come from the heart, and the words reflect what is in the heart. So constantly working on the heart, the skeletal knifes, it is a very, very, very important thing. If the heart is not pure, the heart is not clean, that will not feel with the glory and majesty of Allah that not glory, glowing with that if tears don't come into your eyes, when you

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talk about Allah smarter, I'm not talking about becomes more inside when you're in the habit. If you're not praying to God, if you don't try before law smarter, these are the things that are indicated that the heart is full of the glory, majesty of Allah. So these are the things that you must focus on and the one the blue, the most beautiful way of developing this is to is to think that the poor

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are the focal and as head of Allah yet or double rural Quran Allah did not say

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don't read the Quran, they don't they reflect on the Quran, don't they do the board on the Quran and that is very important to make the board to read the Quran Al Karim to understand it to let the sound of it to read the words which completely envelope you to let them go into your heart into every pore of your body into every every cell in the body and let it glow with the glory and majesty of Allah. And then look around you and see the see the see the the creation and talk about the creation and say sohara talk about the creation the cells that learn about the creation and talk to yourself or the creators why Allah subhanaw taala created this location. All of these things are

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several lectures of mine on this most welcome, please look at them. This one right now in Arabic also completely which I read as a class presentation. There are some grammatical mistakes in there please forgive me but listen to the lecture for those of you understand, are we but the point I'm making is that it's very, very important to reflect on the creation to reflect on the on the color and reflect on this is what will illuminate our hearts this will work. This is what will fill our hearts with. We know we ask a lot smarter for this. We ask a lot smarter to help us and we ask a lot smarter to use us in his work. Please understand that like in any organization, you have to be

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recruited, you have to be accepted by the employer, in this case, the employer the last marathon. So what do you do? You must do and I must do what you do. What we do if you want to join an organization, we apply

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We apply we make an application, we follow up that application we try to find some means of getting close to the decision makers and so on. In the case of Allah subhanaw taala you don't have to find any means just beg and plead with the last night yeah Allah please accept me in your in your work. You don't need me, I need you to please accept me.

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Even if our dirty piece of cloth, that dirty piece of cloth has served us because it is used to clean up the dirt of something else. And so let me be that piece of cloth that will clean up the dirt of sure and be that the dirt of Google that hurt of the Mercy of Allah Subhan Allah have mercy,

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of the of the sins and the dirt of the

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of disobedience of Allah's word yalla use me for this make this to ask Allah and in sha Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala will accept that I once you accept like in an organization once you get bigger, you will get a salary you will get perks you will get all kinds of support, to do the work of your organization. Same thing with Allah, Allah once Allah accepts you and me the last one of those open doors Allah subhanaw taala will support Allah we give the words Allah will give you opportunities and all you need to do then is to work sincerely with a class not not work in ways which are which stink off off of Maria of showing off of you know predicting before people no none of that make us

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different or if last work only for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala not for money not for name not for fame not for for Instagram, not for the Facebook work for Masada and then see how Allah subhanaw taala changes your in my life was Allah Allah will very well and he was I remember how to get online