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Sarah, Molly calm, which is a greeting of peace, peace be unto you the same greeting of all the messengers of God. And we are here trying to help you understand the most misunderstood way of life in the world today, Islam, which is not a new way of life brought by Mohammed is the same way of life that was taught by all the messengers of God calling you to the submission of the one God, worshiping Him alone and not his creation. So you've already learned something, and you're going to continue to learn something, all we ask is that you have an open heart and open mind and be ready for our next guest. In our next topic. We'll be talking about depth some of the details, because

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this is an appointment that we all have, and we want to get ready. We want to know how to get ready and we want to know what to expect. And there's nothing out there like Islam that clarifies and gives you these details. So sit tight, you don't want to go nowhere, right back on the deen show.

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There's only one, Mohammed is His Messenger.

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Jesus was his messenger.

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No, I did that. Maybe it's maybe it's just to break the ice. So I'm Lincolnshire. Hi.

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How are you? Like I just saw you.

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So all right, we're gonna get straight down to the top we're gonna be talking about death is something serious. We don't want nobody to run and get scared now. But this is something serious. So we're happy enough that you tuned in and you come to learn about Islam and to learn about the way of life that God Almighty wants you to live by. And we're very excited that we have you a person who has memorized the whole Quran, who knows the authentic traditions of the last and final messenger who sent to mankind.

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So we don't have a car mechanic, I say, teaching us this Deen his way of life. You're a specialist. And we want to talk about the details. And I think this just is another evidence because Islam has evidence on top of evidence on top of evidence, to prove to the sincere person, that this is from the Creator, this is not manmade. So talk to us about death, something that we have an appointment with, talk to us about that moment, of death.

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under low solipsism is really the moment of death, which everybody fears. And everybody that thinks about this, bring some pain in the heart. And that's why most of the people they ignore this fact and they want to live a life of being away from it, and forgetfulness, so that they don't feel the misery. But whether we like it or not, whether we run away from it or not, we have to face it. As a loss paneled Allah says in the Quran, call in and mouth Allah de Lune amino phenomenological CE O Muhammad, peace be upon him. So the Lord, that death that you are fleeing away from, he has to meet you. He's already set his way out as if this is the case, and you're going diligently every day

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towards the last and final rest in this life and death is coming your way. So some points you have to meet it It might be right the second might be after a month, a year last panels Allah knows best. That's why it's not just for those who are sick, some people die in car accidents, some people die just like that with a heart attack whatever the means are many many many. But the the one thing that is for sure that is coming. So because of that and because the law is the Most Merciful. He mentioned the Quran and the Sunnah of the prophet SAW Selim some very specific details, so that the very verse would know exactly what they're going going to face, although seeing it and hearing it is

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nothing compared to seeing it with one one's eyes. So first of all, it would never bring misery just to make this clear, because the one that brings the joy and the misery is the Creator of the heavens and the earth and he's the one that made this place of happiness in the heart. And the most happiest man that was present on the face of Earth was Prophet Mohammed salah and Allah subhanaw taala said about him and I'm not sure I like a subject Didn't we make your your your risk spacious, meaning that you're happy in this life, although he's the one that ordered us to remember that much. So if you remember this much, and you're steadfast on the religion of Islam, you will be the most happiest

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person on this face of Earth and in the left, at the moment of death, the prophet peace be upon him sallallahu Sallam said in a very long and lengthy Hadith and I won't say

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The whole thing, but he said in this long Hadith in details, what can happen to the person, and he divided the people into believers and disbelievers. Yeah. And he said, when the person is about to start his hereafter, because he after starts with the moment of death, and he's departing from this life, if he's a believer, the angels will come to him from the heavens, and with bright faces, and they would sit with him as long as his eyes can see. And this is reality, this is more real than the fact that I'm sitting here and I'm looking at you and you looking at me. So at that moment, he would see the angel sitting, lining up all the way to the, what his eyes can see. And then the angel of

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death, there is an angel responsible for taking the souls of the human being, the Angel of Death will come down, and he would sit in front of him, and he would order the soul. And he would say to the soul, to the believing soul, go out with to the mercy and the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. So the soul will come out, as the prophet SAW Selim said, in the meaning of which, like a drop of water coming out from the opening of a water skin, see how easy and soft that happens? This is the soul of the believers come out in such an easy way. So once the soul comes out of the believer, the Hadith says, again, this is not opinions, this is the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon

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him revelation from Allah, once this will come out the rest of the ancients, they don't leave it in the hands of the angel of death, they would take it, and they would wrap it in a coffin, from Jenna from Paradise, that has the best fragrance in the best smell. And they would take it and they would go and elevate to the heavens with the soul. And every heaven that they would go to Sky in levels, we know that there's seven heavens or seven skies, they would take that permission, and the angels would say, Who is that person with the best names that he used to be called in this world? Why because of the great smell that they're smelling. And the great thing that that is happening, so

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they would say it's so and so the son of so and so with the best names that used to be named in this world, they go from one heaven to the other, they reach the seventh one. And then Allah Subhana, Allah would say that right, the deeds of my slave in the highest level, this is for the believers, and returned his soul back to the earth, because I promised them that from the earth I created them, and from the earth they shall return and from the earth, they shall be resurrected. So the soul will come down into the body again and the earth, but not just in the same way that we are living now. And then after he is buried, then and people depart from his grave and the prophets, Allah sallam,

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he said, that he would hear the footsteps of the people under the parking that that person, then after they leave the angels of death, or two angels will come to him. And these two angels will make him sit in a way that Allah Subhana, Allah knows best. We're not talking about physical things here. And they would ask him three questions. And this is what is very important for us to realize now that this is what we prepare ourselves for, do we have answers to these three questions or not? And the answer is, is not just what we know, is how our life was. They would ask him, Who is your Lord? What is your religion? And who is the messenger that was sent to you? And the believers they would

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say, when they asked Who is your Lord, they will he would say Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. And who is what is your religion he would say, submission to the Creator of the heavens and the earth, which is Islam, and who was the Prophet he would say, Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that moment, he will be opened against in front of him, to the Hellfires, to the hellfire. And it would be said to him, this was supposed to be replaced, if you would have been a disbeliever. But it was replaced for you by another place, and then again to the paradise will be open to him, and the fragrance and the goodness from the paradise will come into him. And he would

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be said to him that this is your place when the Day of Judgment would occur, but not now. So at that moment, he would say, Oh Allah, Allah make the our occurs, he wants it to happen quickly, so that I can go back to my family and my wealth, meaning to enter the paradise. And the total opposite is for the disbelievers. And let me just start by not taking too long. But for the disbelievers the prophet SAW Selim gave the example that would makes it more closer into our minds. He said, when this video is about to die, the angels of punishment will come down unto him, and they are the most horrific looks, these angels creation of a last panel and the Angel of Death also they would sit in front of

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him as far as his eyes can see, the Angel of Death will come and then he would say ordering the soul to come out and he would say come out to the punishment and the anger of the Creator of the heavens and the earth, because you had committed and just as against your own self

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When you did not fulfill the purpose of your life, the prophet peace be upon him said at that moment, the soul would scattered all over the body of this disbelief doesn't want to want to come up. So what happens the angel of death would snatch it would pull it so hard that it would be so much of course painful. And the profits are selling gave the example that it is if it's tolling the person tearing it, tearing him, like you have a piece of iron in a wet wool, what happens to it, it just tears it apart is that from being attached to this world and not having been prepared for the neglecting your obligated forgetfulness in the state of disbelief? Yeah. And it becomes all over the

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place, it does not see the member the first example, it comes out like a drop from a lot of skin very easy and soft, right. But that is very, very, he had to do this to it. And then when it comes out, the angels would wrap it in a coffin, that is from the Hellfire that has the worst smell to it. Yeah. And when it's tried to go up into the heavens, it won't be able to and the angels for the first Heaven, it would say Who is this nasty and bad smell, human beings, it would be said so and so the son of so and so with the worst names that used to be named in this world. And then it would say, or something would be said that, bring him back to this earth, and it would be thrown into the

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earth again. And when the angels would come to the person after they depart after the burying him, the two angels will come and make him sit and ask him the same three questions. Who is your load? That person will say her? This is what the Harris says?

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I do not know. I heard people saying things you didn't prepare was that he was not preparing himself. Yeah, he was busy with the sin and the disobedience of the Creator that he heard people saying, Come worship the Creator of the heavens and the earth alone, they advise them, they told him so many times, but he was busy with intoxicating himself. And he was he will be asked what is the religion? He would say, I do not know I heard people saying things. Who is your messenger, he would still not able to answer, although he might know it. But the tongue would only speak of what's was present in the heart. And then it will be open for him again, to paradise to gender. And it will be

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said to him, that this was supposed to be replaced. If you are a believer, see how much regret a person would have when he sees this. And then again to the Hellfire will be open and it will be said to him that this is your place. And all the bad things will come to him from the hellfire. And he would say oh my God, oh, my Lord did not make the our occurs. Because now he knows that he's going to the punishment of Allah. And he has to live with this. everlasting with no end because of what? Because a few years that a person lived in a state of disbelief and forgetfulness. And let me just add something. Somebody might say, isn't that a form of injustice that a person could live 6070

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years instead of disbelief? And then he has to live everlasting life in the Hellfire? You know, why is that much? Yeah. To answer this is for someone that lived and died in the state of disbelief. He had the intentions while he was living, that if he would live forever on the face of Earth, he would live forever in the state of disbelief. So as a result of this attitude, that he is punishment is an everlasting one. That was the most just and he would not punish anyone unless the matter is made clear to him. And as the law says in the Quran, lahmacun Mr. Divina,

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we do not punish till we send the messenger, this is the mercy of Allah, messengers are being sent. And they sent to tell you, oh, you human being, you believe in God, worship Him alone. And then you turn away, you worship other than him. You live a life of forgetfulness, you don't want to do nothing with with being set fest on the on the proper submission to the Creator of the heavens and earth, then do not blame no one but your own self. That's why it's such a serious method. The early generations of Islam, they used to take this marriage is so serious, that their whole life is just preparing themselves to this last moment of this life, because afterwards, anything that we did, we

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have to live with it everlasting. So it's our new now that person, a Muslim might have a non Muslim, his colleague at work, and they might be watching the show. So they might actually be a little more enthusiastic about doing what they need to do the simple thing to become someone who is a believer and the one who can answer those questions when death comes when that appointment comes. So you're not like that person in class we've been studying and teacher calls on you like that. Now you can ask a law is my Lord. Islam is my way of life and Mohammed is the last and final messenger and you show it to your actions. Tell us right now how simple it is. So someone doesn't have to be out of

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the mercy of his creator. How simple is it? What does a person have to do to be on the side of the angels When the angels come and give you those glad tidings of it.

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Come on, come on sweet. So you're going to paradise and your Lord, your Creator is happy and pleased with you. We want to be on that side. Well, my sincere advice to anybody that is watching,

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stop for some time, have this business of your life, and sit and think sincerely and truthfully. What is the purpose of my life? You believe in God, you believe in the Creator of the heavens and the earth? And you have to, we are forced to believe in Him, of course, not in a nice way. Because nothing happens by itself, and he's the Creator of the heavens and earth. If you believe in Him, then you believe that he's the most perfect, he's the most merciful. He's the most wise that he's the most powerful. So why should you fear of anyone but him? Why should you seek any hope and reward from anyone but him? He's the most perfect. So if you think for a second about this, and then turn

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to Him sincerely and turn to Him alone, to show you the truth, because the matter is serious. At least it's fair enough. If somebody's sitting now, telling you that after that it's either Hellfire or the paradise, it is fair enough for you, that you take the matter seriously, maybe what he's saying is correct. So think about it sincerely. seek help from the Lord of the heavens and the earth sincerely, and ask him sincerely to show you the truth. And it's also fair enough, that you would go read the Quran, the last revelation of Allah, nobody's forcing you to do anything. Just read it with an open heart to heart that is searching for the truth, and read the sayings of the Prophet Mohammed

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and ask, and not to live a life of forgetfulness, and not just to depend on the media to tell you what Islam is, and what Muslims are, go do it yourself, and the book is saved from 1400 years ago, never been changed, read it and see if it makes sense to you or not. If you go through the steps, I don't want to manipulate anybody or force anybody or anything like that. Just do it for yourself. But to live a life of putting it aside, putting it aside, I'm okay. I like my way of life that I'm doing now. fooling ourselves living a life of deception. And then when the moment of death comes, the regret would never benefit. You don't need no money for anything, right? There's no benefit to

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it. Right? You're not gonna have to come to me, I'll give you anything you give me anything. Okay, for your own benefit. Tell us now the seriousness of this because we're busy with accumulating wealth upon well, position upon position. And, as you said, in one of our prior shows that Islam encourages for you to be the best at whatever you do is correct. So now, this is something that is encouraged to be educated and to be someone who is the best in society, and who is beneficial to others. But now, if you're neglectful of your purpose in life, and you're just chasing your whims and desires, it's not good. Tell us that moment of those three things that follow you to the grave.

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And then the two things that come to argue over the one thing, can you talk about that the profits or the loss of peace be upon him, he said, when a person dies, three things goes with him in his funeral till he's buried, one stays with him and to go back. He said, these three things are his family, his wealth, and his deeds. That's it. That's it, those are the three things and you'll find them in the funeral, you find the car of the one that died, is driven, yeah, going through the grave with him. And his family is with him, and his wealth, his family, his children, whatever, wearing the clothing that he bought for them, yeah, you know, his wealth is going with. But then when he's

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buried, he does not take his car with him, you don't take that, take the bank account in the checkbook with him, he doesn't take nothing. What stays with him is the deeds that he did in his life. And this is what all matters at the end. And that's why the person should take this life in such a way that the most concern to us is to establish the acts of worship, to be obedient to the Creator of the heavens and the earth. And by the way, people have this idea that religion is something that make your life miserable, that you have to live your status and your wealth, and you have to be amongst somewhere. This is not in the true religion. This is never be the way of life

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that Allah wants from us. Because why did he create wealth for us? Why did he create the beauty on this world just to make it difficult for us to make it evil? Of course, it's not evil. It is the beauty that we're supposed to use for the purpose of life and we enjoy you too. Why would a person know that everything is permissible juice and water and everything that for you to drink, but to choose something that would intoxicate your mind, you left all that is good than pure, and you choose just that one thing that will make your life more difficult even. And the same thing with the acts of worship and so on. So in the religion of Islam, take it from me and don't take it for me.

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Just do it for yourself. You would never be miserable in the sense that happiness is in the heart. Everything will fall in place. Everything will make sense. There's no contradiction between life of being religious and being successful in business or whatever. Actually, the companions of the Prophet SAW Selim.

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They were businesspeople, they were not just some religious people we do not have in Islam, something like the religious figure. And then the masses of the people, and in which the religious figure manipulate the people. And he's such a holy, there is no holiness in anybody on the face of Earth. Everybody is responsible for his own deeds, and that we earn this. We'd like ticket by inheritance or from lineage. We do it with our own actions. Buying and selling even is an act of worship if we do it in the proper way. And we have regulations in this in the deen of Allah step, honesty, being truthful, smiling, even in front of someone, not to hurt someone to insult him. This

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is a good deed, this is something that will take the person to paradise, but with the foundation that has to be proper, and that is to say, La Ilaha Mohammed de sola, which means there is no one you have to say this with your tongue and your heart before that. There is no one worthy of worship except Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the Lord of Moses and Jesus, Mohammed and all the messengers of Allah. And the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is the final messenger. If you believe in it, don't wait. You never know if death would come today for you or not. And then that would be your teacher, that last and final messenger, correct me if I'm ever wrong, that this

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is the same way if you were living during the time of Moses, Jesus Abraham, you would declare this declaration that there's no god except the one true God Allah, and that Moses was his messenger at that time, Jesus was the messenger at that time, and etc, etc. So that same way correct. And then you had to emulate them, you had to follow Jesus, he was the way the truth and the light. Moses was the way the truth how to get to God showing you how to pray to God and worship God, is that correct? Correct. So we have to emulate the last and final message, not worship any of them, right? Can you emphasize on this real quick human being is a human being Yeah, flesh and blood, eyes and ears and

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everything is a human being, he is a need, always of the Creator of the heavens and the earth. The Creator of the heavens and the earth is nothing like the human being. And this distinction has to be clear, because it made so many people fall into the trap of mixing together. Yeah, the creator is nothing is the life of the human being. And he's all here with all serious, but the human being is something else deficient as deficiency in it always in need of the creator of the evidence in years. messengers of Allah are the best of the human beings, the best level and the highest level of a human being that can he can reach is to be the more humble to the creator of them, engineer is not

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the one that would elevate himself to think that he's the Creator of the heavens and earth. So believing in this, and knowing that if you study the life of Prophet Mohammed, and this is another call for people to do that, his teachings, he would never call the people to do an evil, his teachings is to live a perfect way of life. And no matter what you do, if it's eating, if it's drinking, if it's what's permissible, what's not permissible, it's to make your life a perfect, we're not just for the hereafter. But for this life to be a perfect life. If a community would apply it, they would have the happiness in this life in here after it was practiced, by the way, was never

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in the books was practiced in the time of the originations over the stem and so on. People embrace the stem in the masses. If you look at the the map at the time of Prophet Mohammed and afterwards, the world map, America was not discovered yet, right. And he would see that anywhere the Muslims went to people embrace Islam, in masses, countries, nations. And this is something that is amazing never happened on the face of Earth. When people saw a practical way of life, of being truthful, being honest, making sense of everything that they do, they worship and they buy and sell. They are at night, like monks, and they weep and they cry and they stand and they make worship and in the

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morning, there are strong men and women acting and doing things in this life that would benefit them in this life. And and hereafter, there's no separation between such a thing as religion, and life and all of these types of things. It's all one because it's all the creation of data that makes no sense. Now, this is another proof that why would the creator He created us and then take off as they figure it out on your own right? There's a system how he wants you to live. And this is the system submitting your will to his will now tell us, we're almost out of time, a few more points by implementing submission to the One God Islam way of life all the messengers, one gets peace,

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tranquility, and God is good, he only accepts good. So the good talk about briefly the good of worshiping Him alone, the good of not

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using foul language, not drinking alcohol, doing drugs, gambling, prostitution, all these evil vices, that only if someone hears it, if he's saved himself, you see, like, man, if I do this stuff, it's only going to make me a better human being. Anyway, talk about this for a minute. See, the heart has a certain quality, yeah, it has so much diversions in it. And the only way that would collect this heart to have this calmness and happiness in it. It is the mercy of Allah that He made it in such a way that a person would never have this calmness and this happiness unless he worship the Creator of the heavens and earth, alone. And no matter how

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Much person is doing in his life, he would never taste this, the real meaning of sweetness and happiness in this life, unless he is worshiping the Creator of the heavens, and yet he would always otherwise feed, there's something missing something missing. Something is not right. Yeah. And this is actually if a person is truthful with his own self, he would find this, this is true. And that's why people run away from religion. Why? Because it doesn't make sense. Yeah. But when it comes to look at the Muslims in general, you would find in general that people have this belief is the same. Although there's so much people are in state of forgetfulness, because of not applying the orders of

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Allah. But this happiness is present in the heart if a person worship the Creator of the heavens and the earth alone, because it's his mercy that he became it became in such a way and that's why it's mentioned the Quran Manami lasallian decadence our moment for no here, no hierarchy, whoever do a good deeds, he would live a good life. And one less thing is, if you have a fruit

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that looks very pleasant from the outside, yeah, but this thing in the desert, I forgot what it called an English the cactus or something like this. inside. It's very sweet. Yeah. But from the outside has horns and thorns and things like that, right? So when you see it from far away, you say, this is not good. But if somebody peeled it, and ate it, and he says, it's very sweet, yeah, but who is the one that would know both way of life, the one that tasted it? So for you to be away from the religion of Islam, and to say, Oh, it's not good. We didn't taste it, for someone to be in state of toxic nations, and prostitution and all these types of things. And someone else repented from all of

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this, he tastes that he has, he know what it means and what it feels to be in such a state. Right? And he repented to Allah and he now tasted the sweetness of faith. He is the one to be asked what is the best of both? Yeah, but the one that is still in the forgetfulness and the and the sins and so on, he doesn't know the other side. So it's not fair. If he says it's not No, it's the other side. It's just misery. He did not know what it is. The other one is the one that knows both and how it feels and that's the one that should be asked and this is what we need to do. Taste it and take the means to it and be patient in doing so. You will get the happiness in this life in here. Thank you

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very much time is out. We gotta go. I wish we could talk some more sokola Hydra May Allah the Creator of the heavens that rewards you in abundance? Yeah, loaded with you to me. Thank you. And thank you again for being with us on the deen show. It's very simple. One God, wish him alone do what he wants you to do. Put your desires this thing inside you that just wants this and wants that and you just can't get enough. You know what you never get enough until the dirts in your mouth. Don't let it come to that be sincere and honest. As the one who created you to guide us the first step

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put off chasing all the women and the good times and the parties and this and that put it on hold man do some investigating some leg work. Everything is there has been saved. You have the living miracle. The last and final revelation center mankind the Quran is an instruction manual from A to Z how you live is in accordance with the creator and then there's nothing left in paradise. It's very simple. So it's up to you. We're here to help you. Come back and see us every week on the deen show. I hope you got to benefit and we'll see you next time God will and inshallah until then Salaam Alaikum. Peace be unto you.

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see what everyone's talking about.

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You find one contradiction it can be from God.

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But the rational idea, the rational explanation is you do your best to give up for spring guidance. I will never give up spreading this message. Okay, you take the unnecessary step you don't know if you're gonna live to tomorrow.

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So you got to find that urgency to do the right thing right now.

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The reality of life usually doesn't sink in. Until tragedy comes.

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You get a few bad people the media grabs ahold of that and spends it the way they want to.

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If you say that you do not believe in Jesus you have stepped outside of Islam you cannot be a Muslim is attended our faith through

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eats comb each name Amen. Everybody sleep in

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and ask a lot of thinking me. Oh la You see, oh, la you know, all the things I do. I turn to you to begin

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the one runs away. Oh, guy me.