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salam ala Rahim

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala should have freedom be able mousseline? Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allahu Allahu Allah He was I will set up the Steven cathedra cathedra for Movado.

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Hello just as we, I thought today let me say something to you about the principles and the soul of learning

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and there are there is a class going on there or the field of fasting

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and hungry Allah We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us knowledge which is beneficial for us and the ability to apply it in our lives

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many times we think

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that the secret of great learning is a great teacher.

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That is true.

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But much more true than that

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is that the secret of great learning is a great student

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because the student brings out the best in the teacher

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I've been a teacher for over 40 years

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and I have taught I don't know maybe two or 1000 people or something like that.

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And I can tell you that every class is different

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it's what the student brings out in you breathe out from you. The teacher is like a well vo deep water have a deep well of sweet water.

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It's up to the student how much water they want to take out of the well. The water is there anybody

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some drought more, some go thirsty.

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In my experience I've seen there are three kinds of three kinds of students.

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I call them prisoners, tourists,

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and see the students

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so prisoners are those who are sent like are sent to jail. So they are sent

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by well apparently whatever peer pressure sent to the class sentenced.

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So they are there to finish that period and go harass

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them there are tourists and the tourists are there they go to check out the place they want to check out the food they want to check out the teacher

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you know, I've been teaching for gardeners

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and they told me so there are literally a couple of 1000 videos on my lectures. And my other who's who takes care of all the IT stuff for me. One day sends me

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a message saying somebody is asked a question, what are the question? Who does chef's wardrobe

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you're sitting there listening to a lecture on

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on target or something and you are looking at saying who does chef's wardrobe you began my clothes. You came there to see my clothes on my turban

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somebody puts a comment there. She says I love your beard. So I said you're gonna have her on well, I'll give you the same and that was a it was a woman. So I said I'm a woman I said I'll be in Islam we do not discriminate, I guess

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you go there to study or what you gotta do.

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So, the approach is very important what what is your knee or why did you go to the class to do what

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to get what from this class is very important. Right.

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Let me give you some names and details. Some of the famous teachers Robbia try

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not to larae

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Who was his student? Malik bananas. I think about that, that. Obviously he was family with Nana Savella No, round Talalay. Imam Malik was not the only student. Right. I was what I would have had gotten on hundreds of students 1000s of students are who stand out. Malik Ammianus. Now Malik Arras, his student out of 1000s, who stands out Shafi

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and Otto Shafi students who stands out AMA has been humbled.

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So now if you trace it back to robots array, array, the array effectively is the student of your marriage. If I'm Java in Java, right, if you go if you trace the learning the Imam Abu Hanifa Abdullah, for example.

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He was a student of Java Sadhak Babylon.

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Who's Jaffa bin Mohammed he was the son of Mohammed bin al Bakr, the great grandson of Ali Vittorio villa.

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on his mother's side, Jeff

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For the Elana was descended from a war consider for the law.

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And that is why in the times and dates of the times of the fifth era when people criticized Abu Bakr and Omar or Delano Jaffa Assad, who was the one who used to who hated it and he was very strongly critical of anyone criticizing the to qualify

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now he was this he was the teacher of Imam Abu Hanifa.

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Now, if Mohammed bin is while al Bukhari and you are Muslim, these are the two big names, you know, right in the Hadith.

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Their story or their teachers story is very interesting. Their teacher was Abdullah bin Muslimah al Carnaby

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and he was an alcoholic.

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He was an alcoholic, he was into all kinds of things hear a foul tongue used to curse the old all that and he literally used to walk around with a bottle of alcohol in his hand.

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So one day, illustrators story one day, Imam Shabbir Hunter Lolly, he was giving us and there was a whole lot of people connect around him.

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And Imam Shafi is a is a tabby and he was born in the Khilafah overwhelmed saatavilla.

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Abdullah, when Messiah went there, he asked people what is happening is a desert. This is Mo Hadees. And he is giving that so he's so he cut his way through the people.

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And he's always look at this. He's standing in front of this Imam with a bottle of alcohol in his hand. He's drunk his you can smell his breath.

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And he says to me, who are you? You are teaching her this is a yes. He said then

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tell me this. Give me this.

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See the helm see the suburb of the teachers. Right? What would anybody do? First thing you do is kick him out of here that he uses when he's drunk. He has no other becomes a gimme ahaadeeth What did you ask him for a banana or whatever is no respect throughout, right? This is what anybody would do.

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Not emotionally.

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These are people who there's so much to learn from the o'clock

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of the IMA.

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So Mr. Chabot Hunkeler Is it is it me Hadith he didn't get his essay. We didn't do anything. He said to him

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up to oversold radula. No narrated that Russell was an awesome said, one of the sayings of the early prophets. Who is the people God was if you have no shame, if you have no hair, then do whatever you like.

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If you have no hair, no shame, then do whatever you want.

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Now and this hadith is quoted in Bukhari Sharif

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now Abdullah when Muslim Allah Allah subhanaw taala gives you that we once and Allah Allah looks at the heart here is a man who are the face of it. You would say This van is finished but Allah knows bit

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so Abu Abdullah Messiah was so affected by this hadith

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he was so tremendously affected by service he gave up drinking you throw away everything he went to Marina and he became a student of your of Mr. Malik.

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And then he taught Imam Bukhari and Muslim

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decompiled that here is a man if you look at him he is a you know apparently an alcoholic and whatnot. But he is the teacher of Buhari and

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because of the class of learning whatever is habits were and so on so on. But when he came to learning he came with complete useless

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you didn't go halfway came with total Nicholas gave up everything. And remember, for me to say this is easy. Alcoholism is alcohol is a drug and it is one of the worst drugs in the world. It so happens that we live in societies where money is God. So anything which makes money is is halal is illegal. Alcohol should be banned Alcohol should be should be completely eradicated from the face of the earth.

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In this COVID P just to give you some numbers in this COVID period in this two and a half years. globally. 6 million people died of COVID. Same Period 7 million people died of alcohol

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And I'm talking about deaths. I'm not talking about the number of families ruined, I'm not talking about the people who drunk driving, you hit somebody else, right? That person dies, you don't die.

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Or that person is maimed or paralyzed or something. I'm not talking about all that. Just the deaths, 7 million people.

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But alcohol is legal.

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Nobody is making a big noise Oh, I'll call a call nothing.

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So here is alcohol and Alcoholics Anonymous is a organization which works on the addiction. They say very clearly, they say that alcohol addiction cannot be cured, zero, cannot be cured. So what can you do?

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Stay away from alcohol. And once that urge goes down to a manageable point where you know you don't need to have alcohol, this is stay far away from anywhere where there is alcohol. Because one drink is all it takes to take you back to where you were just wondering.

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Right here is a man who was an alcoholic is very easy to say he gave up boredom and gave up how does he give up

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shows the dedication towards learning

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the tolerable rock

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true talab true yearning for learning. And of course Allah subhanaw taala gives according to the, to the to the, to the person's desire and to the more effort he makes. Allah subhanaw taala took this band was an alcoholic, and gave him made him the teacher of two of the greatest Imams of Hadees that we know in the world.

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So it's not not only a question of who is the teacher or the question Who is the student of the teacher

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that stood Imam Buhari. great scholar, Imam, Muslim great scholar. So what must be the teacher?

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So ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to approach knowledge with the seriousness that is due for it,

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to approach the realm of them with the seriousness that do for it. This is why our scholars tell us do not even teach Islam to people who are not interested. It's against the record of the deen you don't you don't take this deed and throw it at people's feet? No, you will must come and approach it and they will beg for it.

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That's a different topic. But I'm saying that seriously. We ask Allah subhanaw taala give us the the shock. Give us this desire give us this yearning for true knowledge with the intention of applying it because knowing and not applying is above all it's a it's a it's an evil because then the knowledge becomes a witness against us. So we ask Allah to give us knowledge and the ability to apply it in our lives and to help us to benefit from that person. Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was drafted