Adnan Rajeh – Attributes of the Prophet – His Ease Tenderness & Flexibility

Adnan Rajeh
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thermometer if you brought food, take it with you. And if you're a young, single gentleman, just take whatever food you find it's fine, no one cares, just don't take the containers or the ladies will come from my neck. So just take, take the food, you're welcome to do that and show what's on and try not to leave anything here, tomorrow, show up 200 We'll start three o'clock as well. But there'll be a bit later, I tried to finish at 415 to see if that was going to help people, it's a bit too early, it will be done in Charlotte around 430 or 435. So just plan accordingly show. So we'll continue to start at three, we'll just have it it'll just be a bit longer in Charlottetown in

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terms of the time and then we'll start shortening it as fajita gets earlier by the end of the month and show but

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today, we continue with the attributes of the prophets of Allah HollyWell, he was looking to Salam. And today I'm going to talk about two things as well, probably until the end of the month, it will be combination of two attributes or two aspects of his behavior on his salatu salam as we running out of time, and I want to get through as many as possible. So today, we're talking about Morona, who wants

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to sort of like tell them his flexibility and his ease or tenderness or he has so much

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flexibility and ease or tenderness. Let's start with his flexibility. This is an easy one. If you study his life, Allianz salatu salam, you're going to find that he was flexible. What I mean by flexible and not the physical aspect of it, I mean, the mental aspect of being a flexible person, understanding that life will never, ever give you exactly what you want, and your plans will never actually happen the way you you plan them, there's always going to be a need for you to change and adapt and move in a different direction when when required. And I saw through a sedan was was a master of that. And he taught his Sahaba to do that as well, which is why this OMA has been able to

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actually if you think about survived for this for that millennia and a half and Millennium millennium and a half it's been around is because Muslims are very adaptable, and they can they can change based on their circumstances, holding on continuing continuing to hold on to their basic values, which is what the prophet Isaiah sought sometimes to do. So if you look at it, I give you a few examples.

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During the matki period, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam actually sent Muslims to Habesha

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on its own, that sort of thought that requires that that action itself requires like a full study, the fact that he he came up with that, that he was able to think out of the box to that degree where he told the Sahaba I need a second base for Islam in case the one here in Mecca doesn't work, I need to know that you're safe so that Islam continues. So he actually suggested that they get in a boat, and they go across the sea to a different continent, to a land that not only was different in terms of their religion, but they were different in terms of their culture, and their language and almost every other aspect of human experience. But he thought of yourself as something that was something

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that was feasible, and that was going to help and he did it. And yeah, sometimes people are flexible. They have ideas, but then they don't see any of them through. Well, you saw some actually sent them and they stayed there for 15 years. or So how the statement How about you, they came back, they went maybe 100 people, then maybe half of them came back due to a specific rumor that came out. So there's 50 People left, they came back 250 in 15 years, like the numbers went from 550 to 350. But again, the flexibility of the idea, only a slight twist on the day, but when he went and he kept in a specific area of Northern Virginia, and a man by the name of Kobe Bill Melinda will come to the

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Prophet alayhi salatu was there and telling him Is this a place that Allah subhanaw told you to camp? And he said, No, this is the place that you want you enjoy this place you find it nice, he said No. Then what is it? Is it just an herbal right you will Makita is just an issue of war and we need the kind of planning and he said yes, but if I had a lease agreement, didn't ya rasool Allah there's not a good place to stop, the wills are ahead of us, we should put the walls behind us we go up front, we cover all the walls so that no one can access them and you just keep one and we drink from and that way we deny our enemy during during war. So the Prophet Alia saw this and actually

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changed that he actually changed his plan. I don't think we appreciate what that means. A lot of people don't appreciate what it means to be a leader to come up with a plan execute it and then someone come and tell you this is not a good plan and then you're actually willing to go and change the plan and say okay, let's do something different. So Allah Allah said Lim, he didn't even he didn't even any blink like yeah this your ideas better your ideas better was what he told him and he actually changed and this happened on the day of high bar as well. And the same so how I became to him it was and I told him yesterday Allah, we are not far enough. We're not far away in a day the

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archers will catch us from where we are, they'll just pick us out we need to be to be behind a bit. The Prophet It is thought was said and said yes, we will do this, but let's not do it tonight because it may seem to the enemy, that we're somehow scared so let's stay where we are for the night and we'll move next morning for the day of medallion Salatu was Salam actually, amongst the Sahaba wanted, he had expressed that he wanted to stay in Medina he didn't actually want to leave Medina and go fight Quran outside he wanted to stay in Medina and just fortify it and straight from the inside.

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That was what he wanted. But he did a vote on it. You still have this amongst the Warriors amongst the Sahaba and the young, the youth especially the ones who weren't there for Bejeweled, who didn't participate in battle, and they were very enthusiastic. They wanted to leave Medina and go meet Qureshi outside in the open

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So the outnumbered the Prophet alayhi salatu was I mean the Prophet alayhi salam and those who wanted to stay in Medina were outnumbered by the youth who wanted to leave. So he went in he got dressed, he wore his method and he got on his armor and he was on his way to leave out as auto semi then the younger people were told by the older people that by the way, the prophet audience also didn't want to leave your will have your idea of leaving he didn't want to do that that's your maybe you should maybe you should next time you should maybe not have an opinion is worth telling them. So they go to the Prophet Allah you saw them around a couple of 100 of them saying God also Allah *

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acaba NACA. I know che in Tuckahoe. Did we did we were forced to coerce you to do something you didn't want to do? Because if that's the case, then we'll all stay. We're happy to stay in Medina. But what are your thoughts about that? No, Monica, it can either be in levees. Metal, how do we

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use hula, it is not acceptable for a prophet to wear the armor and then take it off and change his mind is what we've agreed to do. This is what we will do. And he did it. It is probably the most impressive example of flexibility for him. It is so much wisdom is the digging of the funder.

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I can never get over that. I've been thinking about this for 20 years, I still can't get over it. I cannot understand how he came up how he was paid. We thought this was okay. Because I want you to imagine this sitting there sitting there and there's the the Confederate instead of the 10,000 warriors that are marching towards Medina, they're trying to figure out what are we going to do this 1500 was 1500 of us at best. Like if you want to stretch our numbers if you want to get people that maybe are a bit too young or too old to fight. So you have 1500 people who can bear arms. There's 10,000 We're outnumbered one to eight. This is ridiculous. This is not this is not something

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possible. This is way too much. What are we going to do? So they're talking about the different options, then an immigrant, an immigrant who wants a slave or a slave for the majority of his life named salamanders variceal the Allahu Allahu Akbar, one of the most renowned Sahaba he is someone who not only for him, his tongue is for him. He comes from a different culture. He was a slave for a long time, you would think of the setting that he didn't really have a space to speak like it wasn't something for him. But he did are the one who said you have a sort of lacuna either. Yeah. Has that been a hijama? Allah You know, I do I do guna conduct now how would you enforce Xena if we if you

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were rated by any conductor? Now the word conductor is not a verb. But he made it a verb because he didn't speak Arabic very well. Like I said a bit. Save this and learn Arabic was not his first language. So he actually took the word that you couldn't make into a verb and he made it into a verb really? Allahu Anhu just meant what I mean by this. And the Sahaba started to giggle they start to laugh Let me

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dig a trench. Who's gonna dig a trench in rock? Medina if you ever go to Medina, it's it's solid rock. That's the blood. There's no, it's not a place where you can. It's not like it's simple Earth No, no, you're gonna be digging into rock.

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But the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam wasn't laughing. Like,

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when you think about it, we're kind of protected from both from both sides, aren't we? Like we have the hardware turn on both sides and bundle Corolla in the south with probate or basically, we're sitting inside of a bowl, we just have, there's only one way to enter Medina, right, we can't really, you can only enter from any, there's no other entrance for an army. Maybe for an individual there, there are paths that one person can walk through, but not for an army where 1000s of people are going to need to stand in line and walk there's only one entrance only from the North. How long is the northern border

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five kilometers.

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Five kilometers long, they would dig a trench that was five kilometers long, four meters deep and three meters wide.

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Every so hard. When you do the math, every so heavy, it had to dig the

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volume of a bedroom

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of a cabin, you go home and you lie and you go lie down after this. You sit in your bedroom.

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That's what you had to dig in 10 days with basic tools with a shovel, an axe and a pig. And that's it. That's all you had to dig you there was no there was no heavy metal, heavy machinery at the time.

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And he then he actually said, Okay, let's do this as a hobby. And we're out of there might what do you what do you mean? So how do we dig a trench? That's the degree of flexibility he had earlier. So to summon his mind on the day of today via the day of today, but not only to show his flexibility, but the flexibility of the Sahaba every time, every movement of the way they went too long, there would be a change of plans, they left with the plan of actually going from the hub, okay. And then in the midst of that once earthmen was said, said that my smell was killed. He said we're going to fight so the SIBO said, okay, and then Earth man turned out to be alive. So we said no more

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fighting. So they said okay, and every time he changed, he would change plans completely the full plan would change and so have a no problem. No problem, no problem because they learned from them that you still have to send that that's how life is lived. You can't you can't be set they got to have a set mind you can't have a mindset that is that is rigid. And that is difficult to do. You have to be flexible in life. You got to be successful. You have to be you have to be able to maneuver within the space that is where you're allowed to maneuver and that his flexibility himself audience lock was and when he wrote that contract with Suhaila Bahama. The contract was ridiculous.

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The contract was filled with injustice, that was so

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It was so rude and disrespectful was so filled with was just lack of of any form of fairness and the Prophet it is sort of no problem. You don't want Bismillah R Rahman Rahim fine misspeak Allah Who? Okay no Mohammad Rasool Allah, Mohammed Abdullah no problem and he was losing his mind no, the no era, Allah whether he likes it or not, no, no, he wouldn't he would delete it himself. He would erase it himself. It was to them. And then they would say, you can't go back no longer this year. But I was like, of course, he's gonna say no, he doesn't even either. He doesn't even hesitate. Yes, of course, we go back. And everyone starts you can hear people speaking in the background, they're

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all upset. And then next year, whoever comes Muslim from from Mecca, you sent them back, but whoever comes who left Islam to us we keep it's just one is one injustice after the other no problem on his Sato. So no problem. Give me 10 years of peace and take what you want. Take what you want, no problem. Is that flexibility that allowed him It has taught to him to achieve imagine when he came to Medina the concept of aha, where he was going to make Brotherhood's who's going to have people he was going to take to family from completely different backgrounds and different cities and have them live together in the same house. People around Arabia would come to Medina to visit it just to see

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it. Not to accept Islam, they just want to see it. Is it true? Is it true that the Quran the Quran he is living inside the house of histology? They're actually in the states they're actually dividing the home now I know that's impossible impossible. They want to see with their own eyes. But he actually did it either. His thought was that on the things that people thought were impossible that couldn't happen that couldn't be done.

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Things that people thought is not possible this is not an idea worth of even considering he did it on a US dollar Twister. He proved everybody wrong. We tell the story that trench like it's nothing we talked about more like it's nothing you have no idea how out of the box that idea was how difficult to accomplish that was and how he actually saw it through sort of La Jolla CIBJO syndrome and that mentality of flexible mentality is what we we should definitely learn from him Ali Asad was I'm especially when we're living in a place like the one we were living in at the time that we're living in where we need flexibility and we need to open minds to actually be able to achieve our

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goals because there's nothing there's nothing there's very little to draw parallels to to where you came from it just to where you came from in this at this in this era forget about where he came from all these awesome 1400 years ago to require that flexibility that's the first piece is where his ease and tenderness sort of lines and then there's the easiest target of all targets when you want to talk about him I use a lot to us I'm everything about him was of ease I just love someone say Matt kinda difficulty shaitan Eliza Anna, who am I newsy I mentioned in China, but you both put ease and tenderness in anything except you beautify it and you don't take ease or tenderness out of

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something except you make it ugly, and you make it something that is not appropriate. Or you saw to Islam in the Hadith. And

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Musa Setubal Willie as they call every every scholar will the first Hadith they will teach you if you're going to learn how to eat there's no hammelmann philosophy or Emona Your humble home or ramen your Hanuman Phil earlier huncle Memphis sama those who are merciful, the Merciful himself will show them compassion, show mercy to those on earth and the one in the sky will show you mercy as well. Are you Salatu was Salam.

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When he was coming back from UCLA if after they had stoned him out, they had sent him out with my stoning him and he had said probably the most disrespectful and, and hurtful and harmful things to him it a slight twist to them. After he had spent 10 years of oppressing him after he lost Khadija left I lost I will tell him how to get salatu salam was somewhere in the middle he will be asked about this day and he said this is the worst day of my life. He will say this is the worst day of my entire life. Because I was somewhere between thought if in Mecca had no way. I had no idea where I was supposed to go. Mecca was not allowing what he was not allowing back in. I had saved with me I

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had my daughters at home. I didn't know what to do. I didn't have a plan. I didn't have a plan. I didn't think it was gonna go this bad and it went that badly. And I didn't know what to do. So a humanoid human. I was walking aimlessly for a while there. I didn't know what to do. I didn't install it to a salon. They would ask him what's your worst day?

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It was when I was walking back from a bug I had completely lost my I didn't know what to do anymore. And in that day, the Imam Bukhari tells us that day would you be would bring to him Alia salatu salam, the angel of the mountain you will tell him Yeah, Muhammad Rasul Allah morani ultimate Valley Hemlock Shiva and tell me and it just give me the command and I will crumble the mountains upon the thought if it hadn't mecca for you gonna slowly sell amla Isola one Johari German us lobby him mania Hulu either said no The day will come where Allah subhanaw taala will have from their descendants people who will say that you know and he was right so Allah is like you said lemon here we are

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The neighborhood since they think that they are so difficult. The reason that they think is difficult because when he fell in that hole over here salatu salam and the and the armor on his face the helmet went into his face and it and it opened up his face basically Ali Assad's I mean he bled, he bled for a long time he bled the battle, you lost a lot of blood. He never fully recovered from ohada Actually all his thoughts and physically, we brought out of the hole and you'd have to take a heated sword and they'd have to use certain types of material and then they would put it on his face out of your slot to attempt to stop the bleeding. So after he had a broken tooth and he had two

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scars on his face

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Thalia salatu salam in the sidebar watching and looking at him that day and their hearts are solving for him and he has sought to ascend because of what's happened in the blood and then and he puts his hat and the Sahaba CROs at him make dua against these people. So he puts his hand up out of your Salah too, so I mean everyone, all the Sahaba in the narration for Wagner Russa put their heads down. We're calling them Asana, what did we do? We shouldn't have asked him to do this. He has a lot to say, and it's our family members. It's our people. Why would he make at the end? Yes, we're fighting them, but we don't want them to die. We don't want everyone to be punished. We want them to

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accept this lamb eventually. So they thought for a moment that they could outrank him out of here salatu salam in his compassion and tenderness, that this is a mistake. They thought they were more tender and compassionate than they that he was. So they thought that oh, he told him make dua against them. Oh, he's going to do it. And we didn't want it. The Sahaba in the midst of war had compassion towards their enemies. They thought for a moment that he had more than the Prophet it is so twisted and he put his hand up and he saw towards me all he said was ALLAH whomever defeated me Oh, me in the Himalaya, emulating Alia Salatu was Salam exactly what you have the story of all the

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prophets before him like no hand who dallies Sudan when he tells the story I like he taught people this is a collection of Muslim Makati. He would he would tell us that he would tell us on the assumption that the prophets before us Yaquina became Ambia talking this to telling the story of one of the prophets Baba who called them oof, I don't know who I needed people. These people hit him until he was leading Nakata Allahu Madea, call me for in the Himalaya Allah O Allah guide me people they don't know what's best for them. So on the table he said the same thing was to them is ease and tenderness with the students of knowledge. I love this piece and I know you can talk about using

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tendinous forever but I used to talk to him when it came for students of knowledge this one he said there's what Monica dinner waiters tells us in the collection member Cadiz I tell you that also to Allah, so Allah Allah is actually when I knew Sheva Bertrand motorcar, a boon for McKesson and the who actually know Allah, you know, he came to the Prophet alayhi salam, a bunch of young guys who were all young all same age, we spent 20 Nights learning from him. Golfer fella Maha Semin Nashotah Halina when he felt that we were a little bit homesick to Atlanta and when we start to ask as well so where are you guys exactly from come from? How many What's your family like where you live? From

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what kind and just about the wording America Detroit it hasn't because Canada or FIFA and Rahim on Sundays, it was easy. He was very tender. He was very kind he's very merciful to her. Whereas the fina rule do it'll get you it'll Polycom parliamo, whom were more or whom was a Luca mela at Moonee Valley for ADA Hydra to Salah to value as in a huddle calm William McComb Akbar will come go back to your family. It's okay. I think what you've learned is more than enough, go back to your people, teach them command them to pray, pray the way I taught you. And when Dan comes me one of you make that me the eldest of you lead prayer and the production manager and tell me the the prophet Ali

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Assad was somebody they're made by Buddha and we say liquidity and Abu Musa he says say Tico Aqua Moon yacht Laguna Laguna Leyland, people will come to you asking for knowledge the youth that come to you asking asking you for knowledge for either a token when they come to you for Kulu this what you say model haben marhaba and we will see Yeti Rasulullah so it's a hidden was Ellen, you're very welcome. You are the you are what the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam gave us we'll see about

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the Prophet alayhi wa sallam told us specifically about you and asked us to take care of you to not know who McLuhan paella Ali Mohan meaning and then take care of them, serve them, teach them, train them, see what they want. This is what we're supposed to do with people who come to massage it. People will come to learn that our massage that we are supposed to say my husband, we will see you at yoga studio last I said, you are the CEO of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam you come to the house of Allah, He told us that you're going to come and you told us that when you come we welcome you and we try to teach you and offer you something beneficial and help you along your way. That's what this

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is what this is what I will do that used to say in every time he came to a masjid, he will say unto masa to Rasulullah Ali so you walk and you look at the younger people that you are what the Prophet alayhi wa sallam told me to take care of. And he passed away reminding me that I need to I need to care for you and show you and educate you. I know you still have to a centimeter Hadith in many Hadith we'll talk about how he didn't do something out of out of fear for us in the body. How do you know that and I show Carla Medina and mark to whom we see working when I call you salah. It wasn't for the fact I don't want to make it difficult for my ummah, I would tell them to use miswak for

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every slob I don't I'm not going to do it, because I don't want to make it hard for them. First of all, we we pray in Ramadan. First of all, we he stopped coming out after the fourth or fifth night and they asked him why bother Lola and Ashoka Allah Almighty launched if it wasn't for the fact that we're scared that this was going to become obligatory because if you did it every night, if you did it every night for 30 nights and thoroughly the scholars would would take from that that that is obligatory and if Taliban becomes obligatory it becomes very difficult for people to live because not everyone can do it every single night and they have different circumstances. But Prophet Allah

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saw somebody he was doing these things he was thinking how was it going to affect you? He was thinking how will make it easier for you? He will say Alia saw some Hadith also in Bukhari and Muslim in the OT do an OP let the salah but it's not aboukir sabe de Joe was with your sodality Rama tambien me, I want to make a long prayer. Again, he's like it's mine. I'm gonna read two pages. I'm gonna want to read something nice. And then I hear a child cry.

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laying in the background, so I make my prayer quick because I don't want to make it difficult for his mother. It must be hard for them when they're standing there with his child crying with her child crying and she can't guess as you finish your prayer. So Allahu Allah, you also have to send them once an hour I became Gemini and with I'll be I'll be done. I became to him and as I said, we had one of the children of his house he was kicking it to kissing the child and hugging the child. The man came and said, Yeah, rasool Allah to come below and also Bianna Can you kiss your boys, your children? Oh ALLAH he ended actually I should have an emerald well Dima Kobelco had a minimum total

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of 20 children I've never kissed one of them once.

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Kala Salah who is our Emily cool inkind Allah hookah Janessa I'm in pelvic Atlanta, what can I do for you if Allah has removed compassion and mercy from your heart? But Allah Allah CIBJO seldom used to have under this under this. So I'll be the last one. You had a branch in the masjid that he would give a quote about gender before they give him a member. And I saw this and it didn't matter. I didn't tell them again the same. There's the parts of it and Bukhari and Muslim as well. So he would stand out against salatu salam under this branch, he put his hand on it, he would give the hutzpah

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to Santos and then they built a small member three steps. So you stand on it so people could see him because more people were coming and people couldn't hear and see. So you get on the member, three steps up and people could see him. So the first day that they built that member in the first job that he gave not standing under the branch, the branch made a horrific noise.

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The Sahaba this hadith narrated by six Sahaba by the way, six different people and they say we heard a noise like the crying of a young calf, is how they describe it sound like a calf or a young camel that was crying for his mother it was making this very weird noise. And we were looking around initially to see where was the noise coming from? Because no one's going to hear a noise and then think it's coming from a tree. They're going to look for an animal somewhere they couldn't find anything and then they the closer they listen, the sound was coming from the tree to the profit it is sort of come down the member and we go to the tree so Allah Allah He was trying to sell them and

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he will start to stroke the tree and then he would hug the branch and in the collection of Imam Muhammad he would say well Allah He lolium endo be more alpha t Phil, Jen. My secretary told him if I had not told him that he was going Don't worry he'll be what you'll be with me and Jana, he wouldn't have been quite well I don't know if I didn't hug him. And Isla yo milk Korea and I didn't know he would make this nose until the Day of Judgment. Some hola adios love yourself.

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It's an easy target to talk about his mercy and compassion and tenderness, similar Hadees like you said, and that's how he was. That's how we spoke. That's how we treated people. That's what his outlook to the world around him was. It was just a sobbing heart of compassion. Rama also NACA Illa Rahmatullah me he was described in many ways, but he was never substituted with an ethic or a value except when it came to compassion. Yes, he was called Rahim. He was called Kadeem, it was called a lot of stuff. And quite often I'll leave and all these things, but when, when it came to compassion or tenderness, he was replaced with it to his called, we only sent you as a lama. You are all of

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you, everything about you is just an act of compassion. It's not that you're compassionate. No, you are an act of compassion on your own son, Allah, Allah, he was like yourself, because that's how he saw the world. That's how he treated people. And those are the two attributes I wanted to share with you today. His flexibility and his tenderness and is Salah other Habiba. consola alayhi salam Allahu Allahu alayhi salatu salam, subhanAllah Hendriksen Allah Allah learn to stop people to break what Allah has sent. Mr. Baraka had been humbling earlier so I can use me again please take the food on your way out if you can, and I'll be running a series inshallah starting today after also for seven

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days in a row. I'll talk a little bit about faith, disbelief, atheism, science issues that people I think middle aged people or people going to school and university will find beneficial. You're welcome to attend it. Also. We broadcast it if you can't come in person Michelle is talking about

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