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There's one line on either Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shara philam, BIA Eva mousseline, Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, the Steven caphyon cathedra from Abba Dubois brothers and sisters

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we will

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today we will talk about the scales of justice in our lesson on death and hereafter

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the scales of justice, the MISA. Now everyone,

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the basic fundamental fundamental principle is that all the deeds of a person, the good deeds and the evil deeds will be weighed on a scale and if the good is more than the evil the person will get Jannah will be among the winners. And if the evil is more than the good, then the person will be in Jahannam in the Hellfire Illa mashallah of course the ones who are lost run into forgives, for them the story is different and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to include us among those who he will forgive purely and purely out of His mercy and grace in sha Allah will.

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the point that I want to make for you and to remind myself is this and that is that it is good to remember that Allah subhanaw taala will not count the deeds, he did not say that he will count our deeds last round that I said that he will weigh the deeds. Now, what is the significance of this what is the difference between counting and weigh counting of course, is just straightforward counting you know 212345 But weighing is much more complex, because weighing means what is the value of the deed? Right, what is the value of the deed? What is the worth of that deed? For example, if you see

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a bunch of clouds say somebody's donated, donated clothes, and you see this huge pile of clothes and if you count those clothes, there are 1000 you know shirts and trousers right. Another person has donated just one you find his one suit hanger in and this person has donated that when you use

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pulled out the zipper, you open the zipper and look inside and there is a brand new Armani suit which is worth $5,000. Now, which is which is which would you like to have this ask yourself this question? Which would you like to have this whole you know, garbage bin full of

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shirts and trousers? Or would you like to have one Armani suit which is worth 5000 It's as simple as that. It is as simple as that. And that is exactly what almost router will do. Allah subhanaw taala will see the net worth, the value of what you are, what you what you and I have given in the path of Allah Samaritan. This is this is what links back on links forward to the first Hadith in Bukhari Muslim, narrated by a wonderful Katara Delano, where as soon as Salam is reported to have said, in the Malama Lu beneath the deed, the value of the D the recompense for the deed, the reward for the deed, depends on its intention. Why is that because the intention determines whether this deed is

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pure, pure in terms of what the person intended. Is it pure and is it free from shirk is it's free from all kinds of adulteration? What's the irritation, indeed, it is the desire to please anyone other than Allah subhanaw taala, a deed that is done for the sake of name and fame and popularity, and so on. And to please this one and that one, compared to a deed, which is done with complete and total sincerity, without concern can be concerned about anyone other than Allah subhanho wa taala. Gelatin, the two are not the same, the two can never be the same. And this is what will be done on the Day of Judgment, which is that the value of the deeds will be weighed, and those who have more

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good deeds more than their evil deeds, even if it is a single one will go to Janda and the one who has more evil than gold will be somebody who will be liable to go to Ghana, I don't say they will go to Ghana, Allah knows best. And of course, we ask Allah subhanaw taala for his forgiveness. Now Allah subhanaw taala says, and we will place the scales of justice for the Day of Resurrection. So no soul, no person will be treated unjustly at all. And if there is even the weight of a mustard seed we will bring it forth and sufficient are we as

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as an accountant now?

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Widow a mustard seed, we will bring it forth meaning that any day

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Whatever be its

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magnitude small or big, will be counted and this is very easy to understand today, when we are looking at artificial intelligence that we're looking at digitally compiling things and so on and so forth, you know minut things take for example, cameras,

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something which has a camera, which has the capacity to take pictures which have

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the, you know, the more detail, the picture, which is more bit more number of megapixels, gets you a much better, much better picture. Now, what is the size of a mega mega pixel? What is the size of one pixel, for example, it's practically nothing, but it is significant, and it's important because that is what determines how clear and how, how good the picture is. And this is exactly how Allah subhanaw taala I won't say exactly what he will do with Allah knows best what He will do, but I'm just saying to explain, as a as an illustration, that if we say, well, you know, my smallest deed I smiled somewhere, I didn't do this, I did this, I did not do that. Every single thing is going to be

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accounted for.

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Now in Islam, I'll believe and this is our fundamental Okay, that is, that nobody will nobody will go scot free meaning that no deed will be hidden, nobody will be accounted for. Now, whether Allah subhanaw taala rewards you and me for that deed or whether he punishes us for that deed is up to him, but there is nothing that can be hidden. There is nothing that can escape the reckoning of Allah subhanaw taala We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us and to save us from His Reckoning and to make the hisab easy for us Allama has even Ah hey saba yesira O Allah subhanaw taala make our hisab easy resources and I'm used to make dua Allah Maha Stephenie hisab when you see it oh Allah

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make it easy. So lashes it's all about Alana on one occasion Domodossola Salam said If Allah subhanho wa Taala actually takes an account of somebody's deeds

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meaning detail account of somebody's life as soon as I said I've said this person will be destroyed

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so I sort of so I just defended the alarm and said yeah, so now what what is his our you said, what's the use? You make this dua? Well, I make my servizi what is that? That simply like saying, Okay, where's the book? Or

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here's the book, okay? Take it. Allah is forgiving everything. It's like that, if Allah Allah actually opened the book and and started going down the list of things, that there is no way that we can escape Allah is one that was one loving this is something that at least I can totally and 100% vouch for and I asked Allah subhanaw taala to make my job easy, and to make it easy inshallah. Allah subhanaw taala says, Oh, the hell out we live in a shaitana regime is we lie on Ramadan Rahim. In Soto cough, which we read every Friday, we should read it every Friday, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us the Tofik. To do this. My brother and sisters think about this, every single one of

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these things that we do, if you do it regularly, that is huge, huge, huge Baraka in what we do, and things that you do regularly, we'll find that they accumulate and they accumulate quietly, without any comment, without any so called noise until it becomes a huge number of things that we do. And obviously this applies both to good and evil. So similarly, this reading sort of guff on Friday, this is a protection from the jail. This is the great Baraka, this is a Santa Rosa Salem, and it's something that he asked us to do and it ordered us to do in the Surah we read this all we live in a shutdown regime Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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What will the Al Kitab of Fatah almajiri mean? I'm which bushbaby NaVi Murphy We are Gulu own way of Kowloon I have a Latin family has l kita. Villa you are the rosary that can be your lie you are the Russa marathon while cabbie Ratan

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Swaha Wawa dumar I'm you know, how the

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while I was really more of Bokeh I have

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in the book which is one's record will be placed in the right hand for a believer in in Allah subhanaw taala. And in the left hand for the disbeliever We ask Allah subhanaw taala for his guitar in our right hand, and you will see the criminal sinners fearful of what of that which is recorded in this book, and they will say Woe to us what sort of books

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What kind of book is this, that leaves nothing that leaves neither a small thing, nor a big thing, but has recorded it with numbers. And they will find all that they did plays before them. And Europe treats no one. With injustice, this is very important to remember. And believe me, this is a means. And this is a source of great comfort for us. Especially in times when it seems as if the greatest criminals, the greatest Shayateen, the greatest.

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And the most corrupt people in the world, seem to be getting away with literally with murder, literally with any kind of crime that they do. And they seem to get away with it without any problem at all.

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And all that we see is that over time, they just get bolder and bolder. And they keep getting and they keep doing more and more of these crimes. And sometimes the believers and people like us we feel, you know, what is us, I make so much effort. I'm trying to keep myself away from this and that. And even minor things, for example is I must make an effort to go and pray every Salah into it not only

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am I trying to make an effort, you might say well, I'm not only am I trying to make an effort to pray regularly and on time, but I'm trying to do that in the masjid, while there is on the face of it. Or if you look at it, the other people who forget about salah and all that. I mean they are doing come, you know major, major serious crimes, but nothing happens to them. And we subtract people who don't, who don't, who don't remember this, that Allah subhanaw taala has planned is a works on a different timeframe. They think that oh, you know they're getting away. Barbara says, Please understand this thing. Nobody but nobody will get away with anything whatsoever. On the Day

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of Judgment, every single human being, if he was if he or she was Beaumont will die. And if they are born, they will die and when they die, they will be brought to account and they will answer for what they did.

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Without exception, without exception. Every Musa and every round will stand before Allah subhanaw taala the best of them and the worst of them would stand before Allah.

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And this is the today if you think about it and say what is the biggest motivation? What is the strongest advice that one can give to oneself or to anybody else? To stay on the straight and narrow path to be truthful to Allah subhanaw taala what is the best advice? This is the best advice that if you are born, you will die and if you die, then you will be called to account there is no exception whatsoever. The as soon as I celebrate ISIS as

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Alana, she asked us organizer salaam Yara Salah even you he said even me.

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Let me say that Saddam said that people will enter Jannah with the Rama of Allah with the Mercy of Allah not with their deeds.

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Say they just said yes, well, even you he said even me.

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Then she said yes Allah then why should one do any good deed? Because if you are going to enter Jannah with the mercy, why was I doing a good deed? He said because the Mercy of Allah, first of all is linked to your good deeds. And secondly, once you enter Jannah, then the Daraja in Jana. The rewards in Jana the levels in Jana, these will depend on your deeds.

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There are some Salam what is the difference in the difference in level in Jana, between somebody who did a certain number of deeds and somebody who did one more good deed just one more. He said it is like the distance between the Earth and the star you see in the sky.

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This is the issue of the visa of the weighing scale on the Day of Judgment, where deeds will be weighed, not counted by brothers sisters.

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In this world, if a person was wronged and they did not get through justice, and they saw either no injustice or they got only partial justice, then on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will restore to that person their rights. Nobody will be deprived and nobody will escape the rights there was a Salam said in the in the famous Hadith, say had this insane Muslim, the rights shall be returned to the proper individuals on the Day of Resurrection, even to the detail of just retribution

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of the broken horned sheep from the two horned sheep who had hated him had him you're not even talking about human beings, even animals. If there was, if there was one sheep, which bought it another sheep, and this ship won't because his heart was broken, it could not retaliate, then on the day of judgment, they will be given the opportunity and this one will be given the opportunity of extracting retribution for their family, or their loved one who said that people used to ask also salaam about good things. But I used to ask him about bad things. And because I was afraid that they might overtake me, people used to ask him about good things. And you know, what is the what is the

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date like in Jannah? Or what is the Apple like in Jannah? What is the grape like? He said, I used to ask you about punishments and things like that, because I was afraid that these might overtake me. And this will therefore be the man of Milan, who was the confidant of Rasulullah Selim and he was one of the greatest of this habit. And he just shows it shows there. The level of these people's taqwa and their connection with Allah subhanaw taala. So he said that I asked one day, Yasser Allah Salam, we were lost in ignorance in Giulia and evil. And then Allah subhanaw taala brought this good that Islam, will some evil come after this good thing. And he said, Yes. And I asked, Will some good

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come after that evil?

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He said, Yes, but it will be tainted with some evil. I then asked him, How will it be tainted, and he said, there will be some people who will lead others on a path different from mine, you will see good and bad in them. So here we are seeing what is a subset, which is that he said that there is good and there is bad, and there will be some good which comes out and there'll be some evil after that. And then that evil will finish and the good will come but that good will not be like the first one, completely pure it will be tainted and that is because something's good and something's bad will be mixed. And people will try to take their followers on a path which is different from the

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path of rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then he's not Delano Binyamin. He said, I asked, Will some evil come after that good. And he said, some people will stand and call, they will be standing and calling at the gates of Jannah. Whoever responds to their call, they will throw him into the hellfire. And then will therefore they said I asked him you also have Allah, please describe them for us?

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Who are these people? And he said they will be from our own people. And they will speak our language. And I asked what do you advise me to do if I should live to see that? He said stick to the Java stick to the main body of Muslims and their leader, the EMA stick to the Jama and the EMA. Remember thing to think about is he saying don't don't follow the deviant sects, don't follow somebody who come with his great invention, and thinking that you know, this is something that is new and somebody comes to his or will do this thing and so on so on. My chef said this mr. chef is great. You know, whatever, right? Saint No, please understand there is no there is no saint, Saint

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saint and sainthood is a Christian concept and you know, since Islam, sort of stick to the path of Rosa Salem, and he said, the stick to the main body, the JAMA of the Muslims and the leader, which is the moment he then whoever the learner said, I asked him what if there is no main body and no leader in the he SallAllahu sallam said, then isolate yourself from all of these sects, even if you have to eat the roots of trees until death overcomes you while you are in that state. He said there is no Java if there is such complete confusion that there is no sticking to the truth. There is no our will Morrow Van Halen worker then he said withdraw from society go and live somewhere. Even if

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you are in abject poverty and you have read the roots of trees and in the end you die that is better for you than to mix with with these people who have all these evil tendencies and evil.

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You know that you will sect and be with them. Then another beautiful have these of Abdullah DMSO

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or villain who and Abdullah Abdullah Soto Delano is

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I think he is one of the

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he is one of the greatest of the Sahaba and he is the only one from whom resources Salam said

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whatever Abdullah bin Massoud states from me

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Take it. So Abdullah said that or Surah Surah Salam said, Islam began as something strange, and it will revert to being strange as it was in the beginning. So good tidings for the strangers

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there was an unsaid mother Alice lover even say, Oh, who say Oh, do come bada for tuba, little whatever he said the give the glad tidings of tuba to the people who are all very Alibaba which is, which means strangers. Now toolbar is a tree in general, as we said, Give God glad tidings of Jannah somebody asked him who are the strangers and he said, Salah Salem, the ones who break away from their people, literally tribes, for the sake of Islam are

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the ones who break away from the people for the sake of Islam. Now, nobody says to this doesn't mean that you create fights or something or you create divisions what it means that you don't follow people in evil. In other words, these resources are seldom

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mentioned. He said, the decline of Bani Israel came

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there were people who did something wrong in the bunnies, right? He said that there were people who

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did something wrong. And then obviously, when the person did something wrong, there were religious people, they were knowledgeable people there and they said to this person, look, what you're doing is haram don't do this. But this person didn't stop, they continued in their wrongful activity. And then this didn't carefully Tao what had happened was that the people who want this person the people who are admonished this person did not break their ties with that person, they continue their relationship with that person, they continue to accept their invitation, they continue to invite them to continue to have a relationship with them.

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Because of family, because of society, because of tribe because of you know, whatever right?

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Culture and so on. Now, some said that this is when the decline of Bani Israel started because people instead of

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using the obedience to Allah subhanaw taala as being the reason for being together. They used other reasons, which is nationality, ethnicity, tribal loyalty, family loyalty and so on. Right and last Thursday in Javi, OMA to come home Matangi, that was an Arab boom farmaco Allah subhanaw taala said Verily this ummah of yours, this brotherhood of yours is one brotherhood, this brotherhood of faith, because that's the that is the that is what joins us and keeps us together. Allah said this brotherhood of yours is one brotherhood, I am your rap, so worship Me. Now, a lot of America is saying that the adhesive of the Muslims what gives the hearts of the Muslims together? Is the fact

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that we worship only Allah Subhana.

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Allah did not say your mother is one because you're all Arabs or you're all Indian or you are all Hyderabadi? Of course, we are not. We are diverse. We are all over the world. So what is it that makes a Somali Muslim? My brother? What is it that makes it Adam Muslim? My brother, what is it that makes it? What is it that makes, for example, somebody who until yesterday was not a Muslim, today, this person accepts Islam, this person is my brother,

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all humanity are brothers. This is a different this is a different level. So all of you, everybody's my brother, and my sister, whoever they might be religion, no religion, every atheist is my is my brother, every hindu, every Sikh, every Jew, every Christian, every anybody is my brother and sister. Without exception, this is the brotherhood of humanity, what does that entitle them from me, it entitles them to receive good treatment from me, it entitles them that to be to, to receive any help that I can help them in any way

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that I should treat them well, I should be have good manners with them, I should thank them, I should help them and so on and so forth. If they are my neighbors, I must be good to them, I must ensure that they are not harmed or they are not disturbed by any of my actions, any of my anything I say or do all of this. They are entitled. But then there is a second level of,

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of brotherhood, and that is the brotherhood of faith. And this brotherhood of faith is restricted only to those who believe in La ilaha illallah, who Muhammad Rasool Allah, that there is no one worthy of worship, except Allah Subhana Allah and that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam is the messenger and he's the last and final messenger of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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that this is a special level. This is a much closer level of brotherhood, and that is restricted to people of the, of the faith of Islam. And what is the idea for that? It is not humanity. It is this is the common belief that we have that Allah subhanaw taala is our Rob, and this is what I was told us in Mojave Yuma to Google matawa what another Google Fiber dude. And he said in another place in Mojave, you were in a hottie moto moto Wahida what an Arabic cone. Only the one word has changed from Varun Fatone. And that's right that I said, you this Omar of yours is one Omar and I'm your Rob I'm your your, your your God, your Lord, your Creator. Sustainer maintain our protector provider of

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everything that you need and want and therefore worship only me. In another place. I was monitored, I said and this moment of yours. This brotherhood of yours is one brotherhood and I am your hub.

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So have

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So obey me for Taccone have this fear of disobeying have the fear of have i Taqwa have the fear of displeasing me, do everything, every action with only one intention, which is to please me. This is Islam. This is the root of Islam. And this is the NIA based on which our deeds will be will be collected and our deeds will be will be weighed on the Day of Judgment. I therefore remind myself renew, it is so critically important to be continuously conscious of the reason why we do something. We know the Save the famous Hadith, called the Hadith of the Salah. Where,

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as well, as I said, I'm said that the first person, first three people who talked about that was called Tara three, he said the first person to be thrown into Jannah will be a religious scholar, a Muslim ally, a Muslim religious scholar, who will be brought before Allah subhanho wa taala. And he will be asked, What did you do? And he will say, Oh Allah, I learned Islam, and I taught Islam for your sake. And it will be said to him, You lied. You learned Islam, and you're told Islam, so that you will be known as a great scholar. Right? You learned Islam and you taught Islam, so that you will be known as a great scholar, and it will reset to him. And this was done, this happened. You

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were called a great scholar. And here today, there is nothing for you. So a lot smarter than I wouldn't say, throw him into the hellfire. We ask Allah for his protection. And then we sort of said I'm said, a second person will come and the second person will be somebody who

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he will be asked, What did you do, and this person will say that Oh Allah, I, you gave me wealth, and I spent this wealth in your path in order to earn your pleasure. And Allah subhana dataset, and it will be said to him that you lied, you spend the wealth so that you will be known as a great philanthropist, as a great as a huge, you know, charitable person. And this happened you were known in the world you got maybe you got this, this award that award for being a great philanthropist. Here. There's nothing for you. And he's in the hellfire. And the third one, he will be asked what do you do? He'll say he will say Oh Allah, I spent everything I had in your path. I went out in your

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path. I went to fight for you. I went out in your path to struggle for you and for your deed. And in that process, I was killed. So I was Shaheed in your path. It was it will be said to him, You lied. You did all of that. So that you will be known as a brave man as a great warrior, this and that. And all this happened here. There's nothing for you, and you will be so offended person was thrown into the hellfire. So here we're talking about not we are not talking here about people who are not Muslim. We're talking about not just Muslims, but a Muslim scholar and Muslim philanthropist and a Muslim shaved on the face of it, this is what we are seeing. But in reality, they will be the first

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three people to be thrown into the hellfire. Why not because they did not do within God's good deeds, but because those good deeds were tainted with the desire to please the world and not to please Allah subhanaw taala so as I said, I've said there are two things which are more detrimental and harmful to a person's good deeds than to wolves, who are let into a sheep pen. Night a pen full of sheep. If two words to hungry wolves are led into or they get into this into this sheep pen. What will they do? They will kill

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On the sheep, this is what wolves do. They don't just take one sheep and say, let us share it and eat it. No, they kill all the sheep that they report the throats, they kill all the sheep. They may eat even a small piece out of one, but they kill all the sheep. As soon as as Adam said that there are two things which are interior as harmful, as he said, they are even more harmful than this situation. And he gave this example. And he said that those two things are the love of money and the love of fame. So doing deeds, for money, and for fame.

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And think about those who are who talk about doing thou have and charging money for it, and who do thou and then they are they're focused on how many Facebook likes and how many you know, YouTube hits. Think about that. But whether the system is high tide, we should make us the foreign Toba and get out of this otherwise, may Allah protect us on the Day of Judgment, what we think is good will take us into the hellfire.

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In another place that was as Adam said, there are two things which are more harmful to the to the good deeds of a person, then A and the eat of those good deeds faster than a fire in dry wood.

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And he said the same thing now for money and love for fame. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us this lasagna, to give us sincerity of intention, and to enable us to do things in a way where our deeds will be worth something, they will have weighed so that on the Day of Judgment, our Misa our scales will be heavy with good deeds, and we seek ALLAH subhanaw taala as forgiveness and His mercy without which nothing is possible with some of the honorable Kareem while he was a member of the government Rahimi was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.