Reminders Asbaab Part I

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In Alhamdulillah, WA salatu salam O Allah Jalla wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Manuela,

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I want to remind myself when you

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have the ayah that mentioned many times in the Quran in our head to the near Lana Del Oro, that this live of this world is a deception.

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The key thing to remember is

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that the life of this world consists of two parts,

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something that we can see and something that we cannot see

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everything in the world has two parts, there is a part we can see and about we cannot see

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even normal things

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have something we can see and something we cannot see. For example, take our famous toilet cleaners that we like to drink

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Pepsi and Coke, there is a part you can see, which is the black stuff you drink.

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And the taste it has. And there is a part you cannot see, which is that the flavoring consists of products made out of aborted human fetuses.

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But you cannot see which is clearly haram you're eating human flesh, that human flesh

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also apart you cannot see which is a secret formula which they don't even tell you what is in it. And any Muslim with a modicum of faith must understand that he cannot eat or drink something which he doesn't know. And third part of it is that it has a certain percentage of alcohol, which you cannot see. And the fourth part in it is that people who drink the diet part of it that is Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi, drinking flavoring made of aspartame, which is a cancer causing chemical, and it is extracted from pork.

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So, now there is a part you can see. And there is a part you cannot see. Now this part you cannot see is not from from the hype, as we know in the from from Islam. This is just about you cannot see, for example, cigarettes, the part you can see is that you smoke and you think you are malboro, or you think you are some cowboy or john wayne or whatever, right. And the part you cannot see is the fact that it is filling up your lungs with karma. And eventually, you will die a very painful death of cancer, which you have taken a lot of time and travel and money to buy.

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It didn't come just like that you paid for it. And then you have to pay for to pay for having it. So part you cannot see. Similarly in this dunya Allah Subhana Allah has created a part that we can see, which is called Alma de oro reset, this is what you can see. But this is a deception, because behind this is a part we cannot see. Now what is the part we cannot see in our life. The part we cannot see in our life is the consequences of whatever we do in this world. The consequences of it in the

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that's one part of it. The other part of it are the causative factors of whatever happens in the way which causes what happens in this video.

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It was to open our eyes to that last run on Delos, MD MBA level setup.

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And let's tell us MD MBA ambia. Not to tell us something about dystonia, because when you Erica z, you don't need an AVI to come with ya, to tell us, whatever you're seeing is linear. But you need the NaVi to tell us the effect of what we do.

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In this dunya the effect of this on the agenda you need number one, I believe that is the right. We don't know this.

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For example, one of the very common things and I don't want to go into the details inshallah we'll do this enough about some time, but just quickly, one of the most common factors and this is the issue of deception, where we believe that this do you call it This is known as bap. And

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that is correct. It is element as bap. It is the world of the means. And people say well in because it is our models, bap, we have to struggle, we have to work hard, and so on and so on. If you want to make money, if you want to be wealthy, then we must make you must work hard, or we must have a business or something. And then only you can be wealthy, all of which is fine. And I'm going to stop. But you need the Navy to come and explain to you and me What is the meaning of that?

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What are is that? This world is the animal as well. But what are these?

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What are these as well. For example, if I tell you that

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something I say that I don't have money, I'm looking for a job.

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And if you ask me what are you doing, I say I am going and applying for a job to this company. So when you apply for a job to the company, what do you do go to it and write an application and so on and you give an interview.

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not actually doing the work of the company, for example, if it's an engineering company or not working in a factory, but you are applying for a job. Now applying for a job do you call it work on

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it is work, because unless you get unless you get the job, you cannot get the salary for the job. So to get the job to apply for it, that's also part of work.

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Similarly, if you have somebody who is an advisor to working, he is what he is a, he's one of the mazahub of the king.

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He's one of the Koreas of a king. What is the job of a quarter of a king?

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I mean, you don't live in a world today where we don't know too many things. But we know enough at least from stories and so on. What does the Messiah of a king do?

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In terms of actual work? What does he do? Nothing.

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In terms of actual work, he does what he does, he is just with the king, that's all right, you must have a better. So he goes to the Hill in the quarter, the king is just sitting there or something. Now is that work on who are the most powerful people in the kingdom.

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The Messiah was the king. Although he's doing no work effectively within courts, he's not working on a construction site. He's not doing something he is just with the king.

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Just being with the king gives him so much power, that he earns more than all of the other people who are doing what we call work.

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he's doing he's earning more than the shopkeeper wasn't the businessman. He's earning more than the professional more than the laborer and so on. by just being with the good life you apply this back in our Deen

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the Amir came to teach us how to reach that level and how to understand about the reality of his work. And to understand that there are two kinds of as well there is what we call as Babel Allah and then we have the ASVAB with

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the higher ASVAB and the lower

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the higher as Bob equalent to applying for a job there equalent to being with the king, the equivalent to having dialogue with this also power

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the other night as well are the actual physical effort that we need to make.

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Now add the basic minimum of human basic meaning I'm not even talking about the higher levels on basic meaning of human

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It is essential for us to focus on both the IRA as well and we have to apply for a job get the job then work in the factory before we can get a salary

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right and of course at the higher level is somebody who for whom the Alibaba dollar enough

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because if you are a Messiah was a king you don't have to go work in a factory is being with the king is a vision for you. And nobody will question the Messiah was the king to say all day you are spending in the court How will you feed your family you know with somebody else.

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But today we say today we say if somebody says you know in terms of Salah the Salah is the Allah of this by which is the highest of this

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but many times we hear Muslims saying this Johanna mosquito Taka

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Hidalgo birds Anika

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so Namaskar Bernard diabet Nicobar

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somebody has got an alias as the Dalai

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Lama burrito Taka

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ology senator Holly to Kansas and Anita hollyburn Dr. Gordon at

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the point is that this is the issue in ocali means empty. So with an empty Salah what will happen, nothing will happen. So therefore, the Salah has to have some role in it, because you're on hold on it and so on is a different discussion or whatever. But I'm saying the issue to understand is, this Salah is the owner of the as

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the highest of the means. But even at the lowest level of demand, you must understand that without doing without actually getting a job, you cannot go work in the factory. So if you are working in the factory, even if somebody lets you work in the factory all day, at the end of the day, you cannot get a salary because you are not recruited in the company, your name is not on the list.

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The name is not on the road.

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You're just somebody who went and did some work and you stand in the barrel or that there was LRE we don't know

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what that is you want at the most the majority of since you've worked take something and go away, but there are no bugs there is no salary there is no formal agreement nothing.

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And similarly if somebody feels that they can achieve success in this world, without connection with Allah subhanaw taala without the Allah as Bob if you think that only the admin has power enough to succeed, this is what is known as you know all hazards in your 11th hour the the figment of the imagination is this. It's not that the car does not exist or the house does not exist or the business does not exist. Of course it exists here. You can feel it.

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It is the

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lack of understanding of how this connects with the allies. Well, that is the figment of the imagination. He thinks only this exists. That is a secret of the value as well as radical open our eyes to the reality of his work so that we don't ignore the things in which there is benefit for us and go chasing the old life we are things which have really no value. And even if you get it, it is something which is a cause of pain and suffering. In this video Allah, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to save us from that and to help us to do that which is pleasing to Him was Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was Irishman Baraka