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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh I hope everybody's doing well in sha Allah. I just wanted to share with you a beautiful story that I heard at the seniors graduation two days ago by Sheikh Ahmad awesome sheriff. And basically it's talking about believing in promises from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And he shared a really neat story. He said, what there was once this really, really poor man, lots of kids like living in a very like rundown place tight, and he was just miserable, not knowing you know how he's going to be able to sustain his kids and his family and whatnot. And then one day, he got a phone call from a lawyer and he said, your uncle passed away, and you've inherited a couple

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of million dollars. The man was ecstatic. He was just jumping with joy, right? All his problems are solved. But the man told them or the lawyer told him what, you cannot get the check for another year. So you have to wait for a year until you get that check, right? And even the letter, the man put the letter in his pocket. And he was just happy. He was you know, he was already planning, what kind of house he's going to buy, which kind of schools he's going to put his kids in, what kind of car where he's going to travel. And his attitude towards life totally changed. And people were asking him, you know, what happened? Did you get a new job? Are you making more money? Nope. Did you

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change what your your diet? No, what is going on? Nothing. All he had was a letter in his pocket, and a promise or words from a lawyer. That's all. happiness comes from within nothing. In his circumstance, the same place he was living in the same amount of money was the same, the same amount of kids, everything was the same. But all he had was words from a lawyer that within a year, he's going to have this much amount of money.

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Now, how about us? How about us as human beings as Muslims, basically, when Allah subhanaw taala promises us, not a human being not a piece of paper but las Pano? It's a hell of the Creator of the heavens and the earth in so many different like areas and multiple places in the Quran or the Sunnah when a las Panatela promises something, how do we approach that? Do we have that certainty in our heart? When the last 100 To Allah tells you why the law and Adina M and why middle Solly had Lahoma forgotten or urgent care of him? Allah subhanaw taala has promised those who believe and do good deeds that for them will be what forgiveness and a great reward another one yet you are nurse in

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Nevada law, Huck. Oh people truly a loss Pano to Hollis promise is real. It's true. Law when he promises you something, he's not going to go and change his mind on you. It's a loss of hundreds or Hyla not human beings. Somebody might promise you, you know, I'm going to promote you in your job or I'm going to do this. I'm going to pick you up, I'm going to drop it I'm going to do whatever it is, and then they don't do it. But this last panel to highlight the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Do you have that certainty in your heart, another area? Allah subhanaw taala says what? Why the law Lilina Emanuel hamilo Solly had various different known for artistic Mustapha Lynam and

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probably him. What do you make Kynan Nila home Deena homiletical toda la home while you get dinner now remember the whole theme m&m. Your Yagoona Nutella, you shriek wannabe che and woman covered about the Vedic folic acid Hoon, which basically means what Allah has promised those who have believed among you, and done righteous deeds, that he will surely grant them in the land inheritance of power, as he granted it to those before them, and that he will surely establish for them, they're in their religion, that he has preferred for them, and that he will surely substitute for them after their fear, security promises a lot of promises from Allah subhanho wa taala. But the attitude that

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we take or

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the way we approach it, and the way we think about it, we all go through different trials and tests in our lives. And I understand each and every single one of us has their own test. But believe me, Allah subhanaw taala will never ever put you through a test that you are not capable of handling. But you have to have that certainty. You have to understand whatever it is that you're going through, that Allah subhanaw taala is promises true, and that you just have to have patience have subber have that certainty that Allah in sha Allah will get you out of this. And in sha Allah when you have that patience and you have that, you know, that faith in Allah subhanaw taala he's going to

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inshallah guide you through it and he's going to reward you for loss Pano to Han Allah you live. Allah subhanaw taala never ever goes back on what he says or what he promises to us. We lost Pano, to Hello Rob, Nick all our trials and tests ease in sha Allah in this dunya

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And may Allah subhanaw taala grant us the ability to have that faith and that certainty in his promises so that we can basically maneuver smoothly and easily through this dunya drop in sha Allah Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato