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The importance of holding the Koran in a prayer and being mindful of what is recited is discussed, along with practical tips for achieving goals of Islam, such as taking a nap and not drinking alcohol. The importance of not breaking community laws and not just focusing on one thing is emphasized, along with setting goals and milestones for good deed and avoiding injuries during air takeoff. The importance of staying at home during the month ofFinancial is also emphasized, along with the use of air takeoffs to establish connections and prepare for Laila to Qatar events.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. Allah, Allah He was married about shallow will just continue on to wrap things up, I'll just be mentioning a couple of things, real basic things in regards to a couple of extra related issues to Ramadan. And then inshallah we'll end with the q&a. One thing that I do want to mention that brother Norman touched on, and that was, towards the end, what he was mentioning about the importance of attending sessions are programs that help educate you about the meaning of the Quran, and how this is how you counter the lack of basically, this is how you counter the issue of not understanding what is recited in the

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Quran insalata tarawih. That's, that's a very important point. Because from a fic perspective, one thing that I'll tell you is that one of the most frequently asked questions that I get, is about holding the most hands holding the Koran in tarawih prayer, when you're praying behind the Imam, I get asked this question all the time, from brothers from sisters, young and old, everybody, all backgrounds, I get asked this question over and over again. Can we hold up your arm? Can we hold the most have drink? taraweeh? And the number one reason for people asking this question is because I don't understand what's being read, I can't focus. So at least this way, I'll be following along

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focusing, I get asked the question, What if I just sit down in the back and hold them as half and follow along? Isn't that good? Because otherwise, I'm standing there, I don't know what's going on. Were we there is a problem.

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I'm not denying that there's a problem. And there's a problem that we don't understand what's being recited. And so that leads to that makes it very easy to lose your horseshoe and your concentration, your Salah. But the way to solve that problem is not in what we're looking for. We start assuming we start thinking holding the port on in different little things like this, this will help to solve my problem. This won't. This won't this, this defeats the purpose. It's solides reflection. It's not a reading exercise. It's not a read along, we can have a different class for reading along and things like that. That's not what the router always is not some big adult read along. It's not it's for

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reflection, it's for listening is for to debate is for tough, awkward.

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And so the way we counter that, as he very, as he mentioned, is that we attend classes or sessions First of all, increase your language of the herbs increase your knowledge of the Arabic language, become a language of the become a student of the Arabic language. That's number one. But that's a long process. That is that's that's going to take some time to start showing its fruits. But in the meantime, start attending the doodle starts I started attending to halaqaat the lectures that are going on that are specifically arranged in the month of Ramadan, attend them take notes, become a student is another thing. Many times we have wonderful educational opportunities with our brother,

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it really didn't benefit that much. It wasn't that great. Well, we're saying it wasn't that great because the whole time I was sitting at the back of the masjid with my leg sprawled out my text phone in my hand texting my friend. And then 45 minutes later when the Imam or the shift is done, then we say all right, I really didn't benefit that much. But of course you didn't benefit that much. Come there have your little notebook sit down with a pen pay attention, write a few notes down, preserve that knowledge soak it in and then see if it doesn't help you in shallow when you are reciting your Salah. When you are sending into subtle way. So basically real briefly, the virtue of

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subtle we he mentioned a lot in regards to throw in its virtue from a spiritual perspective. From a basically what this the prophets allottee some Tell us about that are we when karma Ravana Eman And we this urban houfy Rolla Houma, Taka Domine zombie,

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the prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, he says, Whoever stands in the month of Ramadan, throughout the month of Ramadan, performs his damn Alain is that all we he performs it with consistency throughout the month of Ramadan. And he does it with Iman. And he does it knowing that Allah subhanaw taala will reward him for this, that no matter how late it gets, and no matter how long it gets, and no matter what, when or where he has to be at what time in the morning, he sticks with it, and he knows that I'll be rewarded, the greater my difficulty becomes the greater my reward will be worth it Allahumma Taka de momento be all of his sins will be wiped off, and all of his sins will be

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forgiven. such a wonderful opportunity. This reminds me of the Hadith of the Prophet salani Salah, the incident from the prophets polysomes life when he was ascending the member and saying I mean, what was one of those supplications gibreel Ali Salam came to him and told him

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That curses that person

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ruin is ruined is that person who gets the opportunity of the month of Ramadan, but doesn't achieve forgiveness through this great blessing month of Ramadan. That person is the true loser wasted opportunity. So therefore, inshallah stick with the taraweeh prayers, the history, the brief history, there's a whole discussion here by the way of eight verses 20. And how many it occurred to be praying, I'm not going to get into that.

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That is not not just for any other reason, I'll give some specific reasons. One other reason is martial law. It is still in effect discussion, there is knowledge here, there are evidences and resources and opinions and a whole discussion there. But a hamdullah like I mentioned, in regards to the moon sighting issue, we did do a detailed class on this issue a presentation on this issue last year. And once again, you'll find the recordings for that either on the colleyville Masjid website, or you can even find them on the Muslim matters website that's fully uploaded there. But the history of thought, is that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came out, performed the Salah with the Sahaba. And

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then he went, and then he came up the second night and performed it. And then he came out the third night and he performed it. But then he didn't come out. And the Sahaba wait around too late at night for the Prophet Saladino to come out and lead them and said, are we and when asked finally why he did not come out. He said, I didn't want it to become an obligation upon you. So Sir, we did that status is that not it's not a farm. It's not a wajib Nevertheless, it is a very emphasized son of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. It is a very, very emphasized son of the Prophet salesianum. And it is during the time of honorable hottub radi Allahu anhu. It was instituted, systematically organized

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to be performed in congregation and the recitation of Quran to be completed. In the Torah itself. This occurred during the time of Ramadan Katara a lot more I know. But at the time of the prophets, Allah lism, the Sahaba they will also perform it at home they would perform it in the masjid, they would make small small jemar out or they would perform it individually. Some of them would finish the Quran and some of them wouldn't. The finishing of the Quran during the month of Ramadan is the son of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam finishing Koran during the month of Ramadan, not specifically taraweeh. So

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in his wisdom, when he saw weakness creeping into the Muslims, and people losing focus, and now some spreading become distant from the time of the Prophet salon, he said, I'm kind of losing that energy. And that vibe that was there at that time, he kind of merged the two together to facilitate the completion of both centers at the same time. Now they're performing telawi, they're performing congregation, when you do things in a group, it becomes easier, there's an environment, try praying that all we had a home is very, very difficult by yourself, come to the machine performing you get it done. So it just makes it easier to do it in a group. Secondly, completing the Quran as well was

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this was facilitated for us by the Sahaba. Delano Catalano also instituted that it should be completed in the sohrabi prayer. So by no means is it an obligation, but it's still a very, very emphasized. So now and once again,

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make the most of the Ramadan, don't just try to cut corners, don't try to see what's the bare minimum that I have to do turn it into an experience, make it make it an event that changes your life, make it a turning point in your life. Now a couple of practical tips. What can we do in order to make it easier to pretty title we cuz it's no denying it. It'll be a bit later this year. It's a little bit later than what we're used to last few years. So how what are some practical tips. So the first thing is when we come home from work because the day is longer, try to get in like a little nap try to take some rest try to take it easy.

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And then come in for the Sahrawi if you've had some rest, you've already taken a little nap, you've gotten it got off your feet for a little bit, then it'll show like give you more energy to perform the setup. The other thing is like he mentioned, don't stuff yourself

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in when you break your fast and if third time, don't eat yours, don't eat yourself to death. Because basically it's like what I like to call a food induced coma. That's what follows. You pass out no end in sight. So don't do that to yourself, eat light easy, and inshallah come in and that will allow you to also participate in the taraweeh properly. The other thing that I want to mention in terms of the children like I mentioned about fasting, I do want to mention the children here again I understand it's late and I understand there are school nights, but at least on the weekends if nothing else. Same thing give them a little nap during the day during the evening. But bring them

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let them experience your your children all your the elementary school aged kids and some of your even your teenagers and your youth. Bring them let them experience Ramadan, pray and tada we see that experience. Get us

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sense of, of belonging to the community and experienced I'll put on I'll tell you a personal story.

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My whole motivation to study and to learn put on and and study other Islam and Arabic and Islamic knowledge and everything else. My first motivation was when I was really, really young from the age of like four or five, my father every single day would take me to saadawi prayers, every single day would take me to tarawih prayers, even on school nights.

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You might like I said before, you might disagree with that approach. Nevertheless, that was his focus. And that's what he thought was the best for me. And I have to like thank him for it now. And I think Allah subhanaw taala that that's what he chose. So I remember I was about seven years old, I'd been going to throw away every single night for a couple of years already. And I remember one day on the way back from total, we I told my dad, I was I was amazed, blown away by the amount by the sheer who would lead us or away.

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He was reciting Quran from memory and he would recite it nice and slow and easy and beautiful. No, like, you know, the speed train like that. Are we nice and easy and slow, properly recite it. I was so amazed by his ability to do this. So your children will aspire for even Islam. For knowledge of Deen, if you take them, you expose them to that. Let them see how amazing it really is. So I was so amazed by it. I told my dad that at that time, I want to remember I want to do what he does. I want to memorize, I want to be able to read it the way he reads it. And that was my first motivation. And when the opportunity did present itself, for me to be able to go and memorize the Quran. I refer

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back to that I said this is it. This is what I told you I wanted to do and I want to go That was my first motivation. That was my first exposure. That was when I first dreamed of doing anything in the area of Islamic Studies. So this is this is the type of opportunity Ramadan provides to expose your children to this Mashallah May Allah Subhana Allah bless and preserve them for the protection of their sincerity in their deeds. Last year I was so pleased to see this one family and they would bring their children every single night for tonight. And then what brother Norman was talking about the detailed explanation that there's the of the fear that follows after the winter they would even

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sit with that and their children would sit them down and listen and benefit and without fail. At the end of Ramadan. That family came to me with their youngest son telling me that he's saying he wants to go and become a habit of the Quran.

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Last Ramadan right here in this motion. This is the opportunity Ramadan is we talk about our children all the time.

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But here's the opportunity here's where we need to really take seize the opportunity to make the most of it inshallah.

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So I talked a little bit about the status of performing that are we and of course, the relationship with the Quran there in and how it's not an obligation, it's not a job or anything like that. But still, it was instituted later on at the time of Omaha top to finish the Koran during Ramadan. So inshallah we try to read as much as we can, in the Torah, we and inshallah it's a good It provides kind of a good opportunity to get two things done at the same time. And it facilitates, like I mentioned earlier, there's a difference of opinion about the numbers. But like I mentioned, there isn't, there is a good mature scholarly discussion there. discussion there, but we've already

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conducted at once in time doesn't allow for it. So I've referred you you can shallow go and find detailed lecture presenting the different opinions with their evidences. But what I will say this much is it's it's an issue, like I've already told you about the status of thoroughly praying it itself is not a phone. It's an emphasize signal, but that's what it is. So to start, like doing tech feed of one another, or criticizing one another or breaking communities apart, having a big gust up in the masjid, over the number of records of throw away is really, really, really unfortunate. There should not be an issue of breaking the community apart an issue of disunity. And that's why the

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safest the safest bet is inshallah performed at all We, with your community and with your email. And that's the best conclusion in Tamia and many other scholars have come to this conclusion, because of the hadith of Buddhahood that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam basically get says that the reward of total we is for the person who begins and ends this thoroughly with his email with his email with the person leading the Salah. So go to your machine, participate in your therapy and inshallah benefit from the blessing Syrian and don't make this a focal point of the difference in the community inshallah. The other last issue that I'll talk about this it that's in relation to it on

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my blog is Etsy cough. Now NC Gov in the Arabic language, its roots of it, aka in literally means to focus on something it means to turn your complete attention towards something. And so therefore a icy cough is basically to seclude yourself to completely focus yourself 100

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percent towards worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala in the mustard did not leave the premises of the masjid, not to indulge in any business not to indulge in any physical intimacy with one spouse. cut yourself completely off from that and devote yourself to Allah subhanho wa Taala and towards a Baba during the month of Ramadan, this is or in general. So Antica This is what it literally means. Now in terms of air takeoff. What are some of the rulings and what's the status of air takeoff? So air takeoff is is a is of a few different types. There is a sun, there's no final day takeoff, there's no wind up or takeoff, there's a signal or enough meaning there's a recommended error to take off.

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And then there's one that's completely voluntary. The recommended error take off is to do it in the last 10 nights of the month of Ramadan.

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Allah Missouri, rahimullah Manzoni he says them what has happened to the Muslims. What's wrong with Muslims ain't talking about his time, he's talking about basically just about 100 years after

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not even 100 years after the passing of the Prophet tolani. So saying what's wrong with the Muslims today, talking about 100 years later, he said they have given up on our take off, even though the Prophet sallallahu Sallam never, never abandoned the article from the time he migrated to Medina till the time he died. Every single Ramadan, he performed the article. And he was very regular about it. Some of them are bonds or prophets, a lot of them even spent 20 days in their ticket, not 1020 days in Africa. So as the Gulf is a very, very emphasized son of the prophet Elijah is something we should strive for. And I'll tell you very once again, very simply, that like we plan a vacation, you

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save a vacation days, you make arrangements, you take a vacation, at least Aspire that make a plan maybe set your if it can be this year, set a goal maybe next year, or you know a couple of years from now set a goal, fine life is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala but setting a goal and making an ambition for a good deed is recommended. And inshallah if you died in between, then you'll get still get the reward as if you did do the deed. So make the intention three years from now five years from now I will sit for the 10 days of erotica. I will make this commitment and strive for this inshallah, you have to make a goal and you have to strive for it just like we do anything else.

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So the 10 days of erotica for the Sunnah, there is a definitely a take off as well. So there is the article outside of the month of Ramadan in the opinion of the majority of the scholars, and it can be done at any time. The majority of the scholars say the minimum. The minimum is one day to do a ticket for one day in one night. That's the minimum amount of etic off. But there are some scholars like Mr. Mohammed Hassan Shivani Rahim Allah Who says that there's no minimum for the Attica. This is the preferred opinion within the Hanafi Fiqh. And this is where what the footways upon so that's why he recommends that whenever a person arrives in the machine, make intention ferritic, often

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you'll get the reward as long as you're there in the masjid, or majority of football has a one day one night is a minimum of your take off. So this Ramadan, we might not be able to do 10 days, but maybe you can do five days, maybe you can do three days, maybe you can just do one day in one night, do whatever you can make the commitment to do it. And this inshallah also facilitates seeking out the night of Laila to recover during the month of Ramadan.

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And, finally, so this is the minimum and recommended and then the virtue in the importance. I'll just mention the virtue of it. This is a great son of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And I'll just basically quote a very well known quote of mKm Rahim Allah, He says that what what air takeoff does is it leads you to a very strong connection with Allah subhanaw taala because what you do is you cut yourself off like brother Norman was mentioning earlier that in Ramadan, you cut off that which feeds the body in order to strengthen the soul to try to regain some sense some semblance of balance.

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Similarly etica also helps establish that because throughout the year, we're so we're our priorities are other things and other people in other issues. And we're so much more connected to other people than we are to Allah subhanaw taala we feel such a strong connection to everyone in regard except for our last panel which Allah so Attica provides us an opportunity to distance ourselves from business, from family from all these things in order to strengthen that connection to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he said it's also a training is literally a preview of the loneliness that a person will have to experience in their grave. Because each and every single one of us has to die one day

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will leave this world one day and each and every single one of us will be placed in our grave will be laid in our grave all by ourselves. And the dirt will be poured on and will be they'll walk away.

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This is tough to swallow, tough to talk about tough to listen to. But this is the reality. This is the truth. Each and every single one of them.

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marching towards that day will be left all by ourselves

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all by ourselves in our grave alone.

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This will help us prepare for that day. This will help us give us a preview of what that will be like when you're here all by yourself and your children and your wife and now your business in your home and your bed everything is and you're you're alone in the machine.

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It's a preview, it'll give you a sense of that detachment and connecting to a loss of autonomy. So take this opportunity, tried to do air takeoff, making the making intention for takeoff, inshallah for whatever amount is possible for you inshallah, this year. And then, like I said, about Laila to Qatar as well. This will help facilitate us seeking out the night of Lila to Qatar, even in terms of Laila to cover. I'm not going to get into the details of it inshallah. Now, we'll open it up to the basic q&a and whatnot. But I will just say one thing, a lot of misconceptions that people have imams generally talk about inshallah, Uriah Momsen cathedra will be addressing it and talking about it

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throughout the month throughout the month of Ramadan, but he tried to seek out the proper knowledge of how to seek them the night of Laila to other Okay, it's not just the 27th night okay so seek it and learn about it properly go past whatever has been told or what you heard and customs and traditions and get the proper knowledge get the proper understanding of how to seek out this night The best way to understand it here now very simply, it could be any night from amongst the last 10 nights so seek it out and there are other hobbies that kind of lend more whatever strength to maybe being one the odd number item knights and whatnot. We don't have time to discuss all of that but

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still move past this this this impression of just as 27 nights and that's it. That's why what happens even compared to martial and Ramadan generally Muslims are much more packed than they are throughout the rest of the year. But on the 27th night it's like we don't even have any room to park it goes crazy that's fine, Mashallah is good. Everyone is here. I'm happy to be here. I'm not going to drive people I get out of here I have the machine. I'm not going to drive people away but inshallah come with that same energy throughout the whole last few nights, inshallah to seek the night of Laila toccata. Me Allah subhanaw taala gives us the ability to practice all of this May

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Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability and the insight into this information allow us to practices and like I mentioned at the beginning, I mentioned real briefly here at the end again, these are very important lessons very very important lessons because we've been fasting for so many years. But do we really know do we are we are we sure that we've been fasting properly, that they've been accepted that we've fulfilled the rights of fasting upon us have we really benefited from the month of Ramadan as we should be? inshallah, this year let's change that. The other thing is inshallah from now, we don't have a lot of time left but we still have some time left. Start inshallah

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increasing your activities from now. Get your wheels spinning. Get your wheels turning before so that you don't burn.