Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Tawakkul I

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of Allah's "ship" and how it is a reliance on effort to achieve excellence. They also mention the importance of being content with the decision to leave the result to Allah and being content with the decision to enter "we" into "age." The speaker emphasizes the need to be content with the decision to avoid negative consequences and mentions the potential for "we" to enter "age."
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In the London

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set up was Salam ala rasulillah. About

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I was around that I said, all over rational man be he wily, he

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was one of those that say he is a man or woman IV and we have even on him while he talkin and we have telecoil on him.

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Even Allah subhanaw taala Of course, the minute we serve Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah who washes on ohama mother I'm Dora solo. We have you on Allah.

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Eman on Allah subhanho wa Taala comes,

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comes from and gets strengthened by knowledge about Allah subhanaw taala

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The more we learn about Allah, the more we think about Allah The more we reflect upon the glory and majesty and strengthen power of Allah subhanaw taala to that extent, our even Allah subhanho wa Taala gets increased

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tawakkol is a derivative of human you cannot have torkoal unless you are a man. And the stronger the man you have, the more the talk will you will have tawakkol is reliance.

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de la Quran Islam consists of two things. One is because we have the reliance we made the effort

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because we have relaxed Allah subhanaw taala we made the effort, there is no tawakkol without effort. So we make effort to the best of our ability to the ultimate degree. If you are studying, we study to the best of our ability we are working we work to the best of our ability, whatever effort we do, we make the maximum effort to the level of ascent to the level of excellence. And then the second part of our goal is to be content with the decision that Allah subhanaw taala takes in the matter.

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So when we say we leave the matter to Allah The matter is always with Allah. It's not a question of leaving it to Allah, where they will leave it to the law you don't leave it with Allah was reading it with him, belongs to Allah. But the issue is to say that I will be satisfied when I say leave the result to Allah, what does it mean? It means I will be satisfied with whatever decision doesn't matter which analytics in the match. Which means that sometimes after your effort, you might not be successful, then you don't get depressed, you don't commit suicide, you don't feel angry, you don't complain, you don't moan and groan, but you say Alhamdulillah your beloved Alhamdulillah Allah

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all praise and thanks to Allah subhanaw taala in every condition that we find ourselves in.

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So this is the essence of taco taco is to make the effort and then be content with the decision of Allah subhanho wa Taala which is also called reserved will have to be happy with the other with the decision with the destiny of Allah.

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So Allah nahi Allah does it say to them all overwash man who is this on whom we have Eman erwachsenen Allah subhanho wa Taala Jalla Jalla wa Manalo with all his grace and majesty and all these great qualities and his attributes, we have a man on this Allah, La he.

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And on him we have our cul

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de sac, Allah Salam said, Allah there will be 70,000 people on the Day of Judgment. Who Allah subhanho wa Taala will enter into Jannah without his app

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as soon as we blast serrania Salah who will they be, he said they will be the Moto chiune the people who talk on Allah. So one of those i have i was there in this gathering, he stood up and said jasola please make dua, Allah subhanaw taala should make me one of them. Rasulullah Serrano said in sha Allah, you are one of them. So another person stood up and said jasola make dua for me also does LS lm Sarah Savio, Pura salvia who the one who came before came before

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Allah to include all the people who are unsolvable and who are alone and to enter us into agenda without reserve. It is we are not we undercoat Allah subhanaw taala to do this if he wishes, he asked us for him from Allah. And we have telecon Allah we have Eman or LA and we will be content with the decision of Allah subhanho wa Taala in every matter in our lives, was on the love while on a veal curry while he was heavy as me We are America

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