What does the Qur’an mean to you?

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AI: Summary © The concept of the Quran is discussed, emphasizing its use in relation to religion and the importance of a high place. It must be treated with respect and put in a high place, and will not be reflected in one's life or daily activities. The title of the book is a holy book that will not be reflected in their life or daily activities. The importance of proper grammar and practicing it correctly is also emphasized.
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smilla rahmanir rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah filmbay will mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam de Steven Kaziranga sera.

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My dear brothers and sisters.

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I've been asked to speak about the Coronel cream.

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And I want to begin and end with just one question.

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And that question is, what does the Quran mean to you?

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I want you to think deeply about this question.

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And I want you to answer this question for yourself.

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I want you to pray to rock auto salata, Raja, and ask Allah subhanaw taala, to put the answer in your heart. And the question is, what does the Quran mean to you?

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Let me illustrate why I'm saying this.

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In 2015, I had been invited to deliver the keynote address at the International Conference on faith based education, which was an Oxford

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on my way there. I was in London for a few days. And I asked to visit a very famous, very beautiful Jewish school called j cos Academy jakaas Academy.

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in that school, I was invited to

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visit the

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Religious Studies class.

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This class was students were about maybe seven or eight years old. And it was a random visit, the class itself was not informed that I was going to visit. So it was a completely spontaneous kind of thing.

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When I walked into the class,

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little boys and girls, seven or eight years old, as I said,

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the teacher said to me, please talk to them, ask them anything you like.

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So naturally ask them. What do you know about Islam?

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These are all Jewish children. I said, What do you know about Islam? So one little girl puts up her hand, I said, Yes, please.

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She says to me, Islam is a religion based on a book

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called The Koran.

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So I said, What do you know about this book,

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she says, this is a holy book, it must be treated with respect, and it must be kept in a high place.

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Now, of course, I applauded the answer.

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But in my heart, I thought to myself, how did this little girl know the truth

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of what Muslims do with the Quran?

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The short answer is I don't think she knows the truth. But because I know the truth.

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I was able to see in her words

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what Allah Subhana Allah wanted me wanted me to see about how we read the Quran. And how do we do that? Like the girl said,

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it's a holy book, we treated with respect, and we put it in a high place. That's it.

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Our relationship with the Quran is to treat it as a holy book. And to place it in a high place.

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rabida nice velvet or, you know, blots.

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Usually green in color.

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As if Allah didn't make any other color,

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all culture, nothing to do with Islam.

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And then we put it I place

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my question Do my brother and sisters. That's why I said, ask yourself, what is my relationship with hora?

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What does the Quran mean to me?

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It's not a matter of semantics.

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It's to understand the fact that attitudes reflect

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are reflected in language.

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And language affects attitudes.

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attitudes are reflected in language and language

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affects or changes attitudes.

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This is my message to you as I told you

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just ask yourself this question. What does the Quran mean to me?

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Because if the Quran to you and me and this is May Allah protect us, the situation of the majority of Muslims all over the world if the Quran

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to you or me

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is a holy book,

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to be treated with respect and put in a high place, then Believe me, that Quran will not be reflected in your life or my life, it will not be reflected in our lives, it will not be reflected in our language and how we speak with people, it will not be reflected in our dealings, it will not be reflected in anything to do with us.

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And it will have no effect on us.

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Even though we claim to believe in it, and we claim to respect it, and we put it in a high place.

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On the other hand,

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if we treat the Koran

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and we believe about the Quran,

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what Allah subhanaw taala said it is, which is who the little orderliness guidance for all mankind, which is who the lil Mata pain, specific guidance for people of taqwa people who understand who Alize people who have a relationship with Allah subhanho, that people who love Allah subhanho, that people who are usually concerned about the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala

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guidance for

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what is the meaning of guidance for

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if I have a map,

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today, we live in the world of, of Google Maps, right? And GPS systems. What I remember, in America when I'm sitting here now in the office in my in the budget.

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When I lived here, 20 years ago, 22 years ago, there was no Google

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didn't imagine a world without Google didn't exist, believe me.

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So when we went anywhere, every car had maps. So you would, before you left, you would open your map, you would mark out your route,

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you would highlight the warden places their route, where you need to take turns and so on and so forth.

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And then you would have this map open on the passenger seat in the car. And if you had a passenger, the passenger automatically took the position of the Navigator and I sat there with the map in their lap and they called out the transducer.

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So what am I saying here? I'm saying that this map was my book of guidance.

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And because it was the book of guidance, I used it to guide myself to the right destination. I did not put that map in a well word cower and put it in a high place and treated it and treated with respect.

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Using is not disrespect.

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To use something for the purpose for which it is created is the highest form of respect.

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Not use that thing.

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Not use a map to keep the map in a high place within quotes with respect

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and then be misguided and then fall into holes and pits is the highest form of disrespect. It is to deliberately ignore

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the guidance that was sent to us. Let us ask ourselves what we are doing with the Quran today.

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We focus on reciting it correctly specific pronunciation

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every letter every sound the Maha Ridge, the Maharaja, where is it to be

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expressed from which part of the throat tongue Swan Swan

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we focus on that

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we focus on doing that in a very pleasant way. cannot touch with that should sound nice.

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should sound nice listen to the words.

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Third one

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we focus on memorizing it

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and the memory must be so perfect and I have the lab we have files like this. Absolutely anywhere in the corner.

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Just read for that have his first two or three lines or two or three letters now I mean words two or three words in the air and he will complete or she will complete that I have anywhere random.

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He focused on the memorization we focused on what we call the miracle of the grammar.

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So we focused on for example in either corsi how many times I incomes

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The letter I and how many times it is mentioned or it is written in IDL, QC

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the construction of the word

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now, please understand, I'm not saying that all of this is unimportant. Of course, it is important there's nothing, there's nothing good about mispronouncing the Quran, there is nothing Tajweed is the way of reciting the Quran. There is no other way. Somebody who does not understand that VI, who does not always does not learn that with and who is mispronouncing the Quran

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is doing a disfavor to himself. And of course, the Arabic language is such that if you in some cases, if you mispronounce a particular word, now you are saying something completely different, the meaning itself is different.

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So I'm not denigrating or discounting the importance of Dutch V's I'm not saying the Quran must be decided doesn't matter how

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that sounding nice and sounding good. And pleasant is not important. I'm not saying that. I'm not saying that memorization, memorizing is unimportant.

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None of that. I'm saying that none of those TVs are all important, but they are not the purpose.

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They are not the purpose. The purpose of the revelation is one, which is guidance.

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The purpose of the map is what guidance.

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Is it important for the map to be printed on good quality paper? Yes. Is it important for the map map to have all the fonts clear in it so that you can read it easily? Yes. Is it important for the map to be to look nice, and you know, to be beautified? maybe have some pictures and so on and so forth. And oh, yes, of course, most most are very important.

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But just a simple map on a piece of paper, a line drawing will guide you just as best as just as well. And just as good as the most elaborate the most beautifully decorated, the most illuminated map in the world,

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provided provided you treated as something to use to guide yourself.

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Whether it's a line drawing on a piece of paper, or whether it is the most elaborate the most beautiful looking map in the world.

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It will only guide those who treat it as something to be used

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to guide themselves to the correct destination.

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So I said I want to begin and end with this and that is what does the Quran mean to you?

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The meaning of meaning.

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What does it mean to you? What does it do to you? What does it create in your life?

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Ask Allah subhanaw taala to illuminate your life with this color. ask Allah Subhana Allah to guide you to read it correctly. To understand it correctly, ask Allah Subhana Allah to help us to understand

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that this great

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wealth he gave us which is his gala

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is something that we need to not just treat with respect and put it in a high place. But we use it

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resorts it resorted daily in our lives, to refer to it again and again and again.

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To find meaning in it.

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And for it to be in the life jacket, which keeps us from sinking and drowning in the sea of this word.

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Was Allah Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was abused by Ibrahim Mohammed Salah.