Mirza Yawar Baig – Lessons from the Anbiya #71

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The title of the book of the beast is revealed in the title of the book of the beast, and the group discusses the implementation of Islam and its impact on the West Bank. They also talk about the loss of leaders and disagreement over Islam, including the appointment of the general and the appointment of the prophet. The importance of preparing individuals for success and finding a path to victory is emphasized, as well as the need to be prepared to face challenges and work hard to achieve success. The segment ends with a discussion of the importance of learning from the stories of the bullhorns and saving against the upcoming attack.
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scalarama Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala philam beaver mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah de sola Holly Hualalai. He was Abu Salim, just live on cathedra and cathedra. From mother, my brothers sisters, we are coming to a closure of this beautiful story of Musa Lima Salaam and the lessons that we learnt from the story I mentioned them in the last class. Now let us look at today some of the file in some of the

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points of greatness of Musa Ali Salam. Now he is for one thing he is the most frequently mentioned Nabil in the Quran.

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He is mentioned out of the 30 Josie is mentioned in 28 of the Jews of the Quran, and he is the most mentioned Nabil of the Quran. In the Quran. The one Hadith masala salaam said the Quran almost became the book of the story of Musa enable salah.

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This is also one of the evidences about the truthfulness and integrity of Rasul Aleister salah. Because if the Quran as some of the critics of Rosa salon some of the Oriental scholars and so on have said at some point in time that it was the Quran was written by a sorcerer, Salah man, it is not divinely revealed. Just think about is that if it was something which a person writes of his own, then why would that person mentioned someone else? More than you mentioned himself? Right. Now, very clearly, this is something that

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is obviously the Quran is divinely revealed. We know this and we believe this. But I'm saying even for those who are looking for evidence for that which we are not looking for evidence for as far as we are concerned, we believe what else Mandela has revealed. But those who are looking for evidence, this is one of the evidences. Now Allah subhanaw taala praise Busara Islam in the Quran, and he called him mobilus he called him Nabee he called him Rosu. He called him noble. So many, so many words of

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of praise that Allah subhanaw taala showered on

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Musa Islam.

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Also some said do not prefer me over Musa and this is again the Caliph of the Rasul Ali salaam, because obviously as far as Salam is this a usual Ambia he's the Imam will Ambia he is the say he's the the hotword Russell. He's the chief of the Gambia. He is the Imam of the Gambia He led them in Salah

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as part of the when he went when he went on the journey so our mirage in Jerusalem in Merci de la casa Rosa Salam led the Salah and all the Gambia prayed behind him including moosari salah, so Allah subhanaw taala is a necessity is here to sing. Despite that, he's saying don't prefer me over Musa al Islam because if we do that, then we will have to take a stand against another nubby.

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He said on the Day of Judgment, everyone will go through a shock. I will be the first one to rise up and I will see Mousavi salaam, holding on and hanging on to the Arusha Allah subhanaw taala I do not know if he will be raised before me. Or if he did not go through the shock at all, as you already went through it earlier. And this is when the when Musa Salam had asked Allah subhanaw taala to show himself and Allah subhanaw taala said to Hassan that he would send one ray egg jelly Allah Informatica is paharpur Karuna POTUS who says I get a mix of over and one jelly of Allah 11111 I don't know how to say this, or what the English word is. But if I just did like a ray of light or

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something well a Harlem and this is Allah subhanaw taala is that so we don't go there.

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And then it hit the mountain, the mountain collapsed. And there was a huge explosion and was an earthquake kind of thing and Maasai Salah

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lost consciousness.

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And VBS. I mentioned the story too, as part of this, of this whole

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session on Busara Scylla.

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And then

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also Sam's then, so this is what we saw Sarah mentioned. Once a man came while Rosa Rosa Salem was dividing the spoils of war. And the man said to him, you are not doing it for the pleasure of Allah. That is He accused a pseudo salaam of being unjust. nanosolar Salam was very angry, and the Saba could see the anger on his face.

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Then he turned to them. And he said, It's all right. May Allah have mercy on Musa alayhis salam. He was tried much more than this. Now again, this is a beautiful

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story from the Sierra, where Rasulillah Salam is is demonstrating his own beautiful o'clock of, even though he's angry, see, the issue is not it's not a question of not getting anger, it's a question of how do you express this anger? So do you express it first of all, at all? Or if you do express it, how do you express this anger? There were times when he says, also express his anger. But we have to learn from this and say that how do we express our anger in a way which is positive and which is constructive? And which is not destructive? And we saw some said May Allah have mercy on Musa Islam, he was tried much more than this Imagine Musa isms followers.

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This is something I asked this friend of mine who's a rabbi. And he says, even we don't understand this. He says, We this is a this is a question that has been debated. And over and over and over again, in the, in our circles of the rabbis and the scholars of the Torah, scholars of the Old Testament where the question which I asked him, I said, How is it possible that here was this bunch of people the money Israel, who had just crossed the sea, they walked on dry land, they had wall the water standing on either side of them 12 parts Allah subhanaw taala made the walk across the sod is this absolutely incredible, mind boggling miracles.

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And then,

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Soon thereafter, they got fooled by the summary, and they

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created the made this

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statue of a calf, and they started worshipping it. So how is this possible? I mean, imagine if if people have been away from Allah subhanho wa taala. And swans were here they had to be to Ambia Musa alayhis, Salam and herbalism. They are they were they had they were in the company of two of the greatest of the, of the prophets of Allah subhanaw taala. They had just seen so many miracles, not just what I mentioned only one but this also many we know the whole story in Egypt and so on. And then they started washing began and this friend of mine, he said to me, he said, you know, this is something that even we don't understand, he said we should for centuries, we have been talking about

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this thing. How did they do this? How did they decide to worship someone other than Allah and that also an idol?

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So, this was the kind of trials and Musa listen, I'm faced now imagine how bad Musala Salam would have felt, that here he is, and these are his people and these people are behaving like this, that they are disobeying Allah subhanaw taala in the worst way, which is to commit shirk, though and obviously Salam said to him, said to the people, do not leave this man. Allah has

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tried Musa Sam even more. Now Rasulillah Salam in Allyssa El Mirage

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saw masala Salam in his grave. I mentioned this to you earlier also so I'm praying in his grave. Now. This is the is this a special status that Allah subhanaw taala gives to them via that they worship Allah subhanaw taala in their graves.

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A story from the Sierra with respect to this is that in the great fitrah in the time of the announcement, Farah vellano. When Saturn has been in a faraway land who had been Shaheed he had been killed, and there was a complete

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chaos in Medina.

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There were many many Sahaba Homosassa Salem, who were killed who made Shaheed many of them had their these people who came and may Allah protect us from ourselves. They're all Muslims, they call came from Egypt. And from Syria.

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There was these were all new Muslims and they had no idea what they were doing. So they chop their arms can imagine that they they, they took off their arms. In some cases, they chopped off their legs, and they throw them in the there is a rocky patch in Medina

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at the foot of the mountain mountain overhead, and they just left them the broken torsos leaving people the Sahaba was also selling they left them there is bleed to death. And some of them took a look to go a long time and there was the man in the for nothing for over for what I mean these were these were the best of the three of you of the creation of Allah subhanaw taala right and of course obviously they were all saved but discovered now during that time, Majid and number b itself was shut. There was no Salah happening with double save for it was shut for three days, three days or five days. I

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I don't know exactly now. I think it was three days. Three days much. We were shot and Abu hora, the Alon who said that I was hiding inside the masjid next to the grave of Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam, and he said I would pray after hearing the sound of the other from the Rosa of Rasulullah sallallahu ala Ali Hussain, Salah Ali, while he was able to sell now, again, I was mentioning the fact that I'm br given this, this high status of being able to worship Allah subhanaw taala in their graves and they do salon Rasulullah Salam was obviously doing that in his grave and the Lana said, I prayed I knew it was time for Salah by when I heard the other one from the grave of Rasulullah sallallahu

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alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam

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and then in the Mirage during the Isar during the journey he Michel asarum Sabo said I said I'm praying in his grave in the Mirage Rasul Allah is Ursula met Musa Islam on the sixth heaven. Now nobody is higher than Musa alayhis salam and status exceptive Reimer is Salam who was on the seventh heaven. That also was arrested him said I was shown the Day of Judgment and I saw some Ambia with some people with them, some with one or two people and some without anybody. Then he is alone. And then I saw an AVI with a huge nation with him. I wish that this was my Oma. I asked derail Elisa Lau and Mikhail Ali salaam were with me, whose nation is this? And they said this is the money Israel.

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This is the nation of Musa Ali Salaam. And then they said to me, Look to the left and look to the right, look to the right and look to the left. And he said I saw a nation stretching up to the horizon.

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Millions of people and they said this is your OMA and Allah subhanaw taala will include with them 70,000 of them who will be entered into the Janna without his app.

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This is what the

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the Malaika Gibreel and Mikhail alayhi wa sallam said to rasa salah and the Vitara Salah many mentioned this hadith, they asked him Yara salah, who are the 70,000 who will go into Jannah without his app. And we saw Salam said these are the people who are the mutawa kiloohm they will have Torquil Allah subhanaw taala and the the sign of that is that they will not use Tavis right is that they will not establish they will not have it they just make.on this monitor and no amulets and and no formula and know this that they will make dua to Allah subhanaw taala.

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There was sabich or Luca and other law no he stood up and he said yes Allah please make dua that I should be among those 70,000 and also Rotherham said you are among those 70,000 Now another side is Ravi CS Allah please make dua for me as well as Sam said he has taken precedence over you. Right so one person said he made dot and that is it. May Allah subhanaw taala include us among these people. And may Allah allow us to enable us to live a life of the heathen talk all without any shift without bringing anybody into this equation between ourselves and Allah subhanaw taala there is nobody and bring nobody now I mean, if I had been humble, Rama light Allah and array generates that when De

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Soto Salem was going for Hiji pass through a valley. He asked what Valley is this they said this is the value of Azraq and he said I can see Musa Ali salaam coming down this mountain, making Tobia on his way to Hajj, Allah subhanaw taala

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enabled solar cell lab to see the Gambia who came for hydrogen moosari Salam was one of them. And there is so many paths that place he saw last showed him Musala CERAM making delvia coming down the mountainside and sound some said what pleases this and they said yes Allah, this is the value of Azraq

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in this context also let me

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mention also the other Nabee you shall be known.

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And this is the person who was with moosari Salaam when musasa went to meet his release the story in

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in sort of the calf, where

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you shall be known is not mentioned by name, but the boy or the Harding was with Musala salah. Indra interesting and important thing also to understand is that

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it was the Sahaba of the Navi

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Which made you shall be known, gave him the capability and capacity to become an abbey after him of course I'm here of course no one has been stopped. So there are no Ambia now but also this gives us the importance of being in the company of good people. Now in Musa is an ambassador way, you shall be known was made the leader of Bani Israel and Allah subhanaw taala also made him there maybe

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his name is not mentioned in the Quran, but it's mentioned in the Hadith. And he

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led his people to victory into the promised land and it was you shall be known, who led that victory and you shall be known in the end the Bible is called Joshua. So you shall be known is called Joshua, he is the NABI who led them in victory. Remember, this was the

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thing with Musa alayhis salam would have done but that generation of Bani Israel didn't have the guts. So they refused. And they said to us, I said, you and your rub, go and fight and we will sit here and watch. And Allah subhanaw taala disliked that so much that Allah subhanaw taala denied entry to the promised land for 40 years and moosari Salam himself passed away, that one entire generation died. And these were the people who shall be known were the next generation. They were the they were the not youngsters as in little kids, but there was a they were the youth and the early

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people, people who were in that kind of age group who fought and Allah give them victory, and they entered Jerusalem.

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Last one to ensure that a whole generation died in the desert during the wandering of 40 years, and that none of them who had worship the calf were alive before he he allowed them to enter Jerusalem. And that happened in the time of USIA. We know even though Musala Salah was the greatest of the MBR of the money Israel.

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Now therefore, the lesson is that it is not enough to have a good leader and many times people ask this question. So the biggest problem we have today as Muslims is we don't we don't have good leaders. But believe me, the problem is we as people as followers, we do not have good followers we don't have even if we get the best leader, with the kind of people we have today, our level of talking about myself, our level of courage, our level of understanding our level of piety, our level of being truthful, and following the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala and following the sunnah of our Nabire salaam, given that the best leader in the world cannot help us, we have to change ourselves.

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And this is the biggest lesson that we can learn from this story of Musa Latina who can be a bit bigger and a better leader than Musa La Silla himself. collembola The man who talked to Allah subhanaw taala, right, a man who's mentioned in the Quran, more than any other NaVi. Adobe, Rasool, who was a cyber Kitab was a cyber Sharia aerosol, who is who has stations of honor with Allah subhanaw taala, who is on the sixth heaven, you know, there and then on the day of judgment, He will have special powers and special orders and so on and so forth. Who can be a better leader than that. I mean, there's no way we are going to get something somebody was superior to musasa. But even with

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Musa alayhis salam with them, the money Israel were not able to get what Allah had promised them

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because they were not willing to work for it. So it people must be willing to work for victory and success. And they must be willing to struggle and willing to pay the price. Mate. We must do that. Today. This is our problem. We make dua for Al Mahdi and Khalifa and whatnot but we do nothing about and that is the biggest problem that we have. We cannot even correct our lives we are completely marinated in Haram we eat haram we earn haram

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we break every law of Allah subhanaw taala has just a simple law of praying five times a day regularly we do not do the vast vast majority of people do not pray five times a day

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we get very agitated if somebody just destroys the masjid or we are not allowed to pray in this place or that place but really seriously ask this question and see how many people actually go and pray.

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Right. We are in we are immersed in interest. We buy and sell haram in our shops we sell haram stuff.

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We tell lies we cheat we have the worst o'clock of anybody. And sorry to be to sound so you know

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sort of you know dealt what is called wet blanket kind of thing and and sounding so negative but that is this these are unfortunate realities. You want to spoil something give it to a Muslim with this as bad as that

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horrible quality

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How is the leader going to change all that? We have to change ourselves? Number one thing we have to change ourselves. We have to be prepared to work imagine remember this Rossano salaam, the the Sabbioni Allah Walloon mineral Mahajan valance are the people who were the first people who came into Islam. Many of them never saw the victories that's followed subsequently stick Musab Bynum or the alarm

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he went to Medina at the age of about 17 or something and you know, a few years later he was dead in the in the battle or

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he never saw any victory. But you worked.

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Abdullah bin Raja

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Raja Lara, Abdullah bin Jash Elana

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Hamza Villa hotelera Bella,

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so many of them, they never saw any victory.

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Yet they worked. Some people have to be prepared to go into the foundation, some rocks have to be prepared to go into the foundation for the building to stand for any building. If every rock says that I have to be on the facing the building will ever stand.

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Right? Nobody knows which rock went inside. But in this case, Allah knows. We have to be prepared to do what it takes to help people and to bring this OMA out from the morass that we are sunk up to our next thing.

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Today, you ask people for to start a good, worthless school.

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Tell me about it the story.

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We ask people for money to start a world class school and you don't get five cents.

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And the same people will spend millions

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on ostentatious weddings and all kinds of stuff.

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on collecting garbage

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by garbage is worth so much.

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In my city is in Hyderabad in salads, and his museum is all the stuff that he collected throughout his life. The biggest largest personal collection of any human being on the face of the earth is in Hyderabad.

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People say a lot of it was stolen. But even even if a lot of even if a lot of it was stolen, what is there is filled the whole museum. huge, massive building.

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What good is it to him now?

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What good is it?

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See, we have to ask this question my brother sisters.

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And his I'm only mentioning history because

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to give you an idea of how long we have been playing this game of being losers.

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Right? You're not trying to batok anybody. The fact of the matter is that he did what he did, we are in our place doing exactly the same thing.

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We have not learned anything.

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So we have to

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Now usually, Elisa Lam, when he

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was marching towards Jerusalem, he told his people if any of you has just been married, and has not slept with his wife, and wants to do that, don't come with me. He said, Go do that. And and he also said that anyone is building a house and does not build the roof and wants to complete it.

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And anyone who is expecting his gavel or animal to deliver, don't come with me. He wanted only people who had a class, and who are concerned only with willing

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to consider winning the battle to be with him to anyone who's distracted in any way. Whether distracted by his own family, distracted by his possessions, buy a house buys animals by his whatever. He said, Don't go with me, you stay.

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Right. So he didn't want people whose hearts were somewhere else. He wanted people with complete and total dedication to the cause. And this was the beauty. And this was how the Sahaba for solos number.

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And then when the fighting was going on, it was time for us, sir. He pointed to the sun and he said and the MA Mora or Anna Malmo. And oh Allah stop the sun. And so the sun did not set until he was able to win the battle and lead his people into Jerusalem.

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Right now when Israel lived in Jerusalem, and they expanded their nation, and several centuries past, and over the years, they were attacked repeatedly by various enemies. So they came to the interview the time and they said to Him, ask ALLAH SubhanA wa to give us a king under whom we can fight. And then he said

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If you are given the honor to fight Will you fight or will you run away and they promise to fight.

00:25:06 --> 00:25:20

And Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this where Allah subhanaw taala said, Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah II mean bunny is ra el Amin by the Musa is Carlo lethaby Lum la Mobis Lana Malika

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nucar Malika Luca till feasability Illa Allah Allah say tune in quotevalet como cuidado Allah Toka to Allah, Allah Allah Allah to naka de la feasability la vaca origina min the Rena webinar in a Philomel quotevalet him will cater Lu our lo Illa kalila Minho, wala Ali Mumbi Swati mean, regarding the home, NaVi you home in Allah taught by Salah Khun follow Tama Malika

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Carlu Anika kono la hole muku Elena wa Nano hubco Will Mulkey mean who wollam You SATA mineral Mal, Allah in Allah has tafa Who Alikum was the whole boss thought and Phil elemi Well, geez, me Allah who you t mukha Huma Yasha wala who was you and I live in northern Baqarah we have the ad when Allah subhanaw taala said, Have you not thought about the group of the children of Israel, the money Israel, after Musa Ali Salam, when they said to a prophet of there's a point for us a king and we will fight in the path of Allah and the messenger, the prophet that we said to them, will you then fight or will you refrain from fighting a fighting was prescribed for you? They said, why should we

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not fight in in the path of Allah while we have been driven out of our homes, and our children's children and families have been taken away as captives. But when the fighting was ordered for them, they turned away, all except a few of them. And Allah subhanho wa Taala is all aware of the Zaarly mod. The people who are the wrongdoers and the Prophet

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said to them, indeed, Allah has appointed Duluth, when in the Bible, the name of Saul, Duluth as a king over you. They said how can he be a king over us when we are better fitted than him for the kingdom and He has not been given enough wealth. And he said, Verily, Allah has chosen him above you, and has increased him abundantly in knowledge and stature. And Allah grind grants his kingdom, to whom he wills, and Allah subhanaw taala is all sufficient for his creatures needs and is the or Knower. And Allah subhanaw taala gave them Duluth as the king. But when they disagreed with the choice, they gave two reasons for the disagreement. He's not from the nobility, and he's not rich.

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This was the nature of the money's right? And it is our nature today. We are racists, and we are overwrought with wealth, and we don't place value on ability and leadership. If it isn't someone we consider to be below our status. We asked What is he worth? Net worth is in terms of money only. There are NaVi said to them, that Allah has chosen Talu and has given him knowledge and strength. Both of these things depend on the job, Paladin Valley, the avellana was appointed the general but Abubakar Sidious or there was the Khalifa their name is Allah Salam said to them to then the lobby of the time, he said to them to appoint Duluth as the king and Allah would show them a miracle. And

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Allah's mother says and their prophet Samuel said to them Verily the sign of His kingdom is that there shall come to a Sabbath wouldn't box were in his Akina, peace and reassurance from Europe and a remnant of that which Musa Ali Salam and how to release RAM left behind, carried by the angels. Verily in this is a sign for you if you are indeed believers. The miracle was that they are Tabitha Musa Ali Salam would be delivered to Bernice rial by angels is a proof that Duluth was their appointed King, chosen by Allah subhanho wa taala, who set out to examine and he wanted to test his soldiers to see their ability to sustain a long drawn battle. He wanted to make sure that he had

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people who are tough enough to fight. So he tested them he made them much of the desert until they were first exhausted. Then they had to cross a river, where he said to them, whoever drinks from this stream is not from me. And whoever does not drink is from me, except drinking a little bit in the hollow of his hand. Horford Wertham. Brd that is this just this? That is like a mouthful?

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If you're doing more than that, he said, You

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Fact, now out of 80,000 who came with him, only 4000 were able to pass this test so he left behind 76,000 He wanted people who could endure hardship. On the other side, some of them said we have no way to find jobs and this is Goliath, that guy look, but the believers were sure or meeting Allah they said how many times have we seen a small group of people defeat a large army by the order of Allah. So, another group failed, only 314 remained with this was the same number of

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as the Sahaba who fought with a surah savasana at butter.

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Now, final point, before we

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close Inshallah, we will

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talk about this some more in the next session. And I ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to learn from the stories of the

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of the unveiling of salaam, the stories of the Sahaba fossa salaam, so that we understand the reality of this and we'll talk Inshallah, about the Battle of

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Tao la Ceramica. He's going to come out now, in this case,

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to David and Goliath that is the famous story and inshallah we will talk about that and see, how is it that thou la Salam

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was able to win, even though he was at that time a young boy and Goliath was John Lewis was the very famous warrior of the Philistines. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to learn from the stories of his BLM Salam, and to do that which is pleasing to Him, and to help us to save us from that does not please Allah subhana wa salam O Allah, Allah, Karim, Allah Allah He was happy remember to God when I meet Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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