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Hi my brother

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we are looking at the to do for

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blocks to success for things that will not allow you to succeed if you don't do something about

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those of you who were here yesterday What was the first one

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attention span is very small, correct.

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attention span is a small

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success demand long attention spans, not shorten.

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Today we look at another one which is confused goals.

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Now, look at the heavy source was a Salem Witch all of us know where he said in the malaba vignette kamagra Ray salat wa salam, he said the reward of the deed is based on the intention.

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So, intention goal living.

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So, ask yourself every

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incident every time, ask yourself, what is my intention?

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For example, you're sitting here in the sutra, what is your intention? Why have you

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that should be clear in your mind. Point is, it shouldn't it's not something that you should think about when I'm asking you now this should be there should be a reason why you are sitting here.

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That is your intention with that intention, you are sitting here.

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If you simply sat here because socially whatnot, normal thing that arise there, I'm going to sit here, I'm sitting here because Java is my friend, I don't want to get up and walk away doesn't look nice. Whatever. It must be clear in your mind, why am I sitting here?

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Because your reward and by reward here, I don't even mean what Allah will give Allah will even Shala I'm talking about benefit from it here in this life. That depends on the intention, the intention with which you come and sit to that extent intention, you will be your benefit. I'll give you I'll give you an example of that, for example, many people will sit in the Hydra they will say this other was too long, it was too short.

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It was this it was that. So, are you some Hutterites vector

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are you getting paid to measure the timing of the matter? Same thing with Joomla hold the whole bar too long too short to this to that

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why is he doing that? What are you there for

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was done in Salah, we are listening to the wrath of the of the theory

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why even salah forward

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so after the Salah is over, there are some people who will criticize the Chi Oh, you know in that particular i you the mud was too long or it was too short or you do not make enough

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none of that is wrong. My point I'm making here is if you are actually making a particular criticism the lagoon

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but is that the intention? Why did you pray? What was your intention when you started to make the to inspect the sorry

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what did you get from the salah nothing because your focus is on the growth of the theory.

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What should be your focus on Allah subhanaw taala

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and that will Allah God Naga Tara

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as soon as the reserves in worship as if you are seeing Allah when you say worship, so that you can criticize the Carino so, why are you standing instead what did you get frozen nothing.

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The God is lucky because you criticize him he correct says there is good Shambhala

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but you got what nothing, why confused goals? There is no goal.

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Instead of that if you sit there or if you sit in a hotbar what should be your goal? What can I learn from this? What can I get from this with that goal even if you get nothing, still it is beneficial because you are thinking in the right way.

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I am sitting here to learn something so what can I learn from this?

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Even if you learn this is how not to do something that's running but umbrella.

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But is there is that is there is there an intention?

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If you go to something somebody told me this wonderful thing they said you know if you're looking for who to marry this go to their house. And if their TV is bigger than the bookshelf, do not marry them.

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It's a good it's a good indicator, right? Is if the TV is bigger than the bookshelf don't marry them.

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It tells you these people are people who have more content

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Redmond therefore learning so why would you want to marry somebody like that?

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Today we seem to live in a world where we

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are focused on fun

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right? Have fun we come to the masjid to have fun

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in that 11

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everything fun

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think about that. What is your definition of fun

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what is how do you define fun

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what is fun

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for most people fun is mindless entertainment

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no intention no nothing just doing the activity at the end of that oh we had great fun. You get from what doing what?

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So define fun

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and think about this. What if you redefine fun whatever the way you are using your fun today? I'm gonna like good for you. What if you change the definition?

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Think about all the great experts in anything.

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Thomas Edison, the man who probably I don't know if he invented the most number of thing but definitely one of the top inventors in the world.

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Right interviewed one of his inventors electric light. This is Edison.

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He's the founder of General Electric

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Do you think he was having fun inventing things? Or was doing it because oh my god boring activity? You know, I have to do it. Somebody will beat me if I don't know. He was having fun. This was this brilliant. I mean, there's nothing else he would like to do other than if you if you looked at Thomas Edison's card there wouldn't be a sticker on the back saying I would rather be fishing No.

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Great fun.

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Take anybody take a take? Take a great musician. For example. How many hours a day do you think he plays that instrument which is playing

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a great singer? How many hours a day? Do you think they're practicing their voice?

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Take any field. Absolutely. And if it if you're looking at an expert, you're looking at somebody who was having great fun doing that activity, great fun doing that activity.

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Not mindless occupation sitting there and you know something is happening. No. Great fun. So what if you redefine that,

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believe me it will completely change your life you will become the most successful person you can imagine.

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And you won't do that if you're not having fun until that man also because any successful activity requires a lot of concentrated effort.

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Over a period of time, perseverance, nothing is overnight, absolutely nothing.

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Long effort over a period of time long period of time. And you will not be able to sustain that unless you're having fun doing that. If you just painful whatever you will give up at some point you will there is too much. I was get up every day and this morning I will go to the gym I was where workout my whole body's burning, I was going for a walk and this and this and this you will give them

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but if you have fun doing that,

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you will do it. Your choice.

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You want to walk till the last day of your life or you want to sit in a wheelchair your choice.

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absolutely your choice.

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And that's why I always say all of us must suffer from one of two panes.

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All of us must suffer from one of two panes. The pain of discipline or the pain of regret.

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The pain of discipline or the pain of regret, you get to choose your choice, the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.

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The the issue with a pair of discipline is that it is painful. But very quickly it turns into pleasure.

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The easiest example is to give physical exercise it isn't it pains after that you start enjoying it. It goes away

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the problem with the pain of regret is a pain of regret is permanent.

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It's permanent. Allah Renata mentioned this in the in the Quran itself.

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Or your whole cafiero Yeah Lee tourney condotto.

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And those who deny what will they say

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Yeah lately the saddest the most tragic phrase in any language yeah late and it oh if only

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big why the tragic because the moment is gone. That moment to do something is over cut when you when you only can only regret

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it won't change anything

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that is a choice we have today

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to decide do you want the pain of discipline? Or do you want the pain of regret?

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So yesterday we talked about attention span. Today we're talking about clarifying goals.

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Low attention span failure, confused goals failure, the opposite success.

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You ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to focus our attention or our lives and to bring about the changes which will make us successful in this dunya well as I was getting while he was serving member octagon