Do Not Belittle the Efforts of Others

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Your brothers and sisters, I found out Subhanallah just on my way to Juma that we have three geneticists today. Someone who is 60 years old, one who is one year old and one who is five months or was a five month miscarriage, we ask Allah to have mercy upon them all, and elevate them. And to let this Juma be a testimony for them. And let it be a reminder for us a reminder for us of our awaited death as well may Allah subhanaw taala grant us all a good ending Allah I mean, so because of that, I really want to keep this very short and to the point in sha Allah Tiana. And there is a narration from a woman's route or the Allow time and when I'll preface it by saying two weeks ago,

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we spoke about what to do and I mean Allah Hema you're doing you want from Allah, what others don't want. And so your motivations as a sincere believer, may Allah make us amongst them don't make sense to someone who doesn't have that same motivation. And so we talked about the mockery of Wilbekin or the Allahu Taala on home, and the suspicions that were passed that why is he freeing people like Bill out of the law on home, and above all the Allah who don't offer him any worldly benefit? And coming back to that point of you want something different from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. You want something different from Allah. And so I will Massoud although the low tide on home, he says Lemma

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and as a to suffer when the verses of charity were revealed couldn't Mohamed we were amongst the people that were carrying the Salah, we were transporting the charity for John Rosalyn sadaqa BC in Cassia. So one man came forward and donated a whole lot of money for Carlu Mora in the hypocrite said, He's showing off now, by the way, subhanAllah look at the transfer of attitude. When we were talking about apobec and all the law and when the mockery of apobec that was in Mecca when he was freeing the early will start off in the early weekend downtrodden and oppressed ones and they said, it's got to be something else. He can't just be doing this because he believes in this religion, and

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he believes he'll be rewarded in the afterlife here. We're in Medina. And these are the hypocrites in Medina that are praying in the masjid and pretending to be amongst the Muslims and they're watching a man come and give a lot of charity. And they said, he's just showing off what he's just showing off. And then he says after that, Dr. Rajan Fattah sada kabisa. And someone came and just donated a handful of dates. The opposite of a lot for Kondo in Allah Allah Rouhani Yun Ansari Harada they said Allah has no need for this tiny amounts of his so they mark the one who gave a lot by questioning his intentions. They mark the one who gave a little by questioning the use of that

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little Allah doesn't need that little handful from him. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada revealed Alladhina yella mizune and Muto were in I mean I mean FIS saga caught well Nadine Elia de una in La Jolla the home. So yes, karuna mean home Sufi Allah home in home one at home as Robin Elin Allah revealed that those who disparage those who belittle those who mock the believers who give charity. Here the multiwell aim refers to those who are giving voluntary charity from amongst the believers. And they mark those who have nothing to give except for their effort, Elijah down, the only thing they were able to put forth was what their effort allowed them to put forth. Allah marks them in return and

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Allah has prepared for them and agonizing punishments on the Day of Judgment. As Pamela, when you look in the scene of this and the some of the background, further, scholars say this came down in reference to two men. The first one was that I met him in the Allahu Tanauan nondramatic Nero for the Allahu Anhu when he heard the verses of sadaqa. And he was who he was, and it didn't take him long in Medina to establish himself as a wealthy merchant once again, he was that good of a merchant and Allah would bless everything that he did. So he came to the Prophet slice on wood with 400,000 dinars huge amount in Medina, huge amount, right. And as he's putting forth this 400,000, the nubs

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it was almost all the alota I know he said Majnoon Antioch. Man, are you crazy? Have you lost your mind? He's saying it not to mock him not to but wait a minute, like, are you really going to give all of that away? He said, No, at least to be Junoon I'm not crazy. But he said, I gave 400,000 He said by the way, I still have 400,000 Back at home. So somehow, like this 400,000 is actually only half of my wealth. And if you remember a very famous instance

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With a little theologian who maybe he learned from this incident to come to the profit slice on with half of his wealth because that's what I'm that man was doing. So the profit slice alum was so happy with this and the profit slice on said BarakAllahu like a female um sector with female athlete, may Allah reward you and bless you in that which You have given, and that which you have held back for your family. May Allah bless you in the charity that you've given. And may Allah bless you with that which you've left for your family. So the hypocrites are watching this. And they're saying what?

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He's just showing off. He's doing this just so the prophets lysozyme can praise them in front of the people. This is all just a show from that ohana.

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And then comes this other man, Southern man And subhanAllah his name actually shows up in some of the books of tafseer the narrations of Joaquin, el Ansari, about Hakim Ansari, who's named by the way about it, it was also a drama about the Allahu Talana poor Ansari man, a poor unsavoury man, he was one of the the allies to benefactor. And when he heard the verses of sadhaka, listen to the purity of this man's heart. Now, if you were at the fundraiser, all you saw, was a man who just gave a handful. And it's one of the inherent flaws of our fundraisers today, that the praise is lavished on the large amounts. And the small amounts are kind of overlooked. But Allah sees them. Allah sees

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them. So you just saw the end result right? One guy gave 400,000 the other guy just gave a handful of dates. When other people heard the verses of charity, he actually didn't even own that handful of dates. He went and he worked for the day, so that he could earn the handful of dates.

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And then he came to the Prophet, slice them and donated

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panela how beautiful and pure you imagine how Allah is looking at that man. Now he didn't come and give the handful. And so Yasu Allah, I actually didn't have anything to give. So I went and I worked for the day so that I could earn so I could give you this in a very humble way, the same way that Aman gave that 400,000 He gave that handful. Now the hypocrites mocked him, too.

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They said, What is Allah gonna do with this handful of dates, it has no benefit. And so the hypocrites don't just have a bad lens of people. They also have a bad understanding of Allah subhanho wa taala. They don't understand concepts of Baraka. They don't understand concepts of this loss of sincerity, and they don't understand the concept of buttock of blessing, this Masjid that we are in right now, I have no doubt, no doubt that the blessing of some of you who gave 50 or $100 is equivalent in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala to some of you may Allah bless you all gave 100,000 or 150,000. You don't know which dollar has the blessing in it. You don't know which believer in

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front of you has that pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala wisdom, you don't understand these concepts when you're looking at people and you don't decide who Allah is going to accept and at what level Allah is going to accept them.

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You only charge yourself and say, How do I count myself either amongst the habaneros or the aqueous?

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Either as a person who is funny and shocking, wealthy and grateful, has time and spends it right has strength and uses it right or life and sober person who is going through hard times but is patient and using what they have still to please Allah subhanho wa Taala what little they have, and that little has to be in quotation marks because it might be that that one handful of dates is so much more rewardable in the sight of Allah subhanho wa taala. But then you go back to the hypocrites, the hypocrites. They didn't give a lot. They didn't give a little they didn't even give an effort. But they had an audience with their mockery. So Allah will give an audience to their punishment on the

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Day of Judgment.

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Allah will mock them make a mockery of them on the Day of Judgment and not only will they not have Jezza a reward Lahoma Dobbin have an agonizing punishment that waits for them to the display of everybody else now these people the hypocrites in Medina they didn't even spare people on their death.

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side of the memorial little Viola Anton

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when he passed away his janazah was was liked when you were carrying sad little the Allah on who you didn't feel the weight of sad little the Alon. So what did they say? They said, Man, how light is he? to belittle him? He weighs nothing. panela how light is he? How a huff how light is his janazah and what did the Prophet slice and I'm saying the angels were carrying the body of Syrah little Dlo. Does.

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The throne of the Most Merciful shook the multi sided with the death of sided model the Alon out of the

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Joy of receiving his soul, the throne of the Most Merciful shook, the angels carried his janazah. But these people saw our little the low tide honor, they said how light is his janazah they even mocked Him in His death, they had nothing better to do with themselves. And subhanAllah as a result of that, they didn't want to do anything. They wanted to judge everything, they didn't want to be held accountable. All of this was only lowering themselves and seeking to paralyze the community.

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You got to do something,

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and not complicate things. Not, don't not pass judgment on people sincerity, not be the perpetual critic. You know, subhanAllah you see constantly people that are making efforts in the community. And if you're going to make an effort for the community, it could be the smallest thing ever, the simplest thing, it could be the preparation of food and Ramadan. It could be the security, volunteering and security on salata, Jamal, it could be the arranging of the shoes, when people came in, and they threw their shoes on the ground. And it could be the management of an effort. And it could be the volunteers of an effort. And it could be the donors of an effort. And it could be the

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visionaries behind the effort. And it could be the workers of an it's so easy to pick out and point out the flaws.

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And say this is no good. And this is no good. And it's much worse, by the way to say he's only doing it because of this, oh, you know how he is he always likes to do this. And you know how she is she always likes to be there when this is happening. Because then you're actually you're actually going to the judgment of the heart. And the intention, which is the most severe of it. All right. But it's so easy to sit there and pick and belittle and criticize this and criticize that. And you know, there's a saying that, in many ways, the work of a critic is easy, we risk very little, yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment. So we don't do

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anything, but we criticize everything.

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And that makes it very easy. Now, with that being said, there's the other side of that too, which is the one who is being criticized can also have a trade of hypocrisy. This is not all on the critic to the critic, this is do less criticizing, do more work.

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Do as much as you can make sure that you're not just tearing things apart, you're offering a good alternative. And you're putting things forward and you're always maintaining a good opinion of other people. Always personally love and other people has to be there no matter what. And you have to have something that you're doing beyond just the criticizing. Right. The other side of that, though, is that a person who's been criticized can also have a sign of hypocrisy. Allah describes the hypocrites as what yes, we want to call us like an alien, that they perceive every shout to be against them, they have an insecurity. And so when any criticism comes, or they hear anything, they

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take it super personally, and they make a huge deal out of it. And they start to defend their intentions and start to go, you know, they start to lose it on people. And everything becomes, you know, territory and us versus them, there is no us versus them in the home of Muhammad slice of them, there is no us versus them in our community, us versus them, and they're the enemy. And you see how they're coming after me and us. And it's us and our group and their group and fragile egos,

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fragile egos, and efforts that become deficient, because it becomes about defending the ego, not perfecting the effort. And so all of us that are in the position of actual leadership and doing you can't just dismiss every criticism and say it's personal, it's about this, and this is all against me. And this is this this system that No, consider the value, consider the value. And don't even get caught up in the way that they're making judgments of your intention because you weren't doing it for their judgment in the first place. Or you shouldn't have been doing it for their judgment in the first place.

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And so if criticism paralyzes you to a point where you stop working, then you have to ask yourself very, very, very crucially, was I doing it for Allah in the first place? Because if I was doing it for Allah, will I stop it because people gave me a hard time?

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And so if the answer is that, you know, actually, you know, I think my intention was off, renew the intention, review the intention and keep working, keep going. Keep putting forth an effort for Allah subhanaw taala May Allah subhana wa Tada make us amongst those who do for his sake sincerely, and in ways that are pleasing to Him, and in accordance with the Son of His Beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah purify our hearts, may Allah purify our sights towards one another may Allah subhana wa Tada unite our ranks May Allah subhanaw taala never make us amongst those that belittle the good of others, or pass judgment on others. May Allah purify us from hypocrisy from

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Riyadh from showing off from ostentation from Pride. May Allah subhana wa Tada use us as His humble servants for this noble work Allah I mean, who will call you how there was stuff a lot he will accompany certain Muslim infra stuff we don't know. Hello, Fulani.

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while he was talking to Manuela Lama Phillimore Nina Mina twin Muslim you know where Muslim out here in Omaha and once in Mecca Samir on katiba Mooji Buddha Allah, Allahu Allah Allah would have no word for I know well that's why I didn't Robin Valentina and furstenau in laptops, Lenovo Hamner, then akuna minal Casa de la mina careful when carrying with a hibel for Allah Allah for Diwali, Dena or Burnham homochiral Bonus era Robin I have learned I mean as well as you know the reality and a portal to Arima Jana limits Athena II mama along so this one and Muslim Athena famous article Aldemar Obi Wan Matic is widely mean a bit of it

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meaningless original one on the minion so it means either the law and the law horrible and they will assign a title quarterback or younger and fresher you wouldn't want to carry what you're looking at and look into the Quran first Quran Launius Quran WestGrove and they're not using luck. What did they call Allahu Akbar Allah we all know mythos in our own welcome Allah