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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Aisha freedom BIA even more serene. Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Marathi here I know he will serve you cylinders Lehmann consider the

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farmer Babu, my brothers and sisters, we have crossed the middle marker of Ramadan.

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like we will see every time every single time that I have ever recalled talking about Ramadan, one thing we say everywhere in the world is oh how fast it is going.

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Now, that's a pretty useless comment, because whether it's going up, whether it's going fast or not, is not in our control. What is in our control is what have I done in the time that Ramadan

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disappeared from my life this year.

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And that's why I remind myself I knew that

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there was no point in having this conversation.

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The night of E though, after he barked at us, remind ourselves and ask ourselves and say that Ramadan, finished two weeks of Ramadan?

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What have I achieved? Now obviously, there are two ways of looking at that, and we should do both. One is the actual data, what did you achieve? And what did I achieve? And the second one is compare this to what did we expect? And what did we hope to achieve? I remember

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reminding ourselves, myself the new about

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setting goals for our that.

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I hope you did it. And if you didn't do it, then it's not despair, nothing to do you know, what is done is done. But do it now. Let not more time pass without setting goals for Allah.

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and then compare what we did till now with those goals and say, How am I doing? It is extremely important to keep this in mind and do it because as I keep reminding myself and Swan Allah

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I don't know whether it's a factor of age or what but

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definitely, but also, I think maybe, you know, the circumstances COVID and whatnot. In the last two, three years, if I just think about the number of my friends who have passed away,

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it's probably more than

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more than more than more than what happened in any comparable comparable period in my life. And some of them very close, very, very close friends every difference.

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Which reminded me that one day I have to go.

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So what's my preparation for that? Now, in that context, I remember myself and you which I have said many times before that

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for them, for those friends of mine who passed away, my Muslim friends

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last one was the last summer.

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Now did they know that? Now obviously, the answer is obvious they did not know that nobody knows. But second question therefore arising out of that radical for them, but not for us is what would they have done differently from whatever they had they know that this Ramadan is going to be my last?

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Right? And then come to that and say, Well, how much Quran would they have read? Would they have prayed 20 Ricardo, Tara we are eight not because of the fifth but because of the simple sheer reward for listening to the Qalam of Allah subhanaw taala while you are in Salah.

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How many? How much charity did they give? How much more would they have given? had they known that this is my last hour that I'm not getting the next one?

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How much more Saturday would they have given how much did they give? It sounds mashallah the generous people, but how much more would they have given? And those generous people would have given equal would have given even more generously?

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What would they have done with their relationships?

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They had any problem with anybody with any you know, with their especially with family, especially with relationships of the womb, with their brothers and sisters, with their parents,

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with their children and so on, what would they have done about those relationships? What would they have done about the relationships with their spouses?

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What would they have done with

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And maybe I should say this year right at the beginning, which is what would they have done with the virus, the heart, reflecting on themselves and reflecting on their own,

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you know,

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on their, on their, on their habits on their likes and dislikes on their addictions, including, including our other number one on the list is our addictions to our phones.

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The I don't know, if it's a it's probably an app you have to install. But otherwise, in some phones, I think it comes on gone by itself,

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which tracks your phone usage over the week. And it gives you in hours per day.

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Believe me, it's shocking, it is shocking to say the least.

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I won't even tell you what, you know, what are the numbers you will see you see it with? Drag it put a record on the phone and you will know how many

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you know how many things you get,

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then. So the as I said in the addictions,

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phone being the first and then of course, may Allah protect us from that.

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And if those additions are there should they should be removed? I mean, may Allah protect my some of my

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I don't know, I should call them friends.

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Not for that reason, but you know, they are not, they're not that close to them. But I know that there are people who literally they open their they open their fast with a cigarette.

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Right? They use the literal translation of our old way of saying it, which I think is a nicer way than saying breaking the fast as if you are smashing and breaking all the good that you did in the in during the fast. I'd rather say breaking, opening the fast which is how we said no do you have a rose accolti and without any Rosica Tony was not only komaneka autogyro Dwaraka my that was a cool thing too, when before opening and they open their fast with

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with the

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with the cigarette, So may Allah protect as I mean, these are all things that we need to

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we need to address and check and this is the time. So making and this is not an exhaustive list of email or product as each one will have its own things to add into this list. So I would say take stock, cedar add to this list. Make two lists, things that I'm proud of, and things that I'm ashamed of right make two lists. And then what whatever I'm ashamed of let me immediately do two things. Number one, is making stuff out to Allah subhanaw taala ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive me and stop doing them. That is very important. Stop doing them from when from now.

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Not after Ramadan not after this after the road rub right stairway believe me no matter how much pain that takes, and sometimes it takes it is painful. No, not what that depending on the strength of the addiction, especially the addictions.

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It's painful to go back to somebody and say I'm extremely sorry, I behaved the way I behaved. I apologize. Very painful. It's very painful to give back to people what to do from them. They are hook. May Allah protect as many people especially in terms of inheritance, they swallow up their sister's share. They swallow up the share of orphans and loss America has it in their bellies. Fee Butuan him Ilana Allah said in their bellies is nothing but fire.

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So don't don't wait for the fire to catch. Don't wait, wait for the fire to start. Take it out right now.

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Right? Get rid of the stuff and maybe how do you do that? By returning what you do.

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And return it with compensation. Not just like that doesn't mean compensation because you took it away from from them for whatever the number of years it was. And it cost them we don't know what it cost them maybe cost them a lot of material anguish, mental anguish, definitely. And so on. Pay them for right.

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Because, believe me, as I said, Whatever you do, will be cheaper than what you will end up doing. When you stand before all of us monitor.

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That is not easy. That is not cheap. That is extremely, extremely difficult.

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So may Allah have mercy on us. Let us take stock and say going forward. How will I change my life? And as I said,

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this might be my last

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Stromlo let me tell myself that stand in front of the mirror, tell yourself, look yourself in the eyes and say, this may be my last trauma. And if that is my last Ramadan, and I die before the next hour, then I don't want to die with regrets, regrets of not doing what I could have done, what I should have done, what I knew I should have done,

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will be regret so forgive forgetfulness and so on. We ask Allah for his forgiveness. But I knew I had to do something. I knew I must do it, I didn't do it, I postponed it, I denied it and so on. And now, multiple models before me there is no escape, there's no postponement.

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Now what do I do?

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I ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to take stock of ourselves of our lives and to change them to make them

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Sharia compliant

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and make them a means by which we get close to the sahaba. And remember, if we do this is the foreign over. And if we make a if we find out what we did wrong, and so on, and then if we look at what did I want to achieve an hour and so on Hamdulillah we still have time to make it good. We have to make it good and we have to make it better because Allah subhanaw taala when you come back to Allah with with the Istighfar was about the words much more than what you would have probably got even in the first instance so make sure that we don't miss that opportunity. And I request you especially for dua for me and my family. There's a couple of federal Salam aleikum wa salam ala

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Nabil Karim, Allah Allah He was having member article holla