Mirza Yawar Baig – Akhlaaq of the Ummati #15

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of remembering Allah's words and actions to pursue forgiveness and avoid evil behavior is discussed, as it is crucial to living as intelligent people. The use of "everlasting malicious behavior" as a way to avoid consequences is also emphasized. The importance of choosing one's choice based on one's beliefs and experiences is also emphasized, and the need for a personal decision is emphasized. The use of "everlasting malicious behavior" as a way to avoid consequences and make people feel like they are not doing anything is also emphasized. The speaker advises listeners to avoid mentioning negative things and focus on positive outcomes.
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Salam ala Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala MB mursaleen Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam de Sleeman kathira sera

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mavado myrobalan sisters, we are looking at the lesson on a clock of the Almighty.

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And today we will look at the third of those elements as mentioned in sort of ban by Allah subhanaw taala concerning those he honored by calling them about

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the slaves of Allah subhanho wa Taala the slaves of Allah

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and this is the greatest honor that we can wish for. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to count us among his birth his his slaves, who he is pleased with.

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That quality is the quality of seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala Let's run into reservoir luxuria coluna robina Sullivan jahannam in Cana Rama in the house at moussaka, Roma,

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which means and those who say our a word from us, the trauma of Johanna, verily instrument is ever an inseparable, permanent punishment.

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Evil indeed, is Johanna, and it is an aboard evil is evil it is as an abode and as a place to dwell or stain.

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Brother sisters,

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it is a sign of intelligence to remember Allah subhanaw taala.

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To remember, or aka, to remember the fact that we are going to meet Allah and to continuously seek Allah subhanho data protection from the evil of that,

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from the evil of the aka, we ask the protection of Allah from the evil of this dunya

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and we should ask the protection of Allah subhanaw taala because only Allah can protect us from any other saying that this is a quality of his specialist lives.

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remind myself in you that what this shows is that the a brother or a man are people who are conscious of meeting number one, number two, they are conscious of the fact that they need the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala because if we are going to meet Allah subhanaw taala we want to meet him in a state where he is pleased with us. And the the way to do that is to ensure that we seek His forgiveness. So that's number two. Number three, is where we

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where we

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do this frequently. So Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in this thing, that these are the people who seek the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala. And so I'm saying here that it is a you know, it's a important thing for us to understand that. remembering Allah subhanaw taala is critical to living as intelligent people. Now it's a sign of remembrance, because just living our lives

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you know, just sort of mechanically,

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day in day out this is not a sign of intelligence. In other places. Raja said Allah Yes, Guru Nala hakama Oh Allah you know him with a Coronavirus Alka Samadhi or Cara Brahma Rama, Allah tada battilana Subhana Allah Allah, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned these as the signs of intelligent people allodial Bab where Allah said that they are those who remember Allah subhanaw taala standing, sitting and lying down on their sides, and they reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth and saying, Oh our up you have not created this without purpose. Glory be to You and give us salvation from the Hellfire alive, that is lived purely in the present without a thought for the

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future, which is measured only by the measure of momentary pleasure, sensations, just sensation or sensation is the life of animals.

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If you think about it, this is how animals live. They live in a state where the

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were their primary consideration is getting food,

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finding some shelter and then you know the rest of their sort of

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Physical bodily functions, but there is nothing else to their lives. If they see something, if it's happy, what you're talking about, you see something green, they will eat it. If it's got any wars, it's if they see something which looks like prey, they will attack and they will, they will kill it and eat it, there is no there's nothing to stop them, if they feel hungry, they will eat whatever there is. Now we as human beings gela we need to live lives which are not like this. And we need to live lives which have, you know, the, which use the beautiful characters that Allah Subhana Allah blessed us with, and the best of them is intelligence.

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So Allah Martinez is mentioning this to us, because it's the nature of intelligent beings to think about the consequences of their actions. And just doing something because it it's momentarily gives pleasure, for example, people who drive dangerously fast. Now you might say, Well, you know, why do you drive so fast? You know, I love fast cars, I love fast driving, but in the way that you are driving this fast car, you are entering endangering yourself, you're endangering whoever's traveling in the car with you. And potentially you're endangering other people on the road. Now, what sense does it make? It doesn't make any sense? It does not make any sense. So therefore, we are looking at

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this thing and saying,

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you know, am I doing something? Which is potentially? What is the consequence of this? I mean, I Yeah, sure. Fair enough. If I'm driving fast I, you know, it gives me this good feeling. But if the consequences of this are such that if something goes wrong, then I'm going to end up paying for that, you know, big time now, then I should not try to or I should not indulge myself, because it really doesn't make sense. Now, this is the sign of intelligence to be to think about the consequences of your actions.

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In law, it is logical to measure the action in terms of the gravity of consequences, both in terms of the effect, which is the severity of it, and the period, how long will it last? So, if we are looking at something which, where the may last for a while, but it's not so severe, then it's, you know, for lack of a lesser magnitude, or even if it is severe, it finishes off instantly, then you might say, Well, you know, it's okay, I mean, I'll bear that pain for that, for that short period of time. actions that have that has strong consequences, that lasts for a long time. These are called investments,

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and actions which have strong negative consequences. So I'm saying here that if an action is a strong positive consequence, which lasts for a long time, this is an investment, and an on the opposite of that actions which have strong negative consequences.

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And lasts for a long time. These are called disasters. Now, what would you say? Or what would any intelligent person call an action that results in everlasting torment? So it is serious, and it never ends? No, me which pleasure justifies suffering, everlasting torment. Now, this is something that we need to really think about, before we

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indulge ourselves in, you know, whatever we do this or that. And to say that really do I want to,

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to suffer the consequences of this thing? Because the consequences of this thing are going to be severe. And they're going to be for a long, long, long time minutes to me, whoa, how do you define everlasting? So if it is something like that, for example, if I come and check, you know, whatever pleasure it might give me when I'm doing it,

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the consequences of that are the hellfire.

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If I come at Xena, if I come in, if I if I backbite somebody murder somebody.

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If I attacked the dignity of somebody in all of these things, are they cheating? And then of course, don't get too carried away by whatever, you know showery punishments that you can think of, and then start grading

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things to say this is major that's minor, because every is no, no major and minor because every infarction every

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violation of the order of Allah subhanho wa Taala it is the

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it is the wisdom of the believer that he or she considers that to be major, every single one, because the one you are disobeying is Akbar, Allahu Akbar. So if you are disobeying

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Somebody who is the greatest than How can any disobedience be small right cannot be

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all disobedience will be major because the one you are disobeying is

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now my brother and sisters

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that's the reason why every intelligent person asks for protection from this and this is the this is the I have the love man which I decided before you were the the abattoir. They are thinking well Amelia Kowloon Urbana Savannah,

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Ramona, Valentina, Coronavirus, rivanna, la Johanna, in LA vaca arama, asking for protection from the hellfire.

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And this is the antithesis of the shaytani materialistic system that seeks to convince the mentally *, I don't mean that in a literal sense. I mean, people who would refuse to face the truth, that there is such a thing as an action without consequences. Anyone who believes that is, you know, something is seriously wrong with his or her brain. There is there is no such thing. There's no such thing as an action without consequences, good or bad. We are free to choose. But no choice is free. Of course, no choice is free of consequences. every choice has a price tag, you're free to choose. But every choice has a price tag. Now, anyone, an intelligent person looks at the price tag, before

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they pick up the thing before they make the choice not after. Because once you have made the choice, you made the choice, then you are now compelled to pay the price. And if you can't pay the price, then you are in trouble. Now this is the

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this is what Saturn tries to do. When Saturn

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tries to

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tempt you to do something which is wrong, which has even consequences. And then on the other hand tries to fool you and say well, you know what is not so bad, nothing will happen. Allah will forgive you don't worry about that and so on and so on. Now, it's only self deluded people who will believe that now as I mentioned before, we are free to choose, but we are free to choose but no choice is free. every choice has consequences good or bad. I remind myself and you to choose wisely.

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Last round I mentioned this in the Quran Bakula Nakamura be calm for one shot for lumen Omen Shafilea in Altadena is Wally mean not on a hobby him Raja

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Yoga to be in gulmohar leash will be Sasha wasa Atmos, Masai Mara Taka, Allah subhanaw taala answer the caf. He mentioned this. The truth is from Europe delassalle who then whoever wills whoever would like to let him or her believe and whoever wills let him deny that him does believe verily we are prepared for the limit for the opposite.

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A fire whose walls will surround them

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and if they ask for help, or water they will be granted water like boiling oil that will scowl their faces terrible the drink and an evil mirtha vaca evil resting place We ask Allah subhanaw taala for protection from this inshallah Allah subhanaw taala describes Jana and Jana for us in great detail. Allah subhanaw taala mentioned all these ads or SoTL, inside of social worker, and so on and many other places.

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do read the Quran and try to understand the Quran where you will see this description that Allah is good is absolutely fabulous, beautiful descriptions. Now, why did Allah do this because Allah wants us to try and visualize what we can what we are going to face inshallah and what we can look forward to from Allah subhanho that so that we can we get more motivation to live our lives in a way where we will be entitled to this from Allah smarter, we will be where we will be entitled to get the rewards from Allah subhanaw taala for for what we do, a brother and sister it's a reality of our lives, that what we talk about becomes real for us. And what we don't talk about no matter how real

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it may be, starts to look like a fantasy. And global warming for example is a classic

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example a classic case in point.

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So is the looming water crisis. For example.

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How many of us have for example installed installed water saving taps in our homes and public buildings that are under our control? in America? I don't think it even exists. And the way we the wastewater here is just absolutely horrifying. I shudder when I hear these taps just running. As if there is no tomorrow, believe me, there will be no tomorrow if this thing continues.

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How many of us, for example, I'm talking about global warming, how many of us have stopped using air conditioning? unnecessarily? How many of us turn off the lights? How many of us do not use cars unnecessarily? And instead, we use public transport or we walk or recycle to the to wherever we are going? I can go on but but I won't. I'm sure you know the answers to all of this. Because the whole point is to ask yourself as in why is it that people do not seem to understand that? Why is it that they that we are so you know, thick skinned about this? And that's because we do not talk about it? We do not talk about it, we do not try to understand what is global warming, most people don't

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understand. If you ask if you say if you tell somebody use terms like carbon footprint, for example, how many people understand about the carbon footprint? You talk about global warming? Do you say Ice Ice, ice bugs and the ice cap? melting? glaciers melting?

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Well, okay, so glaciers melting. So what, you know, I mean, we don't have the, because we don't talk about this, because we don't discuss it because we don't study this. Because we don't like that we don't take some trouble behind it. We have a very vague understanding of, of these things, if at all.

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And so we do not do anything, which can prevent this from happening from this, this, you know, looming disaster.

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And that's the reason why this is not real for us, even though it is real. But for us, it is not real, and this biggest danger that hangs over our collective heads.

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So also the IRA, the IRA is not real for us, because we have restricted, it's mentioned, to religious gatherings, where we sit in a posture of respect, I mean, it's, it's quite funny because I remember, I always sort of, you know,

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tried to stop laughing.

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When I entered a room,

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even sort of gracefully, drape, a piece of cloth over the heads, the Polo or something, dupatta

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as if I'm the one who made his effort, I mean, Allah is the one who made it up for if you are not doing a job, then you are directly disobeying Allah. But you're not bothered by that. So you are not bothered about the fact that you are disobeying Allah, you run around without a jab. Now, but when you when you're faced with a, you know, an elder or religious scholar or something, then immediately you want to put the thing over your head, and pretend to be pretend to be practicing. What What is the point of that? Think about that? What is the point of that? Who are we fooling? And why why do we even try to do something either? Why not be sincere? What's wrong with being sincere? Think about

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what what's wrong.

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And that is also because we don't, we don't it's not real for us, I mean, the the gender is not real for us, the day of judgment is not real for us.

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Even when we sit in a, in a religious gathering is interesting to her was listening to a lecture.

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How many of us when we enter that place, how many of us make dua and say, oh, Allah, turn my heart towards you.

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Make me here, give the speaker words to say which I need to hear, and open my heart to take in those words, and to change my life. To do make this door when you when you go and listen to it, as you see to see, let's see, suggest everyone who's listening to this, as well as whenever you listen to any of my lectures, and any other lectures when you go for Juma for example, and all make this do and go Oh Allah,

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accept me in this place. Give the speaker words to say which you want me to hear, which I need to hear and open my heart to those words, so that the words can enter and be in my heart, and I can change my life and make it obedient to you, Jonathan, oh, make this don't make this die and then go because then there is some benefit in it. diva, the speaker must must make this near that Oh ALLAH and I will enable me to say that

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Would you want this audience to hear, enable me to say that which will connect his audience to you remove me from the middle, disconnect the audience to yourself, enable me to say something to them, which will change their, the condition of their hearts, which will, which will inspire them to change their lives, the speaker must make this must make the door and go with that near, not for not for anything else. And and listeners, they must not say come there and say, Okay, I'm going to, you know, let me see what kind of speakers this I like the speaker, I don't like that speaker, this one's the accent is not great. That one, you know, looks to this, he his other one is, it looks it

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looks international enough, I wasn't doesn't look rational enough. Man, I have all these

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all these these meters of measurement of rubbish in my heart in my head. So I keep on constantly judging people based on this, so this should not happen. Now. This is just

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the the

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reality, the issue is that unless we approach, you know, whether it's a lecture or a book or whatever, with this kind of humility, it will not have any effect.

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Do a test. Keep a pad handy, and write down what you talk about right through the day.

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You don't have to write your speech. Just keep making notes. I'm talking about this, I'm talking about this person. I'm saying there's water. And don't change anything. Don't say anything. Don't Don't feel bad, right? Something is Oh, I shouldn't have been doing that. Now I did it. Now what happened? Oh, just say to me, this is for yourself. No praise, no blame, just record what happens in your life, then analyze it to see what is mentioned or occupies your attention, emotion and energy the most? Right? Then ask yourself, what in your view is the effect of this on your life? So what we are trying to do is looking at things you talk about and say that what do we talk about the most?

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Some people for example, if you listen to the conversation, the whole composition is complaints. They're constantly moaning and groaning and complaining and all you know, Rajesh, I wish I had done that. And this happened that happened. Cause complaining under law. On the other hand, you find some people who are very grateful. So they will not complain, any anything you ask them there, they always have a positive answer to give, believe me, just look at those people. And you will see a diametric difference there where the complainer will be continuously unhappy because he's only focusing on the negativity of the situation. But the other person, even though the situation may be

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exactly the same for both of them, but this person will be much happier because they are focusing on the positive things that are in the India barber really sees the Ask yourself this question.

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I'm not saying I'm not making a hard and fast rule here. But by and large, by and large, in most situations, the positivity overcomes or, or exceeds the any, anything that is negative. So if we train ourselves to look at positivity in things, and to be positive in our approach, then you find that you would be much happier. If you look at these two people, as I said, the one who was negative, you know, continuously moans and goes and complete this course is going to be if you look at him, this person will not be happy person, this person will be morose, they will drag you down as well. Whereas on the other hand, the other person who is you know, very positive. And

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even though one of the things I mentioned to you was

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this person does not go and pick up the paper. So the paper is thrown by the paper why, and lying there sometimes because if it's raining, it gets damp, and you can't even read it. But he doesn't go and pick it up. And this this is a bigger problem. So the point here is that when we are looking at what we do, then

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see what kind of conversations we have. Now

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then think about is it that if I were to change this conversation, if I is for example, if I'm a complainer, and I say to myself that look if I stopped complaining and instead of that I am more grateful. So anytime anybody asked me something I say Alhamdulillah and then I

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if somebody even points out any negative or painful aspect at all, there is no problem. I mean, I want no problem with that. So I don't see why you should have a problem with that. Make sure this you you do this.

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Ask yourself this question. See if I change this

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Added attitude of mind, how would it help you and you will see life change, you will see complete life change. inshallah

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you know how you can tell what is really important for us in our lives, see what you're most stressed about? Then ask yourself, if those things are worth stressing about. Now, how will you How will you answer that? How would you answer this question? Whether those things are worth stressing about? And the way to answer that is, see what the effect of those things going wrong is. So if I'm stressed about something, you look at it and say, Well, if something actually happens, caused by what will be the effect of an incident is how dropped by women salaries are decided, by the cost of a mistake. They said, you know, if I'm if I make a mistake, how much impact will that have on the

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organization? Do this dress for your own stress points as yourself? and

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ask yourself what if the wrong

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thing? The question to ask yourself is, what is the thing that I worry about happens? What if the thing that I worry about what if it happens? For example, what if I lose my job? What if someone close to me dies?

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What if the government in my country changes in a government that is hostile to me and my kind comes to power? What if I fail my career exams? What if I fall sick with something I mean, right now it is COVID. If I fall, if I get COVID, what will happen? Now, do this, really ask yourself this question and frighten yourself in the next week? And then ask yourself this question. If any of these these, if it happens, how long will it last? How long will it last?

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If I get COVID? How long will that last? If I if the market collapses? How long will it last? And so if I lose my job, how long before I get myself another job? Then think about the ACA and ask yourself only one question. And that question is, what if Allah is displeased with me?

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When I meet him,

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right? What if Allah is displeased with me when I meet him? How long will the consequences of that last?

00:27:32 --> 00:27:45

May Allah protect us from from this? If I die? And I meet Allah and Allah is not happy with me? What is the consequences? How long will those consequences last?

00:27:46 --> 00:27:54

A stress free life is a fantasy, right? happiness in life is about deciding what you want to be stressed about.

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Believe me, it's that simple.

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You can decide what you want to be stressed about. You got to get rid of stress. But you can decide you can change that. Right.

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And that's what has to identify what is it that stresses you? There's no such thing as a stretch, stress free life, for somebody who's intelligent. If you are intelligent, you are going to stress. The ultimate is that even the MBA was just the question to ask is what were they stressed about? And that's what I said about beating stress. Allah basically law he talks about in Nakuru, Allah says Allah subhanaw taala says that very in the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala, there is peace of mind, there is freedom from stress. And that is because the one who is focused on Allah subhanaw taala he seeks to please Him,

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over and above everyone else, including and most importantly, himself. In doing this, he frees himself or herself from the only matter which should produce stress for us, which is what will happen

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when I meet Allah

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and he is unhappy with me.

00:29:10 --> 00:29:11

Right, this is the

00:29:13 --> 00:29:24

this is the only thing which we should be thinking about. What if when I meet Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala is unhappy with me, then what

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are the sisters This is something which is so critically important I see this the request you to give us give us a lot of thought and the began from where we began from the quality of the

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believers the quality of the man who

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who are

00:29:51 --> 00:29:52

you know who

00:29:53 --> 00:29:55

qualities of a mother or a man who are

00:29:58 --> 00:29:59

focused on

00:30:00 --> 00:30:10

pleasing Allah subhanaw taala. So, that is why and let us be clear about this and make sure that we do not do anything which displeases Allah

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asked Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with you, and never to be displeased ask Allah subhanaw taala to help you in ways that you cannot imagine. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to help you from sources he cannot imagine, to provide you from sources he cannot imagine. ask Allah subhanaw taala to be with you and to always be with you and to protect you from all evil. All that you know, and you do not know where sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa rahmatullah wa Rahmatullahi

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wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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