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Reminders Dua Part 4

Mirza Yawar Baig


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salatu salam, ala shuffelin Nia, while Ali was

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talking about the show,

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and you mentioned how it is important to have a sense of the closeness of Allah subhanaw taala because he said why is that I like about the need for a new query.

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And how it is important to remember understand the law, listens to all the hours and accepts them.

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Because he said,

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we do data data is out there and

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we also talked about the methods of making God which is to place your own helplessness before Allah subhanaw taala to glorify the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala and to ask Allah subhanaw taala was a completely a pain in his heart and in his schoolwork and his his to have a fully a pain in the fact that I can do whatever he wishes.

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We talk also now today about the method of continuing with that and look at the times of acceptance of that.

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We know from the colossal asylum network, which is bracketed between Ruth Dwyer that is bracketed between salatu salam ala rasulillah salam Salam where inshallah surely be accepted because a lot of Filipinos are also the film itself is dropped when you say alumnus Allah Allah says Allah Mohammed, Ali Mohamed Salah, Dalai

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Lama baby kala, Muhammad, Ali Muhammad, Allah, tala

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Majid when we say this one's Allah send out 10 times on us

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and the dryer which has this in the beginning, and then the dryer in the middle and it has the same salatu salam wa sallam at the end goes to Allah subhanaw taala and inshallah is accepted. Some some of the professor in Allah have also said that also resides in the middle of that as well. So they will join the rows in the front of the graph before the drop in the middle and in the end. And in some other cases they have said before an alarm.

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So it is a very

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important part of God that we should send salatu salam, Salam before and after

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the times of acceptance of da da da is accepted the most important time the number one time, the time about which the Hadassah Pudsey Allah

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said there are a lot descends on to the first heaven and an announcer by the Ogallala announces and says Who is there who wants anything from is Rob and then Rob will give and that is the time of the hazard. So, that time comes every day and that is the best time for the acceptance of that, in that

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there is no time that is better than that inshallah tahajjud is a very, very important time to accident. There are many other times there are between Amazon and in karma is accepted and that is why as well as a law firm said that there is to rakatan often Salah between us and economy. Sometimes people make a run and immediately stand for Salah you lost a time on of the acceptance of that for no reason. Even spent five minutes and make touriga salah and you can make a law and this time is the time of acceptance of that. So the time of acceptance doula is between the van and the

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time of acceptance of that is also in on the day of Juma Solzhenitsyn observed that there is a time there is a sign in the on the day of July when the slave asks and Allah will give whatever yes and he did not specify that particular time. Some people have said it's after Azur and so on. But Allah Allah Azza wa sallam did not say it's after he said it's any time in Java. So from Juma meaning the from average of Thursday onwards till the motive of right this is demand

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and therefore, we make a lot of drama. During drama. It's also most apt to recite a lot of drama during drama.

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It's very good thing to do anyway, all through the through the year all through the days, but drama especially do i is also accepted after doing any good work to after any hierarchy after parbhani after Salah

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during and after. will come to the issue of some separately but anyways after anything doing after something good

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to making dua after Nawaz after Salah is a time of acceptance of that. But people make a very big mistake and the big mistake they make is that they draw

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After Salah they delete all the God of Rasul Allah Salah. And then they draw in a way which never tell us or never meets

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Zoltan set and nothing else JonTron says that takes a good act and converts it into bad.

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The methodology of the result of that is lm to make dry after fun salad was first to make the car after function. And I've explained this car to I won't go to detail now.

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After you finished all the other car, then he would make the infatti by himself silently. And the Sahaba learned this from him and this is how this operate. This business of immediately out of what Salah the mom loudly makes de and everybody says amin is that this is not reasonable.

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So don't do that. Follow the Sunnah in Nevada, as well as in everything else in life. The Sunnah is the best way and if somebody invents away other than Asana, then it will be rejected from him and it will not be accepted. So after for Salah in the way that Nabi sallallahu Sallam did not in the way that somebody invented.

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Similarly, God at the time of Soho, and at the time of its stop, this is also a time of acceptance of the both before and after a very important time of acceptance of Dr. Dyer Kobani that of course, we don't dry during Hajj, the DA verified that in the haramain, and so on and so forth. So all of these are

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times and places of acceptance of that the daughter of the parents is accepted for the children and the draw of the children is accepted for their parents.

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And that is why it hasn't even

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stopped some people sometimes there are some women who were, you know, sort of cursing their children.

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Marty Miller Movember to borrow your audience. Of course, they

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don't say all this, because you do not know Allah will accept it.

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And then you will cry because your child died and the child died because you made it. You know, the sense of you didn't kill the child in the sense of you didn't bring about but your drug got accepted to the child what was was harmed because of your drug. So it's very, it was control our tongue is very important to control the tongue and not just talk something because of anger or whatever it is. So of the parents, in the heart of the children, for the children throughout the children, for the parents is accepted. The daughter of one Muslim brother and sister for his other Muslim Brothers sister is accepted. And as one of them said that when you make a drive for your brother, Allah

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subhanaw taala appoints an angel to sit by you and say, Allah give the same to him. To whom, to the one making the dog. So if I'm making dua for you, an angel will sit there and say, Oh Allah give him the same. And as soon as the draw of the angel is more accepted than you are, so when we make that that doesn't make a lot of draw for each other, because when you make draw for our brother, with sincerity, and ask Allah subhanho data to help him, Allah subhanaw taala makes the same for us, by means of a engine and the engine roseola he made, his brother made the same for him. So make a good for the brothers. So all these drugs are accepted, the daughter of the one who is oppressed,

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it goes directly to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And it is not stopped even if the oppressed one is a non Muslim, and even if the oppressor is a Muslim, so be afraid of oppressing people, because Allah let me tell us lm said, the one of the one who is oppressed, is accepted by his herd balas rodella nothing comes between that door and the arch of Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala will accept this door. So do not oppress people. And that applies even to a non Muslim woman.

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Because if a non Muslim makes other than that draw that Allah Allah which is not accepted, because he's not making the daughter in law, but if he makes the draw against the oppressor,

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the draw of the of the oppressed one is accepted, irrespective of who the first one is, and irrespective of who the oppressor is, even if if a Muslim is oppressing a non Muslim, the draw of the non Muslim against the Muslim will be accepted by Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because the Muslim is oppressing. So pressing is haram in Islam. It is not gize on anybody. It is not just for the Muslim dopers anonymously because he's anonymous and that's not accepted.

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So these are the times and places of acceptance of God. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make it possible for us to make a lot of and to accept outdoors with head to orange Allah will do the final section section of this

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idea of a national holiday to the country.

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That Allah subhanaw taala put on the acceptance of da insha Allah was Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah. He was heavy as rain.