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salam ala Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa salatu salam ala Shadowfell Ambia Eva mousseline, Muhammad Rasool Allah is Allah Allah Allah He

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He was abused seldom the Steven cathedral cathedral Komaba

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modern sisters, today

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Several people asked me several questions all revolving around the issue of Buddha. So, I thought I'd be clarify that for all of you, once and for all. So, you are clear,

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I want to talk to you about the basic principles of our Theda those of you who have been following my classes, I have already dealt with that up to the up to where we are now. But those of you who may not have followed that, this is going to be a concise explanation.

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I want to introduce you three words all of which you must be familiar with.

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The first word is shook

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the second word is cover. And the third word is be that

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shake is to join partners with Allah subhanaw taala.

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In his that in his person in itself in a SIFAT in his attributes in his powers

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and in whatever he can do,

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so you can have Schilke fi or wood yet you can have shake, fear Robo Viet and you can have share fi as well Siva delighted. Now obviously, I'm not going to go into details of each of these, that takes a long time and I've given I'm doing a whole series of this. So watch the lectures but just understand this shake in the slippers.

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The second one is cocoa, cocoa is to deny

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which is atheism agnosticism go for would be somebody who says that, yes, there is a higher power, the universe does something Mother Nature all of these kinds of statements are statements of cocoa because people are denying Allah subhanaw taala de la Hello

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there again the three parts which is denying the existence of Allah itself, which is atheism or denying for example, the severity of Allah subhanaw taala in removing it, when somebody says yes, there is a higher power and whatnot we believe in God, but you know, God is not really interested in people and so on and so forth, agnosticism whatsoever. Now, just to give you a framework of this, now, we come to the actual subject I want to talk about which is be that

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we know the Hadees which we hear in every single Juma

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in NASDAQ, Allah DC Kitab Allah

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in as the candidacy Kitab Allah or Hiral Howdy, howdy Mohamed is Allah Allah Allah He was Allah was Sharon Ohmori Modasa to ha were called morada sadeem be the Wakulla be the RT Nadella Wakulla de la infinite.

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Algoma Canary salat wa salam ala Rasulillah Salam Salam said the best of speech is the book of Allah. The best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the share of the Omo that is the the evil of the deeds the evil of actions evil in everything comes from new things from innovations

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and then he said

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all innovations are Bidda

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all be the Army's guidance and all misguidance is the fire he did not say some be there are good some good or bad because this this type of

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it a good without also is used in some other cases we'll come to that inshallah.

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Now, therefore, what is that?

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There's a lot of misunderstanding. People have all kinds of funny impressions about visa, for example, somebody says, you know, you're wearing you're wearing for example, a jacket and you're wearing trousers. This is bizarre, because all of a sudden did not wear a jacket.

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Now please understand it was the issue of the DNA is that religion is based on knowledge. It's not based on superstition, it's not based on grandmother's tales.

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Buddha is an action. There are two requirements for something to be that number one, the Buddha is an action that is done with the intention of pleasing Allah. And number two, it is an action for which the person expects a reward from Allah subhanaw taala.

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These are two conditions. The action must be done for the pleasure of Allah and the action must be done with the intention

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Allah will reward me that if somebody is Wearing a trouser he's not wearing it to please Allah for the word wearing it because it is convenient, I will have no problem with trousers.

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what do you call an action like this which is done with the intention of please what is the other word for it? And action does which is done for with the intention of pleasing Allah and expecting a reward from Allah what is that action called? What is the other word for it? Why bother

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right any other any action which is done to please Allah and with the expectation of reward from Allah is your brother whatever the X for example, we're sitting here I'm doing this Saturday you're sitting here Why are you sitting here?

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For because you like me?

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See, he doesn't even like Visa Do you like Visa? No.

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If you sit here because you like me, I love you. But this will not be a bad app. Please understand that. Right?

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Most welcome to I have no I have no objection to to you liking me. But my point is, you're not you're sitting here because I'm speaking to you about Allah subhanaw taala or about the dean. So you're sitting here with intention and sincerity that this action pleases Allah and do you expect do you expect Allah to reward you or no? Yes, of course, Inshallah, every second every minute we are sitting here Inshallah, we will get reward from Allah Spanner. So, this action of sitting here in the heart era is an action on rabada

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right now,

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therefore, what is the Buddha, a Buddha is an action like this, but which Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi salam did not do

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an action which is done with the intention of pleasing Allah and with the intention of reward from Allah that is our intention to do the action, but this is an action with the results from dividends.

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Now, what why that criterion because in the EBA that

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in the case of riba that

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everything is haram except what Rasul Allah is Allah alayhi salam did or permitted

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in the act in the matter of everything else

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Mamilla everything is halal, except what rasool Allah is Allah is an privated

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please understand the very basic fundamental principles of Sharia right?

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In in Marbella

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in our dealings Can you work in an IT company? Yes, you can work in IT company in this IT company is engaged in writing software banking software for interest based banking, now, can I work in the IT company? No, why? Because Russell has risen prohibited us from working in interest based banks or dealing in interest in any way. So, what is happening here? General rule can I work in writing company? Yes of course you do need to ask you don't need to ask no problem please work, but in that IT companies specific route they are engaged in something which is haram now can I work you can work so general road is what everything is halal except what Rasul Allah is Allah Salam prohibited when

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we say there is also prohibited means Allah subhanaw taala privated that because what is what is the Delaine ALLAH SubhanA DeRozan Rama, Atacama Rasulullah, who Omana Hakuba and who Fanta who inserted Hassan Allah subhanaw taala said whatever by Nabi tells you to do do it whatever he gives you take it and whatever you stopped you from stop and as soon as I said I mean I had these he said whatever I tell you to do good things do them, what I stop you from stop completely what I tell you to do do as much as you can do, but what I stop you from stop completely

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so, in terms of Marbella basic rule, whatever Surah Surah Surah Allah whatever you want to do, do it except what the prophet Salah Salem prohibited, but in Akita and iba that

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what is the rule, it is the opposite rule,

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everything is haram, except what is permitted.

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So, before you do anything, you have to check,

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to check if it is permitted, yes,

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to see if it is permitted. Now,

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in the case of Buddha, what happens in the case of either what happens it begins all with that begin with a good intention. Please understand this intention alone is not sufficient every way that

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let's say one of the biggest is Ali Salam. The Christian said, He is son of God. So other Christians said said he is God Himself. You

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What are they? What is their intention? Are they trying to insert a salary? Or are they trying to glorify service and

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glorify? Right? I mean, they're they're praising the lobby.

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They're saying was one, he is so fantastic, he cannot be a human.

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But what has happened here, they've glorified him to a point where it becomes private. So intention alone is not sufficient.

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Every business starts with a good intention.

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But then what happens? People go and do things which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam never did, and he never allowed.

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Right? So what must you do? Anytime anybody tells you to do something, which is like anybody? And I'll give you one or two examples.

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What must you do? Check and see if the prophets Allah Islam, did it, check and see if the visa celebrated? If he did it, and you have authentic Hadees if you have a strong believer that don't just pick something from Google? No, that is the worst way of doing it. Go to our URL and go to scholar check it if you have a if you have the need for that, please do it. No problem. You do not have the rail. Don't touch it. Because remember one very important rule.

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What is the rule? Don't forget this rule if you remember this rule, you can't go wrong. What is the rule the rule is as far as the and again this comes from the How to service slo and Hallelu by Ian waha MOBA by Nova Musa we had he said the hull is clear the alarm is clear between them are the doubtful things. Now, as far as Ibadah concern what is it that is clear loadout What is it

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first of all, all right. How many further are there how many hours the last five years for you will meet your new dean? Is my ad

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No, five Correct. Okay five, anybody got out five.

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But if somebody says

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on Wednesdays after Salado Maghrib.

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three sets of two rakaat each in the first set after suitable Fatiha results over the last three times in the second regard after Silva resides Serato falak three times

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what will you say?

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What is it?

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Why give me the proof?

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If I tell you right now representatives my brother from out of Salah three regard do you need to ask a question? No. We know this. But I am now giving you a new thing I'm saying ah only on Wednesdays after Maga.

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Anytime somebody gives you something that looks like an ABA which is with the intention of pleasing Allah expected or what? Always check for the delille say what is the evidence?

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What is the proof

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if you have the evidence do it if you don't have the evidence don't do it reason I'm saying is please understand we're very agile you can't go wrong with this please understand very clearly.

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If you do nothing nothing will happen to you because the only thing that you are questionable for the only thing that you will be asked about and a male of project is if we don't do that we are liable for punishment I wouldn't say you will be punished We ask Allah for forgiveness but we are liable for punishment is what the fourth

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right the fourth only

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to pray for example to pray the Hajj

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is is a good thing or a bad thing? It's a good thing we have all the light in the world Alhamdulillah we should pray tahajjud But supposing there is a person who never prayed the hydrogen his whole life we live on Jana for that reason. No

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he has missed a good opportunity he should have prayed

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he didn't pray at the most you might say the you know cinema and I mean he should have prayed he got the opportunity he missed it but he will not go he will not be punished for that because it's a novel

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they come into Ramadan, the fasting in Ramadan

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is a further novel for if somebody who is able to fast just deliberately does not fast.

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Is that okay? Not okay. Not okay. Right. He is committing he is committing Haram is covered in cocoa depending on what he does and what he says about it and so on and so forth. He can exit from Islam, but supposing somebody does not pray that away.

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He prays for regatta Russia and he goes on. Now what

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will you be punished? No, no, somebody's praying that we prayed. What did I gotta somebody says you know after four regatta

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I can't play anymore I go home after forgot Is it okay or not okay it's perfectly okay it's perfectly okay he can go out there for you be ready to rock. He can go out go home after 2468 Whatever you are tired you go home no problem

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there is no sin on you

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anything that is like this which is enough well

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remember if you don't do it, there is no problem. But if you do something which Rasul Ross or SLM did not do

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then this can become a this will become a major problem for you.

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As I told you all with that start with a good intention. So somebody says you know,

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we should celebrate the birthday of resources Allah

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Mila gonna be Malou Mila Call it what you want

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now is it a good idea or a bad idea?

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By ready you don't have the power source

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you're not happy that he was born

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so why is celebrating his birthday? Why is that a bad idea?

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Ideas good but the execution is wrong. Exactly.

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So what must you do is you want to sell kellisa Can you sell every time you can have it?

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Of course you can celebrate of course because you know what the problem is. You say I'm celebrating it on this particular day which is the 12th or Abdullah Well, now nothing in our prayers are available. But if you are specifying a day a specific day and you say he was born on this day and we are celebrating this

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just I'm very happy you know which was born therefore in this budget, you know in some other place, we are going to have this this Jelsa this gathering and we will talk about the seer of the VLA sir very nice, beautiful please do it. Do it every day.

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But if you specify a particular day and you say we are celebrating it this is what it is called ie the mela gonna be you give it a name.

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There is somebody in my seat in Hyderabad we actually pray to raka we'd Salah on that day.

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And all the congregation prayed behind him also. Now there is no end to be that every day the new Buddha

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he is eat will are gonna be so

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what's the problem? The problem is you are inventing in the day.

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Similarly, celebrating all kinds of days and nights and whatnot.

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So without going into detail and making it longer, I'm giving you the basic principles.

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Basic principles, what are the principles double check if rasool Allah is Allah salaam dirige. Check if he's if the Sahaba did it, check if he taught people to do it.

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If you have to do it, if you do not have done it, don't touch it. As long as you don't touch it, nothing will happen to you. But if you go and do something which he never did, then you're going to put yourself in trouble. And you're going to put others in trouble. Because what it is a whole load of other as a team Biller, co located at the end Alana the call load Allah din phenom.

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You ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from all forms of be that and all forms of shear can go for an all forms of anything with displeases Him and we ask Allah to keep us on the straight and narrow path of the head and to keep take us in the same state of story that were hidden. Insha Allah was an Allah Allah Allah will carry Valley he was obedient Blanca