Ramadan Reminders – Day 24

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filarmonica Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala shortfilm Gable muscly Mohammed also relies on Allah while he while he was a resident sera from ababu sisters in a hadith in which is it Bihari

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report reported that also seldom used to make the gaff every Ramadan during the last 10 days and in the year in which he passed away, he made ethical for 20 days.

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Now, it's

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it's a very mobarak thing and

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something which is which has seems to have become

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very popular nowadays. And the last

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10 years or so, I remember in my childhood,

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this was very unusual or you know normally and May Allah protect us we used to have

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protectors of ourselves. Sometimes people will have some poor guy of the community of the of the Mahalla of the neighborhood, who would make at the governor Missouri then, you know, people would send him food, like charity, and they so it was like, you know, he's doing it for all of us, which is quite a quite a horrible thing you think about it. But today hamdulillah this is not the case people are very keen to make ethnographer Angela, you know our Masuda. hmic we've had

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every year hamdulillah except for last year, and last year also May Allah bless.

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Hamza, my very dear friend and my

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dear these are all like my sons

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who kept up the tradition and who kept the masjid alive by making the golf alone may Allah bless him and protect him and reward him with the best of the best.

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But otherwise we would have had I mean I've had I remember we've had sometimes over 100 people making the golf in our small mercies Alhamdulillah

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the point I'm making is that this is not unique to Amazon. In my city in Hyderabad itself there are literally 1000s of people in Amazon in all the budgets collectively who make ethnographer this is true in all other parts of the world as well. Now add to golf is a very important and

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important and you know beautiful sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu ethika is to take time out to be with Allah.

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This is the perhaps the best way of describing what karateka is to take time out to be with Allah subhanho wa Taala in his house. So when you enter the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala and make the near the weather gap you are now a guest of Allah subhanho wa Taala in his house.

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The first and most important thing to therefore remember I understand is that since you are a guest of Allah subhanho wa Taala in his house, then you are entitled to the hospitality of Allah subhanaw taala and among the

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among the also Robin the principles of hospitality is that the host gives you whatever you wish for

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right anything you ask, the host will give you. Now, this is a this is a tradition in all our cultures, where the host cannot and will not refuse what you

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what you ask. I imagine a host we are talking about human host, but imagine a host which is who is Allah Subhana Allah Jalla delallo whose treasures have no boundaries whose capability has no boundaries further it has no boundaries whose power and authority has no boundaries. So ask Allah subhanaw taala remember when you are in the in the house of Allah ineta Gov You are a guest of Allah Subhana Allah. So ask Allah subhanaw taala whatever you like and ask for yourself and ask on behalf of others ask on behalf of the automata Rasul Allah is Allah Allah highly use I

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remember also that when you are in ethical if you are a representative of the rest of the oma.

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So in your budget, you're the representative of your own neighborhood and so on and so forth. But you also the representative of the Muslims, all over the world. You are a representative to the oma. So do that make dua for everybody who is not there.

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In ethical, third thing is the other of the house of Allah. Remember you are in an autograph you have secured yourself. You have taken time out to be with Allah. So be with Allah. Don't turn a cigar into a Hangout session with your cronies and friends and you know, everybody's ever let's go to this budget because we are all going there. All my friends are there no, this is not for ethika. Please, as it is for another channel that make ethical foreigners Don't, don't ruin it and don't spoil it by turning it into some kind of

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social affair.

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Then when you are an ethnic I've also remember that you're there to be with Allah. Be with Allah means worship. So therefore, do only two things. One is worship Allah subhanho wa Taala to the highest possible extent. And then when you get very tired, sleep for a short while and get up and worship on login, do nothing else, do nothing else. Don't take your laptop in there, don't take your phone in there, don't be sending out emails and don't be doing that don't do any of that stuff. Right? Only the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala sala de la hora zeker

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if there is some beneficial lecture or something going on, listen to that no problem. If you are somebody who does these kind of reminders, by all means do that. But other than that, don't do anything else. Don't have meetings don't have this and that

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ethnographies for the sake of as I told you, settle your affairs, arrange your affairs in a way where you can do this.

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Right. It's not difficult, it is not difficult.

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There are 1000s of people in the world who are witness to the fact that is not difficult. People are doing it people are now getting into the habit of doing it and realize a huge huge huge benefit.

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Then in ethic, I remember other people are also there other people also have their rights other people are also there because they want to be with us valterra so do not do anything which disturbs another person. Like one of the things we people do, unknowingly, unthinkingly is somebody sleeping, you will sit next to him, you know at is that and you are reading the Quran loudly. Now, you're disturbing sleep. Number one, number two, that poor fellow he will feel hesitant to tell you to go away somewhere or to or to, you know, not recite loudly and do it silently because he will think well, this is not the other way around. So you have ruined his sleep, he wants to sleep he's tired.

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He needs a sleep. You ever owned asleep and unnecessary. Now he's feeling you know, how does the nice feeling irritated about somebody reading the whole book who did this, you don't do that. Be very, very conscious of other people, other people's rights, other people's

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susceptibilities, or their sensitivities.

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Make no noise, be silent.

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Whatever liquor and zone you're doing, do it quietly. Make sure there's no one around you that you are disturbing. Do not use any other person's possessions. Don't use somebody else's pillow, don't go lie down on somebody else's bed. Don't take somebody else's shows to go here and there. Don't do any of that. Don't use somebody for door to somebody's charger, do not use anybody else's possessions without first asking permission.

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Obviously, very importantly, do not leave the boundaries of the ethic app. So find out when you go there, which is the boundary of the ethical if you leave the boundary there to give your take I was gone believing you have to come back after Ramadan, fasting and make up that ethical in that budget. So do not break the boundary of the ethical stay ensure that you stay within the boundary of the photograph and make lots and lots and lots of dua

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for the whole oma eat less sleep less, do lots of a bath

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in ethica this is what Ross was referred us to do. And he would exert himself more and more and more

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and that is why we must follow this inshallah ask a lot of data to make that ethika of those 10 days a complete rebooting and rejuvenating experience for you that will come out of there as if you have been born again. And remember the best of the biggest benefit of ethic is inshallah you will get Laila to Qatar. Without a doubt inshallah because all 10 days you are in the budget, there is no color is one of those nights, whichever night it was, you got it.

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Now what is a bigger

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incentive than that to do

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to be absolutely certain of getting later to cover. Make ethica for the last 10 nights of Ramadan

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that's 10 days and nights mega take up inshallah, later the other is yours insha Allah Azza wa sallam will carry

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on life.