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The importance of practicing Islam is discussed, including the need to practice it in a dojo and not in a classroom. The challenges of building a diverse community and cultural practices of Islam have resulted in division and division among people. The speakers stress the importance of faith in Him alone and not mocking others, and the need to develop language skills to avoid harmful behavior. They also touch on past racist comments and the negative impact of negative comments on one's behavior. The importance of respect for one another and warning against someone who is opinionated is emphasized.

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Tonight on our $100 Bill alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah, MVA with mousseline, Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to Steven Catherine cathedra, from abajo, my brother and sisters, we are on the lesson of a flock of the Almighty. And as I mentioned to you, I am taking

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the guidance from Serato, who dropped in this series of lectures.

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I remember our chef was out of the bucket, having a lot of us to say that

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if there is one surah that

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we must make fun of on every Muslim to memorize, that is sort of algebra,

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because one of the luxuries has so many beautiful lessons and so many directions for people on how to live Islam, and hamdulillah. This is, I think, very, very good advice.

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To read the surah, to study the surah, to memorize the surah and to constantly remind ourselves of what the collapse of the Illuminati should be.

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That's why when I wrote this book, I call it a collapse of humanity. Because today, whether we like it or not, the fact is that you and I

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are representatives of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And I'm saying whether you like it or not, because, you know, we like to be representatives in a in the good aspect of it, meaning the honor of it. But sometimes we forget the burden of responsibility that falls on the person who is the representative of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I won't say somebody like Mohammed Salim because there is nobody like Hamas or Salah.

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Now I'm saying you live whether you like it or not, because this is how the world has chosen to define us.

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Many times we complain and we hear these complaints, people say, Why do people see things in terms of Muslim terms? If somebody if a Muslim man or woman does something wrong? Why don't people just say that they did this or Fatima did this? Why must they say a Muslim did this.

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But if you reflect and see the example from the Sierra and from the lives of the Sahaba, revoir, La La mcvane, the Sahaba attitude was the opposite. They would say como mithuna, they will say become like us. They saw themselves as representatives of Islam, and they live their lives, like representatives of Islam. And the people you want to know somebody says, teach me about Islam. They said, Look at me,

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teach me the business principles of Islam. And if you ask this to a Xavi was a business, a businessman, business person, he would perhaps tell you come and sit in my shop, come and see my business. You want to know the principles of doing business in Islam, he won't send you to, you know, to an MBA college he would say, Come and look at my business, please go and study.

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If the person says, teach me the rules of or teach me the Islamic principles of a marriage, he would say come and see, you know, what happens in my home? How must I bring up my children look at my children. Now this is the beauty of Islam, which is that Islam is the name of a practice.

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Islam is not the name of a theory. Islam is not the name of a philosophy is now is not even the name of a theology by itself. It is the name of a practice. And like all practices, Islam benefits, the one who practices not only the one who knows about it. I give this example all the time because it's an easy example to understand if I became the world's most knowledgeable person, the world's greatest scholar, on judo. And if I wrote 20 books on Judo, and I know everything about Judo, right, its history where it started, who started it, what was the name of the person who started it his online age, who was his father was his grandfather, all the circumstances that led to this person

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inventing this martial art called Judo, if I know all the physics of the angles of throws, where the fulcrum is applied the principles of leverage that lead to the throws in judo, I ignore all of this but will

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If I have actually not learned and practiced Judo in a dojo under his Judo teacher, then if I go onto the street and somebody attacks me, even though I am the world's greatest expert on Judo, I will be flat on my back in one minute.

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My knowledge about Judo will not help me. All the books that I wrote about Judo will not help me if I do not practice judo. And how does the practice of judo start? as me because I have practiced Judo, I practice Aikido both.

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It starts by fun learning how to fall, what is the first thing they do to you, when you go to the Judo they throw you.

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You fall and you fall and you fall and you fall, and you learn how to fall without hurting yourself. And only then you get to the stage where they teach you how to talk.

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That is a situation with Islam.

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If you want to benefit from Islam, you have to practice Islam, just knowing about Islam doesn't help. So should we not know about Islam, of course, it was nobody's law. You cannot practice Islam unless you know about Islam. You cannot practice Judo unless you know about judo. But if our effort stops with knowing about and it does not go from knowing about to practicing than just the knowing about is worthless, it will not help us. So it's extremely important for us to focus on practicing what we are learning.

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If there is a name for Serato darat, that suits it, it would be sure to oma

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it is a surah which has priceless instructions about building a community and keeping it together. While honoring all kinds of diversity. This is one of our biggest issues today, which is that we are split into into divisions and into all kinds of things. And we all say well, you know what to do. We are so diverse. We have people today, Islam has spread all over the world. That is the good news. The bad news is that because Islam spread all over the world, the Muslims have now acquired customs and practices and cultures, from all kinds of places. And therefore This has resulted in divisions. The thing I want to remind you of myself is that that was the exact situation even at the time when

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I was a salon, the Muslim community at the time of rasulillah salam was a very diverse community. There were people of different races, there were people of different cultures, there were people who spoke different languages, yet rasulillah salam was able to forge a single unit, which was based on a brotherhood of faith. Now, how did he do that? What are the principles and rules of that we learn from this surah and that is the whole issue of of love of the Almighty. In our world today, this is a huge challenge. And one of the factors which is critical to our success as leaders to be able to forge a unit from people in it who are diverse.

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mentioned in these is also

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something which is a terminal illness, so to speak, with respect to building the oma. So we are starting from what not to do before we go to what to do because if we can, if you can block the things that destroy the oma, then inshallah Omar will be safe, irrespective of whatever else we do, even if you don't if you are not too strong, but building as long as we are

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stopping the forces of destruction, we are on to a good thing. Now, what I'm going to tell you is something which destroys all the good work of bringing hearts together, as surely as the hidden work of termites in the massive beams of a roof will suddenly bring it down on the heads of the occupants of that house. This is such a major danger that Allah subhanaw taala explained it with a very graphic example. And that's regardless at all We live in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Yeah, un levina Mano Elias kar como como manassa yakun ohira me in home. What a nice

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meizhou Vasa como la voz ob

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B cell is also Koba del V. Ramallah Mia to

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whom was on the moon.

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Danny Walker's here on Minos one in one nice. What

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you have to comb I Kula Hama he made curry tomo. What the whole law in a lot of Rahim Allah Allah said which means all you will believe Let not one group of you mock another group

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Let not one group have you make fun of or mock another group, it may be that the latter the second group are better than the former, the ones who are being mocked, it is possible that in the sight of Allah, they are better than the people who are mocking them, nor let some women mock other women, it may be that the latter are better than the former, nor should you defame one another. nor should you insult one another by bad nicknames. How bad is it, that you insert your brother after having faith? How bad is it to insert one's brother after having faith? And whosoever does not repent, then such Indeed, the transgressors they are dissolve the moon. And then unless it only will believe, a wide

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suspicion, don't suspect people. Indeed some suspicions are sins and don't spy and don't backbite one another? Would one of you would one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? Surely you would hate it. So hate backbiting and fear, a loss of handle data, anger, fear Allah? Verily, Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who accepts repentance and is the Most Merciful.

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My brother's does.

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Its very,

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very, very critical that we understand this whole issue of backbiting. The whole issue of calling people names, the whole issue of criticizing one another mocking one another. May Allah protect us today. The another big issue is pronouncing the field. Right, saying that also is a Kaffir. So and so is is not a Muslim, as if we can go into their hearts to see whether there is faith or not. There's a famous incident in the Sierra, where in one reservoir in one Syria actually in one battle, Osama bin Zayed or the Allahu who was like the grandson of Rosa Rosa salami, he was the son of Zaid bin haritha.

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Who was the Corazon Assad called Zayed bin Mohammed until Allah subhanaw taala.

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Limited adoption, as in giving your name to an adopted child.

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Islam does not prevent you from taking care of orphans but you can't give them your name, their biological parents have rights and their biological parents name is what they will carry. And also if you are raising somebody that that child does not become your child, that child does not inherit from you. If you need to give that child something you have to give during your lifetime. If you have some other children along with that child, then at the time when you die, there is no inheritance for the adopted child so called adopt a child and your property and wealth will will go only to your natural biological children. This is a side note just so that we clear this. So Osama

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bin Zayed Al Delano, in one battle. He was fighting he saw a man who he had personal enmity with that man I mean these two, not only were they on two sides of the, in this battle, but also in this particular person for whatever reason. Allah knows best. That person and also because they were enemies, they did not like each other. But when they were when they came when the class was happening or about to happen, that man said a shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, that man accepted Islam he called out and he said, I believe in Allah subhanaw taala and the source of Salah

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was Abizaid of Allah who despite that killed the man

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Other people also saw this. So they came. And when they came back, they

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completed resources. And they said sama killed a man who had accepted Islam. Now, obviously that is something which is prohibited. Even in the battle, a lot of it is very clear that if somebody comes on your site, accept Islam means what he has come to your site. If he does that, then you redirect him, you can kill him. Now, this happened, and this happened because I was a fella who didn't like them. And so as soon as somebody called him, I'm talking about Pronouncing takfeer calling somebody cover, and then saying that, oh, but you know this, that and so on, and we justify our wrong action. So as soon as a song called Musab is a little girl and when he asked him, he said, What is this?

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This is what I hear that you killed a man who had declared the Shahada azobenzene of Allah who spontaneously said yes, Allah he did that only to escape that he that was not in his heart. He didn't do that sincerely. He did that only to escape.

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Massara salams blessed face became a red with anger.

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And upset to San Jose, you open this just to see whether there was email Did you open his chest to see whether there was sincerity?

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Now think about this, when we pronounced that field on somebody, and May Allah protect us, there are people in the Muslims are doing this all the time. Right? Whichever group you belong to, you point to somebody else or other group and you say they are not Muslim, this that. I'm not saying that every practice that everybody doing everybody is doing is right. No, there are wrong practices. The correct practice is what sola sola Salaam and his hava did, there is no doubt about this. That w Saracen um did not bring multiple flavors of Islam, as soon as rossana brought one religion, and that one religion is Islam, and how that religion is to be practiced and live by the finest example

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is the life of a soulless wrestler himself. And the lives of his Sahaba is run by her image by who he taught who learned from him, what they did is correct. What anyone else does, will be correct, provided it tallies with water, solar, solar solar grid. And if it does not tell you, it doesn't matter. Who that knew who that person is. We do not follow that person. We follow her so like, there's no doubt about this, however,

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to criticize somebody else who is listening. Now you might say, Well, you know, if they are doing these practices, they are not Muslim. They have left Islam. Let me out. Let me remind you of the Hudson wisdom. They asked in this era, Salah Who is

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the one who said, a shadow Lyla illallah wa salam ala rasulillah. He said the one who said La ilaha illAllah, who prays in the direction of our Kaaba, and who eats what is not just three things, right? That the boundary of Islam, somebody who, who believes in the Shahada,

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who has taken the Shahada, who believes in Allah Subhana Allah and His Messenger masa Salah, and who demonstrates that belief by Salah

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that the person prays

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and plays in the direction of our coverage does not bring in some other direction. And that person eats what we slaughter, which means that he is part of the Muslim Brotherhood. Now, that person is a Muslim. Now, whatever else he might be doing some other things, he's doing these three things, but he's also drinking alcohol. He's also doing something. He's also has no interest based transactions, banking transactions, maybe he's going and, you know, to some grave and he is apparently because of what we see. We don't know what is in his heart. You see him, you know, standing at the grave with his hands like this or something. What not, I'm not saying all of these practices are right, they

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are not right. What is not correct is not correct. But do I have or do you have a right to pronounce that fear or that person? Do you have the right to say he or she is not a Muslim?

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Please, let Allah subhanaw taala decide who is a Muslim or non Muslim. As far as we are concerned, as long as the apostle said lie, Lola, as long as a person is praying, as long as a person eats what we slaughter, he's a Muslim, she's a Muslim. They are our brothers and sisters. If we have a problem with anything that they do, let us go talk to them. Let us sit with them. Let us make friends with them. Let us be nice to them. Do not pronounce that fee do not criticize them. Do not definitely bag by them. Don't mock them. Don't give them nasty names. All of this Allah subhanaw taala has prohibited

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us Babu. circumstances of revelation of these two Ayat of surah, 11 and 12. They are related in two incidents, one concerning Sabbath in Christ being shammas

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was hard of hearing and he used to sit next to him when he came late and then he started to step over the people who get close to a saucer salon. And he called out mu boo boo. Someone told him sit down where you are there is a place there so he cuz that man he reviled that man and Allah subhanho wa Taala reveal these islands, right? He got angry any customer and also the circumstances of Revelation, they revert to an incident where our mothers Isaiah and hafsa or Viola Anwar, they made fun of Osama de la because he was shot and others made fun of Sofia bento a bit

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of a law on her because she was ethnically Jewish. She completed Rosa Salaam and he said you should have told them that my father is heroin. My uncle is Moosa and my husband is Mohammed salsa. So you know he gave an answer which, which converted him. Now people also complain that others were calling calling them by derogatory names. Allah subhanaw taala that then revealed this ayah and Allah had done was best, my brothers sisters, what is the result of suspicion which Allah subhanaw taala forbade us from having and he called it a sin. What is the result of being so eager to believe the worst about our brothers and sisters, and so reluctant to change that opinion, no matter how much

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evidence is produced to show that you are wrong, this is a cause of the terminal illness of the heart. And I refer to this terminal illness which is called Riba backbiting and all its branches, which is Bhutan, which is slander, and now vema, which is innuendo. May Allah protect us from this, my blood sisters, please the remember and understand that. This is like literally from the perspective of the Brotherhood of the faith. This is, as I mentioned, this is like the,

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like termites, he eats up from inside from within.

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Like, it's from within. And you don't even know that, until the whole building collapses on top of our heads. So let us be let us look at this thing and be very serious about this. A lot around that I began this is by wanting us to remember the basis of our brotherhood, which is faith in him and worshiping Him alone, as He alone is worthy of worship. So unless rather prohibited people from mocking one another and laughing at one another, laughing with one another is good, it's good humor, we should all laugh together. But laughing at yourself is very important, because otherwise we take ourselves too seriously and that is bad, but laughing at people. This is haram laughing at one

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another. This is not not a good thing to mock somebody, especially a believer is clearly prohibited. In this. Let us reflect on why mocking is prohibited so emphatically because mocking is a result of arrogance. You only mock those you look down on and consider yourself to be superior. This is the surest way to enter Johanna Vitara Sallam said in a hadith narrated by Abdullah Massoud He who has in his heart the weight of a mustard seed of pride of arrogance shall not enter Jannah he said a person among his heroes who are listening to him they asked they said Verily a person loves that his dress should be good and his shoes should be good. And so on Louisa Sam said Verily Allah is

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graceful and he loves grace. Yeah allow Jamil on the hobo Jamal, right is to look down on people, it is to disdain the truth out of God out of conceit and to have contempt for the people and this is in say a Muslim. I really asked you and I remind myself, let us be very clear, and let us look at how we behave and what we do. And let us keep very, very far from arrogance, from looking down on others, and from mocking people from making fun of people from giving them bad nicknames. From definitely from backbiting from slandering. From Amina, which is casting aspersions and innuendo, it is very important for us to change our ways of behavior and to stand up against this anytime we see

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it. So not only must we not do it, we must also stop other people from doing the same. My brothers and sisters

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we continue on the subject of of Riba I mentioned three words, rebirth, Dan and Amina.

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Which is backbiting, slander and

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NEMA which is casting aspersions and innuendo. Now backbiting is fairly straightforward. It means that you are saying you're saying something negative about somebody

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in their absence, right, saying something negative to somebody to their face is constructive criticism. I mean, obviously, you do that in the in a proper way. Just abusing somebody makes no sense. But doing it in a in the proper way, with sincerity in your heart that the other person must benefit. And hamdulillah This is good. This is part of mentoring. This is constructive criticism, but too bad talk somebody to talk evil and ill about somebody behind their back. This is backbiting This is Riba.

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Allah subhanaw taala in the surah, he compared that to eating the dead body of your own brother. I mean, how nasty and dirty is that? Right? So therefore, Allah does it for Corinne tomo, Allah said, you will find this disgusting you will find is this is a very, you know, as an example, it's, it's something that will that will make you it's something you dislike, and I said, this is worse than that. So very important that's backbiting slander is straightforward lies, just inventing some story about somebody to malign them to defend them. So that is slander. Now, Viva is something which is sometimes even worse than these two, where you have not invented a story. You have not you're not

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bad biting somebody, but you are implying something negative about another person, without using words without seeing it in so many words. For example, if somebody mentions a person, and somebody says, Do you know this person? So and so you say, Oh, yeah, I tell me about, tell me about

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somebody says, you know, this guy, I was I was listening to a lecture by so and so. Ah, hmm.

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Now, all this kind of all these kinds of gestures, all these kinds of, you know, references are negative, and what you're doing now is your character, assassinating that person completely and totally. So you want to inject doubt in the minds of the of your listeners, about this person, where this person now is, you know, and obviously, it's being done with abortion is not there, or of these three things are Haram. All of these three things are, as I said, they are tantamount to termites inside the beams of a building. You don't see that until the building collapses on your head.

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As somebody said, conceit only needs a mirror. But arrogance needs another person to demean and oppress confidence and feeling good about yourself is not arrogance, but feeling that you are superior to somebody is arrogance. There is nothing good about not having confidence, confidence is very important.

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Dignity begins in the person, your own heart, if you do not feel confident, and if you do not feel dignity, other people cannot invest you with dignity. a doormat is a doormat, even if it's made of gold, right? So set a self esteem, which is based on reality Alhamdulillah there's nothing wrong and feeling good about yourself, but exaggerating that and saying I'm the best in the world, nobody's best in the world. That so keeping that in mind, but there's nothing there's nothing positive and there's nothing

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you know, romantic and there's nothing beneficial about pretending to be less than what you are. Many times people are pretending to be less than what they are, are being insincere they are being hypocritical, because for example, if somebody says this, you know, I respect you, so no, no, no, no and nothing I am I am like the dust on the street. No, please. This is nonsense. Right? This is a light in the dark era, said anybody who says, in my humble opinion, is not being humble. I mean, this is a very common way that people have what we call the IKEA column, where people like like to say, in my humble opinion, in my opinion, right? I'll just said opening it. There's no need even to

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have this preamble of, in my opinion, obviously, if I'm expressing something his opinion, whereas the need to say that, but especially in my humble opinion, this is actually

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sino elegance and this is what

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he said. So, let us make Toba and let us change our attitudes and let us change our language. Language is very, very critical because language both reflects and Moore's attitude. So that's why let us develop the right language. And our attitude will change to match that language. One of the things that he taught us is to spread the Salaam, he said Be the first to give Salah because that's a sign of, of a genuine sense of humility. Many times people, older people, they wait for younger people to say Salaam to them first and then they say, well it was Allah, but my submission to his Salaam is dry. So if you are the older person, whose right is it to give them the younger persons

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must give what you are, you should give. So, take be be, you know, try to race with each other in in giving salam to one another. And that's where our this beautiful thing of ours Alhamdulillah It teaches us these things where our language reflects an attitude which needs to change, let us hasten to make the work and to change that attitude. Very important for us to keep this in mind. And to monitor our language right many times we develop attitudes, not just beta as I think most of the time we develop attitudes

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in you know, into our conditioning childhood, sometimes the atmosphere that we grew up in social customs and so on and so forth. And this attitude translates into a sense of arrogance. I remember the first time I went rides that I went to the guest of my very good friend Kim singer I thought so he's you know, minor royalty when the state is in heavily. Now they're all the servants the gods and well, they address you as hokum means hokum is like you not real majesty, but this is a vessel, nobody do you have no hope about giving the order?

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More command, but it's like that. So this is a Hong Kong. So if I say can I have a cup of tea? Whoa, whoa,

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whoa, come on, you know, by now.

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That's how they speak to him. But because I am, I was his guest. I mean, everybody also all the all the servants. And they all refer started referring to me as Oh, really, believe me. I mean, every day in the night, I had to sit and do well, and make us the flop, because I could feel I could feel this sense of superiority, you know, coming into my heart, everyone is bowing and scraping and everyone is walking backwards, and they won't, they won't turn around. And you know, they won't have their back facing me. And this, this whole thing of Coca Cola, whatever, imagine if you are living in that atmosphere, what happens to you in some way or the other these kinds of things.

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The purview underlie the kind of family I come from other In other words, and so on. We have some version of that there as well, not not as bad as I sound, but still, in some ways. So I'm saying these are things which come in through our conditioning and our upbringing, which must be come back these are these are very bad and negative things. So, let us let us let us reflect on the purpose of these lectures is for us to remind each other and to reflect on these things and to change them.

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Let us not use bad nicknames. Again, there is nothing remotely funny about referring to someone without respect or making racial or other jokes and racial comments. All of these practices are harm is not just a matter of being politically correct.

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Islam prohibits that Islam prohibits racism of every kind, Islam prohibits it. The first racist was shaitan, where he said I'm racially superior to other militia, and that landed him in the hellfire. So remember that? If you feel that you are superior to somebody because you are white, because you're black, because you are Indian, because you are, you know, Hyderabadi or because you are from somewhere Punjabi, or Pakistani or whatever. If you think that you are superior to somebody else, believe me, you're playing with the fire of hell with a fire of Jana. Don't do that. The next terminal illness that Allah warned us against is again as I mentioned this issue of Riba and Amoeba

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and is something that we must be very, very,

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very, very clear about.

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One day I was walking with some of his companions, when he overheard two of them, talking about a third person who was not was not present. At that moment. They passed by the door

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The dead coat which was on a garbage, a garbage heap, and he was spelling it, it was decomposing

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them call them he said, Would you like to eat that goat? They were very shocked and this is certainly not jasola

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also known as Adam said, what you were speaking about now is worse than that. Let's see the see the tarbiyah has also set up here remember, he loved his companions very, very much. He loved them more than any father can love his children and they loved him so much that Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned their love for mamas Arizona in the Quran. And Allah said that this companions cassava they love Amazon more than they love themselves. This is a loss of Antara is bearing witness in

00:35:49--> 00:36:02

the eye unless bearing witness Allah is the witness for the love that the Sahaba the companions had for Rasulullah sallallahu. So, this is so very critically important.

00:36:03--> 00:36:04


00:36:05--> 00:36:11

did not hesitate to call a spade a spade, he did not as it did to,

00:36:12--> 00:36:54

to give critical feedback to people straight and directly to the face. Tell me how much more direct Can you be? Here are two people talking about a third person Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam calls them shows them a dead goat, a stinking carcass which is, you know, God knows few days old, which is lying down on the garbage heap? And then he says, Would you like to eat that nut? How much more direct can you get? So we like read that, obviously the Sava they are first, you know, usually shocked because of the example. And perhaps even more shocked because of who's saying that because naturalism is not the person who speaks like that normally, right? He is not like that. He doesn't

00:36:54--> 00:37:36

say things like this, he is not he is the kindest and the and the most, you know, dignified person, the kindest person, the sweetest person, and he is saying something like this? Is it this cognizer would you like to eat that? Now? This is so shocking to them, and their eyes open is a jasola No, never. You know, why would there was no sense in what you were doing just now is worse than that. Because Allah subhanaw taala said, this is like eating the flesh of your dead brother, can you believe this? Somebody is dead, they have been vetted, you exude that carcass and then you're eating that stuff. I love him. And last minute, Allah said that what you do in terms of Viva, when you are

00:37:36--> 00:37:42

bad talking somebody it was that they asked us what is given

00:37:44--> 00:37:56

upset to speak something Ill about somebody in the absence, this as well. But the positive is like that. So I'm not making it up. It's not that I'm not making it up. This is how the person is

00:37:57--> 00:38:28

said that is why it is called Viva, if the person was not like that, if you had been making this up, that that would be bad, which would be you know, maybe even worse. There is another beautiful story of ISIS delana, who once said about soldato, they allowed her that she was a bit heavy. She said you know she's fat, a salsa dancer Ayesha, and I just did the Corolla is the most beloved to Russell licensed in

00:38:31--> 00:39:09

the US or Delano One day, he also had his way of speaking where he would give a person complete attention. So if somebody was talking, I asked a question, you said something. And if the person was to one side, that would completely turn towards that person. And he would look at them in the eye, he would, he would be fully focused on that person. He never spoke to somebody or his shoulder and so on. So including, if there was someone walking with Him, if they asked a question, as soon as reasonable struck, he would turn to that person and then he would talk to them. Now, this resulted in many of us have a feeling that nobody loves me the most because it gives me some advantage. So

00:39:09--> 00:39:21

I'm going to realize what the law says that one day, I decided to test this, but I didn't want to ask him directly. He also loved who loved me the most. I said to him, yes or no, who do you love the most?

00:39:22--> 00:39:55

That doesn't upset Asia. So he said, I then said Yes, that's right. But you know, I mean, among the men who do love the most, as soon as Allison said the father of it out of the razzle dazzle said when I decided to stop, I didn't want to take any chances of asking anything but not the same. I shall delana who I love more than anybody else, and he was he didn't hesitate to say that in public. She said about shoulder we allow another of our mothers that she is

00:39:56--> 00:39:57


00:40:00--> 00:40:11

Ayesha, if these words were put into the ocean, it would turn the entire water of the ocean very bitter.

00:40:12--> 00:40:22

That you remember. I just did the carnival and I was not cursing. So that'll delana. She was not mocking her. She was not, you know, giving her bad nicknames.

00:40:23--> 00:40:25

She said that she is fat.

00:40:27--> 00:40:37

So I tell her that reaction. I mean, she was a very feisty person. She said, Yes, she is like that. Yeah, I mean, she must have felt hurt, obviously. So she said, you know she is.

00:40:39--> 00:41:11

That is why it is Reba. She is like that. That's true. But you are saying that interruptions. And obviously you're not praising her. Right? You're not praising her. You're saying that in a way which is critical. And she is not here. He said, If these words were taken and put into the ocean, the whole ocean would become bitter. And this is what I asked you and I remind myself, let us think about how we talk. What we say how we say we are lovers, you know this is our entire social life.

00:41:12--> 00:41:19

When we sit together when we talk, we are always talking about somebody and usually it is something negative.

00:41:21--> 00:41:42

That is such a nasty habit that is haram in Islam, Allah subhanaw taala will punish this thing. And this is the reason why the whole oma is struggling today, because all the beams and foundations of our building of this man have become empty and they become completely eaten up from and say thanks to this habit of ours.

00:41:44--> 00:42:33

In the another incident of the sea that someone came and asked around for remedy for two women who are complaining of severe stomach ache, let me tell us alum call them and he made them vomit. They vomited out lumps of raw meat. As soon as the resident said you were eating dead meat, because you were doing diva. Now this is one of the modules that miracles are set up to where Allah subhanaw taala enabled this for him to graphically show the meaning of this ayat of Surah 200. Now, what exactly is divine? I mentioned this to you and let me read the headings of this. There are no reported data sources and observed Do you know what is backbiting? The Companions, the Sahaba said,

00:42:34--> 00:42:50

Allah and His Messenger robust. Thereupon He is Allah salami said, backbiting implies you're talking about your brother in a manner which he does not like. So, this is a dream, what is your opinion about this?

00:42:51--> 00:42:57

That I actually find that failing in my brother, which I made mentioned off.

00:42:58--> 00:43:30

So as I said, you know, we just sort of said what is backbiting? It is to say something about your brother, which is negative. So zabba said he has a law, what if that is the case? As soon as I said, if that failing is actually found in him, you in fact back Vitor, did you In fact, get a visa? And if that not if that is not in him, then that is slander? That is

00:43:32--> 00:43:33

that is slander?

00:43:34--> 00:43:38

Which is not that now this is in say a Muslim? And

00:43:40--> 00:44:26

in another Hadith, a man asks us what is a solemn, what is backbiting? What is Riba? Or solar so seldom said, it is to mention about a man what he does not like to hear. And we're here by Manny, we're not talking gender, man means man and woman to hear was to mention about somebody what they would not like to hear. And the man said, jasola, even if it is true, Sir, sir, sir, if you utter something false, then that is slander, meaning that yes, it is backbiting, if it is true, if it is not true, then it is slander, it is Botha. And this is in Mota Malik. Now, how bad does it have to become

00:44:27--> 00:44:29

to qualify as Riba?

00:44:30--> 00:44:40

And how bad does it have to call shouldn't be qualified. And for this, I gave you the example of say that I just did.

00:44:41--> 00:45:00

What you said in passing about, say that in a soda or the law that she was rather heavy, and as soon as and as an upset that if these words were put into the oceans, they would make the whole ocean bitter, and it's a very high standard, which is

00:45:00--> 00:45:14

set for us 100. But this is so critically important, because this is the reason why this Omar today is fractured into pieces, because we are constantly fighting each other. Now, think about this, why is rebar

00:45:16--> 00:45:50

so bad? And why is it privated so severely? My brothers, sisters, for any community to be formed and grow together and form bonds of belonging, it is essential that people respect one another. Love is the result of respect. Riba destroys respect. And so it destroys love for one another, without love for one another. divisions are created, and the oma is destroyed. I don't think I need to give examples. we ourselves are living examples of what we have done to ourselves.

00:45:51--> 00:46:35

That society is full of this kind of thing about ancestors, the one who does Riba gives away his good deeds to the victim, I think about that, how intelligent is it, to give away good deeds to the one you dislike, because obviously, you're doing it, but you're criticizing somebody, so you don't like that person. But to that person, you are giving away your good deeds. So on the Day of Judgment, when you go, you will find that your deeds are gone to the person that you dislike. And that's why I'm Buhari. He said, If I have to do Reba, I will do the birth of my mother, because then at least my good deeds will go to the one I love. Now that he was doing it is what he said, in our

00:46:35--> 00:47:19

shop, Angola was informed one day somebody came and told him that someone was doing his labor, somebody was criticizing him by biting him. So Chavez sent him some food from fresh fruit, he sent him a gift. The man was surprised. And he asked him the reason he said, Why did you send me this gift? Now, Chavez said, since I believe that you are giving me your good deeds, I thought I should at least Thank you. And so this is a gift for you. Otherwise, I always say thank the slanderer for he gives an AST. It is strange to reflect if you think about it, that we don't even imagine giving away our good deeds to our own brothers and friends who we love, yet we gladly give them away to

00:47:19--> 00:47:51

those who hate what a shame. And how destructive is it for the well being of the Muslim Omar pharma. And that's why they agree the Viva Viva has been prohibited. Now, what is not even that meaning, it may be something critical that you are saying, but it does not come into the form of liver, there are a couple of things. First of all, it is not Riba to give information about criminal. So for example, if there is an investigation that is happening about a crime,

00:47:53--> 00:48:00

and you say, Well, you know, I can't tell you, I can't participate, I can't cooperate in this in this investigation, because

00:48:02--> 00:48:44

because I don't want to know, if it is something which relates to an investigation, then it is your job to communicate. Secondly, to give information about someone that you are asked about, who someone else wants to marry or do business with, is not evil. So if someone says please tell me about this person I want to marry and you have some negative information about that person, then it is your job to inform so that the other person does not fall into this transaction and suffers later. And then you say, Oh, no, but you know, I knew I knew this all along, but if you knew it, you should have told them. So that is not Riba. If you tell somebody something negative that you know

00:48:44--> 00:49:09

about another person who they want to marry or do business with. And third one to speak and warn people about someone who is corrupting society or Islam. This is not Riba. As long as that person's action is being done in public, then it is your job to warn people against that person, because that person is doing the action probably but even there, try to talk to that person first and stop them.

00:49:10--> 00:49:14

As I mentioned to one of the branches of Riba is an amoeba

00:49:15--> 00:49:59

and half is a laundry. He said the oma is unanimously agreed that nama is forbidden and it's one of the greatest sins in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala. There are many texts, which condemned Amoeba and spying and looking for people's faults. And this must deter us from committing these haram actions. And ask Allah subhanaw taala to to be pleased with us and to save us from ourselves. Well, I don't know. You know how many things we do by Allah forgive us and save us from from ourselves? Was Allah Allah Allah will carry while Allah He was ibH may be Radhika Amara, he may not have the reliability Mira Solomonic Baraka