Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Tawakkul Steps To Acquiring It 1 Tawba

We need to always increase on trust on Allah. Tawakkul is the result of four things:
1. Tawbah
2. Sabr
3. Shukr
4. Connection to Allah through Ibadah. Love for Allah

Step 1:

Tawbah is the beginning of all goodness, when the slave is conscious of the need to turn toward Allah. Be conscious and realize that we need to live our lives in obedience to Allah. Turn toward Allah by making istighfar.

Muhammad (saw) used to make istighfar daily more than seventy times.

Do not ask forgiveness mechanically – specifically think about the sin and then ask forgiveness. Sincerely. Sincere tawbah also connects you to Allah.

“Tawbah is for the one who turns to Allah immediately after becoming conscious of his wrong doing…” Similarly to Adam (as) wasted no time in asking Allah for forgiveness after he committed the sin.

Conditions of Tawbah
1. To be genuinely regretful and to never repeat it. Ask the forgiveness of the person if it affects another person and return his right if need be or Allah will settle the matter. Root of all good.

May Allah convert our sins to good deeds with sincere tawbah, InshaAllah

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