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We need to always increase on trust on Allah. Tawakkul is the result of four things:
1. Tawbah
2. Sabr
3. Shukr
4. Connection to Allah through Ibadah. Love for Allah

Step 1:

Tawbah is the beginning of all goodness, when the slave is conscious of the need to turn toward Allah. Be conscious and realize that we need to live our lives in obedience to Allah. Turn toward Allah by making istighfar.

Muhammad (saw) used to make istighfar daily more than seventy times.

Do not ask forgiveness mechanically – specifically think about the sin and then ask forgiveness. Sincerely. Sincere tawbah also connects you to Allah.

“Tawbah is for the one who turns to Allah immediately after becoming conscious of his wrong doing…” Similarly to Adam (as) wasted no time in asking Allah for forgiveness after he committed the sin.

Conditions of Tawbah
1. To be genuinely regretful and to never repeat it. Ask the forgiveness of the person if it affects another person and return his right if need be or Allah will settle the matter. Root of all good.

May Allah convert our sins to good deeds with sincere tawbah, InshaAllah


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The speaker discusses the issue of Islam subhanaw taala, which is to increase one's faith in Islam and trust on the planet. They stress the importance of forgiveness and acknowledging actions to avoid future mistakes. The speaker emphasizes the need to address false accusations and ensure actions are not regretted. The importance of apologizing for mistakes and regretting them is emphasized, along with the potential for future success through actions.

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In the lamb barilla wa salatu wa salam

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ala alihi wa sahbihi wa ala

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de intellia today and for the next few days we will talk about the issue of our Quran Allah subhanaw taala. And how to develop this

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because the mcsa the wily vida de Macedo, our relationship with Allah Subhana Allah is to increase our top Quran Allah increase our faith in Allah subhanho wa Taala to increase our trust on the planet, we ask Allah to make it easy for us.

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How cool is the result of three things.

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The first of them is Toba.

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And the second of them is a combination of two things, our worship and the third of them is

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really bad.

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Until I will see the next to this.

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Today inshallah we look at the Nova

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Nova is the beginning of all goodness, because Nova is when the slave is conscious of the need to turn towards Allah subhanaw taala.

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Until we become conscious of this, nothing will change in our lives. It's only when we become conscious of the fact that I need to make my life obedient to Allah subhanho wa Taala that I need to change the things in my life I need to change my life only then

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can any good work begins.

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And that the beginning of that is over.

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Oba is to turn towards Allah subhanho wa Taala

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the two parts to this OVA what is the first

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one Josie Angela Lee mentioned these two things. Toba? What is the first the OVA is to turn towards Allah subhanaw taala How do we do that by making is different by asking for the Nakamura Savalas man Oh

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dubeau illallah Overton

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turn towards Allah subhanho wa Taala with sincere Toba. So we even myself a new it's very important for us to make sincere Toba and to ask for the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala to make is the Father.

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We know from the Hadees always Allah tala that he said that used to make this far 70 times himself. And another generation as I said, we have counted up to 100 times that used to make us differ in a day for himself. And of course, Allah Subhana Allah has forgiven all his sins. visualizzare Salah is free from all sin. Toba and it's the path for him is in terms of increasing of daraja but for us is the fire is to actually

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ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us. Now this forgiveness of Allah Spanos Allah is not something to be asked mechanically in a general format, you know, like my South African friends, they always say, you know, make me mad, make you mark for what? You know, what did you do? So it's not a question of making. The question is to specifically think about the sin that I may have committed and to make Toba for that sin.

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Now, in some cases, may Allah subhanaw taala take us to those that are that is sin may not be an actual sin as in committing something evil. But for example, if somebody was to wake up with the hedges every day, and if he misses the head with one day, then Allah inshallah that person should make the offer that he must make the farmer that Allah will forgive me, I did not make up. Why is it that I did not pick up the hedges, maybe there is something else I did somewhere in my life, as a result of which I have. I have not been given the freedom to wake up.

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Susanna Sorry, I had to lie. Mm hmm. So you don't have to lie. He one of his acquire. He said that because of a sin I committed Allah subhanaw taala prevented me from waking up for three months. He said Allah kept kept me away from the hydro for three months. But there's not a statement like this. We are not blaming Allah, we are not saying it is another responsibility to ignore. The point is that to come into the Dharma to come into the court of Allah subhanho wa Taala. One has to have some status. And let's run with Allah May, will allow anyone to come provided the person may stop already versus not making Toba then it's a different issue. So therefore, it is very important for us to

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sincerely make Dawa think of every single thing that we have done one by one and make the word Allah subhanaw taala. The beauty of this is that by itself, it connects you to Allah.

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By itself, we have not even gone to the connection to Allah but yet, inshallah we'll do that in the next few days, but

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soba by itself can externalize vanity because its slave the person is thinking, what did I do wrong? Or why am I did this wrong? Please forgive me and I will not do it again. So very important for now in Dawa, as we know from the ayat of Surah Nisa, unless manthan Toba is for the one who turns to Allah subhanho wa Taala and who makes the fire immediately as soon as it becomes conscious that he has done something wrong?

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Right? Yeah, very clear. Who is who, for the one who as soon as he becomes aware that he has done something wrong immediately, he makes immediately turn towards Allah subhanaw taala immediately as the for Dawa is not for the one who delays and postpones until notice standing in front of him and then and then he says to me that I make Toba. Now, that was not for that further the door of the while because if you see the story of Adam alayhis salaam, and what happened with him and the behavior of other Malays, ceram and the behavior of the village the two people who were involved with that story, what do we what do we understand what Another one is? immediately as soon as he

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realized his mistake, Robin has Allah Nan fossa, Willem de

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una casa de no arguments no budget no delay nothing immediately Oh Allah. You have to forgive me if you don't forgive me, you have to forgive us and it is done and we have transgressed on our roads against our own selves against our own soul. We're in love Davila and if you do not forgive us,

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we are destroyed we are

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loved we have we have we have nothing we are completely destroyed. If you do not forgive us you have to forgive us. Whereas English What did he do again mistake he also made but what did he do he did not he did not miss out on he is around zil Nila, yo give me time.

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Give me time

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the opportunity for our July beta Mr Yella Forgive me Give me time. And then our argument No, you

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did. So, you made me from the fiery wedding from clay therefore as superior to oral argument and you know, trying to justify something which you know is wrong. This is rebellion. This Allah does not like

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throwing up your your from the rejected one, right? So therefore, Toba is to immediately as soon as we become aware of something we have done wrong immediately the biggest part of us that we know of course, the Toba in the conditions of Toba number one is to be genuinely regretful, to be genuinely contrived, to genuinely be sorry for what we have done. Now, two kinds of things. If it is something which is between Allah, Allah and us, then it is sufficient for us to be genuinely sorry for that and never to repeat that mistake. We wish was for Salah we genuinely were sorry, well, I did not mean to visit some I would have been in jail, I will never miss my Salah again. So me make the Nia

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for this. And we make our efforts to ensure that this never happens again. And in the case where the

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whatever we have done is something against another person, whether it whether we have harmed somebody knowingly or unknowingly, but to become conscious of it, then it is also necessary to ask the forgiveness of that individual. And if it was something of a nature where we deprive that person of his light, then it is also necessary to return that. So whether it be whether it is some material or whether it is in terms of somebody's honor, or whatever, we must apologize, we must make sure that what we have taken is giving back to the person, because if we don't settle that matter in this world, then on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will settle that matter. No doubt about

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this. And when Allah says that matter, then it's a very serious thing. That is not so simple. Here revising no matter how if I said something to my brother, how will I go back and tell him, you know, I will feel a shame because all of this is much less than what will happen on a job that if you don't do it now? Yes, he will be after you made a mistake. Who told you in the first place to translate against you? Who told you to curse him? Or Who told you to do whatever you did no, slandering was something nobody told Why do you do that the first thing that you did it,

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you become conscious of it immediately make about Allah subhanaw taala and go and apologize to the person no matter how humiliated you might feel. Because if you don't do that here in this world, then Allah subhanaw taala will take that out on the development and then that there it is a very, very serious matter. So we have to be very clear about that. If it is transgression against another person and make sure that you settle accounts. It is dunya itself. Now you might say well, if I go and apologize to him, he does not forgive me.

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Then that is on him. That is not your problem. You, you, you your job you finished, you go and apologize. Once you've apologized once you have returned his, whatever property or whatever it was, then after that it's up to him if he forgives you 100 in life It does not forgive you, that is between him and his Robin Sharma expect that will forgive us and there is nothing to be settled on the Day of Judgment. So, towba is the bottom line is the root of all goodness. taba is the return towards Allah subhanaw taala. And the way we do that is through is by asking forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala on each and every one of the things and as I told you, the beauty of Dubai is by

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itself it connects us with Allah subhanaw taala by itself it makes us conscious of our own life, because obviously, if we want to make power, we have to take account of our own lives, what am what am I doing in my life, so, this whole living in reflet will go away, because we are not going to sit and take account of ourselves and say what is it that I am doing which is right, which is not right and so on. So therefore I have, we become conscious and we start living thoughtfully, so by itself, even before anything has happened to very good benefits will be gained by us. So ask Allah to make it easy for us to take a sap for ourselves before our time is taken, as well as avanos Allah to

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enable us to make Dawa for the things that we have done knowingly or unknowingly. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala in all His mercy, to forgive us our sins, and to convert those sins into good deed, as is his promise in his book, and

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he will convert these sins into good deeds

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upon His bounty of is that he converts the sins into good deeds, or Salalah. Alana will vary while he was heavy his main erotica