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swindler, another Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam right I should have been able to mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah it URI Lee was so salah, this live on the theorem gossip on Baba.

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Rather than sisters we are

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going through difficult times and they seem to be getting more and more difficult

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Allah subhanaw taala has spared us the actual physical difficulty, but

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anyone with

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any, you know,

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human at all in the heart cannot escape the the spiritual, the emotional, the mental difficulty of watching something happen.

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It is like somebody if you are personally injured or something, you feel the pain, but if your child is injured, or somebody you love is injured, then in some ways you feel the pain even more because you're seeing them suffer before your eyes and you can do nothing.

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And because I'm talking about what's happening in cars, I'm seeing it on a daily basis, I have mercy

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on those people. And so, it is good to remind ourselves and say, well, in these situations, what do we do?

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And so, like I said,

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the heart feels the pain, the eyes shed tears, but the tongue will say only that which pleases Allah.

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So, first and foremost, we do not say anything, which is in the nature of a complaint or which is the nature of

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what may sound like criticism of the cassava, that is very important.

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Second thing is we remind ourselves that

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a lot of our data set about himself via the inside.

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That in his heart is only

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one of the blessing only goodness.

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And we see signs of this for example, the eyes of certain calf, where the conversation the experience between his or these rams, etc. And the conversations on

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three incidents. On the face of it. Each of them looks like there is a problem. But when it is explained, we know that these are

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incidents of higher, something good which happened.

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So on the face of it, we don't understand that. Similarly, if you take the Syrah of the Rizzoli is Allah salAllahu Alaihe. Salam, we see not one we see many such incidents, which on the face of it were very difficult, very difficult, very painful.

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But Allah subhanaw taala brought about something good out of that.

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defeat in

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which was so painful, so terrible. So as a result of himself was injured 70 Saba O'Shea, but also another revealed Quran and Allah subhanaw taala said, this happened so that Allah subhanaw taala could make clear

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the believers from the veracity.

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The believers on the

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hypocrites from the moment.

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Now, that was a very important thing, because people there were people within the group of believers who pretended to be a believer, but they were actually not believers. They were people working against us also salah and the believers. And this became clear in the Battle of odds, because under the leadership of women, so they turned around, and three or 300 of them left. They turn their backs on the believers, and later on, they taunted them and so on. So, this became very clear to see who are the believers and non believers? Yes, there was a negative effect of the injury and so on, but this one, similarly, we see another probably even bigger example of this in the solar havia.

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The Treaty of Arabia were

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on the face of it once again, this treaty was a treaty which was we appear to be negative, which appear to be humiliating for the Muslims. And that was such a serious issue that somebody even someone like Omar Tabata, Delano.

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He asked a question he did his voice. He asked a question Is it yours?

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We are is it not true that we are on the right and these people are in the wrong? There was also said yes. He said then why are we agreeing to this

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Surah Surah Salam said, I am guided by my diligence.

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So then I was not satisfied with that. He went to oversee the further along and he said this is not true that he is the robbery of Allah. He said yes. Is it not true that we are right and they are wrong? He said, Yes, that why we will do this?

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Oh, we're gonna say to him, keep quiet acidum

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don't argue.

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Right, keep quiet.

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And he said hold to the stirrup of Rosa Salem.

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Because he's Rob guides him.

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so the number got on his horse and went away. He rode away, he couldn't bear the, the the internal conflict, of not being able to do anything in the face of what was happening. He was a brave man, he was a matter of honor. He could not take it that somebody is

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you know, pressing him and he is not able to do anything. He wanted to fight, but there's no provision of it.

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Then whatever,

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the last word, reveal Quran. And he revealed one of the most powerful one of the most optimistic I attend surah in the Quran, in Nevada analog of automobilia.

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And let's say today, we have given you the greatest victory benefit clear victory.

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Now on the face of it was a victory.

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They came to America they can't make more. They have to sacrifice the animals there. They have to shave their heads and go back and come back next year. All the suffer all the all the difficulty everything is looks like it's wasted. But no, Allah says no, this is the victory. Manifest victory not even fatahna laga thumb movida.

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So on the face of it, sometimes we don't realize what's most important when we don't know what is behind things.

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But Allah subhanaw taala knows. And it is the nature of the believer that he believes in the hikma of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Our faith was not waver, think about this the only thing we have is office, right? What do we take sustenance wrong of it.

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The fit is not there, then there is you know, despair and hopelessness and depression

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is our affair our fate which sustains us which strengthens us.

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And that faith he was never lose.

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Take, for example, all the deaths that have happened in pharmacy, not just this, what happened or what is happening right now is a very small piece. This has been going on for years, for decades.

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First time I heard or parasite was from my father.

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And I must have been maybe seven, eight years old.

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My father used to sit and tell us the whole story of policy.

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And he used to weep. And he used to say I wish I could go and work but he was a doctor. He said I wish I could go and work in the refugee camps and in philosophy.

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He couldn't go because he had five children. So we were the cause we

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had to take care of the families he never he could never go but to his whole life he says I wish I could

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give him the reward for his name but the point is that this is an old story.

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So it may look to us like a hopeless thing. You know nothing we can do just happens these people have carte blanche they can do what they want. No.

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Nobody can do what they want. Allah subhanaw taala said Allah subhanaw taala will hold them to account

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have no doubt or this

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love will or

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this is the meaning of seeing with the eye of Eman

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Lata Hassan Alladhina oto visibile um, what? But here

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in the rugby viewers, Allah said the people who die in the pot are killed in the path of Allah's murder, do not think that they have dead they are not dead, they are alive and they are receiving risk from a loss manager. As soon as I've said the CHE we will be asked, Are you happy? You say Allah, how can I not be a damage to

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Allah? So what is your desire? You want us anything you want? You see us is what set me back so I can be changed again and commit

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the same people, if they were living what kind of condition was living in? It was

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absolutely horrible. I mean, they died. But when they were alive, what was the condition? Terrible, terrible.

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Hola, Savannah, Tennessee.

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is out there into a state where we can only make the aisle up take me in the same way

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and take me to the same place.

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The humbler we don't say this is good, what happened is not good. It is very, very bad. But we must not lose heart. He was not become depressed he was not feeling oh my god what is happening nobody uses the hoverboard. We never never, never, never No.

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in the in the last part of Rasulullah sallallahu time, most difficult time. Just the two of them.

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He and over Garcinia Delano in a cave hiding in a hole in the ground because I was in this other era so I can see their feet if they look down they will see us

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and those those are Selim has no figure no worry. Perfect come and tell us about the rubbish Quran

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that ASAN in Allah Allah

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God don't be sad. Verily Allah is with us.

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Many years later the missiles are passed away. Oh gosh. helluva there is read the everywhere people are leaving Islam.

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Right. The Medina is in great danger. They might they might come and attack Medina itself. Then obviously this was Alana was sending out

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Yeah, troops.

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himself decided to go this is what will happen to this patient. I know I cannot sit here. While the dean of Allah and the dean of sorcerers Allah is in danger.

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But people notice is that you are always happening. But you will look completely calm and there seems to be no worry on your face and so on. This is one of the is the greatest crisis that has happened to the Muslims after the passing of Allah and you are not worried. So that

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is from the day Allah revealed that as an in Allah man, he said, I have no fear.

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says I've no way I've never heard anything after.

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So in the face of difficulty in the face of calamity, in the face of bae in the face of suffering, always, always, always remember we have Allah,

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we are Allah.

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And nobody can take that Ross. Nobody.

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They can kill us but they cannot separate us from Allah.

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And as long as we have Allah, Allah

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will get what the world

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will get about a world which we would live anyway.

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Even if you were living in the lap of luxury, we will leave it

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no matter what situation we will use, okay?

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But Allah,

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you know, Allah, Allah, and Allah will never Lois

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he has

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to come and to give Sukkot and to give in to protect all those brothers to the vows in Philistine and all of them who are here and who have lost their families just got news, somebody in Houston, his entire family got caught

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in a dilemma

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asker was one of the summer for them. What do you imagine seeing is what what do I know? Maybe? Do I know what the meaning of whole family got? I don't know.

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We asked him this.

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Give them somewhere to give them courage

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to give them hugs, and help. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the ability to help them in whichever way we can. And we ask others to accept or the US and I remind myself when you make the hedge for on yourself every breath I do, make dua character, self in every way. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us was Allah Allah Allah, Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was a good neighbor article