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Then he says the next thing that he says is a summer.

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Summer is one of the diseases of the heart. And so the best way to understand summer is summer is identical to Ria.

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accept or reject Rhea relates to the NEMA of the iron, an iron, and some to the earthen.

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In other words, some are is that you want other people to hear about you.

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Or you to tell them about the thing I did the Oh, you won't believe I did the most amazing thing I gave $10,000 to this and that, you know, charity or whatever, what you're doing is you want to tell people about good actions that you did. And that's called some and and the province of lysozyme said, Men some man, some Allahu Yama, piano, whoever does this summarize tells people all the things they did a law is going to tell people what they really did on the yomo piano, you see, because everybody has the skeletons. Right? Everybody has those skeletons, cuckoo hopper own, all of you do wrong or huddle hopper in a tower bone. So everybody has a spot.

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And so if you're going around telling people what good you're doing, a law says he's going to tell them what bad you are doing as well on the normal pm and you don't want that. So don't say anything.

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So he says was so mad to borrow the party by the hulusi ha, mineral, fatty. So you did the action for a lot, but then you went and told people about it.

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And so about, you ruin the vibe that are the area you want to see do what I can to condemn it. So what he's saying is, you know that there was a area related to it, and it ruins action, some ruins your action. But if you make Toba then it rectifies it.

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Right so you can make Toba from the

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cadaver, come and find a Harley to Smurf a worm or send me on the dam and

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and he said also the one who does it in order to tell other people about it. So he didn't do it with the class, he actually did it in the first place in order to tell other people and that's also some

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that's also

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and in the note there the difference between seeking reputation by telling others of one's deeds and showing off is that the former involves a sense of hearing in the ladder of seeing. In other words, they are one but use different routes to affect the hearts of others. They don't have to sit on says that should the reason be a desire to encourage others or to relate allows blessings upon you that our minute. The Hadith says whoever informs others of his good deeds out of desire for their benefit that's not in the Hadith, but that's the explanation. Allah will inform them of his foul deeds on the Day of Judgment, and whoever dislikes his good deeds, displays his good deeds to others along

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with display his bad deeds to them on the normal piano. It's related by Ramadan, Mr. Muslim, they always put one of the son of the mohabbatein is to put him on Ahmed first because of his Mecca even though he's he you know, Sahih Muslim is more sound than the most out of Lima Mohammed, the jalala of Imam Ahmed macom in his exalted place, puts him first before there. So you'll see that very often in books that he's mentioned before.

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And then we'll pop that over them then the zoom in Java 10 Pacifica Chiba now this comes this is a really important point.

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CD CD CD have an affair that'll be long who said Macias an older man with the akara cradle nymphai attend all of us if there isn't one stick Dora that a wrong action that leads to a feeling of shame and and bereavement impoverishment

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Before our loss is better than obedience that leads to

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feeling proud and arrogant.

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Not and this is the secret of wrong action.

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In other words, the wisdom of wrong actions is that our law wanted us to do wrong to bring about this state.

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See, this is the secret of wrong actions right there.

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to promise a license him said either alentours Knievel, lesser *o la cama Hua shadman, who illusion if you didn't do wrong actions or come across, if you didn't do wrong actions, I would have feared for you What's worse than wrong actions.

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being pleased with yourself being impressed with yourself vanity thinking how wonderful you are, that's worth and then hombre when he came to the profit. So listen, he said nakahara I went through that. The point is, is that when he said to him, loan and talk to less offer had come in America for shilada if you didn't do wrong actions, you'd be shaking hands with the angels on the streets.

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That's why little babies you often little babies. I mean, some people say the nose city on the other as easy breezy.

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As you see the eyes is the bath.

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That was one of the things he said Bobby wanted but but if you look at babies, you can see newborns like they don't look at your face. They're looking around you, you know you want it's amazing. You watch and they look on both sides of your shoulder, they'll be looking like this.

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And they have this amazing look of just like

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and then the other thing that they look at is light.

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And they get these are it's like they look at light like

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like reminding them of from where they came from. Because they're they come out of that presence. You know, they're Ottawa, we're in that present. And these are all reminders.

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It's amazing thing. So so the the 80 of you don't have wrong actions, the prophet said you'd be seeing Angel.

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The CD, Iraq says about that, that the good of pa is in the essence of pa and the evil of pa that he's talking about is what it results in. So when he says that don't think that he's in any way saying that obedience is

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bad obedience. And there's good Masia as not what you say. So don't confuse that. What it means is that fire is good Masia is bad that if the secondary result of it was pride,

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it when you did a good thing, that the result of

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our disobedience was terrible,

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then in reality, that that that the exactly the scenery, so he's not saying that masih is better than five.

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What he's saying is, is that the results of the actions, you might think it's good, and it turns out, and that's why I sent a corrosion volcarona. Maybe you hate this Masia that you did, but in fact, it was a good thing for you, because it brought you to a law.

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Right? It brought you to a law just like those people here in America, they kill somebody or they robbed the store, and they go to prison, and they got guidance in the prison, that helps a lot of people. So

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that disobedience that they did actually was ended up being part of the causative process of the means by which they were given guidance.

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And so even though it was a disobedience, it was actually it led them to guidance. So it wasn't a good thing. But it resulted in a good thing and that's what he's saying that an action a good action that results in a in a arrogance is worse. In other words, what it results in is worse than

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a wrong action that results in humility.

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And when he says was that about him and I'm an older lady, Mr. Robot was with her equity of borrow and the volume in the body should not

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matter Maddie, this is really important. And Adams weight of high praise where the action from the heart is better than high mountains of external actions with no heart. And that's what I do as a rocket team in Washington. Ensign. It has been the to do two rockets with love is better than 1000 without, you know, much, much better.

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And then he mentioned something that he wants to know or the learner said which is what are called Wareham in the county. He hover

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Have burrowed into sub buckets in Walmart, even closer, leaving one banach from what Allah made Haram is better than then doing 70,000 head and Allah what ganache is like a penny farthing. It's like a really the least amount of money in Arabic tradition. They have they said