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The transcript describes a gathering of people for a business meeting, highlighting the importance of intentions and culture. The speakers discuss various topics including COVID-19, the use of "will" in various context, and the use of "na" in Islam. They also mention various examples and their history, including a woman named Hope and a man named Al who withheld a law. The transcript describes the history of Islam and its use for pleasure, with a brief advertisement for a book.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh small Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah Melinda main file now in front of Mr. Lim Tana, was it 19 manjar Hamdulillah I mean, so Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us benefit from what you told us and increase us knowledge. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless this gathering and make us at the end of the gathering, who will be from the people who will be told Kuma for and let them get up all your sins are forgiven and uribl I mean

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you know when when we come to

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you two Hello cars

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or two classes.

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Remember we discussed before about the business with Allah azza wa jal

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and the business that the Sahaba used to do

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with Allah azza wa jal,

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the business that the Sahaba used to do with Allah azza wa jal was to make multi intentions for the one Amel.

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Multiple intentions for one action.

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So I'm coming to play a shirt and Gemma

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and I'm going to make a ticket for half an hour.

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And I'm going to be in a circle of knowledge, hoping that Allah subhanaw taala will make me from the people who are surrounded by the angels

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and make me from the people whom he mentions, and make me from the people of whom they arrive at descends upon.

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And in sha Allah, with every step to the masjid Allah subhanho wa Taala will write me a hacer una erases say, elevate me in one status. I'm going to see my my my brothers and sisters in the masjid and check up on them.

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I'm gonna try to whatever I learned to teach it to somebody else so I can get the edge of

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all that

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intentions are these intentions, the more intentions you make, the more this gathering will be blessed and the more you will be getting reward at the end of the gathering, this is a business Jaquan just like we do regular business similarly, I have to add some more intentions myself as a speaker to

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but remember, I know some of the same chef now you're telling us this after 40 years

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never too late

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there was always lectures there's always talks and hamdulillah al Amin May Allah make us from the people who listened and apply inshallah I mean time.

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So tonight's name is also one of those names that not too many people are familiar with. And one of those names that when you say it, you have to say it in pairs, you cannot just say it by itself.

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And that is a COVID al Besut.

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These are two names of Allah azza wa jal

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these are two names of Allah azza wa jal but when you say when you have to say the other one with it, just like you say Al Horford or raffia

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because both of them together will show perfection Okay. Both of them together, they will show the perfection of Allah azza wa jal and COVID

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is from the word cover the

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cover the

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could mean two things. Cover the cover Dalton

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he grabbed

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for example, I took a cup of sand of the

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Earth, you know when we go to the burial, and we take three akubra and we throw them at the body side, this is called the cup doc. This is one of the meanings of the cup doc.

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And it's mentioned in many, many Hadith. Remember that hadith the member the Hadith of the Shiva, the hadith of intercession that we discussed, that Allah subhana wa Taala

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will tell the believing men and women, the believers Yanni he will tell them to go to, to jahannam and take out from Jahannam whosoever they know they used to pray with them these too fast with them, take them out from Jahannam and the Hadith continues until at the end, it says through Allah subhanaw taala Jakob Jakob da.

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And in this cup, the ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will take

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any more wide anyone that died with La ilaha illallah even though he did not do any, any higher.

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So, this is the first meaning is to grab. Second cavada means to hold back to withhold,

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And COVID is the one whose wisdom decides when to withhold something or to make something scarce, either physically or spiritually. He is the One who holds all the hearts in his hand and carbon Aldous it is exactly the opposite. Best

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combo by the way, and carb it is from the three letters cough that God and Besa al Bassett is from the scene taught Besa and he seen the the word in the Quran

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Besa it comes mainly with what is right with his ALLAH who Souter was Kalama Yasha way back there

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so I'll acid is the one who expands basata is to expand

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I don't know if you call the bladder in Samim saltwater besought right

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what do you call this out also when you put like a small carpet on the floor bissap

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without a talk.

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Okay, so bursa is the one who expands and amplifies all abundance and the one whose glory and abundance fill and expand the heart Subhanallah so

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is the name I'll call it by with the LF lamb and l does it mentioned in the Quran?

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Yes or no?

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No, it's a little COVID An al Bear said mentioned in the Quran.

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The answer is

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no. But the verb Wallah. Who meant the lady your creed Allah. Cadogan Hassan for you by Eva who the who are the orphan Kathira wala who you have to be a little while later sought to marry hito Jiang

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said, the idea we hear in every fundraising

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that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah whosoever give Allah a good lord and Allah will multiply it many folds many folds over Jaquan like I you know Subhanallah

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Allah He our Eman is very strong. And we here this area, we do not need any fundraising

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right or wrong.

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Allah has seen whoever gives me a good loan I will multiply i

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I will multiply it many folds.

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Medulla, how much 123 505 million.

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Only Allah knows how many times Allah will multiply when Allah who will have to be the way and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will hold and Allah subhanaw taala expand and then look at the AI how I ended from a later down

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anyone Allah Subhana Allah have expanded the risk for you

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have given you so much provision

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he's reminding me and you at the end of the year that remember

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all that is I gave you you're gonna come back to me and report

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what did you do with it? Subhan Allah

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so Allah subhana wa

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Allah is Al COVID While Bell said Allah subhanho Who will lead he said, I don't yet know who Toba Lehmann

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like Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the Hadith we mentioned in the word in Allah azza wa jal he ever Soto Yoda, who will lay Leah to the mercy on her way also to the other who've been her Lea to the Mercy Lane had that law of shame state law, that law, that law, a sham minimum Libya, Allah subhanaw taala will extend his hand and the night for the person who have sinned in the morning to repent, and he extends his hand that night, in the morning for the person who sent that night to repent Subhanallah and this continues until the sun comes from the west to the day of judgment. So here in this and this hadith, we saw that Allah Azza wa sallam use the word with Allah

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Allah Yep, so that means he is an Al Asad were called Al by Rahim Allah Al COVID Al Dorsett, who will lead he will say a risk while you're Khedira who were the SUTA? Who will be God he will be Hekmati. Hola, hola, como

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el COVID In BellSouth. He's the one who expand the risk.

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And he does that with his Rama

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and he withholds it with his hikma.

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Unfortunately, when the result is withheld from us, we panic.

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We panic and we start going to creation

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to seek help. And we forget this name Al COVID. know for a fact that on Allah subhana rotana withhold something from you, it is not the should be no doubt in your heart that is for your own benefit.

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It is 100% Without any doubt for your own benefit. That's why he withheld it

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but we panic.

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We panic you get you know, you're notified that you're gonna be

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laid off. You panic immediately, which is you know, as human beings, you know, it's natural, but Subhanallah the believer the strong believer is different. I did not do anything to get fired. I am doing everything that looks like the company is not doing good. hamdulillah and COVID Allah Houma, la Imani Halima are tight when I worked here, Lima Minette.

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There is no one can stop what Allah can give. And no one can withhold what Allah has no one can give with Allah subhanaw taala with holes, he is an COVID Alderson

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and he also a cup about the verb is also used for, for what rule? Excellent. I'll call it one of the awkward Arua he's the one who takes the soul when somebody dies. We said COVID not

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his soul has been taken away. He passed away. Allah subhanaw taala is COVID and he is the one who takes our soul every night that we sleep Allah who used to work for them for Hina motiva when he left them with FIM anemia. Allah subhanho wa Taala takes our soul every single night. And if we are you know, Allah subhanaw taala wants to give us another opportunity he will bring it back when we wake up and we start another day. But Subhanallah we have heard how many people we heard that they slept and they never got up that many death was complete, complete death. I will call it Allah the bill mount note. A lady Catawba who

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will bear sit through a lady Yep, suit larva. Phil. Philip said fader Zed who let me as it who said often were Huracan were either in a castle who lamium Cusco Adam and whether Brooklyn Subhan Allah when Allah subhana wa Tada withholds, he's not withholding because he is stingy, not Allah. And when he gives, He does not give an extravagant extravagance. So that's why Allah subhanaw taala we have to say, together, he is Al COVID. And Al Bassam and this also SubhanAllah. You could feel it sometimes in your heart. You know how sometimes you feel that your heart is constricted, right? backboard, your heart is magnetic, you're you're you're very upset and you're very tight inside and

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you don't know why.

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And sometimes Subhanallah you're so happy your heart is, you know, very happy and the word was used from the Quran for the expansion of the heart is

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what's the word, Shara Shara had a mission

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Got a Sabra and Allah subhanaw taala said listen to this is Pamela

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FML sha Allah Who Sabra Hooli is

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Rob be fairly low cost he had to go home, funnily enough, cause he had the opponent

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Caffee about early moving, FM inshallah Sandra will Allah opens your heart to Islam.

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You'll have noticed

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you have not in front of you. You have not on your face. You have known everywhere Subhanallah that reminds me of the DA

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that was Allah say salon told us to say when we are walking to the masjid and specifically to the future. May Allah make us all from the people of Nigeria one

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Allah one please especially my brothers, Allah if there's one neighbor that you want to stick to and it will change your life and we will put everything in order especially in Gemma fissuring Gemma

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Allah Allah Sosa Salam told us that when you walk into federal law mudgil Phil kalbi Nora Have you ever sorry Nora, Buffy somebody you know, I mean mme Nora when calpheon or when Yemeni you know? Yeah. And you are, you are walking, inhale of light.

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No, everywhere. Subhanallah and this is Subhan Allah How beautiful is that? You know, when you're walking to the masjid and at treasured, come to the finish of the prayer. You feel like Subhan Allah, Allah Subhana Allah Allah chose me from all these people to bring me to his house this early. Allahu Akbar has to be a sign of a flood in sha Allah Tala. So the hearts also get constrained. And the only one who can expand that heart that is tight, is its owner.

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Our clue? beignets by Min Assad their ramen, you can label her Patria Shah our hearts Allah Susannah told us that between two fingers of the right man, he flips them wherever he wants, however he wants. So always ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala to Yeshua Zabrak Allah Masha rally Saudi right then that was another Musa alayhis. Salam or be surely suddenly well, you're certainly Emery melissani in Africa who Kohli now

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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have warned us not to use the risk. The provision he gave us the risk that he gave us, those eyes that he gave us, those fingers that he gave us, the ears that he gave us, He warned us not to use them in his disobedience

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and Allah subhanho wa Taala the people sent to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and in this hadith, the actual name of COVID was mentioned called

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called cada NESEA rasool Allah, read a sin

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radical Asad Sr. Fussa. Ira.

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Yeah, rasool Allah, the prices are they shut up? They weren't very high. So why don't you price for us?

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So samosa insulin said, in Allahu Allah Musa Al COVID Al, Al Baris, it arrives if we're in Neela or Joe and Alchemilla, where they sat had a min min commute or even a beam of limiting feed them in whatever man so they say prices have shut up so fix them jasola This was I said and said Allah is the One who fixed the prices. And he's the one who called it and thus this is where the name was mentioned. How, what does it mean that Allah is the one who controls the prices? But as to whether this was actually mean Allah is the one who controls the prices

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excellent, mashallah, you know,

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who controls the crop? Allah right. If there was abundance of crop, the prices go down, if it was rare to go up. So he thought that Allah subhanaw taala controls and keep in mind at that time, agriculture was the main source of

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livelihood. So he said, Allah subhanho wa Taala he is the one who controls the prices and Allah subhanaw taala and look at this such a beautiful idea. And so that issue of whether Bessette Allah Horus Kali Abadi

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the battlefield

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when I can unit zero because during

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You know, because sometimes some people might say, How come ALLAH SubhanA wa taala, you know, gave me this much and he gave him that much. He gave me this job and he gave him a better job. He gave me this house and he gave me a better house. You know, some people inside sometimes even though they're not expressing it, they inside they compare and they feel like stuck for Allah. They feel like it's not fair. They very carefully.

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Look at this area, Allah is saying, And if Allah were to enlarge provision to expand his provision to his slaves,

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they would surely rebel.

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Who could know us more than Allah azza wa jal? He knows, he knows that. If your salary $100 More, you're gonna do something, even

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if I give you that one that you're asking for, you're gonna move to Vegas.

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Nothing wrong with Vegas. The guy was telling me this beautiful Vegas.

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Forget this. And I think it's

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so Allah subhanaw taala. He is COVID. And he's the best I want those names too, because we hardly hear about these names. Have you ever heard that? Yeah, we heard about Abdelbaset. But you've never heard Abdullah COVID. Right. Right. Isn't that is that allowed enough?

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Names of Allah.

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Everybody knows because of the carrier ban Allah. But no, You never heard of COVID Right? So even though it's one of the names of Allah, authentic Names of Allah azza wa jal, and keep in mind, having a lot of wealth. Having a lot of wealth is not a sign of Allah's love.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala gives the dunya to whom He loves and whom He does not love, but he only gives the akhira to the people he loves. What's the Delete ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said, Fernando gibca Um, who I knew him when I was in your III don't know Leo or the by whom behalf in dunya.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, Whoever

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Don't be fooled or don't be pleased with the abundance of wealth and children, Allah has given given it to them, so he can punish them in this dunya

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and Allah subhanaw taala, whoever Allah subhanaw taala have

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given him a lot of provision, he should be extremely grateful to Allah azza wa jal, and he should just like Allah basata risk Leca for enter

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shall learn Feldman basata

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if I want to talk about myself then upset

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So if Allah would have given you expanded the one for you, you expand the wealth to others.

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This is one of the ways to thank Allah by this thing, just like he has given you so much provision you also provide to others you also provide to others

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and like I said before to know that the scales we have to know that the scales with Allah or not according to their bank balances for Kim Min Min are for human robot human man lay you claim

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that he was now there are so many people who Allah subhanaw taala have given them so much wealth, but the Day of Judgment, they have no weight.

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They have no weight whatsoever. And the chef gave an example. Look at what he did when Maria Jaya and Allah Hoonah, Hunan. And Duda were the Nina shahada when I heard the term hither, Africa of Iman and Allah, Al Walid bin movie right, the father of Carlton worried Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in certain Macbeth that we gave him man and men do that when he the shahada, we gave him so much wealth and children, but he, he was not a

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believer. He was not obedient to Allah azza wa jal that does not mean is not does not necessarily mean that Allah subhanaw taala loves the person if he has given him so much so much wealth

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and so on. I will enter this inshallah because it looks like we took some extra time today. And when Allah subhanho wa Taala listen to this one very carefully when Allah subhanaw taala bestows a lot of wealth upon you

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be very worried

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that it could be he rushed your house on Earth in this dunya and you have nothing in the akhira

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what's the evidence and Buhari in

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Emil was brought to me

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Rama been out for the Allahu anha. They brought him a meal. While he was fasting, he said, most abnormal. He said, Rahman said, most abnormal was a shahid. And he was better than me. Yet, he was shrouded in a Buddha in a sheet so that if his head was covered, his feet become naked. And if his feet were covered, his head became naked. Then he said, Abdul Rahman, Hamza was a Shahid and he's better than me.

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the word was bestowed upon us, and we will give him too much. I am so worried that this reward of our deeds have been given to us in this dunya and he started weeping and weeping and weeping.

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He's from Dasha Mushara he is never shall guarantee Janna and he was worried maybe, you know, because he was, as we all know, was very rich man. Very rich man. And he was worried that you know what, maybe all this man or the slug journey that I'm living in right now, maybe this is that gene

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Subhanallah and he was going to teach in the one he was guaranteed. He was guaranteed genuine Subhanallah so

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and the best form of bust from Allah azza wa jal Yeah, when the best form of bust is when Allah subhanaw taala Yep, suit Ramita when Allah extend His mercy to us,

00:26:33--> 00:27:18

number have also always May Allah always have mercy on us, and mercy on our parents, machine, our children and mercy on every every step of the day. I mean, they're blind, I mean, so and I want to, you know what, I'm not going to take two weeks with this because I want to have another name next week. And then the name, you know, some people, some people who are off the message, they have said that Allah does not have a hand when Allah subhanaw taala said that he has a hand that means he has a hand but how does the hand look like? We have no clue. We do not know we don't say his hand is like our hand. Because Allah says in the Quran, you're there who met a su 10 His hands are always

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open, expanded, giving all the time. How does the hand look like we do not know? But we know that Allah subhanaw taala has said that he has a hand and Rasool Allah says seldom has confirmed that in in many in many Hadith and he said yet will last summer What yo Tiana so Maya for the one Nebia de el Yumna some Maya corn and Al Malik and Al Jabbar Rouen a&m, balloon from Motrin, or Dean to my for the one from the ADL, okra to me, and then Malik al Jabbar rune,

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the rune, ALLAH SubhanA wa sallam said, that Allah subhana wa Taala will fold all the heavens on the Day of Judgment in his hand

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in his hand, and he, he would say, Where are the mighty men? Where are the arrogant people? And then he will take all the earth, some and with the other hand, and he would say, Where are the mighty men? Where are your Barun with the rune? Where are these arrogant people? So Allah Rasool was SLM in many Hadith has mentioned that Allah subhanho wa Taala has a hand and even Allah Subhan Allah in the Quran. Well now

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when it comes to who young women, Kiana was seminara to motto Don't be a meanie subhanho wa Taala I'm usually gone Subhan Allah so Allah subhana wa Tada

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and another Hadith Subhan Allah you know somebody asked me one time How come we have a black guy? We have a white guy, we have red guy, we have a yellow guy you know we have all different

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textures, you know your kids have those all those questions. And there's a hadith in Allah to Allah

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them or

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will there be a will? Will be you know there will be they will say hello when has no when habito what Subhan Allah so, Allah subhanho wa sallam said that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala great created Adam from a handful that he took from all over the earth.

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So the children of Adam came according to the earth, some are white, some are black, some are red, and some are in between.

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And some are

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harsh and some are simple, easy, and some are dirty and some are clean. Subhanallah it depends Allah subhanaw taala have grabbed the

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This handful from all over from all over the earth and I will end timezone and I will end this with that so as I said in an odd he said

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the day he used he said this he said Allah Houma it's a very long,

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quickly hola hola hola can handle cuando hola hum Mala kabhi la Lima the sub whether they're super Lima acaba Weatherhead. Here, Lima or gloat whether Mobilia lemon headache when I arrived here Lima manette when an early faith, whether I'm Reba Lima whenever they're either Lima Allah Lena min Baraka tick, this is the die if you don't want if he is the first part is hard. Listen to this part, Allah who loved the supply Lena mandala Karthik your Allah any give us expand on us from your Baraka minbar chaotic were rhotic and from your mercy were for Blake when he ametek well fabric was ALLAH Hoonah in the LUCA naman Joakim Allah the ELI Yehuda What are you? Hola Hola in the SLO can name yo

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Malkia Allahu Allah can name yo creo alumna Fernando de Nova Nova slough and FE I'm Nina with a bit of Domina on some common Catherine Allama finale moto turbo, Allah more fitna, Lima, two headwater urbanna hablan I mean, as far as you know, whatever yet in Aqaba time but you can talk in a moment, Aloha Marina

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while in Alba Tierra machina a mama finally moto boo,

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Allah hombres banana that's where you saw the hint was abna xojo to slightly hurt ya hammerlock he mean? Hola Hola. Hola, Finacle, Obinna Allah, unite our hearts your Allah do not leave anyone with us tonight except you have forgiven his sin, your ALLAH forgive all our sins and cure our sick and have mercy on all the brothers and sisters that we have lost me in Europe and I mean and please Jaquan come to visit tomorrow at 630 fission at 630 in sha Allah Allah may Allah subhanaw taala make us and keep us from Alpha Zakum Allah Subhana Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah Allah Allah and a stockbroker when I told Willick